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Double Riansh Os: Uski Sachai


It starts after Vihaan’s arrival and stopping Riddhbir’s marriage. 

After a few days of his arrival

Vi: So Mrs.Pretty Raisinghania, What’s next?

R: I will tell you what to do.

Vi: You didn’t tell me why this dangerous war? Money?

R: Yes, It’s for property’s sake.

Vi: Ops people can stop low for some coins, (she looked at him), Don’t give me that look, I am one of them.

R: Glad that you are honest.

Vi: Always, Honesty comes first.

R: Vaise, don’t dare to play with me, Stay loyal.

Vi: And loyalty comes second, But what to do Mrs.Pretty, When it concerns some lakhs, The loyalty died.

R(in rage): What the hell does that mean? If they give you more money, You’ll shift your side?

Vi: Maybe, Or maybe not, I love being so unpredictable just like life. You can’t really tell what it will bring for you next, Am I right Or Am I right?

R: Yes, unfortunately, you’re right.

She walked into the washroom and called a number.

R: Hello, It’s time,Don’t worry, The most important thing is Everything will be set up.

She disconnected the call and looked at her reflection in the mirror with determination.

Anupriya’s room

They were sitting and thinking of some plan to get rid of Vansh, especially that there’s no more case against him.

An: Kabir, Vansh knows how much you hate him, The day is not far where he will reach the truth about us, after all, you’ve tried to kill him.

K: Damn, We are trapped, He must be alarmed now, I fear of the trap he will prepare for me, He is a dangerous man.

An: Ha, my worse nightmare that he knows what I did with Uma and Sia, He won’t spare me. I thought at least he will blame Riddhima or be angry at her, But He didn’t do anything. It’s so odd.

K: Maybe it’s their plan to trap us, Mom, Stay wide-awake.

An: Ha, Now go to your room, Continue the drama of the meeting after a long separation.

K: Done.

She goes and someone looks on smirking at them.

An: Riddhima Knows the truth, She has to die, before she can tell Vansh.

K: Don’t worry, mom, Tomorrow will be her last day.

Vihaan departed the room outside the mansion and heard a voice in the Bluetooth headset.

Vi: We are ready now, for tomorrow.

Voice: Yes, I will come, And everything will be finished

The Next day

Kabir and Anupriya widened their eyes seeing Ragini coming inside the mansion along with the police force.

Voice: You are Both under arrest.

They looked at the source of the voice, And get more stunned to see A man.

K: Are you kidding me? you are arresting an inspector? Have you gone crazy?

De: I am Dev Mehra Cbi Agent, You are under arrest for your attempt to murder Ragini Sharma and Vansh Raisinghania. And on the suspicion of committing the murder Of Mr.Devraj Singh Rathor, And you Anupriya ji, You are under arrest for your attempt to murder Ms.sia Raisinghania, And on the suspicion of committing the murder Of Mrs.Uma Raisinghania.

Zain imam, as dev cbi Officer

Zain imam, as dev cbi Officer

K: Where are the pieces of evidence?

De: Be my guest then, (he played the record of their discussion)

FB starts

K: Damn, We are trapped, He must be alarmed now, I fear of the trap he will prepare for me, He is a dangerous man.

An: Ha, my worse nightmare that he knows what I did with Uma and Sia, He won’t spare me. I thought at least he will blame Riddhima or be angry at her, But He didn’t do anything. It’s so odd.

Fb ends

K(stunned): How did you do this? 

V: Obviously, the simplest solution, Cameras. (to everyone) Kabir was always disabling the system so that CCTV cameras record nothing and he fled away many time using this trick.

K: You figured it out?

V: Of course And I enabled it and took control over it remotely, of course, Simple hacking skills.

K: You, Bastard, You trapped us, Along with your wife.

V: Naaa, My wife doesn’t know what the word “loyalty” means. (she looked at him with tears)

An: Still, she helped you.

I: Just for property’s sake, while thinking that he is an imposter, she gave him money, to come and fool the family.

Fb starts

Ishaani was following Riddhima and found out about Vihaan’s place, She waited for her to go and then she came inside.

I(looking around): Who’s there? 

Voice: Mein

I: Bhai?

V: Ha ishaani, Your brother.

I(she observed him): Bhai, what did you do to yourself? And why didn’t you come back? You don’t know that Riddhima is giving everything you own to Kabir.

V: I will need you to keep an eye on them, and help me. She came thinking I am Vihaan and asked me to become Vansh. She turned against them And wants everything for herself. One by one, I will send them where they belong.

I: I am with you, Bhai

Fb ends

They widened their eyes and eyed Riddhima whose eyes were moist.

D: Is this real, Riddhima?

I: Dadi, you don’t trust me, but you trust Bhai, Right?

D: Vansh? 

V: Ha dadi, That day, Riddhima pushed me down the cliff intentionally while pretending to hold my hand.Dev saved me.

Fb starts

Riddhima ran to Vansh and unexpectedly pushed his hand only to fall down the cliff. A man saved him.

Ma: Hello, I am dev, I am cbi officer and I doubt Kabir. For now, you can’t go back to your family as Vansh, But I assure you, They will be protected.

V:No way, They are in danger, (with hatred) My wife ad Kabir are both one team.

De: You’ll have to take another identity, so that they can’t jail you with the false allegations, I will tell you how to enter your house again.

V: I won’t leave them go with this.

De: Mr. Raisinghania, Ragini is alive but still not awake, and we have to find the proofs against Kabir’s partner.

V: Riddhima !

De: I request you to not make any judgement. Your cctv cameras will help to reach the truth till then you’ll have to act as Vihaan, con artist and hacker.

V: I know How I will go back there, I have a plan.

Fb ends

Gasps were heard in the mansion and dadi slapped her hard on her face.

D: Did you want to kill him? I can’t believe anything (she held her heart)

Kabir took advantage of the situation and took a gun from a police officer.

K: You did a very wrong move, Vansh, By playing with me, Now, Goodbye.

A bullet was shot and a figure fell on the floor.


They ran to her and held her while she was bleeding heavily.

R: Th…i..s m..y P…u..n..i..s..h..e..m..e…n..t, T..e..r..i i..s..h..q m..e..i..n m…a..r..j..a..w..a..n

V(whispered): Riddhima!

Dev: Oh my god, Riddhima what did you do? If you only told him the truth;

Vansh was still in the state of shock.

Dev: VAANSH, Help me to take her to the hospital.

They picked her up to the car and hurried to the hospital while Vansh was pressing the injury trying to stop the bleeding. They reached there and took her to the operation theater.

V(on his knees): Why? You hate me and cheated on me? Why did you take another bullet Riddhima? When you wanted me dead why did you save me?

Dev: She saved you, she didn’t try to kill you.

V(stunned): What? 

Dev: You didn’t ask yourself how I reached you that day and saved you on the day you fell?

V: How? 

Dev: Riddhima is my childhood friend, we  grew up together in the orphanage, But we haven’t been in contact for a while, She called me that day and told me about the danger especially that she knew about Kabir’s  bad intention, Ragini mentioned Kabir’s name before she went unconscious, and she saved her too.

FB starts

R: Ragini, please don’t die, Who did it?

Ra: K..A..B..I..R

R(thunderstruck): Kabir?

She called the ambulance to take Ragini to the hospital and went behind Vansh.

On the way

She called a number

R: Hello, dev

De: Oh darling, long ti(she interrupted him)

R: Not now, Look i will send you a location, help my husband, he is in danger, by any means.

she told him the plan, ad he agreed to help her.

Fb ends

V: So pushing me was part of her plan too?

Dev: Yeah, although you had your own plan, but she made another plan and pushed you.

V: Why didn’t she tell me? And taking another identity’s plan? 

Dev: It’s hers as well, She has told you before that Anupriya tried to poison you, but you didn’t believe her.  So She wanted you to see the truth by your eyes, and punish them all, including her.

V(with tears): I’ll lose her now, I wish I knew I wouldn’t let her do it.

He knew now that why she acted the day before like that.

FB starts

VR’s Room

R: You know what, Vihaan? You asked me a great question, You were curious whether I betrayed my husband or not.

Vi: and?

R: I did, He literally said to me on our first night as he gave me a gun: “”Agar galti se bhi mujhe dhokha dene ki jurrat kar baitho toh is se pehle ki mujhe pata chale apne aapko is se khatam kar dena”, But I hate running away, I think that the traitor should be always punished.

Vi: You are more dangerous than the person can predict, Pretty.

R: I am.

She lifts up the gun toward him with tears in her eyes.

R: I am dangerous beyond your imagination, Vansh Raisinghania!

His eyes went widened at her statement, but she looked at him with full confidence.

Vi(acted scared): WHat are you doing pretty? You won’t kill me, will you?

R(laughed suddenly): Hahaha Vihaan you have to look at yourself, You were scared. No I won’t kill you. But I am serious about the traitor matter (unknown emotions), A punishement is certainly a betrayer’s reward, vihaan.

Vi: Meaning? 

R: Nothing.

Fb ends

She was talking about herself, she wanted to punish herself for helping Kabir unknowingly.God, How stupid I truly was not to see her weakness.

Dev: she called me yesterday.

FB starts

She walked into the washroom and called a number.

R: Hello, It’s time

De: But Vansh is still thinking you betrayed him.

 R:Don’t worry, The most important thing is  Everything will be set up.

She disconnected the call and looked at her reflection in the mirror with determination

It was Dev’s number

Fb ends

V: and I called you too, after making sure I had proofs against them.

FB starts

Vihaan departed the room outside the mansion and heard a voice in the Bluetooth headset.

Vi: We are ready now, for tomorrow.

Voice: Yes, I will come, And everything will be finished

He was dev.

Fb ends

Dev: Vansh, She was feeling guilty, and the reason why she allowed Kabir in was to compel him and prove your innocence, and she cleared your name by burning the false FIR. And when you were training yourself with the new identity, she saw the records too.
FB starts
In vihaan’s supposed place
Vansh started trying to talk in another way, because he has to be fully convinced of the character in order not to be caught. dev was helping him while looking through the cameras
FB ends

The doctor came out fastly and stood in front of them.

Doc: The patient’s state is critical she needs blood supply as soon as possible, Her blood group is AB- and it’s rare, she need a donor.

V(holding his hair): Oh my god, My blood group doesn’t match as it’s  O.

Doc: This is great news, This blood group can donate to everyone. Come please.

He almost ran to give the blood and rescued his wife, and stood there waiting while Tears Threaten to appear in his eyes.

V: Riddhima, Mujhe chor kar mat jao, You should have just admitted it, I would have forgiven you, sweetheart, Why did you sacrifice yourself for me? 

The OT’s red light was off, And the doc came.

D: The surgery was successful and the bullet was removed. But still she needs extra care. She will be shifted now to a room.

V: Thank you, Doctor, You did me a favor.

D: It’s my duty, Mr.Raisinghania.

Dev patted his shoulder, and they saw them taking an unconscious Riddhima and followed them.

V: Can I see her? Just for some minutes, please.

N: Yes, but sir, Please, don’t stay inside for a long time.

V: Thank you.

He crossed the door to his sweetheart, The puddle who confused him and made him find no clarity about her till now, He finally understands her real truth, She really loves him.

V: Sweetheart, Why? Did you think I wanted you to take a bullet as a punishment? Am I that cruel? I love you damn it, And I intended to push you out of my life, maybe to get separated from you but never even in my wildest thoughts, I imagined you dead. You’ll have to come back to me. we can’t leave each other as we love each other, and we have a long life to live, so please don’t go.

His eyes teared up and the nurse asked him to go out, he stole a glance at her and left the room.

After an hour

Vansh was still sitting with his head on his knees so tired to even move especially after giving the blood, He was feeling dazed. Dev came almost jogging happily.

De: Riddhima woke up.

V(happily): What? Really?

De: Yeah, come fast.

he rushed to her room and entered it, Although she was pale, she was still beautiful.

V(holding her hand): Sweetheart, are you ok? 

She nodded her head and he kissed her hand.

De: You scared us to no limits, You have known that Vansh was wearing a bulletproof vest, He wasn’t going to be hurt anyway.

V(in disbelief): You’ve known? still you jumped in front of me ! 

R: S…t..o..p S..c..o..l..d..i..n..g m..e

Vansh felt dizziness due to blood donation and held the chair.

De: Yaar, You didn’t have anything, You’ll pass out here and they’ll have to prepare another bed for you near your wife’s.

Riddhima glared at him and he smiled.

V: I am fine.

R: G..o 

Dev: Now, You’ll have to obey her order, I will be here. You can go.

VR mansion

Everyone came to him showering him by questions about Riddhima, Ad Ragini was there too.

V: She is better now. I came just to change and then go back.

I: Bhai, Why did she save you? 

V: We were wrong about her, She didn’t betray me, And wasn’t interested in property.

Ra: I am glad, she is saved, She is really a kind girl.

V(smiled): She is unique too.

After that, he went back in the hospital and watched Dev as he was annoying Riddhima.

Few days later

Riddhima was discharged finally and they were on the way to their house, He supported her as she stepped inside their mansion.

D(guilty): Riddhima my child, I slapped you I (riddhima stopped her)

R: You are My dadi, And It’s not cool to apologize to your grandaughter.

Dadi kept her hand on her head blessing her while smiling and Ishaani came closer.

R: Ishaani, Whatever was the past forget it, Try to accept the present and you’ll find future better than what you thought. This is a new page.

Ishaani smiled slightly while nodding her head.

Ang: Babhi, I am glad you’re fine.

R: Thank you, Bhai.

Aryan and Chanchal tried to talk but she showed them her hand stopping them?

R: You both, I will never forgive you for plotting against our family, me and Vansh.Better if you don’t try.

V: Riddhima is right, If it wasn’t for uncle’s request, I would kicked you both out of here. Now, She needs rest, excuse us.

They moved upstairs and Ragini followed them.

Ra: Riddhima, Thank you for saving me.

R: It’s okey Ragini, It was my responsibility as I have unknowingly put your life in danger.

V: Ragini, I want to talk to you, come outside with me please.

R: Why?

V: Don’t stress yourself, Riddhima.

He moved and she looked at their retreating figure in disbelief.

R(to herself): What does he think of himself? What’s so important that they couldn’t discuss in font of me? I want to know too. If i go now, he will doubt me.

Author’s pov

She sneaked slowly and started looking at them and her mouth was opened when she saw Ragini hugging him.She walked fastly and pretended as if her legs slipped and held him.

V(amazed): Riddhima, Are you fine? Why did you come out? 

R: I was thirsty, And you know aahhhhhh she shouted in pain and he took her inside anxious

V: Sweetheart, does it pain so much? Let me give you medicines. and (he stopped seeing the jug full of water) the water is here so why did you (realizing) ohhh I kind of know why.

R(acting innocent): I don’t know!

V: Really? Then I will ask her. RAGINIIII

R(angry): What? why would you ask her? It’s between husband-wife, right?

V: What is it? I don’t know!

R: Vansh RAisinghania, Enough of acting. 

V: What acting? 

R: You know what? Go to Ragini, By the way, Dev is here as well, He will stay with me.

V(whispering): I am jealous, yet I trust you.

R: Who said I don’t trust you?

V: So you are admitting that you were jealous too?

R(trapped): No

V: come on sweetheart, Say it.

R: I had already said it.

V(confused): When? 

Then he remembered her words after getting shot and hugged her.

V: My emotions are evident since forever, I fell in love with you, and couldn’t help but keep falling sweetly and willingly. I can’t pass my life without you being with me, do you accept my love? 

R(cried in his arms): I do, The mere thought of losing you that day killed me, I am sorry for hiding many truths and deceiving you, I am greedy enough to hope to stay by your side forever.I love you too.

They shared a kiss where Vansh finished his wife’s insecurity and showed her his love toward her.

V: by the way, my jealous wife I was only telling Ragini that I will help her to find a job and house.
R(giggled): sorry.
V: naaa, I like your jealousy as well. He pulled her back to his chest holding her.

After 4 months

Riddhima and Vansh were lost in their world, showering love on each other, He approached her neck whereas Dev entered the room.

Dev(without knocking): Guys, Ohhh Shit, I am so sorry, No why am I sorry? You have a door why didn’t you lock it? 

V(winking): You’ll know after your marriage.

R(smacked his arm): this is embarrassing;

V: It wasn’t few minutes before, sweetheart.

Dev(closing his ears): Ok ok please, stop, I don’t want to hear about your bedroom stories.

V: Dev, get out, Go find for yourself a wife in order to stop disturbing other couples.

De: I found her.

V & R(surprised): WHat?

De: Ha, I & Ragini’s  engagement will be the next week, Make sure that you all come.

R(hugging him):Congratulation yaar, I am so happy.

Her jealous husband pulled her back and Dev laughed.

Dev: Possessive husband.

V: I am, Congratulation, we’ll definitely come, Finally man, You’ll leave us alone.

R(hitting his shoulder playfully): You are too much.

Dev: Thank you guys, And Vansh, Now, Continue your romance.

He closed the door and Vansh approached her holding her carefully not to hurt their baby.

V: Mrs.Pretty Raisinghania, Shall we continue? 

She blushed and he hugged her tightly chuckling at her red cheeks.


Sorry for the errors, I have many stories, not only related to the show but also some that are not related to the show, others about Rrahel. I hope you share your pov whether you want to read them too. Each story starts from a certain track. Tell me what do you prefer to read and thank you .

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