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Riansh Os: Their Game (completed)


Author’s pov
Riddhima fumed as she entered the room along with Vihaan who was smirking as if he did nothing wrong.
R(with fury): how dare you? Who are you to talk about divorce? I don’t understand, why didn’t you follow the plan?

Vi(cooly): Riddhima, Why are you so dumb? Did you expect for your husband to show up and find you getting married to his enemy, Then say “Riddhima, May God bless your pair forever”? 

R(gritted her teeth): You are not my husband.

Vi: It doesn’t look like that when you were hugging me outside calling me “Vansh”.

She was speechless as she knew he has point and that raised her anger more.

Vi: Relax, You’ll die so young, Pretty.

R: By the way, You portrayed his role very well, For a moment, I believed you.

Vi: You should.

R(confused): What?

Vi: You should believe in order not to get caught, The way you described Kabir, He will not be persuaded easily, Vansh’s family are emotional, Taking advantage of that point I convinced them, But Vansh’s enemy will try to prove that I am not him, So we need to leave no space for doubt.

R: Yes, I get the point. 

Vi: By the way, don’t forget to count the tax of touching Vansh’s dadi’s feet,50.000 !

R: Youuuu

Vi: You won’t back off now, Am I right or Am I right? 

R: everything will be as per the contract.

Vi: And I want to tell you that you are pretty but you’re a bit brainless.

R: What do you mean? 

Vi: You’ll know at the right moment, Not now.

R: Vihaan, I trusted you, don’t betray me.

Vi: Why are you always talking about betrayal?  Are you afraid of Karma? 

R: I told you not to talk about Vansh.

Vi: I didn’t mention his name, So apparently you betrayed him.

R(shouted): You don’t know anything about us, And I don’t feel obliged to inform you. 

Vi: I don’t care as long as I will take my money.

He started going and she frowned at him.

R: Where are you going? 

Vi: You are forgetting the fact that I am supposed to be angry at you for marrying that cheap man, moreover The real Vansh wouldn’t he check on his sister?

R: Yeah yeah, You have to, (sadly) Sia was so dear to him, not just her, everyone was dear to him. 

Vi: I think this is the reason why your dear husband died.

R: Damn you, I am warning you for the last time.

Vi: As if you’ll scare me! Anyway, I am going to see Sia.

He walked inside Sia’s room who was still in a Coma state and held her hand.

Vi: Sia, look your brother is here, Sorry because I am late, You didn’t wake up because you wanted to see me first, right?  Here I am, wake up Sia, Don’t let your brother alone. They cheated us and backstabbed us when we trusted them, and we’ll do the same. Riddhima & Kabir played their game, first her entry here and then our marriage, rescuing me, every moment was preplanned by them. Dokha! 

He looked at the door and then laughed.

Vi(laughing): Sorry, Miss Sister, But actually acting like your Bhai is not at all easy, That’s why I have to be engrossed in the character, Get well soon.

Kabir arrived at the room smirking.

K: So this is your truth? A lookalike who came here to take Vansh’s place?

V: What are you saying, inspector? Have you done mad? 

K: Come on, don’t beat around the bush, I heard you, Let’s skip the naatak part, let me remind you of your words exactly, “Miss sister, acting like your bhai is not easy”, Do you think Vansh talk like that with his sister? Who’re you? Who brought you here? (widened his eyes) I know who did it (gritting his teeth) Riddhima! That’s why she sold her jewelry! damn her, I won’t spare her.

He went out angrily and Vihaan looked at Sia smirking.

Fb starts

He heard footsteps and looked at the door and  laughed. Because He saw Kabir was keeping an eye on him.

Vi(laughing): Sorry, Miss Sister, But actually acting like your Bhai is not at all easy, That’s why I have to be engrossed in the character, Get well soon.

Fb ends

Vi: Now, the partners will be against each other fully, They will fight and I’ll watch it enjoying, I will make them lose in their own game.

He kissed her forehead and walked out.

The hall

Kabir came to the middle of the hall exclaiming.

K: He is not Vansh, He is actually an imposter who was brought here by Riddhima.

D(angrily): Kabir, I am tolerating your acts since the beginning. I can bear anything but not a word about Vansh, He is the limit which you can’t cross.

I: And you don’t have the audacity to cross it, He is Vansh Raisinghania, The VR from whom people shiver with fear. Mom, It will be better for your son if he gets hold of his tongue.

An(fakely): Ha Ishaani is right, Kabir, You are wrong, He is Vansh, And I can’t hear anything about him too.

Kabir looked at his mother in disbelief while Vansh smirked at him.

I: And yeah I know why are you doing this drama, Because you and that Riddhima, wanted him to be dead in order to take his property. Alas ! For your bad luck and our goodness, He came back to us, I swear I am enjoying after so long time.

Vansh raised his eyebrow at Kabir unnoticed by others, which irked him more.

V: it’s okay Ishaani, Let’s give him one more chance, Since he was invited here by my Dharam Patni, I can’t kick him out unreasonably, But our relation came to end, Riddhima.

I: The best news I’ve ever heard.

R: Vansh, please try to understand.

V: BAASSS Riddhima, I don’t want to hear you, You let my enemy in my house, What else to understand?

I: You’re right, Bhai.

V: Ishaani, go, and rest. 

D: Vansh, Your wound is still not healed fully, Go to your room beta.

He nodded at his dadi and came back to his room. Riddhima entered after him fuming and he felt something was thrown on him. If he didn’t move fast, He would have been hit by the jug.

V: Crazy woman, What are you doing? What if It injured me? 

R: then what? At least you’ll stop overacting in front of the family. Damn it!

V: It’s necessary, Pretty! if you want to get rid of your enemy, I have a plan.

R: What plan? 


R(shocked): What? 


K’s room

Anupriya came tensed to her son And found him burning with fury.

Anu: Did you found out who is he? 

K: No, Mom, But he is not Vansh for sure, They won’t believe it.

An: But how he knows all the details about what happened?

K: Riddhima, that blo*dy girl, It’s her plan to snatch everything from us using this stranger.

An: Then, Try to make him come to our side.

K: He made a drama outside that even if I have proof they won’t even check it.

An: What we’ll do now? 

K: I will think of some plan to get rid of him.

The lunchtime

They sat together eating while Vansh completely ignoring Riddhu, Then he suddenly looked up at everyone.

V: The lawyer will bring divorce papers today, I  can’t bear this woman in my room anymore.

R: I don’t agree with this divorce, & I won’t sign.

V(angrily): I can’t bear a woman like you who was marrying my enemy. 

D: Calm down beta, Don’t rush into the decision.

V: Dadi, I am sorry, I respect you very much, and I can’t ignore your words, But I am hurt beyond anyone’s imagination. And I won’t back off from my decision, Riddhima, You better Sign the papers.

R: Then, I have some conditions.

V: I will give you anything just to get the hell out of my life. 

R: The half.

V(confused): Half of what?

R: Everything, Your property.


I(disgusted): See her now dadi, She is making a deal in exchange for divorce, You were always scolding me for her, I hope that now you see her truth.

D: Riddhima, What are you saying my child? 

R: Dadi, If Vansh wants me out of his life, then this is my condition, Otherwise, I won’t sign.

She took a few steps and then heard his voice.

V: I agree.

I: Bhaai? Seriously? Don’t give her anything.

V: She is a greedy woman and won’t go without taking the money, so let it be.

Vansh arrived at Sia’s room and sat near her again, He was talking with her, And then he noticed something shocking. Dadi came there and closed the door.

The other day

VR’S Room

Riddhima was in the room caressing Vansh’s photo and looking at her Mangalsutra.

R(with tears): Vansh, Forgive me for lying to the family, Vihaan is right about me, I betrayed you, I thought that I will save Ragini from risk and save you too. I am brainless right? When Vihaan accused me I didn’t feel like answering him because every word was correct. Soon, I will take our revenge, and your soul will be at peace.

V: Riddhima

R: Ha vihaan

V:(secret conversation)

After a while

They were arguing angrily with each other about the divorce topic.

R: You want the property for yourself, Vihaan? I brought you in order to stop the marriage and in exchange, you want to take everything and kick me out.

V: Actually pretty, You are mindless, You made a contract and sign it too, But did you know that your contract doesn’t have a limited time for this drama?  It means I can act as Vansh as long as I want, Who will stop me? No one, I am sticking to the contract. And who’ll hate to be Vansh? If you want me to choose between being Vihaan who will take a small amount and Vansh who had all this empire. Then I am Vansh Raisinghania, Pretty.

R(dull): No, You can’t do that, You can’t betray me, You swore on your mom.

V: Ohhh the swear, Have you ever seen my mom? No, Even I haven’t. Then who cares? 

She sat on the floor shocked.

V: Come on pretty, You don’t really believe that this drama of breaking down will melt my heart? Do you? (slapping her face gently) Property’s game.

R: I will go and tell everyone.

V(cupping his mouth): Oh my god, Then they’ll have another reason why they’ll hate you. I genuinely feel bad for you.

R(angry): We will see.

She stepped outside of the room to Dadi’s room but she felt a hand stopping her. He was Kabir.

R(pulling her hand): WHat’s this misbehavior?

K: Riddhima, You brought a stranger here?

R: hey, don’t act in front of me, I know your true colors, Save it.

K: Riddhima, I will help you to kick him out.

R: Who said I trust you?

K: look, we are enemies I agree, You don’t trust my words, But you know how much I am obsessed with my mission. 

R: you and he are same to same, I won’t trust another traitor.

K: I swear.

R(laughing): excuse me? you what? 

K: Ok, I will do as you say, and just get rid of him.

R: we can’t tell the family, We will have to bring shreds of evidence and I know from where.

K: Great, Let’s go.

R: I will give you the address and let’s go tomorrow.

K: Oh ok, send it to me.

She sent it and he left.

Anupriya’s room

K: Mom, we didn’t lose the game yet, The stupid Riddhima gave me a hint where I can find a confirmation that the man who is roaming in VR MANSION is not Vansh.

An: Wow, Then let’s go there.

K: Yeah, After kicking him out, I will marry her and rule everything.

He drove the car to the address and got stunned.

K: Mom, She is telling the truth, because I spotted her here before.

An: Come fast, Kabir.

They entered the place and Started searching and a laptop was placed there switched on.

K: Who switch it on? Did someone come here before?

Suddenly a bomb timer sound echoed in the place and they widened their eyes.

Voice: Hello

He tried to move when he saw Vansh on the screen;

V(smiling): Don’t move because your pieces won’t be found. The place will be exploded soon.

K: what? 

V: you are hearing the timer the bomb You gathered false proof against me when I was innocent, Now, I will kill you both, and nobody will know.

An: Vansh, I am your mom, How could you do that to me? 

V: It was my misunderstanding, and I am glad it’s over. You killed my mom, Tried to kill my sister and I won’t forgive you. Die! I am going to enjoy the scene of your pieces all spread there along with your son’s.

An: Vansh, Please, I will do anything, don’t kill us.

V: Anything? 

An: Just order us.

V: Accept your crimes, Apologize to all the souls that were wasted because of you.

An: I killed Uma and attacked Sia because they knew my truth.

V: Tch tch the time is going fast you have 2 min, Kabir, to confess or else Goodbye permanently.

An: Kabir, I don’t want to die (whispered in his ear) just apologize we’ll show him later.

K: I killed Ragini.

V: Oh you are late few seconds left. 3 2 1 BOOOM I forget to tell you guys, That it was just a joke, But say hello to the camera which recorded your confession, And yes, I advise you to start running because the police are on the door.

R: Best of luck

K: youuuu too? did you know it? 

R: Not from the beginning.

V: I was in a big misunderstanding, And I intended to send her there instead of mom, That’s why I made the plan.

Fb starts


R: What plan?

V: property plan.

R(shocked): What?

V: I’ll be adamant to divorce you, and you’ll ask for the half of everything, Convince Kabir, That I deceived you, and you want to get rid of me, He will try to prove my truth, And you’ll be the one who takes him the place where he will confess.

R: Great plan, But why will he confess?

V: No matter how much greed grows, it can’t be more valued than life. He will do it when he feels that his life at stake.

R: Understood.

Vansh’s plan was to trap Riddhima and Kabir together and make them confess and then send them to jail.


V: She is a greedy woman and won’t go without taking the money, so let it be.

Vansh arrived at Sia’s room and sat near her again, He was talking with her, And then he noticed something shocking. Dadi came there and closed the door.

V: Dadi?  Sia started opening her eyes! 

D: She is awake but I asked her to stay like that, Or else, she will kill her.

V: Riddhima won’t touch her ever again.

D: Not Riddhima, Anupriya.

V: Mom? 

D: Vansh, Riddhima was compelled, don’t misunderstand her, I saw them threatening her with our lives. I was so frightened, Vansh. (taking the poison bottle) I found it near the mandap. She was about to die.

V(shocked): How can this be possible? Mom did all? 

D: Yes, Riddhima fought hard to protect us as you did.

V: Damn, I have to talk to her.


Riddhima was in the room caressing Vansh’s photo and looking at her Mangalsutra.

R(with tears): Vansh, Forgive me for lying to the family, Vihaan is right about me, I betrayed you, I thought that I will save Ragini from risk and save you too. I am brainless right? When Vihaan accused me I didn’t feel like answering him because every word was correct. Soon, I will take our revenge, and your soul will be at peace.

V: Riddhima

R: Ha vihaan

V: I am not Vihaan, I am Vansh.

R: Are you crazy? Do you think you’ll snatch my husband’s place by lying to me? Don’t you dare Vihaan. 

V: I am Vansh, sweetheart.

R(with tears): You can’t be him, You are trying to fool me. Prove it.

V: How? ask me anything!

R: If you are VAnsh, then you remember Ishaani’s wedding, You gave me a gift, what was it?

V: Silly test, Mom’s Payal, My real mother’s.

R(Wide eyes): Who told you, Vihaan? And this was a silly question. I have to ask you something else.

V: Whatever you want, Riddhima, I am VAnsh, Your husband, We saw each other for the first time at my party, you were the party organizer and we argued over the organization. You lied and said the owner liked the decorations Because you didn’t know who I am. The second time, we met on the cruise, You remember what you were wearing? Yellow dress (her eyes teared)

R: Vansh;

V: Ha I am your VAnsh.

R: You were fooling me? You pretended to be Vihaan. (hitting him) How could you! Do you know how I was feeling? Suffocating with every second I had to lie to the family.

V: Sweetheart, I am sorry, I wanted to punish you for deceiving me and attacking my sister, I wanted to throw you in jail. 

R: I attacked Sia? 

V: Ha, Before the cliff incident, mom convinced me that you did that, and I heard your confession about being a spy, that’s why I made the plan of Vihaan. I am so sorry. I love you so much.

She cried bitterly and throw herself in his arms.

R: I died hundreds of times when he obliged me to marry him, I don’t need anyone but you, I love you too, PLease don’t ever leave my sight again.

They hugged each other and then Vansh remembered the plan.

V: Riddhima, The plan is changed, Anupriya should go with Kabir by any means, & then they will confess everything soon.

Fb ends

V’s pov

Vansh & Riddhima witnessed them getting arrested by the cops, That sight made their thirst for revenge fade away.

V: I am really sorry.

R: It’s was fair, I misunderstood you too and tried to find pieces of evidence against you, but I didn’t give him anything, I swear.

V: I know, sweetheart, I know (he kissed on her forehead) Come we have work to do.

R(confused): Which work? 

V: You’ll see.

Standing in the middle of the mansion, He shouted everyone’s name and they hurried to see what happened.

V: Both the criminals are in jail. (he played the video of their confession) And still, two are left, Aryan & Chachi. ( they shivered) Within the next 24 hours, I want you out of this house. You can live in my apartment, but there”s no place for you here. OUT!

Ch: PLease, Vansh, we are sorry.

V: Sorry? You’ve teamed up with the enemy who wanted my family dead, just get out!

Ch: Mummyji, please.

D: Whatever is his decision, I agree with him, you don’t deserve to stay here.

R: And feel grateful because I didn’t complain against you for trying to kill me.


R: Ravaan incident was because of them.


They were frightened by his tone and left the mansion.

V: Sia has to wake up, no need to pretend anymore.

R: pretend? 

V: Yes, she woke up 2 days before, But dadi was afraid that something happens to her.

R: You took a wise decision, dadi. Let’s see her.

She runs to her room excited to see her.

R: Sia, They are caught, I am sorry Sia.

she opened her eyes and hugged Riddhima.

S: Babhi, I am very sorry, I doubted you and threatened you. Please forgive me.

R: Sia, You are my sweet sister, I can’t be angry at you, Your action was justified.

Vansh adored their bond And approached his sister then hugged her.

V: Sia, Forgive me too, I put your life at risk.

S: Bhai, I was impetuous and she saw me, It’s not your fault.

Ishaani arrived there and hugged her sister.

I: SIa, You won’t believe how much I missed you.

S(jokes): Wow, Is she really my sister? 

I(whined): Sia!

They laughed at her, and she smiled.

I: tease me as you wish, I am giving you full permission.(she turned to Riddhima in shame) I regret what I did, Riddhima, I believed what I saw. I am sorry.

R: No need to say it, Anyone in your place would have done the same.

I: But not anyone can do what you did! I am indebted to you.

R: Don’t mention debt, I am your babhi, did you forget it?

I: not at all, I won’t. Thank you very much.

VR’s room

they both were tensed, they know that they love each other yet they couldn’t begin a proper conversation. Riddhima was waiting for her husband to talk but He was hesitating.

R: get engrossed in Vihaan’s character again.

V(confused): WHy? 

R: The character was at least flirty.

He burst out laughing holding his stomach understanding very well what she meant.

V: Ok Mrs.Pretty Raisinghania (she blushes) You are blushing now? Why? You wanted Vihaan, right? 

R: Because he is expressive more than Vansh.

V(on his knee): Mrs.Raisinghania, I have an immortal love for you, and it will last till my death, Do you accept my love? 

R(eyed what he was holding in his hand): VR’s RING? it was with you? 

V: Yeah, It was with me all the time, Back then, I thought you did not worth it, But now, I want to make you wear it again willingly.

R(overwhelmed): I love you too. Thank you, I was so sad when I lost it too.

V(their lips almost touching): Are you ready? I don’t want to force you.

R: I am. 

And she kissed him indicating her desire to take their relationships to the next level.


R: Vansh? 

V: Yes, sweetheart?

R: Why did you marry me? 

V: Because of your foolishness.

R(smacked his arm): Shut up.

V: Come on admit that you are a fool, but still so courageous, I’ve never seen someone got caught red-handed still try again.

He said laughing while remembering her silly acts within the first days of their wedding.

R(giggled): Self-confidence.

V: Your courage caught my eyes, I was used to people got scared of me, And you were afraid too but it doesn’t stop you. Somehow you were completing me. You, why did you marry me? 

R(laughing): Because you forced me.

V: Really! let me show you.

He started tickling her while she laughed.

R: I married you because I was played in that game to defeat you, but I fell in love with you instead.

V: Yeah, And I won the game and the queen too.

He leaned and claimed her mouth once again before they close their eyes to rest.


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