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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Tiwari’s Decision to Adopt Vibuti.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu is sitting at her home and says that her hand is itching and thinks that she might get some money, then she realises there is no chance of that. Just then, Tiwari show sup and says that there are some chances, if she sees closely. Anu tells him to come in. Tiwari comes in and sits with Anu. Anu asks Tiwari which chance is he talking about. Tiwari tells her that he will help her in getting money. Anu asks, how? Tiwari tells her that he needs an useless object from her house. Anu asks, what object? Tiwari replies, the most useless thing and he will give 10k for it. Anu again asks, what object? Tiwari says, Vibhu. Anu asks Tiwari that why does he need Vibhu? Tiwari tells her that he wants to adopt Vibhu for a week. Anu gets confused. Tiwari explains her why does he need him. Anu asks if he is going to give of his property to this useless and degraded object? Tiwari says, yes. Anu asks Tiwari if he wants to leave? Tiwari asks Anu if she’s angry. Anu says its too low. Tiwari says that he will give 1lakh. Anu asks Tiwari, how much does his property worth. Tiwari replies, around 8 crore. Anu asks, how much percent will he give? Tiwari says he will give 5 percent. Anu asks, 7 percent? Tiwari says that he cannot give that. Anu says that she will have to convince Vibhu, and it will take a lot of work, so might need 10 percent of his property. Tiwari agrees on 7 percent.

Anu, David and Vibhu are having dinner at dining table. Anu asks Vibhu if he found any job? Vibhu asks Anu why is she suddenly asking about his job? Anu tells him this question has lasted 12 years, but he haven’t took it serenely. David asks Anu that what is she talking about? Vibhu asks Anu if should die, if he got no job? Anu tells Vibhu that she got a work for him. Vibhu laughs. Anu tells Vibhu that she got a proposal for him. Vibhu asks Anu if she has again traded him for something? Anu denies, and tells Vibhu that Tiwari wants to adopt him and make him his son. Vibhu and David gets shocked. David asks Anu if Vibhu is going to be Tiwari’s son? Anu says, yes and Tiwari will also pay for that. David that Vibhu will never do that. Anu says Vibhu is nothing doing here as well. Vibhu tells Anu that he will never do that. Anu says that Vibhu that he will do that. Vibhu gets up and leaves. Anu starts staring at David. David asks her that why she staring at him? Anu tells him that he have to convince Vibhu. David tells her that he will never do it. Anu tells David that Tiwari is giving 7 percent of his property and he can have 2 percent of it. David flips and says that Vibhu will do it!

Vibhu is disheartened and standing outdoors. David comes out and asks Vibhu what is he doing? Vibhu tells David that Anu is trying to destroy the reputation of their family. David tells Vibhu that their family is already destroyed. Vibhu says that she doesn’t need him. David tells Vibhu that she’s trying to rebuild it. Vibhu says that David also talking like Anu. David tells him that he’s trying to save their families reputation. Vibhu asks him, by selling his him, and asks him if he is also sold? David slaps Vibhu and tells him that it’s going to help him a lot and all of his bank accounts are frozen. Vibhu says that he will never do it. David says that he has to do it. Anu shows up and tells David to take Vibhu inside. David and Vibhu starts fighting. Anu comes out and takes Vibhu with him.

Tiwari and Saxena are sitting together. Tiwari tells Saxena that he is going to give his property to his son, so that he can save his property and after 1 week he wants his property back. Saxena says that he’s a good lawyer and tells him that he understood everything. Angoori brings tea for Tiwari. Angoori tells Tiwari that it’s not fair, after 1 week he shouldn’t take his property back. Tiwari tells Angoori that he cannot do that. Angoori says that they will be going to take care of their son, so they can do it. Saxena says that Angoori is also right. Tiwari slaps Saxena, and tells him to do whatever he is saying.

Vibhu is tied up to a chair in a store room. Anu and David walks in. Anu tells David to remove the cloth from his mouth. Vibhu asks Anu that why is she doing this? Anu brings tea for Vibhu and Vibhu gets tempted because he was hungry for the whole night. Anu asks Vibhu, if he is ready? Vibhu denies. Anu tells David to drink the tea. Vibhu says that he will do anything she says, but on condition.

Tiwari is sitting in his home. Angoori is very excited and getting things ready. Saxena comes in. Tiwari asks Saxena if he wrote everything in his file? Saxena says that he do this everyday, and advocate Saxena never forgets anything. Tiwari says that he is worried about his property. Anu, David and Vibhu shows up. Tiwari and Angoori gets excited and welcomes them.

Tommy asks Rusa if she wants to see something interesting? Rusa says, yes. Tommy tells Teeka and Tillu to slap each other. Teeka and Tillu starts slapping each other. Tommy spills green mint sauce on his shoes and tells Rusa that now Teeka and Tillu will lick his shoes to clean them. Tommy tells them to hurry up. Teeka and Tillu starts licking his shoes. Teeka starts crying after licking his shoe. Tommy tells them to eat his leftover and leaves. MasterJi , Prem and Dr. Gupta shows up and starts disrespecting Tillu and Teeka.

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Harphoul Mohini 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini leaves Devi with Harphoul


Harphoul Mohini 29th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Balwant points the gun at Devi. She says don’t cross your limit. He steps towards her. Devi is back at the festival. Devi says see you can’t step toward me. Devi buys chocolates with Mohini. Mohini wins it for her. Devi says I will eat it. Divyani comes home. Banwari screams. He says she got an electric shock. She tried touching Devi but held a wire instead. Balwant says where is that girl? I will shoot her. He says where did she go? She was here.

Devi says we had so much fun. A man says Divyani held hire wire and said Devi.. and got a shock. Banwari asks what happened. Balwant says I will kill that girl. banwari says please stop. harphoul says Divyani must have seen Devi. Mohini says why was she after Devi? He says, my family.. Mohini says this is my family too. I don’t leave people in between. I will never hurt this family. Banwari says we have to be careful. Balwant breaks things in anger. He says I will end this game forever. He screams holding his heart. He falls to the ground. Banwari holds him. Balwant screams. Banwari says is he having a heart attack?

Scene 2
Saroj calls Mai and says come to my village. I am here, let’s meet. Mai says we will all go there. Banwari cries outside. He says see what happened to Balwant. He plays a video. Balwant is in hospital. Banwari says this Harphoul si responsible for this condition. Harphoul says don’t accuse me. Mohini takes Devi from there. Devi says you will be okay. She touches his video. He starts getting better. Mohini says is this Balwant’s punishment? Devi says I want milk. Mai says let’s get ready Mohini. We will go and meet Saroj. Harphoul says I’ve something important. I can’t go. Does Mai say who ill take us then? Santok says why aren’t you going? He says I have work. Santok says I will do it. You go.

Devi gets Mohini ready. She says I don’t want to go. Mohini says why? Devi says I have many things here. I will play. You go, I will stay here. Harphoul is here too. Harphoul says take her. Mai says take care of her. Mohini gives Harphoul’s milk. She says don’t leave her alone. Harphoul says keep taunting me. Mohini says I am not taunting. Harphoul says take her. Mohini says she wants to stay here. Harphoul says don’t regret if anything happens to me. Mohini says if anything happens to me my life would be sorted.

Mai and Mohini leave. Mohini leaves. Harphoul looks at her. Devi gives him a thread from Mohini’s saree. Mohini breaks the thread. Harphoul ties in on his hand. People ask Mohini why is Harphoul not coming? She says he’s with Devi. Abhi slips on a girlk. He says sorry. She mentions she can’t speak. Her dad says I don’t know what will happen to her when I die. Kid ask where is devi? Mohini says she’s staying hom.e The driver drives faster. Santok says Devi is such a blessing. Mai says I have gotten attached ot her. Her parents will take her. Mohini feels like her heart is sinking. Some men have guns pointed on the bus.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Parineeti 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv and Pari feel something for each other


Parineeti 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari and Neeti dance in Pratiksha’s engagement ceremony. All family members join them.

After the ceremony, Pratiksha thanks them for the celebrations. Neeti asks if she is excited for the wedding? She says yes. Neeti says marriage is a beautiful relationship. Pari says don’t let cheating and lying come between you both. Rajiv arrives there and says we have to leave now. Pratiksha calls her parents. Pari thanks them for taking care of them. Pratiksha’s mother says you have to come to her marriage. Pari says call us if you need anything.

Biji sits with Pami and says Pari is so nice, she can never be wrong. Chandrika says Pari is perfect. Biji says why don’t you ask her to become a mother? Pami looks on and says we can’t force them to have a kid, the times have changed. Biji says I know but you people should send them out to spend time together. I just wish to hear the good news from them soon.

Rajiv, Neeti and Pari arrive at the house. Chandrika asks how was the trip? Neeti hugs Rajiv and says it was such a good time. Biji arrives there and shouts what is all this? Rajiv says I am sorry. Biji says Pari is here and another woman is hugging you? she should have some shame. Rajiv whipsers to Neeti to go to her room, she is hurt but leaves. Biji says I don’t like Neeti. Pari says she is not like that. Biji says you don’t know these girls, she fought with her husband and keeping an eye on someone else’s husband. Pari says she is not like that, she is my best friend. Biji says you see goodness in everyone. Biji blesses Rajiv and Pari. She asks Rajiv to stay away from that girl. He nods and leaves.

Biji sits with Pari. Pari opens her suitcase and shows a gift she brought for Biji. Biji opens it to find Ganpati’s frame. Biji says I loved this, she asks Pari to put it on the wall. Pari says okay. Biji asks how was the trip? Pari says it was good. Biji asks if she spent time with Rajiv? Do we have a good news? Pari says it’s not like that. Pari takes a stool and is about to put the painting on the wall, she is about to slip but Rajiv comes there and holds her in time. Biji smiles seeing them. Pari looks at him and recalls their moments together. Rajiv recalls them too. Pari thinks those memories are nothing but meaningless. He is Neeti’s husband now. Rajiv thinks I can’t have feelings for her. Pari pushes him away. Biji says I wish I see your kid soon. Pari tries to leave but her foot has pain. Biji asks Rajiv to take her to the room. Pami says I will take her. Biji says her husband is here to take care of her. Rajiv holds Pari’s hand and takes her from there.

Rajiv brings Pari to her room, she says I am fine but Rajiv puts her on the bed and checks her foot. She says I am okay, Neeti must be waiting for you. Rajiv thinks she is still caring about us. He asks her to relax, I played a lot of cricket so I know about sprains. Pari laughs. Rajiv thinks for the first time at least I made her smile. He brings some bandage and applies it on her foot. Pari sadly looks at him. Chandrika comes there with milk. Pari says I am okay. Rajiv takes the milk and she leaves. Pari says I don’t like this. Rajiv says you have to, he makes her drink it. Neeti comes there and sees them close.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Main Hoon Aparajita 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini virals Veer & Chhavi’s video


Main Hoon Aparajita 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay comes to Mohini and asks her to break her fast but she says you don’t care for me. Akshay says I brought diamond earrings for you but I can give them to Aparajita now. Mohini takes them and says I am still angry at you. Akshay says I was not at fault, you know I got stuck in a situation. He breaks her fast and says everything happened for a reason, I am closer to my daughters now. Mohini thinks to use Aparajita against him.

Aparajita calls Dadi and says Veer showed care for Chhavi but then I saw him beating that guy like crazy. I am just worried about Chhavi’s future.

Veer calls Chhavi and says if you don’t answer me for marriage then I will kill myself. Chhavi says I need some time. Veer says I can’t live without you, you will have to answer me soon, he ends the call. Chhavi is worried and says I don’t know what to do.

In the morning, Chhavi is working in fear in the laundry. Disha asks if there is any trouble? She says no. Chhavi says thank you for lying to Aparajita for me. Disha says I lied for her, I didn’t want to stress her. Akshay comes there with gifts. Disha says we don’t need them, you want to buy our love? Akshay says I really want to reunite with you people. Disha says I don’t trust you, she leaves from there. Chhavi tells Akshay that I will take the gifts. Akshay says I want to talk to you, he takes her from there.

Anish gets a video from Sunil which shows Veer and Chhavi coming close to kiss. Sunil calls him and tells him to keep their daughter under control, ask Akshay to keep his daughter away from Veer. Anish says I promise Chhavi won’t be near your son anymore, he ends the call. He shows Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video to her. Mohini smirks.

Akshay asks Chhavi if she loves Veer? You can talk to me as a friend. Chhavi says he loves me a lot, he makes me feel special which I never felt but I didn’t know he would propose to me like that. Akshay says what’s your decision? Chhavi says Maa said.. Akshay says just think what you want. I will take your side at any cost because I love you. Chhavi hugs him and smiles. Aparajita comes there and glares at him. Chhavi leaves.

Anish tells Mohini that we have to keep this video under wraps. Mohini says no, this is my chance to destroy Aparajita.

Aparajita tells Akshay to not give hopes to Chhavi. Akshay says I am just being supportive. Aparajita says I am here to think about her marriage. Akshay says you keep me away from them. Aparajita says you don’t have to agree to them every time just to please them. We can’t take a decision about them till I find everything about Veer. Akshay says do what you want, he leaves. Disha hears all that and angirly leaves. Aparajita goes behind her and says you are not going to the college? Disha says why did you let him enter our lives? Aparajita says its your decision to bring him in your life or not. What he did with me has nothing to do with you. I have to talk to Chhavi but I need your help. You should search about Veer and find everything. Disha nods. Aparajita gets a video of Veer and Chhavi’s intimate video. She is shocked. Disha gets the same video. All neighbors get the video of Veer and Chhavi. The flashback shows how Mohini told Anish that I have to use this video, I don’t care about the business. I will make this video viral. The flashback ends. Mohini says now Akshay and Aparajita will hate each other.

Aparajita and her family are shocked to see the video. Asha says this video is viral now. Chhavi comes there and asks what happened? Aparajita glares at her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Tiwari looks for a son.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji, Tiwari and Angoori are sitting together and having dinner. Angoori asks Ammaji, what Pandit Ramfal said? Ammaji tells Angoori that he saw Tiwari’s birth chart and said that, coming 10 days will be very tough, and might go broke in this time. Tiwari asks for solutions. Ammaji tells Tiwari they have to adopt a son of age older than 21. Tiwari tells Ammaji that he doesn’t believe in his solutions. Ammaji slaps Tiwari tells him that he is also in this world just because of him. Tiwari still says that he thinks that it’s all superstitions. Angoori tells him that she also uses all the solutions given by Ammaji. Tiwari still denies. Tiwari gets a call from a client, and tells and says that it’s a new client and gets happy. He picks up the call and his client tells him that he’s cancelling the order and hangs up. Tiwari gets stressed. Angoori still tells Tiwari to do whatever Ammaji is tells him to do. Tiwari says that he cannot handover his property to anyone. Ammaji tells Tiwari to find a person who is trustworthy. Angoori says that Tillu will be a good option. Tiwari says that he doesn’t believe him.

Anu and David are having dinner together. David takes the final piece of food, which Anu was taking. Anu says that the food was delicious, but she is still hungry, don’t know why Vibhu made such small amount of food. David tells her that food was made of right amount, but he ate some of it before sitting at the dining table because he was hungry. Anu tells him that it’s okay, she won’t get angry. Anu says that she asked Vibhu to make dry fruit rice pudding in dessert, but know where is he. Vibhu comes in with the dessert and starts serving it. Anu gets happy. Vibhu serves it for himself and Anu and David takes the whole bowl and starts eating it. Anu is staring at Vibhu but he’s enjoying the dessert. Anu asks Vibhu that why did he served her small amount of dessert? Vibhu says that she’s always on diet. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s not always on diet, and eats good amount of food when she’s not on diet. Vibhu says that he made a lot of dessert, but the bowl got empty while tasting it. Anu gets angry and tells Vibhu that it’s not fair, she’s the one who is earning and still doesn’t get enough food. David is still eating and ignoring them. Vibhu blames it on David. David says that he also
ate the same amount of it. David and Vibhu starts arguing. Anu tells them to shut up. Anu gets really upset and leaves the table. David tells Vibhu that he kept some of the rice pudding in fridge, and asks him to get it. Vibhu smiles and leaves to take it out.

Tiwari and Prem are sitting together. Prem asks Tiwari if he really wants to give all of his property to Tillu? Tiwari tells him that if he wanted, he would never give anything to him, he’s just testing him out. Prem says, okay. Tiwari tells Prem and that he called Tillu here and tells Prem about his plan. Tiwari gets up and hides. Tillu shows up and sits with Prem, they both starts warming their hands. Prem asks Tillu that why is he here? Tillu tells Prem that Tiwari called him here. Prem tells Tillu that he got a rumour that Tiwari is giving him all of his property to him for 7 days. Tillu says that he also got the same rumour. Prem asks Tillu that what will he do with his property? Tillu says that it’s a golden opportunity for him, and says that he will sell all of it, and starts disrespecting Tiwari. Tiwari shows up and sits beside Tillu. Tillu gets scared.

Angoori is waiting for Tiwari. Tiwari shows up. Angoori thinks that Tillu must have accepted Tiwari’s offer because he’s the most innocent person in the entire colony. Tiwari comes in. Angoori asks Tiwari if Tillu accepted the offer. Tiwari says that he’s a snitch and kick him out if the city. Angoori gets shocked. Angoori says that she will talk to Tillu, and Tiwari for his phone. Angoori tells Tiwari say whatever Tillu said to him, so she can record it. Tiwari says whatever Tillu said and Angoori records it.

Vibhu takes Angoori to the same astrologer. Angoori asks him, why are they here? Vibhu tells Angoori that he’s a very good astrologer. Angoori tells Vibhu that she never asks about her future by any astrologer other than Pandit Ramfal. Saxena tells Angoori that he’s a good astrologer. Astrologer’s parrot tells Angoori that she is going to get a child soon. Vibhu gets shocked and says that his parrot and astrologer both are fraud. Vibhu takes Angoori back home with her.

Tiwari and Prem are sitting together in market. Tiwari tells Prem that this time they will try Teeka for loyalty check. Prem says that they both are same. Tiwari says that Angoori believes on them. Tiwari hides and Teeka shows up. Prem tells Teeka that he got a rumour that Tiwari is giving him all of his property. Teeka asks, what is his profit in that? Prem tells Teeka that he can kick out Tiwari after getting his property. Teeka says that he will never do that, and if he still gets his property he will always help him. Tiwari listens to him and shows up. Tiwari is clapping for Teeka and sits with him. Teeka starts crying. Tiwari says that he never thought that he would say anything like that. Tiwari tells Teeka that he will call him for further news. Teeka calls Tiwari his dad and tells him, goodbye. As soon as Tiwari leaves, Teeka starts thinking about the luxuries that he can afford after getting Tiwari’s property. Tillu shows up and asks
Teeka, what is he dreaming? Teeka tells Tillu that he will take all of Tiwari’s property and starts ruling over it. Tiwari and Prem comes back and listens to him. Tiwari sits with them, and Teeka gets scared. Teeka says that he was just acting. Tiwari slaps bith of them.

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Bigg Boss 16 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 16 28th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 58
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.

9 AM
Priyanka says to Ankit give my light. He throws it. Sumbul says they are not even talking. Sajid says he’s had enough. It’s over-nagging. Nimrit says anyone can get frustrated. Sajid says Abdu is a pillow fighter. Abdu cries like Priyanka. Abdu says to Sajid what if you win again? Shiv says Tina will blast. She has the hunger to become captain. Nimrit says I am done with her demand for perfection. I can’t work with people in the kitchen. People like Priyanka are better than her. At least she’s in the face. My parents said to stay away from sugarcoating people.

10:15 AM
Shalin says to Priyanka to talk to Sumbul sometime. She will go crazy. Priyanka says she has no people of her age group. She’s staying strong. Shalin says her dad’s calling wasn’t right. Priyanka says it was right. She knew everything. He says it’s very wrong. Nimrit says patience levels are going down. I hate it when someone tries to control me. Soundarya says what do she and Shalin talk about? Nimrit says they’re very smart. They play on both grounds. Soundarya says everyone can see. Shalin asks is something bothering you? He says no. Shalin asks Stan what does your dad do? He says he’s a cop. Shalin says is he no more? Stan says he’s alive of course. Shalin says sorry I got confused.

Stan tells Shiv Shalin was trying to talk to me. Stan says he was forcing me to talk to him. When he said is my dad not alive? Sajid says to Shalin he’s mad about you asking if his dad is not alive. Shalin says he said dad used to manage everything so I got confused. Sajid says he’s feeling low. Shalin says I am your brother. They’re like my parents. He hugs Stan and says I am sorry. Sajid says he would never mean it. Stan says I am not fighting.

1:30 PM
Everyone comes to the living room. Bigg Boss says Archana is late again. He asks Shiv to come to the confession room. He says your captaincy has ended. Bigg Boss says you, Nimrit, and Tina can only be the next captain. I’ve heard you all talking and planning. Deals ar did. So it’s decided, right? When you guys have decided, let’s say that openly. The task would be just for the camera and you guys will do what’s planned. So tell me who’s the next captain? He says Nimrit. Everyone is shocked. Tina is shocked. Priyanka says not for us. Archana says no. Shiv says she didn’t get a chance after she became the first captain. She has had ups and downs. She will get a push. As a friend, I think she should be the captain. Tina says as a friend you think? Soundarya says Tina also deserves the chance. Archana says he didn’t take his own name? What kind of contestant is he? Bigg Boss says Nimrit you’re the next captain. There will be no favorites this weel. You will all be nominated as per tasks. Nimrit will decide rooms and duties.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Kundali Bhagya 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi and Karina question Arjun


Kundali Bhagya 29th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeta assures she would throw Arjun so far away from her family and life that he would not be able even find himself even if he tries, she angrily tries to walk away while he is stopping but she doesnot listen, Preeta is stunned when she turns and her saree is stuck in the wrist watch of Arjun, she keeps thinking about how they both have met and he always tried to help her whenever possible, she is confused thinking what is the reason behind it and why does he always wish to get close to her, he thinks of when he helped her as her saree caught fire, he even caught her at the KarvaChawth function so he is not able to forget the beautiful moments spent with her, Preeta getting restless is not able to bear it so walks close to him, he however puts down his hand angrily walking close to her, explaining even if she removes him from the world even then would not be able to get away from him since it is a matter of their kundali Bhagya but he can walk away from her. Arjun exclaim he cannot let her walk away from her life for just a mistake and crime which he never commit, Preeta replies he might act like an innocent person but she is going to reveal his true face to the world, Arjun assures he did not ask Anjali to do anything of the sort but Preeta replies she will not even listen to Bhagwan if he says Arjun is innocent, he replies she is testing his patience when Preeta replies that he must know she is standing between him and Rishab.

Arjun turns thinking he must go to the police station and find out what is going on, Dadi asks if he is sure that Rishab would never do anything of the sort, Arjun replies that he doesnot know the truth but is sure that Rishab can never do something so wrong. Rakhi walking to him questions then why Anjali filed the complaint against Rishab so he got arrested from their house, Rakhi explains he vowed to always stand beside Rishab but is the way he protected Rishab, Rakhi questions what quarrel he has and she never thought he would use Anjali to blame their family.

Arjun requests Rakhi to hear his side of story, Karina explains he must listen to her because Rishab got arrested because of this false complaint and the reputation of Luthra family has been ruined, this all; happened because of Anjali. Rakhi asks if he did not think of their family even once when all of them showered their love, she thought her Karan had returned but he did not think of them but only desired his revenge, she asks what the reason is he is against their family. Arjun tries calling Anjali, assuring he will prove everything but Karina replies that he would say he tried calling Anjali, he replies he actually tried calling her.

Rishab holding the hand of Rakhi requests her to believe him for the last time as he did not do anything of the sort, Karina exclaims it is enough because he has done it all while is still defending himself, Karina angrily says she never wanted to come but was forced when Rakhi Bhabhi insisted, she calls him a liar and fraud hearing which Arjun starts crying.

Rishab sitting in the cell recalls how Preeta je assured he is innocent and even defended him in front of everyone, Rishab thinks how each and every member of his family knew he can never do anything wrong, he thanks Bhagwan jee as he gave him such a family who believe in him so what else can he desire because he got everything in this world, the other person in the cell questions why is he so emotional. Rishab replies he is happy because he got such a nice family, he explains sometimes in the hardships of the world the forget the blessing known as family because if they love each other as a family then must always be grateful for it. Rishab asks if he has seen a father since they always stand in front of their children during the problems while it is normally said that a mother cries for her children but when any problem comes to them, she will never let any harm come to them. Rishab explains his brother always assured he would stand beside him while his Dadi and aunt always hug him whenever he is tired, so he always wants to live with his family the rest of his life.

Anjali is explaining to the lady constable what happened in the farmhouse when Snedha comes to hug her, the constable leaves explaining that Anjali might feel nice after talking to her. Anjali explains Arjun has been calling her, but she cannot meet him till Rishab Luthra is thrown in jail, Snedha explains she felt Anjali has been acting weird ever since he got engaged to her sister. Snedha questions what has happened when Anjali reveals she has done something very wrong for the person whom she truly cares for, Snedha asks if she loves Arjun when Anjali replies that she will do anything for the one person she loves as this is a war between Rishab and Arjun, she is always going to be standing beside him. Anjali replies she is sure Rishab would be thrown in jail after the case while she has filed against him.

Preeta reaches the police station requesting to meet Rishab jee, she is informed that the meeting time would start after an hour, Preeta tries to call someone when she hears the ring so asks if Anjali is here in the police station, she tries to meet her, but the lady constable questions why she wants to talk with her. Preeta asks the inspector there are timings to meet those who are in custody but there is no time to meet the person who is outside, so she wants to meet Anjali. The inspector agrees to allow her when the lady constable explains he must not have allowed her, Inspector explains that he has checked her background as she helps those patients who are not strong enough to take care of themselves.

Anjali explains she has filed a wrong case, but it is for the right cause since he made a mistake in the past for which he was not punished, Preeta entering questions how much she knows Rishab jee because he has never misbehaved with any girl. Anjali replies she thought Preeta would help her as women, but she is defending Rishab. Preeta questions why is she doing this because according to her she has filed the case because of Arjun.

Rakhi asks Arjun why he do it, he assures she can say anything but not cry however Rkahi stops him explaining he has lost the right so must remain in his limits, she explains she always loved him like her own son but feels it was the biggest mistake of her life that she treated him as Karan. Karina questions why she always compares him to their own son when he is not worthy enough, Rakhi replies to a mother never compares amongst her children but she truly loved him however knows her Karan was not like him since he would never cause any pain to someone like Arjun did right now or in the past. She asks why he broke the heart of this mother because she once before found out he tried to kill Rishab, yet she never said anything, Rakhi holding her hands requests him to go away from their lives because ever since he came everything has been ruined, he assures he would try to sort out the things.

Karina exclaims it is enough since her Bhabhi is innocent and believes anyone but she is not like this and he said it was just a mistake so he must go and solve it, Karina leaves with Rakhi while Arjun is left heartbroken.

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