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Udaariyaan 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Udaariyaan 20th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fateh asking Tanya to control her emotions and do her work. He says you are responsible for my brother’s death. Tanya gets the puja plate. Gurpreet hugs her and asks her to sit. Simran lights the diya. Jasmin sees Amrik and her pic. She recalls him and cries. Jasmin says I won’t cry now, your family didn’t give me the right of being your widow, I will start my new life now. Everyone prays for Amrik. Fateh recalls Amrik’s words. Satti says I will get these things donated by Jasmin, its for Amrik. Jasmin comes and touches the things. She asks them to donate the things. She says but I m responsible for his death, if anyone dies after consuming the things I have touched. Lovely asks her why is she decked up, when her husband passed away. Jasmin says dad used to say that joy and sorrow are in heart, we had resumed normal life after Tejo left, dad had won the elections, why can’t I move on, Amrik’s family didn’t accept me as his widow, I m not a Suhaagan now, no one regards me a widow, I have decided to start a new life and become Jasmin Sandhu again, please don’t forget that Amrik didn’t die, he has become a martyr, he gave his life while saving Tejo, we should be proud of him.

Gurpreet consoles Mahi and says we have to cope up with this big sorrow. Jasmin says I m going with Sweety, you all take care. She leaves. Biji says I think she is in shock. Rupy says no, she is feeling free now. Satti says you are misunderstanding her. Rupy says be ready to see her new colour, I m glad that my Tejo has come back. Tanya gets tea for everyone. Mahi asks her to sit and have tea. Tanya says I don’t drink tea, I will make coffee for myself. Fateh comes. Biji says you liked tea a lot. Gurpreet recalls Tejo making tea and saying I can leave anything for you. Fateh asks even me. Tejo says yes and laughs. FB ends. He says she stayed in London for six months and her habits changed. Tanya goes. Buzo takes Fateh with him and says you didn’t tell me the truth. Fateh hugs him. He says I didn’t understand what is happening and why. Buzo says I can’t believe that Amrik left us, thank God Tejo is alive. Tanya comes and says drop me to my parents’ house. Fateh nods.

Fateh says everyone would be waiting to meet her, I will drop her. Gurpreet says fine, but I will be relieved seeing you here, Amrik fulfilled his promise before going, we have done wrong with you and broke the roka in anger, but I will rectify all the mistakes, I m sorry, forgive us. Tanya says don’t say this. Gurpreet unites Tanya and Fateh’s hands. She says I had decided to get you both married. She asks Khushbeer to talk to Rupy about Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. He says even I want to see them together, I will talk to Rupy and fix the marriage date. Fateh and Tanya say no…. He says this is not the time to think of all this. Tanya says yes, he is right. They go. Gurpreet says you can refuse but I will get this marriage done. Mahi and Simran hug her. Fateh asks Tanya not to worry, he will tell the truth to them and handle it. Tanya says better, marriage wasn’t talked about earlier. He brings her to Tejo’s house. He asks her to go in, he will call her. She says no, Tejo’s dad was looking at her, I was thinking my truth will be caught. He says they are good people, Jasmin will take you inside. He calls Jasmin. He says maybe it’s a network issue. Jasmin is at the spa with Sweety. She thanks Sweety for the chaat treat. Sweety asks are you fine. Jasmin says you always ask the same thing, till when will I mourn for Amrik’s death, I m happy that Tejo is alive.

Tanya goes inside the house. Jasmin takes Fateh’s call. He says I just dropped Tanya home, she doesn’t even know the room. Jasmin says give me 20 mins, I m coming. She rushes. Mami comes home and hugs Tanya. She says Satti told me that you are back, thank God my Tejo is fine. Tanya thinks who is she, Jasmin didn’t tell me. Jasmin asks Sweety to pay the money. She says Fateh dropped Tejo home, Tejo needs me, I have to go. Sweety asks why, Tejo used to care for you till now. Jasmin says its imp that I stay with her, she is scared and tensed, she just got saved from murderer. Fateh sees Mami. Mami asks how did you get saved from the fire. Tanya says I got saved somehow, aunty ji. Mami asks aunty ji? Rupy and Satti look on. Fateh sees them.

The episode ends.

Precap will be added after TV telecast.

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Aaliya and Rhea manipulates Pallavi


Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Rhea that whoever stabbed Ranbir, had stabbed him as he was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. Rhea asks do you want to say that the goons whom we had said, had stabbed Ranbir. Aaliya says yes. Rhea asks if they didn’t know about him. Aaliya says how did they know, he is not Ranbir Kapoor. She says we will use this against Prachi, will tell that she is careless and haven’t told us whatever happened. She asks her to scold Prachi. Rhea says if anyone asks us, how we will know about this, then what we will tell. Aaliya says I will tell you, how to tell the story. Prachi cries and tells Shahana that she can’t see Ranbir’s condition. She says I will die without him and says she wants him, as he was before. She promises to agree to his sayings and love him always. She asks if Ranbir will get fine. Shahana says he will become fine. Prachi says Doctor said that Ranbir shall get consciousness in 6 hours else…She then says that he has to come in his senses, as I have to tell him about his third dream, our child. Shahana asks what you will tell? Prachi says I will tell the truth.

Rhea and Aaliya come to the waiting room. Aaliya asks Rhea not to tell them. Rhea says I will not listen to anyone. She asks did you know why Ranbir was stabbed? Pallavi says no. Rhea says Prachi was there when he was stabbed. Dida says that’s why Prachi brought him to hospital. Rhea asks her to hear fully and then see, how you take Prachi’s side. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Rhea says I will be silent, if you heal Ranbir’s injury and make her fine. She says Ranbir is lying on the bed, as he was trying to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says some chain snatchers tried to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra, then Ranbir came there. She says Prachi convinced him that her mangalsutra matters to her a lot, more than her life. She says she had convinced him, it was all drama, Ranbir is good and couldn’t see and fought with the goons for Prachi, to save her mangalsutra. She says he risked his life to save the mangalsutra, the goons had the knife and stabbed him. She says the goons stabbed him as Ranbir tried to protect Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says Ranbir’s life was cheap than Prachi’s mangalsutra. She says I came to know this from Binny’s mom, she was there when the attack happen, so it was not a lie. Pallavi gets provoked and manipulated by Rhea. She says I know that even this time Prachi is responsible for my son’s condition, this time she has put him in trouble and says I will not leave her. Vikram and Dida go behind her. Rhea and Aaliya smiles happily.

Prachi cries and looks at Ranbir through the window pane. She says she is happy that they will become parents and asks him to get up, talk to her, and says you will get your rights and happiness, and you have to get up. She cries. Pallavi comes there with Vikram. Prachi asks what happened? Pallavi asks when you will tell the truth? Prachi asks what? Pallavi says my son’s death planning by you. Vikram asks her not to do drama in hospital. Pallavi blames Prachi for trying to kill Ranbir and says you brought him here, as we shall not doubt her. Prachi asks why will I do this? Rhea says your ego is big and you wants to lower me infront of everyone. She says you have proved that I am careless, and when your mangalsutra was snatched, you didn’t let it go, as you wanted to tell about your bravery to others. She says you have risked Ranbir’s life, if you haven’t done drama and show off, then Ranbir’s life was not in danger. She says due to your fake beliefs, you have sacrificed Ranbir. Prachi asks her to shut up and says I didn’t call Ranbir there. She says I was fighting with those goons, and they had went. She says it seems like someone asked him to return. Rhea asks her to tell that she has sent those goons to snatch her mangalsutra. Shahana asks really? Rhea asks her to shut up. Nurse asks them to go away from there.

Pallavi feels dizzy. Doctor checks her. Prachi says she might have not taken the medicines. Pallavi says I had taken. Vikram asks when, I didn’t see. Pallavi asks why he goes against her, and asks Prachi to go, says I don’t need you. She says my BP increases if I see your face. Prachi asks Rhea to take care of Mummy. Rhea says thanks, for telling me what I shall do. Aaliya asks Shahana to go and take care of Prachi. Doctor asks did you take medicine or not, as I have to give medicine according to that. Pallavi says she had forgotten. Vikram looks at her. Pallavi says that Prachi is responsible for my son’s condition. Doctor gives her injection and asks her to take care. Aaliya says how can you take care, when your life stress is infront of you. She asks her to search permanent solution for Prachi, and says I shall not say, but you might lose your son due to her. Rhea keeps her hand on Pallavi’s hand.

Prachi’s doctor comes to meet the doctor and sees Ranbir. She asks how is he? Doctor takes her from there. Prachi comes to Ranbir’s ward and looks at him, recalling how he was stabbed while trying to protect her mangalsutra. She holds his hand and sits beside him. She says I had asked you always, to stay away from me, that I don’t need you. She says she was lying to herself, says I need you and asks him to become fine. She promises that she will never hurt his heart and will love him so much. She asks him to return. She says I thought that I will never tell you, but I will tell you now. She keeps his hand on her tummy and says we are pregnant. Ranbir moves his fingers. Prachi looks at him. She asks Nurse to see what is happening to him. Nurse calls Doctor. Prachi asks if Ranbir is fine. Doctor asks her to go out and he checks Ranbir. She recalls Pallavi’s accusations. She starts walking, stumbles and is about to fall down. Her gynaec comes there and asks how she was walking? Prachi says Ranbir is there. Doctor says your pregnancy is complicated and you are walking like this. Prachi says Ranbir is there. Doctor says there are so many people to take care of him, but there is just you to take care of your baby. Doctor sees Pallavi. Prachi asks her not to tell anything to anyone. Pallavi comes and greets doctor Madhu. Doctor says Prachi was about to fall. Pallavi says she is not needed here and can go home. Doctor asks Prachi to go, else she will tell everything to Pallavi.

Precap will be added later.

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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Shalu gets an idea to stop the engagement


Bhagya Lakshmi 20th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelam asking Malishka to choose the ring. She shows the ring which they have selected for her. Malishka likes the ring and says it is out of the world. Neelam says it is chosen by Rishi. Malishka asks where is Rishi’s ring. She looks at the ring and says you have chosen beautiful ring for me, then why this for you. She chooses other ring for Rishi and tells that she will take his ring to her home and will bring it in the evening. She asks him to keep her ring safely. Neelam thanks jeweller for coming and asks him to come again after 2 days. Kiran says we have to come in the evening, and asks malishka to come. They leave.

Rishi looks at Lakshmi and asks what is she thinking? Lakshmi is about to go without answering him. Lakshmi thinks did you realize that you are doing a big mistake by getting engaged and came to say that you will not get engaged. Rishi says I will not do engagement, has realized that I have done a big mistake and held your hand with rights, asks if she is saying this? She asks if you heard me. He says you are very predictable and it is boring for me, I am understanding you better. He gives the ointment to her, and says you had applied on my hand. He writes thank you on the paper and gives to her, asks her to hang the thank you note, on the wall of the house which she will buy with alimony money. He says you are getting good price of this marriage, so sell this thank you note and get a good price for it. Lakshmi tears it and says this is the price of your thank you. She says I have done so much, but what I got in return, I was questioned and my intentions were doubted. She asks if saving the husband is wrong, and says you are my husband and I have taken 7 rounds with him. She says I was called selfish, greedy for money etc. Rishi asks if she is not doing this for money. Lakshmi asks him to see in her eyes. Rishi says that you are truthful and honest, but it is not like that. Lakshmi says you want to hurt me. Rishi says I am not hurting you. Lakshmi asks how can you change so much. He says that rishi wants you to like him, but this Rishi doesn’t care for you. Lakshmi says even I can read the eyes, and says you are just showing off. He says I told what was truth. Sonia comes there and asks him to get ready. She asks Lakshmi to pack her bags and asks why are you staying here for 3 months, to get yourself insulted. She asks her to leave. Lakshmi thinks if I had to go then why I would have come. She looks at the ring, thinks it is beautiful. She keeps it back in the box and takes it out and wears it. Bhagyalakshmi plays…She gets teary eyes and says Bhagyalakshmi’s ring is not yours, but of Malishka’s ring. She tries to take the ring out and finds it stuck.

Rano tells Shalu that they shall go to Malishka and Rishi’s engagement. She says they will get some nek, good food, dance, or some drama. She says if I had known then would have stopped your Chacha and Neha. She says I will change my clothes and then we will go. Shalu says you don’t have a heart. Rano says I have a big heart and that’s why I let you all stay here. Shalu says you knows well, how Malishka took Lakshmi di’s signatures, and how she had talked to her. Rano says nothing will happen as Lakshmi wanted and that’s why this engagement is happening. She goes to get ready. Shalu says we can stop this engagement, di has to do as we said, then jiju will say that he can’t get engaged to Malishka. Bani asks how?

Rishi comes ready for the engagement, and asks Lakshmi if she is practicing for dance. Lakshmi says no. He asks if he is looking good. She says yes. He searches for the ring box and gets it. Lakshmi shows the ring to him, which is on her finger. He asks why did you wear it? Lakshmi says it is stuck and says sorry. He asks again, why did she wear it and asks her to return the ring. He says I will take it out and applies something on her finger. He tries to pull the ring. Lakshmi feels pain. He manages to pull the ring out. Lakshmi says she got hurt. He asks what about my pain, you have hurt me so much, scores are settled. He goes.

Kiran tells Abhay that for the first time, he has done right by pressurizing the family members for agreeing for Rishi and Malishka’s engagement. He asks what she wants to say. Kiran says Malishka was engaged to Rishi before again, and says the way you helped Malishka in her fight with Lakshmi is outstanding. Abhay says I helped her as Malishka loves Rishi. He asks her not to think wrong. Malishka asks them not to fight today. He says I will drive the car. Kiran asks Malishka not to think that her father is great.

Dadi asks Virender if anyone asks, how can Rishi get engaged although he is married. Rishi asks her to tell that he is getting engaged as he loves Malishka. He asks her to tell that Lakshmi asked for divorce. He says if he had controlled that day in court, then this wouldn’t have happened. Virender smiles and then says sorry. Rishi says everyone shall smile, as today is special. He says Lakshmi is different from others, if I ask him…he then stops and asks what? Virender says I was thinking that Rishi is getting engaged to Malishka, but he is talking about Lakshmi. He says your mom and Bua told that divorce haven’t happened due to you. Rishi says I don’t love Lakshmi, everyone thinks this way. Virender says I just want to say, that your focus shall be on Malishka and not on Lakshmi. Rishi goes from there. Ayush goes behind him and gives him water. He says I know that you are upset with Lakshmi, and you shall be, and you want to marry Malishka. He says Malishka didn’t give you the pain like Lakshmi did. He asks what was he thinking? Rishi asks why she didn’t come? Ahana says why she will come, as today is Malishka and your day. Rishi says I am talking about Lakshmi, she had said that she will come.

Precap: Shalu asks Lakshmi, why is she getting sad? Rano says she will be sad, as he is her husband now, but may be he will be not her husband anymore. Rishi calls Lakshmi and asks her to see him getting engaged. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s engagement. She congratulates him and asks if he got engaged. Rishi asks if she came to break it. She says she came to get it done.

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Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deepa asking Kusum to understand, Tripathi will auction the house and also the furniture. Kusum worries. The men put the price tag on everything. Kusum asks them not to remove the ancestral things. Deepa says let them do their work. Kusum says its not just furniture, but my house. She asks the men to stop. The man asks Kusum for the cupboard keys. Kusum says I don’t have the keys, don’t touch the box. The man says we have to make a list of valuable things, return it to me. Kusum goes to Jagannath and says they are saying this silver box is precious, your mum has given this to me, I can’t give this for auction, tell them, this has my memories. Jagannath says nothing will be left now, everything will go away. Kusum cries. He continues the yoga. He says let it go, Kusum. Kusum looks at him. They cry. Deepa holds Kusum. Purvi cries talking to Kashi and Badri. She says I have given them so much pain, this is happening because of me. Kashi says nothing happened because of you, Badri was born in the year of drought, his dad had passed away, was he the reason, my parents were taking me for prayer after my birth, they died in an accident, was it my mistake, think something positive, Jagannath and Kusum have lost their loneliness since you came, Jagannath learnt to smile. They cheer up Purvi and ask her not to cry. Kashi says Jagannath and Kusum need us now, think of something that saves their house. Tripathi comes with the media. He sees the things kept for auction. He says Jagannath told yesterday that he will return the money, but he has no intention. He asks Jagannath what happened to his FIR, his law, his pride. He says just make Purvi out of the house, I will stop this auction and your respect will be saved. Jagannath smiles and says I don’t care for my respect in front of the world, if I let injustice happen with Purvi, then I will not have any respect for myself in my own eyes, anyways, a shameless man like you won’t understand this, don’t waste your time, start the auction. Alok and Gunjan look on. Jagannath, Kusum, Deepa and Isha stand together. Kashi gets an idea. He asks Purvi to give her permission, there is a way. She asks what is it. Tripathi asks the man to start the auction. Lawyer says wait for five mins more.

Later, the man announces the auction time. He starts the bidding. The neighbors taunt Kusum. Kusum says this is our house, its priceless, Purvi is not the reason, Tripathi is the reason for the auction. Beena says your son is wrong, everyone knows it. Savitri says look at Kusum’s attitude. Jagannath says don’t talk to such disgusting people, it will be our own insult. Beena taunts him. Jagannath asks Kusum to calm down. Kusum cries. Jagannath recalls his moments and watches the bidding. Tripathi smiles. The man says 2 crores, 40 lakhs is the final amount. He counts to 3. Kashi comes and shouts one min. Kashi and Purvi come with a cheque. Kashi gives the 45 lakhs cheque to Tripathi. Everyone looks on shocked. Jagannath asks how did you get so much money. Kashi says this is not the time to ask this, keep this. Jagannath says try to understand, I can’t take this. Purvi asks why, isn’t Kashi your own family, you care for us a lot. Kashi says tell me the truth, would you refuse to Alok also. Purvi and Kashi insist Jagannath to accept the help. Kusum asks Jagannath to take the cheque.

Tripathi says this story didn’t end. Purvi says yes, we have scores to settle. She slaps him. Jagannath smiles.

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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking of Armaan and going out. Armaan comes to meet Prisha. He surprises her by giving her a gift. She sees the diamond necklace and says its beautiful. He makes her wear it. She says its for me, but it would be precious, I can’t wear it in front of anyone. He says you can accept this for my sake. She asks him to go, anyone can see him. He says meet me in your dreams. He leaves and sees Soumya. Soumya asks what were you doing in Prisha’s room. He says I went to check the water tap, I have fixed it. Prisha comes and says lie, we should tell Soumya the real reason. Soumya asks what. He says don’t know. Prisha says you won’t say anything, there is no need to hide it from Soumya. She asks Soumya to come with her. She shows the necklace and says he had come to give this necklace. Armaan says this necklace…. Prisha says you don’t know giving a surprise. She says Soumya, Armaan wanted to give this necklace to you, he just came here to keep it, look at your face. She asks Armaan to take her pic. She laughs. Armaan says this is not done, you killed the surprise. Prisha says no, don’t know what would Soumya think. Armaan asks Soumya to see the necklace, he got a lovely gift for her, she should give a lovely smile. He asks what is she doing here, all okay. Soumya says yes, I was feeling thirsty. He says go to room, I will get water. She asks why did you get scared when Prisha said you are lying. He says I feel scared now that you don’t trust me, I don’t want any misunderstanding, just you are in my life, nothing else matters to me. He hugs Soumya, and sees Prisha. Prisha smiles.

Its morning, Prisha gets ready. She messages Armaan. He replies I will give you ten times better necklace, but be careful, Soumya shouldn’t doubt. She messages… you don’t care what I will wear in the function. Mahi comes and asks Armaan to come fast. He gets a call. He says I will just take an imp call and come. Mahi goes. He answers and asks why did you call. Prisha says I didn’t kiss you in public, its just a call, you didn’t see my message. He says stop being childish, I will get a necklace for you, we won’t talk in front of anyone in the function, that’s all. Soumya is in the function. Prisha says that was my necklace. Mami asks her to wear a flower necklace, flowers are fresh in the morning and useless in the evening. She laughs. Prisha says Armaan will just have his eyes on me, just wait and watch. Sushma gifts gold bangles to Soumya, and says I got these by my earnings. Soumya asks really. Sushma says yes, its for my world best daughter in law. Soumya thanks her for giving the world best bangles. Harsh and Armaan look on. The lady asks what’s the need for you to earn. Soumya says her name is Sushma Oberoi, sometimes work is done for own self and our esteem, not for money, Harsh has inspired Sushma to work, right. Armaan signs Harsh. Sushma shows her mehendi to Harsh and says its your love for me, the colour is dark. He says love was there, enjoy your love, your earnings. He goes. She asks everyone to come and start the godh bharai ceremony. She asks Armaan to come and give the gift to Soumya. Armaan says a beautiful gift for my beautiful wife. He makes Soumya wear the necklace. Prisha comes. The lady says just Oberoi family bahu can get such a beautiful necklace, Soumya is very lucky. Kashish says Armaan had got many alliances, but Armaan chose Soumya. Soumya feels uneasy. Armaan asks are you okay. She says I feel its hot here. He says AC is on. The lady asks Armaan to become his wife’s fan today. He fans the air. Prisha comes to him. She thinks I dressed up for him, he didn’t see me even once. He thinks I have to be extra careful in front of Soumya. Sushma starts the godh bharai rituals. She blesses Soumya. Malini comes next and blesses Soumya. Armaan asks are you feeling better. Soumya nods. Kashish asks Armaan where are you going, the ritual is still there. Mami says don’t worry Prisha, your good days will come soon. Armaan and Soumya pose for the pictures. They take group pics. Soumya asks Prisha to come. Prisha holds Armaan’s hand. Armaan makes his hand away. Sushma says now only husband and wife’s pic. She asks Prisha to get away. Prisha gets angry seeing them.

Prisha dances around Armaan. Soumya looks on. Armaan asks Prisha to stop it. Prisha says don’t be scared, let everyone know it. She says Soumya, I love…..

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Revelation from Past, shocks family


Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa telling Dhami that she has brought her enemy and the inauspicious face right infront of her today. Simar gets shocked. Dhami says this is just the trailor, you got upset seeing this, picture is remaining. Badi maa asks her to stop this cheap drama and says she don’t want to see her face. Dhami says until this simar stays in your life, that woman will also be there in your life. Badimaa asks what is simar’s relation with that woman, and tells that Simar can’t have any relation with that poisonous woman, I am sure that Simar has seen that woman’s face for the first time today. Dhami asks Simar to say, and asks if she saw her face for the first time, and asks her to tell being the epitome of truth. Badi maa says I will say and tells that Simar doesn’t know this woman. Dhami asks Simar to say. Simar says I didn’t know that she is your enemy. Badi Maa says I couldn’t get effected, if she was just my enemy, but she is the wound of my life, had came in my life and house as the curse. Simar says Badi maa, I really didn’t know. Badi maa asks what do you want to say that you know this woman. She asks how? She asks her to tell what is her relation with this woman. She says I am asking you something, tell me. She says don’t know what I will do? She shouts. Yamini Devi comes there and says I will say. Badi Maa hears her. Simar is also shocked to see Yamini entering her house.

Yamini enters Oswal Mansion. Badi Maa turns and looks at her. Yamini gets inside, while Badi maa walks towards her to stop her. Yamini walks past Badi maa and comes to Simar. She says I will tell what is my relation with Simar. She tells that she is Yamini Devi Oswal. Simar asks Oswal? Yamini says yes. Aarav, Vivaan and others get shocked too. She asks Badi Maa to give her introduction and tells that she is Gopi’s loving wife, he had married her with all the rituals. She asks everyone to ask Gitanjali Devi and says she has seen how Gopi babu was mad in my love. Dhami asks Aarav to get relaxed and says I am with you. Yamini says I told the kids, what was necessary. She tells that they were talking about Simar and her relation, and says I am Simar’s Guru. Badi Maa is shocked. Yamini says Guru of her music. She says the day when you had Ganapati Puja, I had tied gandhak to her and she became my shishya. Badi maa says Simar was at home, with us here. Simar and Aarav look at each other. Yamini laughs and says even your dear grand son was with her and I had gandhak to Simar infront of him. She shows the gandhak on Simar’s hand and asks her to tell.

Badi maa asks Simar if this is truth? She asks her to answer. Dhami asks Yamini to say. Yamini says I am surprised that I gave her the rights of my daughter, today she is speechless. She says Aarav and Simar used to call me choti maa, but today they are silent. Badi Maa says choti maa. Aarav says actually. Badi maa says I just want to hear from Simar. She asks if this is all truth. Simar comes near Badi Maa and says I am her shishya/student and she is my Guru. Badi Maa is shocked. Yamini says also chotimaa. She asks her to tell full truth. Reema gets angry. Badi maa asks Simar to say all the truth. Aarav asks Badi maa to listen to her. Dhami says Badi maa is here, let her talk to her enemy. Yamini asks Simar to make her Badi maa have sweets today on her birthday. She asks her to give her good news that she is recording her first solo album. She says your songs album, asks her to tell. Badi maa says you can’t do this. She calls Gajendra and asks how can Simar take such a big step without asking me. She says our Simar can’t do this with us. Yamini smiles.

Dhami says I will clear your misunderstanding and plays the song sung by Simar. Badi maa keeps her hand on her ears. Yamini asks her to hear carefully and says your dear bahu has given voice to my teachings, and says this sur and music is taught by me. She asks her to hear carefully, it is Simar’s voice, but it is my echo ….Badi maa asks if this is your voice Simar. Yamini smiles. Sandhya asks Badi maa to let Simar say. Simar is silent. Yamini tells Badimaa that she is very happy to see her yearning in pain, and seeing her condition, her years long restles is relieved. Badi maa asks you are talking about restlessness, did you ever feel soul restless? She says I did. She says I was Gopichand’s wife, I am his three beautiful kids, I was his struggling days, I was the partner of his first success. I am the partner of his happiness and sorrows. She says he has forgotten everything in your magic and left us. She says you had snatched father from my kids, and my husband from me and talking about your pain.

Precap: Badi maa says she will listen everything from Simar’s mouth. She asks her to answer. Yamini devi asks Simar to come with her, and says this woman will never forgive you, as she has no motherly love or forgiveness. Simar shouts enough Yamini devi. She says history is witnessed, today she is abandoning her Guru, and says whoever is my Badimaa’s enemy is my enemy too. Yamini devi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Varchand bribes the official.


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode Bhim Rao refused to take any responsibility for Bala’s doings and actions. Joku taunted as Bala was blood who didn’t listen to his father and brother. Bala intervened. He wasn’t ashamed of his father and brother, he asked everyone not to bother them. Ramji asked Bala to leave, it wasn’t his place to be. Bala told that he wasn’t here to live. Ramji said that him explaining himself here wont change what happened, Ramji refused to listen to Bala. He asked him to never return back. Jijabai held onto Bala, refused to let him leave. Jijabai had the same position in this as house as Ramji. Ramji emphasised on his words. Jijabai argued back, Bala was the eldest son of this house owing to that he can return if he wants. Ramji threatened Jijabai, said that if she doesn’t want to be widow, she must leave Bala’s hand. Bala asked Jijabai to let go. He said to Ramji that one day he would understand him. Bala left. Jijabai went inside. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to wait for the officials arriving.

At night, everyone was waiting for the officials to return. Bhim Rao suggested to go to police station. Hitesh said that they must visit Varchand now. Rama questioned Hitesh’s intentions. Meanwhile, Varchand and Joshi came said that the officials won’t come as they were on family vacations. Bhim Rao said that there wasn’t only one official in this entire city. Varchand asked him to find more meanwhile they will send them to vacations as well. Rama inquired if Varchand sent the official on vacation. They told that he was given a hefty amount as a bargain. Joshi taunted Bhim Rao, as he can win anything with his wealth. Bhim Rao stared Joshi. Bhim Rao was asked to go because would fail him in all his struggles, even if he tried again. They were about to leave. Ram stopped them, she corrected them saying that Bhim Rao didn’t have any status. She reminded that on his name he gave that official the hefty amount. They took Bhim Rao’ name to make a deal. She asked them to leave. Joshi furiously asked Rama not to forget her position, she must save her house first. Varchand challenged Bhim Rao, he wouldn’t let anyone fight Bhim Rao’s case. He would make sure that Bhim Rao ends up homeless. Bhim Rao decided to take courts help, everyone would go to the court tomorrow. Sethji came, he wanted everyone to go to the court. Hitesh asked Sethji to help him. Joku asked for mercy, they were homeless. Sethi asked him to listen again, he wanted everyone to go to the court. Hitesh pleaded him for help. Sethji refused to listen. The men knew that they can not fight him in court, asked for money promised. Sethji refused to give them any money. Ramji questioned Sethji. Sethji questioned Ramji for arguing with him. He asked Ramji to guard the building until the work starts. Ramji considered Sethji a noble man. Sethji offered Ramji a job because he saved his life. Bhim Rao asked Sethji what good he would get by taking someone’s house from them. The men asked for the money promised, a man came forth said that he wont let Sethji leave before he gives them the money. Sethji kicked the man. Bhim Rao questioned. Varchand said his farewells and then left. Ramji asked Rama to bring warm water for the injured man.

Everyone was sleeping. Rama asked Bhim Rao not to worry, he must study.

Next morning. The men decided to go to the court. Joku said that court demands a lot of money. Hitesh pointed that Bhim Rao works with a Barrister. Bhim Rao must ask him for help. He refused to do so. Jijabai questioned Bhim Rao. Rama replied that he must have something in mind, she shouldn’t taunt him for everything. People asked Bhim Rao for another solution. Bhim Rao suggested to visit a government barrister. Meera remembered Bhim Rao telling that Barrister fought a poor man’s case for free. Bhim Rao knew that he would help, but he didn’t want to take advantage of his kindness. The man agreed to visit another Lawyer because they were keen to fight for their right.

Update Credit to: Sona

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