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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mishra gets saved


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mirza telling Sakina that he gets emotional fast, and gave a word about donating kidney. He asks what will happen to you. Sakina says you are donating kidney and not me. Mirza says if anything happens to me, then what will happen with you, Ammijaan and kids. Mishra also thinks about his family. Shanti says you would have thought before giving a word. Sakina prays that Mirza’s kidney shall not match. Mirza says even Mishra’s kidney shall not match, else he will get 50 lakhs and then this house. Mishra tells Shanti that he can go leaving all the duties to her. Shanti asks him to stop it. Kudelal tells Mirza and Mishra that it is in the envelope whose kidney matched with that of Anthony’s kidney. Adi and Inaam ask him to say. Kudelal says that fortunate man is Mishra. Mirza gets relieved while Mishra panics. Mirza thene thinks he will have to leave the haveli now. Mishra thinks he shall get happy to get 50 lakhs. Shanti asks what did you do? Mishra asks Kudelal when I shall go to donate kidney? Kudelal says Anthony doesn’t have much time. He asks Shanti to make arrangements for crematorium. Brij does aarti of Mishra. Sakina prays that operation gets successful. She says she fears that the operation might fail. Mishra says I will not give my kidney to Anthony. A goon Chichora came there, who is sent by Anthony. Kudelal says he is Chichora and he will beat you if you refuse. Mirza says god shall save you Mishra. Shanti says if Mishra can go later. Kudelal says if he agrees for operation then he will be saved 80 percent, else Anthony will kill him. Mishra asks brij to do the rituals. Shanti gives suitcase to Mishra and asks him to bring 50 lakhs in it. Mirza says if you stay alive then we will meet. He asks him not to shaken up else kidney will be cut. Mirza thinks where we will go.

Mishra asks Kudelal where he brought him, and says it is looking as godown. Kudelal says it is godown of Anthony bhai. He says he is the gangster. Mishra asks who is doing the operation. Kudelal asks him to look infront and says this is my first experience, I have watched how to take out the kidney and it had 48 views. Mishra prays to God. Kudelal makes him unconscious and says lets start.

Brij tells Shanti that he is really worried. Shanti says even I am worried. Mirza says even I am worried, if they get the money then we have to leave haveli. Shanti asks brij to ask neighbors to leave and says just as Mishra ji brings money, I will give them money and will not let them stay. Mishra comes there. Shanti makes him sit on the chair. She appreciates him for getting operated and sacrificing for the family. Brij also praises him for his big sacrifice. Shanti takes bag from Kudelal to check the money, and finds it empty. Sakina laughs. Shanti asks did you take cheque? She asks Kudelal what happened? Kudelal says I had given him anesthesia and made a small incision, when I heard that Anthony died. He says what is the use of taking out kidney for dead man. Shanti gets upset and says she will give both her kidneys to kick Mirzas out. Kudelal says then you will die. Mirza tells Sakina that they are saved now. Sakina asks Mirza to arrange money before Mishra. Kudelal helps Mishra get up from the chair.

Aashiq and Majnu argue that their respective bosses will win. Bittu tells that they can’t arrange 50 K. He tells Pappu that they shall take advantage of Mirza and Mishra’s fight and they will dance on my tune. He says a builder is ready to give 1 crore for haveli and 25 lakhs commission to us. He asks Pappu to convince Mirza, and he will convince Mishra. Pappu says ok. Bittu says he will get money from builder.

Bittu tells Sakina that he doesn’t know how to tell them? Sakina asks him to say. Bittu says your heart will be broken to hear it. Mirza says we are from Nawab family and has the strength to bear the pain. Noorjahan asks him to hear. Bittu tells Mirza that Mishra sent them 50 lakhs and asked them to leave haveli.

No Precap.

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Swaran Ghar 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Divi gets saved


Swaran Ghar 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swaran asking Divi to come. She says Ajit, get the sweets to send to Divi’s Sasural. They leave. Ajit and Yug leave. Shorvori asks what name did you think of the baby. Divi says nothing till now. Yug asks Ajit not to worry. Ajit says I m worried for Swaran, Bebe will scold her knowing she went with Divi. Yug reads the film scene lines. Ajit stops the bike and asks what did you say. Yug asks the meaning of limits. Ajit explains and says a person should stay in limits. Swaran talks to Nakul on call and asks him to tell Vikram to be careful, while making the cream. Vikram says I will manage, its not a big thing, I can do this. She says okay, good. She ends the call. She says Vikram is talented, he is always in a hurry, he doesn’t understand that work done is hurry gets bad. She asks Divi to come. Divi says my doctor’s room is here, Dr. Sonam. Shorvori says Dr. Prabha’s room is that way. Divi says I have come here before. Dr. Prabha’s assistant comes and asks Divi to come. Divi worries.

Swaran asks Divi to come. Bebe sees Ajit coming with Yug. She thinks who is with Divi. Yug says uncle won’t come inside the house. Bebe asks where is Swaran. Yug says she went with Divi to the hospital. Bebe worries. Divi is taken for sonography. Divi thinks what to do. Bebe calls Swaran. Divi thinks Bebe please save me. Bebe asks why did you go with that girl to the doctor. She hears about Dr. Prabha.

Swaran sees the sparks near the plug. She disconnects. She asks Dr. Prabha to see the sparks. She asks Divi to get up. Divi gets up. Dr. Prabha calls the ward boy for the emergency. She apologizes to Divi. Ward boy removes the plugs. She says we can do the tests on a different machine. Divi is worried. Swaran says not today, we will come some other day. Sonam looks on. Divi thinks Sonam saved me. They come home. Ajit asks how did the machine get spoiled. Swaran says Divi is fine, don’t worry, we can go tomorrow. Bebe asks Swaran to be with her sons, Ajit will go with Divi. She goes. Swaran says you check this to do list, don’t worry, it’s a big day for Vikram and Nakul tomorrow. Bebe suffers from acidity. Swaran brings Gasofast for her to relieve her. Its morning, Swaran and everyone are preparing to impress Rama with their arrangements. Swaran asks Vikram did you talk to Jessica. Vikram says she will be sleeping. Swaran says everything is ready. Vikram says I don’t want your advice, don’t help me. He makes a mistake in pouring the liquids. He goes. Ajit says I will call Param. Divi says no need. Ajit says I will ask the doctor everything, Swaran is dedicated about everything. Vikram gets Rama home. He introduces the family.

Swaran says Kanwal used to run this behavior, Vikram and Nakul are handling it now. She sees her sons smiling and laughs. Ajit asks Divi to lie down. Sonam checks Divi. She plays the CD to fool Ajit. Ajit gets emotional. He says all this wasn’t there in your childhood times, I heard the heartbeat. Divi feels bad and thinks I didn’t wish to cheat you.

Ajit calls Jai and gives the good news. Ankita says congrats. Jai says we will come back soon. Ajit says no need, I will call you later. He gets Swaran’s message. He sends the reply to Swaran. She says everything is getting fine, its an auspicious day. She smiles.

Swaran corrects Vikram’s mistake. Rama gives an offer to Swaran.

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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vrindavan residents seek shelter at Govardhan Mountain


Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanha telling balram that the rain will never stop, it is Kans and Inder dev’s conspiracy. Soldiers thinks Kanha is behind the heavy rainfall and goes to inform Kans. Rohini and Yashoda are happy that rain is good for harvesting. Kirtida tells that they shall make bhoj for Narayan. Yashoda says yes. Radha tells Kanha that she is happy as everyone is happy. Kanha says he is happy. Kans laughs hearing the soldiers and says it is my planning, and my new friend’s anger. He tells Inderdev that he expect this from him. Inder dev says now the Vrindavan residents will know in sometime, what is insult. Soon the water gets in the Vrindavan, flooding Yamuna. Vrinda stands on the bed to protect herself.

Narad tells Inder dev that he is doing wrong and says your ego is making you do this. He says Prabhu warned you, just do your karma. Inder dev says I am just doing my work and I don’t need to ask you about my work. He says I am following your prabhu’s orders and showering rain on Vrindavan. Narad thinks he is Narayan about whom you are talking about. The villager comes to Nand and tells him about the continuous rain. Nand says what to do?

Balram asks Kanha what happened? Kanha says everyone has to leave Vrindavan, as all Vrindavan will be drown in water. Balram says no, how we will go? Kanha asks him to inform everyone. Radha asks why you are talking about leaving Vrindavan? Kanha asks him to promise that she will never leave his hand. Radha promises him.

Balram tells Nand that they shall leave Vrindavan. Vrinda says if we stay here then will be drown. Vrishbhan agrees. Nand says we shall not leave and shall go back to their houses. The Vrindavan residents say ok. Inder dev says they don’t know what happened, the rain will be more heavier now. The rain gets faster. The residents think to leave. Parvati asks Mahadev to stop inder dev. Mahadev asks her not to worry and enjoy Aaradhya’s leela. Everyone get ready to leave Vrindavan. Yashoda tells that she will take Kanha. Kirti da asks Radha to come. Radha says I will not leave his hand. Nand says we shall search a safe place to take shelter. Kanha says Govardhan mountain. Balram tells them. Nand says Balram is right. Akroor informs Kans that they had gone to Govardhan mountain. Inder dev thinks if Narayan manages to take them to the mountain, then my rain will not be useful. Kans says Inder dev can’t drown the mountain and thinks to see Guru Shukracharya’s help.

All the residents look at the mountain from far. Shukracharya asks Kans to go to Inder dev and tell him whatever I told you. Kans says ok. Rohini asks Yashoda and Kirti da to see Kanha and Radha holding hands. Yashoda says yes. She praises the kids. Nand says we shall stay here until the rain stops. They reach the mountain.

Kans goes to Inder dev and says you are not just the rain god, but you can bring the thunderstorm etc. Inder dev says yes. He asks him to say what he does with them. He uses his weapon to bring thunder storm. The storm/ lighting falls on the mountain. Kanha asks Radha not to worry. Devraj Inder tells that until his puja is done, he will not spare anyone

Precap: Devraj Inder attacks Radha. Kanha says I will never forgive you.

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Apnapan 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Harsh files the complaint against Gagan


Apnapan 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha arguing with Pallavi. She says Ishaan, I don’t know I love you more or I hate my family more. Pallavi says Barkha is tensed now, give her some time. Pallavi asks Barkha why is she running away from the engagement. Barkha says Manna told me that if I m making a relation to run from something, then that relation would be not true. Pallavi leaves. She walks under the rain. She tries to hire a rickshaw man. The man refuses. She runs and reaches the police station. She meets Gagan. She says Nick gave the money to Nani, but I had returned it. She asks what. He says I used 50000rs. She beats him with her slipper. Inspector stops her. She asks who filed the complaint against Gagan. Inspector says Mr. Jai Singh. She says Nick fell so down. Gagan asks why will dad do this. She slaps Gagan. Nick comes and shouts Pallavi.

He asks why are you beating him, I will talk to the police. She says wow, you filed the complaint against my son. He asks what, who told you. She says Inspector. He says I didn’t do this. They argue. Nick says I will not send my son to the jail, I would have send you to the jail, not everything is about you. Ranveer comes and looks on. Nick says I want to take my complaint back, here is my ID. Inspector says you are not Mr. Jai Singh. Nick asks who filed the complaint. Harsh comes there and says Harsh Jai Singh.

Pallavi sees him and smiles. She recalls Harsh’s childhood. She looks at Nick. Nick nods. Harsh says Gagan tricked and took my dad’s money, arrest his mom also, they all are cheaters. He introduces himself to Pallavi. Gagan says I didn’t do anything. Pallavi stops Harsh. Harsh says smart move, don’t mother me, Miss Pallavi. She recalls his childhood. Nick takes Harsh out and asks what’s wrong, take the complaint back, Gagan can’t stay here. Harsh says you want to support Pallavi, she is getting what she gave us, pain. Nick says shut up, take the complaint back and save your energy. Harsh says you taught us that money is everything, family and relations don’t matter. Nick says Gagan returned the money, what’s this. Harsh asks did you check the bag, there were no notes, we were cheated. Nick asks what, he is your brother, we are family. Harsh says I want my money back from that cheat family. He goes to the Inspector and says arrest Pallavi also, 50 lakhs isn’t a small amount. Harsh shouts and coughs. She worries. Harsh says don’t show me the fake concern, you know my illness, even then you left me, return my 50 lakhs, I will take the complain back. Gagan asks who are you. Harsh says ask your mom. He says Inspector, Gagan shouldn’t come out of the lockup. Pallavi asks him to stop. Harsh goes to Nandita. She smiles and asks are you okay. Harsh says Pallavi had nothing to say, I got a relief by hurting her. She recalls Nick giving her the money. She says they returned the money to us. Harsh says so what, just you have seen it. She says you are a genius, bye. FB ends. Pallavi runs after Harsh’s car. He leaves. The dirty water splashes over her face. She cries. Nick comes to help her. She says Harsh was young, he used to call me Pallavi instead Maa, I felt it bad when he said that today, he is my first child, he hates me. Nick says I couldn’t give him love, its his bitterness. She says I left him, when this decision happened, the other kids were young, Harsh was sensible, he had seen us getting separated, what shall I do. Ranveer comes and holds her. They leave. Nick looks on. Ajeeb dastaan…plays…

Nick thinks we never thought that one kid will get against the other. Bua asks Manna and Harsh to have dinner. Nick comes. Nandita asks him to join. Nick signs a cheque of 50 lakhs and asks Harsh to take the complaint back.

Pallavi says I will do anything to save Gagan. Manna says Gagan didn’t steal the money, it was Harsh’s plan. Pallavi goes to the police station and defends Gagan.

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Spy Bahu 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan to express his feelings to Sejal


Spy Bahu 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sejal thinking she had one chance to collect the DNA sample, but she couldn’t do it. She cries. Minal comes there and asks her to get up. Sejal cries hugging her and says if I get a chance to collect proofs against my brother, who is terrorist and if I lose that chance seeing him in pain, then if I am diverting from my path. Minal says this is humanity, even today he is your same brother, he is not a terrorist since childhood. He says a person becomes bad due to the circumstances. She says we found us, and you became Sejal from Mahira. She says don’t know your brother is found by whom and who did his upbringing? Sejal says upbringing is important. She recalls Aarun asking Shera that he couldn’t identify his son. Yohan tells Bomba that they shall end the work before his sister comes. Bomba says we will blow air in the balloon with our mouth. Yohan says her birthday is proving costly. Bomba says ok, we will do some cheating. Yohan says no cheating, we will do it ourselves.

Sejal comes to Shera’s house and asks if he is fine, as he didn’t come. Shera says I am fine, I am having off today. Drishti comes to Yohan. Bomba says they shall make birthday cake to Didi. Shera asks why she is asking him so many questions about abhi. Sejal says jiju is going to stay with us, so I thought to ask about his likes and dislikes. Shera says I have adopted Abhi when he was 15 years old. He says Nanda family know about this. He says he had lost his family, and someone had given him for adoption. He says I was living my life alone and adopted him. He says that was the good decision of my life. Sejal coughs. Shera asks are you fine? He says I will bring water. Sejal gets up and checks for the proofs. Shera sees her in Abhishek’s room. She says I thought to come to the bathroom. She asks where is Abhi’s stuff? Shera says he has given everything to charity, as he has shifted to Nanda house. Sejal thinks she can’t get any DNA sample now.

Yohan thinks he has learnt to write contract, application, etc but never learnt to express his feelings on the paper. He sits and begins writing, expressing his feelings. He then thinks why am I writing this, who cares about my feelings, as you are going to leave me after six months. He tears the paper and throws it in the dustbin. Minal comes there calling Bomba and finds a piece of the letter. She reads a bit and picks all the pieces from the dustbin. She smiles.

Sejal comes back home and sees Abhi. She asks how is your hand? Abhi says fine. Sejal asks where did you keep the bandaid cloth. He says you are asking as if it is very important to you. Sejal says Bomba gets scared seeing the blood and that’s why I was asking to throw it. He says he has burnt it, being a responsible person. Sejal says you did right. Minal calls Sejal. Sejal goes. Abhi doubts Sejal and thinks your game is over after 12. Sejal thanks Minal for the decoration and says I missed you both. Minal says Yohan has done all these arrangements. She asks him not to lose precious thing and asks her to come with her.

Saras comes to Yohan and says Sejal came, Minal took her to help her get ready. He helps Yohan to select the clothes. Yohan thanks him. Saras says Sejal and your relation saw many weather, the storming situation when you both got married, Mumbai attack and now your love for her. Yohan says she is my wife and that’s why I shall celebrate. Saras says your new love for Sejal is glowing on your face and asks why are you hiding? Minal asks Sejal not to hide. She asks didn’t you see Yohan’s love for you. Saras asks Yohan if he is thinking that he will get rejection. He asks if he is also feeling the same. Minal asks Sejal not to be scared and love makes the person courageous. Sejal says you was not happy with my marriage before. Minal says yes, but the way Yohan is doing all this for you, and says this marriage is not helplessness anymore. Sejal says I have lied many things to him. She says this is my guilt, Yohan will never love me who betrayed him. Saras asks Yohan if he will lock his love, or express it to start afresh with Sejal. Minal asks sejal to take the right decision and tell truth to him. Sejal says he will hate me. Minal asks if he accepts you. Sejal thinks to live as Sejal Nanda. Yohan thinks to express his secrets to her. Sejal says she will leave decision on Yohan. Yohan says if she wants, then she can go after 6 months. Yohan and sejal come to each other wearing party clothes. Song plays….He says I want to tell you something.

Precap will be added in sometime.

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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan plays wicked


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Sushma and Tara to take care. Armaan shouts mom. Sushma and Tara go to see him. They get shocked seeing him lying on the floor, with the glass pieces pierced in his chest. She asks how did this happen. He says Soumya came here, we had an argument, she pushed me in anger, I fell on the table and I got hurt. Sushma says your dad will come, everything will be fine. Soumya comes home and cries. Her parents console her. Soumya sees her babies. She takes him in arms. She says I promise to become a big person, no cheat can touch you and take you away from me, I promise. Harsh treats Armaan. Armaan says Soumya wanted me to die, than reaching the court. Harsh says I didn’t expect this from Soumya. Kashish says we should file a police complaint. Armaan says no, Soumya is feeding the babies, it won’t be good. Harsh says this is my son Armaan. Armaan sys leave it dad, I should get some rest now, please go, I will take some rest. Everyone goes. Armaan asks Harsh about the medicine, its not legal. Harsh asks what do you need. Armaan says I want some medicine that makes a person go violent, hallucinate, that person appears mentally ill. Harsh says fine, you will have it, but why. Armaan says I need it for Soumya, I want to feed it to her before going to the court, I want my victory, my babies. Harsh says fine, you will get this, Sushma might have called Soumya till now. Armaan says maybe not, stop her. Harsh goes. Sushma says Soumya was very angry. Tara says I will call her once. Harsh comes and takes the phone. Sushma says I don’t hate Armaan. He says then prove it, you are supporting Soumya, I will not leave Armaan’s side, no phone calls from anybody. He warns them. Armaan smiles looking on.

Soumya says Armaan doesn’t have a habit to lose, its his first defeat that I got the babies’ custody, he can do anything to win. Goldie says Veena is in our favor, so don’t worry. She says we should be careful. He says I have left a spy after Armaan and Prisha. She says okay. Prisha says I got what you wanted. Armaan takes the drugs and mixes it in the food. He says you have to make sure that Soumya eats the laddoos. She says okay, but if she calls Sushma and confirms then… He says Harsh will handle Sushma, do your job, all the best.

Soumya and Malini take care of the babies. The man says Sushma has sent this parcel for Soumya. Soumya and Malini see the laddoos. Soumya says but she didn’t tell me about it. Prisha says Soumya got the delivery. Armaan says once I win this court case, I will announce the same day that we are getting engaged. She says really, don’t give me so much happiness at once. He says Soumya will get the heart attack in the court tomorrow. She laughs. Soumya says I will tell Sushma that I got the laddoos. Harsh asks how are you feeling now. Armaan says better. Harsh gets the phones. Armaan gets Sushma’s phone. He messages Soumya.

Soumya replies that I got the laddoos and your blessings, now nobody can make me lose. Armaan says no, you didn’t get mom’s blessings, but bad luck, you will lose. Shilpi takes a laddoo to eat. Soumya says give one to me also. Goldie comes and stops them from eating the laddoos. He says check the box first. Malini asks what’s the matter. Soumya says Sushma has sent it. He says Prisha has sent this, I just found out, Prisha had this box in her hand.

Armaan says Soumya is bipolar, she is violent, I want to call some witnesses here. He calls Sushma. Soumya cries.

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Mere Sai 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update Sai teaches Undrya to weave baskets


Mere Sai 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Basti kids passing by school. Sundar stops them, Satya says we don’t want to talk to you because of you, people got suspicious about us, he says sorry I don’t know how I lost control but please forgive me, I will tell Chetan the truth, he sees Chetan and others walk to them. Satya says okay we forgive you, Sundar hugs everyone.

Chetan and others see Satya with Sundar and say Satya told us he doesn’t recognise Sundar look now. Sundar runs away again. Satya and friends try to stop him but he runs away.
Sai teaches Undrya how to weave baskets.

Satya tells Chetan what Sundar said and ranaway when he saw them, Satya says is Sundar doing this because he wants us yo fight. Satua remembers Sai asking to deal things with Patience. Chetan says Sai taught us not to take decisions fast, so we won’t blame you, also we won’t trust you till we find thw truth and leave.

Villagers praise Balvant for his work he is doing for Shridi, Kulkarni hears that and gets angry.
Satya and friends visit Sai at Dwarka Mai to find solution to Sundar’s behaviour. They see Undrya with Sai. Sai asks them to come in, Satya asks Sai how can they deal with Sundar. Sai says you will fins your solution when the right time comes. Sai corrects Undrya. Satya asks what is Undrya doing can we join you all. Sai says sure come join us, just observe and follow Undrya. Satu and friends start following Undrya sitting far from Undrya, they slowly get close to Undrya when they get confused, Undrya calls them near him and teaches them. Everyone havw fun with Undrya. Santa Banta keeping an eye on Undrya.

Tulsidas says to Contractor, don’t worry about money but my house should be unique in Shirdi. Kulkarni stops him and asks what all is this, he says I sold my land and Balvant has paid well too, so thought of making a good house. Kulkarni says stupid man don’t do anything till we find that Monkey Man.
Kulkarni thinks I will stop everyone with this monkey man fear. Santa Banta update Kulkarni about Undrya. Kulkarni says I knew he would do something like this and we have to prove Undrya is monkey man before Sai cures Undrya.

Sai playing with Basti kids and Undrya, Sai says Undrya all will be fine soon, Parvati walks in and says when you can teach Undrya make such beautiful baskets. Sai says everyone has a quality, we just have to find it. Sai says Satya you have to do nothing yo prove about Sundar, when God wants Chetan and his friends will find the truth meanwhile have faith in God.

Undrya on his way home finds Monkey man’s wig and picks it up and keeps in his pocket unaware what it is.

Sai teaching Undrya, Bhiva Chandu and other villagers walk to them. Sai says danger isn’t front of you but above you and fixes falling roof cover. Sai asks them why are they here. Bhiva says we are all scared and want to do Ram Raksha Path in Dwarka Mai, Sai says sure do call new basti people too. Chandu says okay but we don’t want Undrya, we understand Undrya isn’t culprit but we are scared. Sai says okay Charuhas won’t come. Everyone leaves. Sai walks to Undrya.

Balvant asks contractor why are new basti people leaving. He says because of Keshav’s father he last night tried to break their houses. Balvant says to Keshav because of your father these people will not have survival money.

Sai asks Undrya why is he not working. Undrya in tears says I can’t. Sai says to him, look at this stone its used for pulley in wells, look at the marks on it, do you know how did they come on it, also touch this rope its soft right. Undrya says yes, Sai says when this rope can make such marks in the stone, similarly you have to understand that people are rigid like this stone and you are this rope, you don’t leave your work, keep working hard on yourself, forget what people say and focus on your work and yourself and soon you will change their perspective. Undrya says I will work hard. Sai blesses him.

Pre cap: Its very stormy and siya couldn’t be light, Baizmaa asks how will we do Ram Raksha Path in dark. Sai says we will find a way.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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