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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyanka warns Anurag


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 25th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anurag buying a mustard color clothes for Apu and says our groom will look good in this. Kajol chooses bangles for Bulti and says it will suit her. The lady asks her to tell the size. Kajol says may be her size is like me. The lady asks her to try. Kajol tries and says it is of smaller size. The lady says I will give you one size big. Kajol feels pain while trying to take it off. Anurag holds her hand. Priyanka comes there with her friends for her wedding shopping. She says we will take the wedding dress and jewellery. Anurag takes off the bangles from her hand. The lady says he can’t bear your pain and asks shall I pack for you. Kajol says no. Priyanka’s friend tells that they shall go to restaurant and have food. Priyanka says we will go there, but will first go here for 2 mins. Anurag and Kajol leave from there. Priyanka doesn’t see them. Anurag eats the icecream and says he was hungry. He says they shall have something in restaurant. Kajol wipes the icecream from his face. She says I thought to buy wedding gift for Apu and Bulti. He says he has special gift for them and shows tours and travel package board outside the travel agency. They go there. Anurag tells that Bhutan is a good place for honeymoon. She says she wanted to go there. Anurag says we will enjoy there. He then realizes and says Bulti will like it. Kajol says it is over budget and says Darjeeling package will be good. Anurag stops her and asks her not to worry. He says Apu and Bulti will go to Bhutan, you will not have to pay alone, I will pay too. Kajol says I don’t like to take from you. He says I will feel as if we have visited there. He asks the agent to make a good package. Kajol asks him to gift wrap it. She says I hope they will like it. They leave.

Apu knocks on the door and comes inside. Bulti says I didn’t sleep last night so felt sleepy. Apu shows that he brought home food for her, as they don’t have Servants. Bulti asks what is in his hand. He says he brought road side food for him. She says she likes the simple life and is very happy with him. They have the food.

Kajol and Anurag are in the restaurant and plan Bulti and Apu’s reception. Anurag asks Kajol to sing and asks her not to refuse. Priyanka and her friends come there and sit. He says the reception might be of Bulti and Apu, but I am living my dreams, and feeling as if I am doing my marriage shopping and booking honeymoon package for us. Kajol says you are marrying Priyanka. Priyanka looks at them and gets happy. Her friend asks her to call Anurag. Priyanka thinks they might see Anurag and asks her friends to come, says they will have food somewhere else. Kajol coughs and turns. She sees Priyanka. Priyanka looks at her angrily. Kajol asks Anurag to go and talk to her, as she might thought wrong. She says it is not her mistake, she is your fiancé. Anurag says fiancé? Kajol asks him to accept the truth soon. He gets a call from Priyanka. Priyanka asks him to get out from restaurant fast, and says you came with your ex on date. Anurag says they are planning Bulti and Apu’s reception. Priyanka threatens to file complaint with Police and tells that she will send her behind bars. Anurag says Kajol is innocent and says I am coming. He tells Kajol that he has to go. Kajol asks him to accept that Priyanka is his tomorrow and not her. She says I want to plan the reception alone, my name is dragged again and again. She gets upset and goes. Anurag thinks only I know, what me and my heart is bearing, I wish I could tell you the truth.

Bulti asks Chandana, if she can help. Chandana says no. Bulti asks if this is not my house. Kajol comes home and shows the clothes etc bought for Apu and Bulti. Bulti gets happy and calls Apu. Chandana tells Kajol that Priyanka’s mom called to invite for her marriage function. Kajol says I don’t want to hear her name and says I am tired of getting dragged between them. Chandana asks why are you reacting this way, you are not like this. Kajol says I am tired. Bulti says Priyanka and Dr. Anurag’s old topic, same pain and controversy. She says we will talk about Apu and Bulti. Bulti says I have so much respect for you and can never misunderstand you. I can’t see your pain. She hugs Kajol. Chandana asks Maa Durga to protect her.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Dhadkan 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Aditi joins FMS Hospital


Dhadkan 24th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aditi arguing with Vikrant about Deepika. She says love isn’t everything in life, marriage is imp than love and family is imp than marriage. He says love is the basis of marriage and family, many people are helpless to keep their marriage. Chakravorty asks Deepika didn’t she go home till now. She says no. He says I was looking for Vikrant, there is a heart surgery lined. She says I can assist you, you will need a senior doctor. He asks her to go home and rest. She says I didn’t assist you since long. He asks her to come. Vikrant says how can you trust me, I can’t respect you, we can’t look into each other’s eyes. She says we didn’t know each other when we just got married, we had nothing between us, we got trust and respect, if not love. He says we have emptiness and silence of ten years, its impossible to fix this.

Deepika checks her phone. Abhay gets food for her. She says I m not hungry. He says have something. She says don’t pressurize me, just because Vikrant isn’t here, don’t think you have a chance, don’t try to woo me. He says I m trying to help my friend who is undergoing a rough patch, I look up to you in personal and professional life. He praises her. He says I won’t give up, you matter to me a lot, please eat. She eats and says please go now, okay I will finish this.

She starts crying. He looks at her. Vikrant thinks to call her. Abhay asks Deepika to have water. He says you didn’t need to eat, but to vent out, you needed to cry, its okay, I m always with you. She says I was hopeful before, but now I don’t understand anything, don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, I know that I… He says you love Vikrant, its enough, you don’t need to justify it. She says thanks, I needed a friend. She goes. Sia and Ansari are enjoying the dinner. She says you don’t know what you are missing in life. He asks her to say.

Sia says the fun of life, you should drink and give me company. He says I will act like a drunkard. She asks what would you do for me if you were drunk now. He says I will do poetry for you. He does some poetry. She claps. She asks why are you like this. He says there is a reason for this. She says I get it now. She rests on his shoulder. They go out. Sia says sorry. Deepika says its okay. Sia asks how did you come here. Deepika says I was having a walk to avoid sleep. Sia says you sound low, are you okay. Abhay sees them. Sia says I m trying to forget my past, a new friend is helping me a lot. Abhay leaves. Sia says you can talk to me if you need a friend. Deepika says I know, thanks, don’t drink and drive. Sia says yes, don’t worry. Sia goes to hire a rickshaw.

Deepika comes home. Vikrant calls her. She answers. She says had a long day, I m tired, good night. Aditi comes to him. He doesn’t see her. She goes. Its morning, Aditi asks Vikrant to have breakfast. She says I have done everything, have food at home, not outside. He asks why are you doing this. She says I m doing this since ten years. He asks the flight time. She says 1pm. He says I will ask driver to pick you. He hugs her and asks her to take care. She nods and cries. He leaves.

Deepika checks a patient. He says I have pain in the left side of the chest, I thought I have muscle pain, I had vomits also, I freezed today, then I got fine, it happened again, I thought there is some problem, so I came here. Deepika says Abhay, run the regular tests. The man says I m lucky, don’t stress.

Peroz goes to the cafe. He sees Isha there. They argue again. He says you came here to apply for FMS scholarship. She says I don’t need any scholarship. He says you want experience here, so you joined the hospital, I m going to win it. She says I didn’t apply for it. He taunts her. Ansari asks Geeta not to take tension. He calls Sarita and asks about the reports. Sarita says the blood in the vomit looks of some poison. He says I will come. Geeta gets critical. Sia and Ansari attend her. He gets sad. He says when I used to stay alone in childhood, Mausi used to feed me, make me laugh. Sia hugs him.

Abhay says ECG shows a second degree block. Vikrant says I need to talk to you. Deepika asks Abhay to take Echo test. Vikrant checks the patient with bloating issue. The patient tells the cancer issue. He says I m an orphan, I stay alone, life is bad, I hate myself, I understood life will get worse. Vikrant asks what’s your age. The man says 22, don’t give me this lecture. Vikrant looks at him and treats him.

Deepika says Anuj, your heart is working just 25%. Anuj says don’t worry, it will be good. She explains Anuj. She says your heart muscle has swelling. Anuj says don’t worry. She says we have to do a heart transplant. Anuj says I m my own family. Abhay says recovery chances are less. Anuj says trust me, all will be good. She says positive approach is good, I m not giving false hope, stay mentally prepared. He says hope is positive and real, lets see, if my lucky charm gets me luck. She says okay, I will discuss with seniors. She says Anuj’s optimism is unreal, hope is like oxygen, too much damages the lungs.

Isha and Peroz argue. He lectures her. She holds her hand. He scolds her. She says not bad, you should write a blog, I have an open mind. Vikrant takes Sia for assistance. He sees Deepika there. Chakravorty says your heart isn’t pumping right. Anuj talks to them and faints. Abhay says no pulse. Abhay and Deepika try to revive Anuj. Chakravorty says Anuj’s heart has stopped beating, I hope we get the donor heart soon, he is alive for just some time.

Sia says you will recover soon. Vikrant says you asked me for help, it means you don’t want to die, you are young, don’t give up, take care. Abhay says no heart donor is available, how long can Anuj stay on machine. Deepika says some days more, his BP is increasing, pulse is strong. Abhay asks really, is heart beating again. She says Echo, quick.

Vikrant calls Aditi. He leaves an audio message for Aditi. He says we have to talk about divorce, I m not forcing you, tell me whenever you are comfortable. Chakravorty says heart is working normally, I don’t think we need any transplant. Deepika asks how did his condition get better. He says I have no answer, maybe body has developed immunity. He goes. He sees the matchbox Anuj was holding. She sees the empty box. Abhay asks what’s inside. She says its empty, nothing, actually, this isn’t empty, it was Anuj’s hope and good luck, he believes in miracles, maybe it happens with those who believe in it. Abhay asks do you believe in miracles. She says I want to do.

Vikrant asks for Deepika. Santosh says she is in ICU. He sees Aditi with Jamshed. He goes to her. He asks what are you doing here. Aditi says Vikrant is my husband. Jamshed asks what, you should have told me before, we would have not taken the interview. He praises Vikrant. She says that’s why I didn’t tell you. He says I m impressed, I respect that, you join from tomorrow, welcome to FMS, congrats, wish you all the best. He goes. She says its good, we will work together and spend more time, right Deepika. Vikrant turns and sees Deepika.

Aditi invites Deepika for dinner. Vikrant says Deepika won’t come here. He argues with Aditi. Deepika gets ready and comes to his house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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Alfaaz- The Unspoken Words (Part-1)


This is a two shot.


Alfaaz- The Unspoken Words :1

“Everybody has talent, it’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.” ~ George Lucas



The dance floor was lightened by different kinds of lights that was sparking throughout the club. The feel devoted to the club was different than that to the other common ones. Loud music was echoing in the background while it was the tenth shot he was gulping down.

Looking around he saw many people on the dance floor while some were in a side. Giving his card to the bartender, he moved out of the hall. His black deep — intoxicated eyes, disheveled hair, open shirt buttons, rolled up sleeves and especially his walk giving him the perfect aura of king. Which he was.

The King of Tunes, the King of Music world, but, EX. The music of the new generations was not his quality. He is the king of New “Old” Hits. They say music never dies, but craze does, they do die. Everything that starts has to end, just like his music career.

Vansh Raisinghania, who was the most famous song writer and singer of his time is now the one who is tensed about his ending career. Starting his car in that inebriated state was dangerous but was normal for him. He was used to coming here and then drink and drive.

Many times, he had been arrested for drink and drive but then being rich it was not tough for him to come out in a night. With those intoxicated red eyes he started to drive on the empty road. He looked as it started to rain suddenly.

The street of Mumbai was deserted after a long time or either it was too late in night. His focus suddenly went on the wiper which was moving. He suddenly got distracted from the route. After a while, he blinked his eyes and again looked but it was too late.

A black figure came in front of his car and he ran over it. Shock it was evident on his face. He stopped the car in front of the tree and while sitting only he looked behind.

“God, who was it?” He mumbled to himself and ran his hand through his long hairs. Opening the car, he came out and saw a figure still lying there he moved to it and looked around.

May be thanks to his luck, there was no one except for them. He came to him and looked the area surrounded by blood. His eyes went wide and he got scared. Scared to save the person. Turning his face to him, in darkness he saw a man almost unconscious.

Lifting him up, he immediately took him to the nearby hospital.



Sitting on the bench in front of OT, he looked at the closed door. His wet figure was making him tensed. Suddenly a hand came on his shoulder and he looked up to see his friend.

“Boss, how come you are here?” Angre, he asked and Vansh looked up at him.

Before he could answer the door opened and he ran to the nurse.

“How is he?” He asked and looked at her.

“Treatment is going on, but he is in critical state.” She says and before he could shoot an another question she excused herself.

“Boss, who is inside? And your phone?” Angre asked again as he saw him standing leaning to the wall.

“Woah, it was an accident. No one was around so, I just brought him here.” He told him looking blankly.

“I-I’ll pay the fees.” He said and was about to go when he stopped him.

“I gave them. Don’t worry.” He said and saw him nodding.

Angre looked as his shirt was covered with blood and his state was more messier than usual.

Waiting there for an hour more, Vansh finally saw the blub getting off and after a while doctor came out. And he asked the same question.

“He is out of danger now. But he will get conscious after few hours.” Senior doctor said and left from there.

“But is it a police case?” Doctor asked Vansh and Angre grew scared knowing he will commit.

“We don’t know, we found him unconscious on the road.” Vansh shot a glare to him and looked as the doctor continued.

“That’s alright, but it can be a police case. We’ll ask him tomorrow.” They nodded hearing him and saw him moving.

“What was the need to lie?” Vansh yelled at Angre.

“Boss calm down, it was for you only.” He told him.

“Why? Won’t he confess tomorrow?” Vansh asked him and Angre looked at the old-man in the ICU.



Next Morning:

Man opened his eyes and looked at the doctor standing in front of him. “How are you feeling now.”

“Better” He replied and and held his head to find it bandaged. On which, Doctor nodded. “Who brought me here?”

“Actually a man found you unconscious on the street. Is it a police case?” Doctor asked and looked as the man started to think deeply and then suddenly shook his head. “Are you sure? See don’t get scared.”

“No…no, it was my mistake only. I was walking on the wrong side.” He saw doctor nodding and then was about to leave when he stopped him. “Are they here?”

“Yeah, I’ll send them.” Doctor came out and looked at Vansh and Angre. “He is calling you inside.”

“D-did he confessed anything about the accident?” Angre asked stammering and Vansh looked at Doctor who shook his head in no.

Getting inside, Vansh looked at him and then at Angre, who was standing at the door step.

“Uncle, Why you didn’t told him that I did the accident?” Vansh asked looking at the man.

“It was not your fault, I was walking on the wrong side thinking it was late night so nothing would happen. Thank you bringing me here.” He said smiling at Vansh.

“Arey, no uncle, I’m sorry It was my mistake. So it was my responsibility.” Vansh said smiling and then turned to leave when he heard him.

“Can I borrow your phone?” He said and saw as Vansh ran his hand over his pants and then passed him his phone.

Standing at the door step, he waited for him to finish.


It’s been three days since the accident. Vansh was lying on his bed, listening to his favorite songs. Just when his phone rang, he looked at the unknown number flashing on the screen. He picked it up while being in the same position.

“Hello” He said and his voice came out to be of a drunkards’.

“H–H-Hi” A low stammering voice was the only thing audible to him. Flipping to the other side of the bed, he grew curious to the voice and raising his eyebrows asked.

“Who’s there?” His voice was calm yet the pervious tone might have scared the person.

“I-I-” A stammering and then he felt a deep breath was inhaled by the person, ” Is this Vansh Raisinghania?”

“Yes.” He said getting it to be a girl.

“I-I called you to thank you for saving my father. Thank you!” She said and disconnected the call before he could even ask her name.

“Weird” He said and looked at the number with a lil’ chuckle.

His eyes glistened with a smirk on his face and then he suddenly got up from the bed. Grabbing his jacket, he left the room.



Looking at the door of Room no. 202. He knocked on it. His eyes roamed around the hospital corridor to see few people there.

Sudden opening of the door made him conscious. But before he could look, his legs got entangled with the doormat and he fell flat on the floor. He looked to see himself on the floor and then a laughing voice echoed across the room.

Raising his head, he looked at the same men and but he was giggling. Turning his head, he saw a petite figure in a corner. Clad in a orange salwar suit, with her long silky curly hairs falling on her shoulders.

Getting his glare, she stopped laughing but was still giggling looking around which he noticed. “I-I’m sorry.” and the same stammering voice made him remind of the girl who called him

He stood up and looked at the old-man.

“I came to ask about your health. How are you?” He asked immediately seeing him.

“He is fine, but who are you?” He heard the voice and saw as the girl came and stood on the other side of the bed.

Riddhima, she is my daughter.” Vansh heard the man saying and nodded. “He is Vansh sir, I had told you”

He says passing her a glare, may be to behave properly. Making a face, Riddhima went aside and stood in front of the widow.

“So, How are you uncle?” Vansh asked again.

“Arey, I told you he is fine.” Riddhima replied again making him turn back to look at her. She looked at his facial and again turned back.

“How are YOU, uncle?” He again asked while looking at her face and emphasizing on the word ‘You’.

“I’m fine now and Thank you once again for paying the fees too.” He said and Vansh was about to say something when he heard.

“We’ll return soon.” Riddhima again said and instantly turned to look out.

“There is no need uncle, even I was at fault that night.” He said and then a low voice rang in his ears ‘Exactly’, which actually made his chuckle. “When will you get discharged?”

“Day after tomorrow” He finally giggled again hearing her voice but didn’t showed her.

“Children should not speak between elders.” He said looking at her and then raised his eyebrows.

“So, I’ll take your leave. Take Care.” He said and saw him nodding.

Riddhima relaxed hearing him moving away footsteps and then turned back, but he was standing just behind her.

“Bye” He said with a wink while she turned away. Moving out, he looked at her from the window and passed a smile before leaving.

“I’ll also leave now. You know I’ve to go for recording.” She said biting her lips and saw her dad nodding.

Giving him his medicines, she moved out of the ward with her bag.


Getting in the taxi, she looked at the address on her phone. There was address of three studios where she had to go today but it was not issue. Issue was, if she’ll get selected in anyone.

Cause with the speed of rejections she was getting, it was giving her a negative vibes.

And in the same process, the day came to end. Huffing she sat on the ground near to the tree where it was nothing else than peace. ‘Peace’ was the only thing she got and that too here all alone.

“From where will I get a job?” She said to herself and then felt her eyes getting wet. “No…No, I’m not going to cry. I’m not a loser. I’ll get a job soon.”

She said and wiped the tears before it could reach to her cheeks. Getting up, she grabbed her bag and moved to her house.



Her eyes roamed around the house, a rented one. Taking a glass of water, she was about to drink when she heard her phone ringing. The caller ID, give her a hope.

“Hello Dhruv, Thank god you called me. Did you do my work?” She asked an immediate question.

“Sorry Riddhima, I got to know few but I’m not letting you work there in that environment. I just called you to tell the same, they had rejected you.” She hummed sadly on hearing him.

“BTW, Which work are you talking about?” She asked and looked at the glass in her hand.

“Riddhima, it’s in a bar. Don’t worry, I’ll arrange a job for you soon, just  wait for one or two days.” She nodded as if he can see her. Disconnecting the call, she sat on the chair being in thoughts.


Riddhima looked at the short dress in her hand. Her breath started getting heavy as she ran her hands over her.

“Are you sure? I mean will you be comfortable?” She heard the words manager and grew more tensed. “Don’t worry about anyone’s behavior, we don’t allow any misbehavior here.”

She still nodded knowing he was just assuring her. Getting clad in that short sleeveless black bodycon dress, she inhaled a deep breath looking at herself.

The revealing cut on the stomach and neck side was covered with net but was enough to make her conscious. Her mind started berating the thought of pushing away her etiquettes just for money. Getting on a conclusion of searching some other job, she grabbed her dress and was about to move into the changing room when she heard a knock on the door.

“Come-in” She said in a low voice and saw the manager entering.

“Here is your advance, rest will be after the show.” She heard and saw as he passed her a envelop. As he left, she took out the money from it and saw it to be sufficient for atleast paying the bill of medicines.

Taking a deep breath, she grew more confused.



Vansh gulped down the 5th shot of his drinks. When a melodious voice rang in his ears.

Agar tum mil jao
Zamana chod denge hum

A smile formed on hearing the peace-serving voice. It wasn’t the same like pervious days.

Agar tum mil jao
Zamana chod denge hum
Tumhe paakar zamane bhar se
Rishta tod denge hum

He turned around hearing the voice and saw a girl standing in the middle of the stage with the mic. Her longs were covered with boots, long silky hairs falling on her back while some strands were in front.

Bina tere koi dil kash nazara
Hum na dekhenge

Bina tere koi dil kash nazara
Hum na dekhenge 

His eyes finally travelled to her face and it was just a gap of seconds that he recognized her. His eyes went wide. Turning back, he looked at the manager who was standing aside. Moving to him, he looked at him throwing a glare.

“Who is she?” He threw an immediate question and saw him looking at him.

“Sir, she came here for job. So, I asked her if she can sing. I didn’t knew she is a very good singer.” He said and looked at her from Vansh’s shoulder.

“Stop the show.” He yelled coming in front of him.

“Excuse me, sir.” He asked being completely clueless.

“Are you deaf? I said stop the show.” He yelled and saw few people looking at them.

“Sir I can’t. I’ll suffer a huge loss.” He said and saw as he got a death glare from him.

“I’ll pay it. Stop the show.” He said and saw the man opening and closing his mouth being confused.

Ignoring him, he moved back to her.

Kasam teri kasam
Kasam teri kasam
Taqdeer ka rukh mod denge hum
Agar tum mil jao
Zamana chod denge hum

He heard her and getting on the stage, pulled the mic from her hand. She looked shocked at him and then saw as he pulled her with him.



Coming out in the parking lot, she jerked away his hand and looked at him giving her death glare.

“What the hell is your problem?” He heard her question and saw her rubbing her wrist.

“What’s my problem? What’s your problem? How come you are here? Is your father aware of it?” He asked and saw her going in to some thoughts.

“No, and who are you to ask me these many questions? No one, absolutely nothing, so what’s your problem?” He heard her question him and ran his hands through his hairs in frustration.

“I was just–” He opened his mouth to reason out but she stopped him showing her palms.

“Don’t ask me anything, Cause I’m not answerable to you. Already you have helped us a lot, Thank you so much for paying the bills, thank you for saving my father and thank you for your concern. But this was the last. I don’t need any of your helps and neither my father needs. So don’t interfere in my life.” She said and saw him moving close to her when she took few steps back.

“See, I don’t have any intentions. I’ll help you. Even-“

“No, you won’t. I was about to get the sufficient money and just because of you.” She paused glaring at him. “What do I do now? My degrees are not enough to lend me a good job. Still I tried to work in any shop but none allowed saying they can’t keep a young girl in there shop. Even they were right what would society thing about them and me. I can’t destroy my father’s reputation.”

“Oh yaa, right now what you were doing you were being accoladed with a trophy right?” She heard him and look into his eyes. “See, I heard you and you are very good singer. Why don’t you continue this as your talent?”

“I did. I did try that too but they rejected me.” Her sad voice made him remember of his dooming career.



Riddhima looked at Vansh standing in front of her. Wiping her face with the towel, she inhaled a deep breath.

There it was her life, in front of her. She knew she has to give the best. But hesitation was stopping her from doing it.

“Take a deep breath and I know you’ll give the best.” She heard him and gulped down the water in a shot. It was getting difficult she was standing in front of the music director who can see her nervousness clearly.

“Will she be able to sing? I don’t think so.” He said eyeing her form.

“She’ll. You don’t have to worry and excuse us.” She heard Vansh saying and saw him leaving. “Sit.”

Sitting back, she saw him sitting in front of her.

“You want to sing?” She nodded immediately hearing him “Then why are you getting nervous?”

“I don’t know, for the first time I’m going to record a song with any audition and that too in front of so many people.” She said looking around. “I’m n-nervous.”

“Um- then close your eyes and then try.” He said and saw him looking at her.

“Lyrics?” She asked him and saw him forwarding the page to her.

Getting up, she started to learn again.



Standing in front of the mic, she wore the headphones. Inhaling a deep breath, she nodded at the thumbs up.

Mazilein rusva hain, khoya hai rasta
Aaye le jaaye itni si ilteja
Yeh meri zamaanat hai, Tu meri amaanat hai haan

She started with the face of the song.

Mujhko irade de, kasme de, vaade de
Meri duaon ke isharon ko sahare de
Dil ko thikane de, naye bahane de
Khwaabon ki barishon ko
Mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein, Karde idhar bhi tu nighahein

Completing the song with her soft melodious voice, she could only hear the appraisal for it. She looks as Vansh entered in.

Moving to him, she engulfs him in a hug due to excitement. He looks down at her small form surrounded by his arms, while her were wrapped around his torso. She releases and back off.

“Congratulations.” Mumbling he saw as she nodded joining her hands together.

“Thank you!” She said and saw him forwarding a letter.

“So, Will you work with me?” She heard and read the contract and went into thoughts.

“Exactly, we would like to work with you.” She heard the voice of the music director.

Nodding she signed the contract.


Getting inside Vansh’s car, She looks at him sitting on the driver’s seat.

“Party?” He asked and saw her saying no. “Then Ice-cream will work?”

“Yaa, Chocolate. Yours?” She asked and looks at him.

“Anything you want is my favorite.” His confusing words were making her more confused. Looking at the seat belt, she tried to take it out.

But then felt a sudden weight on her either side, turning around her eyes met his deep black orbs. Rolling her eyes, she looked at the sparkle in his eyes. Averting her gaze, he tied the seat belt.

Driving the car, his gaze again and again used to go on her while she was thinking something deeply.

“So? Your family?” She asked knowing him looking at her.

“I’ve a friend.” He said and looked at her frown. “No one else.”

She nodded mumbling a ‘sorry’ in a low voice.

“BTW, What was the reason of your bitterness towards me?” She heard him and remembered of her behavior on their first meet.

“I thought you were the one behind the accident and just to save yourself from being jailed, you are helping us.” She said and saw him smiling.


The days went smoothly with her rising career and a restart to his career. Days start with the recording and night went with her smiling and laughing around him.

It was around a week, and the last day to the recording of their album. But before that only her voice was taking a place in everyone’s heart. With her melodious voice, she won the heart of every generation.



Looking at the door of VR Mansion, she pressed the bell. After a while of standing there, she was greeted by Angre who passed her a smile by welcoming her.

“He is in his room. You sit here, I’ll ask someone to send something for you.” She nodded and saw him leaving.

Her eyes roamed around the Mansion and all over the antiques. Curiosity took over her to know more about the place, moving to the stairs she went to the upstairs. When she saw a servant coming from there with a glass filled of juice. Asking him, she got to know where he is.

Knocking on the door, she stood out but the door opened on itself. Pushing the door, she peeped in and roamed her eyes all around the room to find no one.

“Angre said he is here only.” She said and then entered in taking slow steps. Looking around she kept the juice beside the bed and turned to leave sadly when she saw him behind her with his raised eyebrows.

In shock, she stumbled back when her hand got stuck with the bed post and she fell with him over her. Opening her eyes, she looked into his eyes. Looking down, she saw him shirtless and that too with just towel draped around his waist. Biting her lips, she instantly closed her eyes.

“You didn’t told me that you were that desperate to meet me.” She heard his voice near her ears and felt a shivering sensation in her body.

“No, I just came to look around when I got to know this is your room.” She said opening her eyes.

“Really?” He said and saw her nodding, moving his hands from his waist, he held her hand wrist shocking her. She looked at him as he shook his head making those water droplets fall on her face.

“Vansh…” She shouts trying to stop him. He chuckles seeing her laughing. Getting up, he lends a hand to her for getting up.



Looking at the punctured car, he sadly looks at Riddhima. “We are stuck.”

“Now?” He looks around the deserted road.

“We’ll have to spend the time in car. Until Angre brings another car.” She saw as he was about to get in the car.

“Shall we walk and go? It will be boring sitting here and doing nothing.” She saw him nodding.

Walking on the road, she felt him holding her hand and entangling his fingers with hers. Not getting any serious response from him, she ignored it.

“So, since when you were singing?” She asked him a breaking the silence.

“Since I was in orphanage.” She looked as with that he start to tell her everything about himself.

While he was busy telling her his stories she was busy gawking him openly. Keeping her gaze fixed on his features, his beard, long thick gelled hairs, she smiled.

“What are looking so keenly at?” He asked pulling her in front.

Looking around she shook her head in no. He chuckled pulling her closer.

“Am I that handsome?” She heard him and shook her head in no. “NO?”

“I mean yes.” She said and closed her eyes embarrassed. He smiled hugging her tightly and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you” She said to herself in a low voice and thought it was not audible to him.

“Love you too.” She heard his husky voice near her ears while keeping his hands on his chest.

Biting her lips, she hid her face in his chest.


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Nima Denzongpa 24th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Mania gets engaged to Paras


Nima Denzongpa 24th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mania is waiting for Sia and Nari to arrive. Maaji asks her to just do the engagement. Mania turns to see Sia, Nari and Sunita coming there.

Bakay catches Tulika and Varun outside the house. He says I will take you to Maaji. Nima comes there and says let them be. Bakay says she is Suresh’s wife, I will take her to Maaji. He drags them inside.

Maaji tells Sia and Nari to leave, I don’t want you people to mingle with us. Sia says we will pretend like Mania’s friends. Ranisa comes there and asks what’s going on? Bakay brings Tulika and Varun there. He says they were roaming outside the house. Bakay says did you recognize them? Maaji says I don’t. Ranisa asks who are these people? Tulika says I will tell you all. Suresh gets tense. Tulika says we are here to dance and mehndi sellers. Ranisa says then don’t give them too much importance. Sunita recalls how she had met Ranisa in society, she covers her face to avoid her. Ranisa stops her and asks her to take off her veil. Sunita steps on her foot to avoid her, she says my face is disfigured so let me be please. Maaji says let’s start the engagement, only family people will be on the stage. Nima is hurt to hear that.

Mayank grabs Kanchan and says why did you flip on me? I would have taken you away. Kanchan says I don’t want to come back to you, Shiv loves and accepts me for who I am. Mayank says fine, just remember that I will do everything because of you now.

Maaji and her family stand on the stage. Mania prays that I wish her family would come on the stage also. Ranisa’s foot is hurt, she calls Nima and asks her to take her on the stage. She calls Sia, Nari and Sunita to help her also. She asks Suresh to put a chair on the stage for her. Mania smiles seeing her family joining her on the stage. Maaji is angry but doesn’t say anything. Nima silently gives the ring she bought for Paras to Suresh so he can pass it to him. Ranisa stops him and asks Suresh what’s he holding? Suresh shows a ring. Ranisa says why were you giving it to Paras? Paras says it’s my ring, I lost it before. This ring is important for me. He asks Mania to make him wear both the rings as this is his lucky ring. Mania smiles and makes him wear Nima’s ring and then Maaji’s ring. All clap for them. Maaji and Suman bless them. Dinesh blesses them also. Paras and Mania silently touch Nima-Suresh’s feet also. Nima smiles. Maaji says let’s take family photos. Ranisa asks Nima to help her stand up. They all take a family photo and Nima’s family joins them. Maaji says let’s start the sangeet function.

Tulika and Varun are enjoying food at the party. Tulika tries to take photos in the function so she can show them off to her friends. Suresh drags them from there.

Mania is getting mehndi applied. Sia and Nari stay away from her and smile.

Nima is silently crying in a corner. Suman goes to her and consoles her. She applies mehndi on her.

Suresh scolds Tulika and Varun for coming here. Tulika says we came here to become part of Mania’s celebrations. I even lied to Maaji to save you all. Suresh asks her to leave. A woman comes to her and says they are calling you to apply mehndi to guests. Tulika goes in.

Babita goes on the stage and says we will call random people to dance with us. Maaji says what is Babita doing? Babita dances with Paras and Mania. She calls Suman and Maaji to dance with them. They all dance. Babita calls Ranisa so Nima-Suresh bring her up. Mania dances with Nima who gets emotional seeing her. She goes to the back. Babita calls Sia and Nari on the stage. They all dance together. Nima smiles seeing them. Nima cries seeing Mania. Ranisa notices it and thinks why are they getting emotional for each other? I have to find out what’s going on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Uday ; Are you out of sense ? You think it’s just a game only , Sara ? I am sorry to say but I can’t let you here . Mental illness is a state of mind when a human being faces extreme difficulties. His circumstances, problems, sadness and whatever unexpected things which gave him shock results in pshycological problems, state of madness etc. And you have made it as a simple joke , won’t you ? Have you ever realized their pain ?

Mishal Raheja

Sara : Yes doctor I know the pain, because my Abbu suffered it a lot. He was been in constrains for years. At a locked store room of our home and all said he is upnormal. I was so much small that time and I used to watch him through the window only. My  Ammi used to cry a lot and whenever she used to do namaz she never forgets to pray for her husband’s well-being and one day I don’t know whether he understood Ammi’s pain or not we find that he has cut his hand’s vein and no one took the effort to bring him at hospital. Ammi and Ammu got married years back breaking all the so called norms and beliefs . My Ammi belongs to a poor family and Abbu was one of the richest person of teh city. My Abbu was staying with his Phoopha and Phoophi who were greedy of money. My Abbu blindly believed them and one day when whole business went lose the workers of industry started shouting against Abbu.Phoophi used to bring tablets for Abbu and whenever Ammi questioned this she used to get threaten and beaten by Phoophi. My Abbu slowly started losing his mental stability and they made him as mad and locked him in a dark store room.  Later My Ammi got married to a man who is my so called Abbu now a days who is actually My Phoopha’s brother and he is not less than any evil creature.


Uday : So sad to hear your life’s story , but Sara I can’t help you by treating you as a mental patient? It’s against my part of ethics and profession. I am handling those part of human being which is highly important and I can’t support any person acting as a fake patient even if the reason is genuine . So I can’t allow you at this clinic.

Sara : It’s okay Doctor. Mein chali jawungi. But when I opened my pain to you I got a relief .

Uday : Pain won’t be healed with an ease but when we share it with some one our heart’s burden will be reduced. I can do one thing certainly for you.

Sara : Ji

Uday : Please you just wait for half an hour outside my cabin. I will drop you at home and will convince your Phoopha not to do any harm to you and your mother.

Sara : No doctor . He is not like the normal man as you think. If I will go out My Phoopha will think that I have no disease at all and he will force me to accompany him. I don’t want to go home .

Uday : What about your mother ? She will suffer a lot if you won’t go with them . Do you want that ?

Sara : But Doctor

Uday : You may please leave….Please

Sara : That means you won’t help me ? Haan…..Look at my eyes and say that you can’t help me , I will go.

Uday starts writing some thing on his notepad without looking her face.

Sara : Doctor I am leaving. You don’t need to waste your pen’s ink just by scratching some lines in that paper , Bye …..

Right after Sara left Uday close his eyes and leans on the chair. He recalls Sara’s wordings about her Abbu’s pain. Uday looks at the wall pic of his parents . He recalls the moment when his parents passed away as they suffered AIDS and were ill treated by the relatives and society.



Paapa , Mumma it was your dream that I should become a doctor especially  a pshychartist who can bring back many people back to their normal lives . You both were my role models as Paapa was the doctor and Mumma was the nurse in this clinic. You both devoted your life while treating patients and when you got suffered except Dadi me and Avantika no one were with us. But your lives poured inspiration to me and I fullfilled your dream . I am trying my level best to reduce pains of mind and heart , but irony I myself is a victim of biggest pain and I am not capable of finding any medicine to cure this. Whatever this girl said about her Abbu it just bought me back to those wounds which would be never cured.


Gauri : Ji Aap log ?

” Hum log sponsers hein Madam. Omkara Sir kabh tak paintings finish karenge ? Cultural meet ke din theen din ke baad hein. Abhi tak ek bhi painting gallery mein nahi pahuncha. Log poochenge toh kya jawab denge ? ”

Gauri : Actually he is not well.

” If his health is not well then why he committed this project ? He has to pay attention towards his profession . Professional and personal life – both are not always in smooth pace. One has to keep balance in it . ”

Gauri : Ji what you said is right, I will convince him and I promise within tomorrow evening we will bring paintings. Please trust me.

“Fine. We are believeing you Mrs. Oberoi, but keep your promise. Otherwise Omkara should bear the compensation .”

Gauri ; Ji I understand.

As they left Gauri starts thinking of how to convince Omkara back to his passion. She goes inside the work area of Omkara and finds him standing with a confused mind about completeing the sculpture.

Kunal Jaisingh

Gauri : Omkaraji

Omkara : Gauri tum yahan ?

Gauri : How is the preparation going ?

Omkara : Which preparation ?

Gauri : Aapko ho kya gaya Omkaraji ? Sponsers have came home to remind you that you are an artist and you have to be committed towards work. Why you are not able to do any single piece of art now ?

Omkara : Whenever I tries to mold sculpture I find Mr. Oberoi’s those face which is killing me. I am not able to focus at any thing.

Gauri : Dard toh sabko hein. Aap khud Bhaiya ko wapas laaye aur abb aap hee

Omkara : These paintings, sculptures, poetries are my heart’s depiction,Gauri. I can’t pretend any artificial colour on them .

Gauri : Toh apne dil ko strong banaye Omkaraji. Itna strong kee aap keh sake Dard maine tumhein bahut dekh liya. Abb tum mujhe nahi hara sakta aur phir aankhen band karke uss pal ko yaad keejiye jisse aapko laga kee wahi aapke dil kee sabse khoobsurat lamhe hein, Ek baar koshish toh keejiye.

Omkara shuts his eyes and first Tej’s image strikes his mind. He opened his eyes quickly.

Gauri : What happened ?

Omkara ; I can’t do it.

Gauri : Please Omkaraji, please.

Omkara again does the same and this time he feels so much realaxed. He gently opened his eyes and looks Gauri

Gauri : Kya dekha aapne ?

Omkara : Two sparkling eyes which were full of immense love and care for me who is my shield, my soul and it’s you Gauri. I remembered that moment when I put sindoor on your forehead and you looked me with full of love and trust.

Rikara Gauriomkarasinghoberoi

Gauri gets emotional.

Gauri : Omkaraji,Jab bhi mein haarta hoon tum aise hee mujhe encourage karna Gauri. You are my everything. If you are with me then I can be always the brave warrior against any sort of pains.

Rikara hold each other’s hands and they share an eyelock…Oh Saathiya plays



Tanuja : I am here to bring you back to your home Archu.

Archana : Ji

Tanuja : Ghar aa jawon beti, Tumhari badi maa ko badi di ko sabko tumhari zarurat hein. Kabh tak hostel mein rahogi tum ?

Archana : Kyaa sach mein aap mujhe lene aaye hein Badi maa ?

Tanuja : Haan beti.

Savita : Yeh aapne bahut accha kiya Sambhan Ji.

Archana gets surprised

Tanuja : Kya laga Archu mujhe pata nahi chalega ?

Savita : Mein toh kehati hoon donon betiyon kee shaadi ek hi mandap mein kara le

Tanuja : Pehale Swethlana kee sagayi ho jaane toh deejiye. Baad mein baat karenge.

Archana : Badi maa mein apna luggage leke aati hoon.

Maanav who was hiding at Archu’s room pushes her towards him

Archana : Maanav aap ?

Maanav : Tum hostel chodke jawogi toh mein pehale kee tarah tumse milne roz nahi aa sakunga naa ? Isliye apni Mehabooba ko ek baar baahon mein smabhal loon

Archana ; Maanav, naa

Maanav holds Archu from behind and kisses at her neck and back

Ankita Lokhande

Archana blushes like red as strawberry , Maanav smiles and releases her. He gives a bunch of roses to her

Pavitra Rishta

Maanav : Let you stay like these beautiful roses forever my Archu, My first gift to my Soulmate

Pavitra rishta plays……


Sanky, Jhanvi, Rikara, Shivika, Rudra, Sowmya , BhavIth, Priveer, ArMaan , Khanna , Uday, Avanthika, Savitha, Sachin, Dadi, Yash’s family   all are arrived there to attend the function.

Jhanvi : Tanuja ji thanks for inviting our family.

Tanuja : The real culprit is been catched now and why I should bear rivalry towards Oberois ? That’s why I thought to invite you all.


Jhanvi walks near Swethlana and handovers gift to Swethlana

Jhanvi : Wish you all happiness at this new phase of life, Swethlana, Happy Engagement Day.

Swethlana smiles


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Meet 25th January 2022 Written Episode Update : Ravi arrive to take Sunaina


Meet 25th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone sitting in hall. Tej come running say stay away. Babita and Meet get up to control Tej. Raj walks to them see Ravi. Ravi says your mad kid don’t remember anything. Babita says talk with respect he is not mad. Meet take Tej with him. Raj ask Ravi what are you doing here. Ravi says I came here to take my wife, where is Sunaina call her, you don’t have right to ask what am I doing here, you have lot of so money so can’t you afford a servant for you son, how can you be so selfish. Meet shouts at Ravi says look at the way you are talking to Raj, he consider Sunaina as her daughter so she can live till she want and afterall she filed for divorce. Ravi says she filed for divorce it’s not done till yet so till that time she is wife. Meet says Tej is still alive so your marriage till now is not valid. Ravi says he only ask us to get married, sorry to say Raj but I cannot see Sunaina as your mad kid servant. Babita says stop calling him mad and talk politely. Ravi says I cannot be quiet and says to Raj firt you made your younger son married forcefully and then made Sunaina married to me but today your trick won’t work. Meet says enough Ravi he is good person and fact is Sunaina don’t want to stay with you and if your try to do things forcefully I’ll vall police I know some law’s, if you cross your limit then I’ll also cross mine. Ravi says for now I’m leaving but this is not overand he leaves. Babita get’s sad says first time in life someone accused Raj and disrespected him he will break.

Raj in his room remembers what Ravi said to him and put headphones and cry. Meet walks to her says I call you big hearted uncle because you have big heart, you took this step for Sunaina’s happiness, he was in anger that’s why he said so much. Raj says he was true, I think I have become selfish because I always choose wrong decision, just think of your marriage too I did same. Meet says I accept that was difficult time for you but after so much time I feel like this is best for me, I got love and this family because of your decision and got my lost father in you, you loved all daughter in law as your own daughter, when I was with my father I felt like I can do anything but after he was gone in was deviated but after meeting you I felt like I got my father again and from now on I’ll call you father. Babita hear everything. Raj hugs Meet. Meet gets call from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat congratulate her says you got admission in Chandigarhs college from now on get ready to study and make proud everyone now further details I’ll tell you after reaching home and disconnects phone. Meet says to Raj only your blessings can work this fast I got admitted in Chandigarhs best college. Raj congratulate her.

Anubha in hall say what’s burning and see Manushi bringing all her clothes and lighting them to fire. Anubha ask what are you doing. Manushi says I’m burning my past because it was wrong from now I’ll start my new life with good teachings. Ram Lakhan walks in with vegetables. Anubha ask what is this. They say its household stuff Manushi ask us to bring. Manushi says do you get everything, now keep it here and they leave. Manushi says I brought medicine for Dadi, I could have given her but she is angry on me so please give her. Anubha in shock says what happen to her I can see Meet in her is that she changed, I think she want to bring her life on track and pray to God.

Ragini with Babita in hall. Meet walking by, Ragini calls her says tell what you want for your tiffin I’ll cook it, it will be your first day. Meet says give me anything. Meet Ahlawat and Raj walks in. Raj says tomorrow is her first day if college so I brought a surprise for her and ask her to close eyes and give her pen. Masum walks to them says to Raj this is your first pen which you bought from your first salary, so why are you giving her you didn’t give this any of us. Raj says to Meet Masum is right I never give to any three of them because they were fond of gadgets so I gave them what they want and I think you are like me so thought to give you something which is close to me. Meet says this is one of the best gift of my life so I’ll use it on something special occasion. Duggu walks to Meet says now you are student Mami so here’s bag for you. Meet thanks him.

Same night Meet in her room standing on bed. Meet Ahlawat see her shadow get’s scared and start shouting. Meet also shouts with him and ask why are you shouting. Meet Ahlawat says I got scared of shadow what you were doing. Meet says I was doing yoga. He says you know how much I get scared in night and there is time to do things. Meet says I was not feeling sleepy so was trying to get sleep because I’m excited for tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat says I was also excited and was not able to sleep but then I went to college and slept on first bench. Meet ask then what happen. He says then he punished me and ask me to stand outside. She makes fun of him. He says now lie down I’ll help you to fall asleep, he switch off light and play music on his phone, close her eyes and taps on her head while singing for her and fall asleep after sometime. Meet wakes up close his mouth and says you are the best gift to me from God.

Next morning everyone in hall. Ragini give Meet sweet curd to eat as blessings. Meet Ahlawat standing nearby eat sweet curd. Ragini says to Meet he loves this since childhood. Isha walks to Meet say come with me I have packed you bag with everything if you need anything tell me. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet today is your first day of college so I’ll go and drop you. Meet says why should I make memories with you, I’ll not go with youm meet Ahlawat says I know you are self-sufficient enough but still I’ll go to drop you. Meet says but I don’t want to go with you. Meet Ahlawat ask then with who you will go. Meet says I don’t have to tell everything to you and he is more special then you. Meet Ahlawat says okay go I don’t care at all. Meet start teasing him and start making fun of her and says go. Meet say listen to me and they both start fighting. Meet hold her ears and try to do sit-ups. Meet Ahlawat says don’t so this I don’t like you can go with whoever you want to go. Isha says so cute. Meet Ahlawat ask her so tell with whoem you are going. Meet says when I was kid in went with my father so today also I want to go with my father and looks at Raj.

Raj drops Meet at college gate says from here you have to follow your journey alone. Meet gets a message saying people will kill me please help me Meet ustaad.

Anubha see Meet sitting in auto with stick.

Ravi gets in Ahlawat’s mansion injured. Raj ask him who did this with you. Ravi says call police and tell Meet Huddah did this to me.s

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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Monday, 24 January 2022

Udaariyaan 23rd January 2022 Written Episode Update: No Telecast


Udaariyaan 23rd January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

No new episode tonight.

Next episode of Udaariyaan will come on Monday, 24th Jan.

In next episode: Fateh holds Tejo. She drives the scooty. He smiles. Fateh asks Khushbeer not to worry. Khushbeer asks will you marry Jasmin. Tejo looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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