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Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta attempts to rob money


Pandya Store 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deven saying take Chiku back, I don’t want him, I want money, get it from anywhere. She says I don’t have any money, Pandyas won’t have any money, she will just have 40-50 lakhs, that’s all. He laughs and asks do you think it’s a less amount, you get that money and give it to m, I will leave you both and delete that video. She says I will not do any mistake before. He says take your time, then tell me when will you get the money. He goes. She cries. Dhara worries. She sees Shweta coming home with Chiku. She asks where did you go, don’t you worry for him, he got kidnapped once. Shweta asks why would I want him to get kidnapped, I felt suffocated and went out for a walk. Dhara says next time, inform and go. Shweta says Chiku is my son, I can’t stay bounded here because of your fear. She thinks and apologizes. She says I promise, I will always tell you before going. Dhara asks why were you crying. Shweta says everything is happening in rush, so I got emotional. She gives Chiku to Dhara and goes. Its morning, Krish dances and does the decorations.

Dev says you have all the time to hear the romantic songs, play garba songs. He asks Shiva to tell Krish. Shiva goes sadly. Krish says Raavi is angry on him. Shiva stares at him angrily. Shiva goes to Raavi. She turns to go. He says I m not a stranger. She says no dear person can do such a thing. Krish dances. Suman smiles. Dev says I will change the song. Rishita says leave it, focus on our baby, we have to go for vaccination. Dev asks is it due. She says no, focus on our baby more than Krish. Krish and Suman ask them not to fight. Shweta’s mum Jankana calls Suman and asks can we keep engagement before marriage. Suman says do it as you like, we will keep the engagement tonight. Jankana says I will be there. Suman calls out Dhara. She tells about engagement. Shweta looks on and says they want to get engagement done, Deven wants the money. Dhara asks Suman for the money to buy ring. Suman asks when will you arrange the money. Dhara says Gautam will get it tomorrow. Suman says fine, I will give it now, but return it to me later. Dev says yes, engagement will happen today. Krish gets shy. Deven calls Shweta. She says give me some time to think. He threatens her. She says if you loved me, then spare me. He says don’t say this, I feel hurt, just rush, you know my speed. Shweta goes and sees Suman getting the money from the locker. Suman gives the money to Dhara. Pandit calls them out. They both leave. Shweta goes inside and opens the cupboard She sees the money.

Suman talks to the pandit. She asks Dhara for the keys. Dhara says I left before you. Suman goes to her room. Rishita also goes. Suman sees Shweta with the chest. She asks how did you come here. Rishita says we never dared to enter her room, you are eyeing the treasure, what is this. Shweta says no, I was passing by, I saw the cupboard open and some money fallen here, I kept it back and was leaving, check, I didn’t take any money. Suman says you shouldn’t come in my room, go now and buy a ring for engagement. Shweta says sorry and goes. Rishita says she is playing the victim card. Suman asks her not to become a bad sister in law. Krish hears Shweta and asks the problem. Suman checks the money bundles. She says its fine. Krish asks is there any problem. Shweta says no. She lies to him. He says we will handle it together. She gets a call. Suman says I had taken out the money and kept the chest back, I had locked the door, money didn’t fall down, cupboard wasn’t open, I just forgot to take the keys, is Rishita’s doubt …..

Everyone does garba and enjoy. Krish says this engagement won’t happen, I have a surprise for Shweta. Shweta is shocked seeing her ex.

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Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Atharva Gives His Approval For Marriage


Imlie 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie runs out of a salon unable to bear her skin burning. She notices Atharva drinking water, snatches bottle from him, and pours water on her face. Atharva asks what happened to her. Imlie says her skin is burning. He gets ice cubes and asks her to apply it. He thinks Imlie was with his hookline, he can’t ask her about his hookline seeing Imlie’s condition, hopes she walks to him. Chini walks to them and asks Imlie why did she run out of salon. Imlie says is burning. Narmada gets angry when Imlie and Cheeni don’t return home on time and says Rudra’s son would be coming any time. Arpita and Sundar ask her to calm down. Narmada says Imlie is a burden on her and she wants to get rid off Imlie.

Chini fumes that a broke DJ Arto ruined her plan again, now Imlie’s skin will be fine again. Imlie thanks Atharva for saving her life again and says Maiya gets her into trouble only when Atharva is around. Chini says broke DJ Arto is stalking him and must have learnt that they are Rathore girls. Atharv recalls Rudra ordering him to visit Rathore mansion and meet their daughter. He thinks his dad fixed his alliance with Chini and their thinking is matching for the first time. Chini continues to insult Atharav. Imlie says they should thank a man who helped her. Rupali calls Chini and asks her to return home soon. They both leave.

Rudra calls Atharva and asks if he reached Rathore mansion. Atharva says he already met the girl and is ready to marry her. Rudra excitedly asks when did he meet the girl. Atharva says one whose strings of heart are twined together, they somehow meet. He asks to fix the wedding soon. Rudra acts as serious and then informs family that Atharav agreed for marriage. Atharva’s cousins congratulate him. Rudra’s younger brother Manish and his wife discuss there would be a tussle between Rudra’s elder and younger bahus, they will gain out of it and get bigger property share. Keya is also surprised and tells Akash that Imlie is Rudra’s choice and if she clears differences between Rudra and Atharav, they would be gone for a task.

Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali get worried seeing Imlie’s skin and scold Chini for taking Imlie to a wrong parlor and think of suing the parlor. Chini jokes that Imlie is blushing before meeting a boy. Imlie calms Arpita and Ruapli down with her poem and says her skin burning cooled off when she poured water on her skin, so they need not worry. Chini takes her in to apply concealer. Rudra eagerly waits for Atharva. Keya still can’t believe that Atharv approved Imlie. Akash says Atharva is doing this to trouble Rudra. Atharva returns home. Devika and Shivani excitedly ask if he really wants to marry and how and when did he meet the girl. He explains that he was on their way when his car broke down and the girl was present there. Devika asks him to accept that he wants to marry or else his dad’s heart will break down.

Atharv walks to Rudra that mom says their thinking differ, but for the first time they think same; the girl is really good, he likes her. Whole family congratulate him. Rudra thanks god and says nobody can reject Imlie. Atharva thinks he wants to know the name of his hookline and can’t ask Rudra as he will get angry. Devika asks Rudra to speak to Imlie’s family and fix alliance. Rudra says let the girl’s family call him. Narmada calls him and informs that his son didn’t visit them. Rudra says Atharva already met Imlie on the way and approved her, so he will bring shagun to her house tomorrow. Narmada notices Sundar passing by and loudly says she is coming to his house tomorrow for engagement. Rudra and his family rejoice hearing that. Sundar asks Narmada how can she fix engagement without Imlie meeting the boy. Narmada says her decision is final.

Arpita applies multani mitti on Imlie’s face and says it will give her some relief. She says Cini is tricking her and always troubles her. Imlie says Chini is her pillar of support and she blindly trusts Chini. Rupali confronts Chini for tricking Imlie and asks what she really wants. Chini says she wants Aryan and Imlie back as they used to consider her as their daughter and blames Imlie that if it wasn’t Imlie’s naming ceremony, accident wouldn’t have happened and they both would have been alive now. She says Imlie is not too sweet and she will make sure she gets her rights from Imlie. Rupali thinks she knows Chini misses Aryan and Imlie the most, but she should realize little Imlie’s goodness.

Arpita tells Imlie that the world is not as good as she thinks. Imlie says she can sacrifice everything for Chini. Sundar informs them that Narmada has called everyone down. Narmada announces that she has fixed engagement tomorrow as Rudra’s son saw Imlie on the way and approved her. Arpita asks how can they approve a boy without seeing him. Sundar shows Atharva’s photo. Chini without seeing pic says Rudra is trying to hide something, so Imlie should reject her son. Imlie stands amazed seeing Atharva’s photo.

Precap: Imlie writes a poem that she is going to start a new chapter of her life with a special person whose thinking matches hers, Atharv. She hears Atharv refusing to marry her. Cheeni looks happy hearing that.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu gets the divorce papers


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi says I have done what I found right. Neil gets Akshu’s call. He says I will call you in 5 mins. She says okay, call back soon. Aarohi says we have to tell this to Akshu. They all discuss. Suwarna says we will take some time. Dadi says we won’t tell her anything so soon. Vansh warns Aarohi. Akshu comes. They all look at her. Akshu asks are you all on hunger strike. Suwarna says no. Akshu says I have sent the food for Manish and Kairav, its matter of few days, come. She drops the tea over the papers. They all get worries. She says sorry, tea fell over this paper also. She picks the divorce papers. She gets a call and keeps it down. She goes to take the call. Everyone is relieved.

Akshu asks why does he want to do this, its not worth it. Neil says I can’t say anything to Abhi. She says I want to meet him at the temple where we started our life, we have hurt each other a lot, we have to heal each other, I will try to make everything fine. He thinks she doesn’t know about separation papers. She says I m sure if we sit and talk, then everything will get fine. Abhi thinks Akshu didn’t react till now, doesn’t she care. Akshu asks will you get Abhi. Neil says sure, I will get him tomorrow. Abhi waits for her answer.

Its morning, Akshu wakes up. She imagines Abhi beside her. She says I know I m dreaming with open eyes, thanks. They have the methi dana juice. She says I m coming to ask for our togetherness, its best to be Abhira. Her dream ends. She hugs the teddy. She says I want our togetherness back. Neil sees Abhi and thinks Akshu’s answer will end all his questions. He says we have to go to temple first. Abhi says I have to meet Manjiri. Neil says I have kept a puja for mum, come. Abhi agrees. Neil says I didn’t lie, you will know a truth after going there. Akshu takes the keys. She gets Neil’s message. She gets the advocate’s name on the envelope.

Aarohi says everyone has gone for Satsang, is there anything urgent. Akshu says nothing. Aarohi goes on a call. Akshu looks for the papers. She says its okay, I will ask when everyone comes. She turns and sees the papers. She gets shocked reading the divorce notice. She recalls Abhi and cries.

Abhi comes to the temple and asks did you just get this temple. Neil asks why, is there any problem. Abhi says no. Neil says go in, I will get garlands. Abhi hears a man and says even I want an answer. He sees Akshu there. They recall their moments. She says our relation started here, before seeing these papers, I decided to meet you here, I asked Neil to get you here, last time, we went from here, even today we will leave from here, there is always a scope in any relation, but it should be from both the sides. They see both the families. Harsh says we didn’t know Akshu will be here, what’s happening. Dadi says Aarohi saw the papers in your hand and informed us, come home with us, we will talk. Everyone asks about the papers. Akshu says its good that everyone came here, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, marriage happens between two families, I thought of meeting Abhi and giving another chance to our relation, I will work hard to save our relation, but I got these papers, separation papers sent by you, I wished to sign, but I didn’t sign, I wanted to see love in your eyes, but its okay. Mahima says Abhi has sent the papers to you. Akshu says no one has a right to speak between us, we were the reason for the relation’s joining and breaking today.
Abhi and Akshu see each other. She signs the divorce papers. She says a new start happens after everything ends, I will get back everything that I lost, my identity, dreams and my voice.

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Anupama 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Lashes Out at Shahs


Anupama 1st October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal warns Toshu to dare not touch her and pushes him away. Rakhi and others rush in and ask if Toshu troubled her. Toshu says he didn’t do anything. Anupama teaches Little Anu to byheart a poem with singing. Anuj asks Anupama according to Ganeshji’s story, when parents can be a child’s world, why can’t a child be parent’s world; they should live for themselves also now. Kinjal calls Anupama. Kinjal sits on Leela’s swing. Family woriedly asks if she is fine. Kinjal asks how can she be fine with Toshu’s presence. Rakhi scolds Toshu. Toshu asks not to scold him repeatedly for a same mistake. Kinjal says she stayed at Anupama’s house as she needed some time for herself, but Vanraj, Leela, Toshu repeatedly pressurized her to return home and expect that she get normal within a day after being cheated; they are expecting her to dance with them during festival and behave normal, which is impossible for her so soon; she already had cleared Toshu that she is returning home as a family’s daughter and not his wife, he left her alone during pregnancy and is trying to pressurizing her now in lieu of Pari, why don’t he leave her alone.

Anupama enters and says she told them not to pressurize Kinjal. Kinjal runs and hugs he emotionally. Rakhi feels disheartened thinking a child rushes to his/her mother in pain, but her daughter rushes to her waste body husband’s mother; its okay as Anupama comforts Kinjal at least. Leela and Vanraj say they didn’t pressurize Kinjal. Kavya says Toshu must have done something. Toshu says he was trying to pacify Kinjal, at least he has that right on Kinjal. Anupama asks why he has only rights on everyone and not responsibility.

Update in Progress

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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Ritesh decides to help Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek telling Zoon about Kadambari claiming her custody. Zoon says Devki Moj? Vivek says yes. Indu asks Zoon to have food and go to Vivek’s house to sleep. Zoon says Vivek uncle told me about my case. Indu says you have grown up. Zoon compares their heights and says very soon I will grow taller than you. Indu gets emotional. Zoon asks if she is in tension that Devki Moj will take her, and asks her not to worry, says I will not go anywhere. She hugs her. Indu asks her to go and sleep. She opens the door and finds Ritesh standing.

Sameer comes home and tells Vivaan that he has made Ritesh Malhotra quiet. He says he has seen defeat in his eyes, and tells that he is snatching his favorite things. He says one side is Ritesh’s loss and Kadambari’s victory. Vivaan says money will go to Kadambari. Sameer says I will win her trust and will marry her. He says just as I get married to her, I will get all her money. Vivaan appreciates his idea. Sameer says he has learnt from Kaamna.

Indu asks Ritesh to go. Zoon comes there and says she was missing him, and couldn’t come to meet him as her Moj was busy. She tells Ritesh that Devki Moj is coming to take her. Indu asks Zoon to go and have food. She sends Zoon inside. Ritesh is standing on the door still. Indu tells him that she can’t bear him and his obsession and asks him to go. Ritesh asks her to hear him once.

Sameer and kadambari drink wine. Sameer says nobody will win this case other than you. Kadambari thanks him. She says you have spied on me, then also I regard you as my friend. Sameer says I heard about Zoon while going. Kadambari says you might have heard about 5000 cr property which my dad left on Zoon’s name. She says if she could, then she wouldn’t have let her be born, it was too late for abortion. She says I hate her and don’t care if she lives or dies, after I get property. She then tells Sameer that she doesn’t trust him. He says you will trust me with time, and says you will get whatever you want, I am ready to help you, it is your call to call me your friend or enemy. Kadambari says cheers to Zoon, and says we will snatch her from Indu Raina.

Rajendra tells Indu that he should have told her about kadambari. Indu says its ok. She says she will meet Zoon and will go to court. Kadambari comes there and asks how are you, Indu? Indu asks what you are doing here? Kadambari says court permitted her to meet zoon. Indu asks what do you want. Kadambari asks her to understand her situation. Rajendra asks her to go. Kadambari says that night I fell weak, and when I realized my mistake, I searched for her. She says she is searching her since 6 years, and says how I would have searched her, no police complaint or adoption was filed. She says I just came to meet my daughter. Indu says you have lost the right to meet her, when you had eloped leaving her. She asks her to call her Zoon. Kadambari calls Zoon. Vivek brings Zoon there. Zoon says good morning Moj. Kadambari feigns smile and fake emotions for Zoon and says hi. Zoon says sorry, my Moj asked me not to talk to strangers. Kadambari says I am not stranger. Zoon asks who is she? Indu says she is your Devki Moj. Zoon asks how she can be Devki Moj and asks why you are wearing such clothes. She says I didn’t see anyone wearing saree like this and says your hair are very dirty, and asks if your Moj don’t apply oil in your hair. Indu scolds her politely. Zoon says sorry and tells that her Moj is so beautiful. She says I don’t like you and goes inside. Indu says sorry to Kadambari. Kadambari says I saw how you have made her mannerless in 6 years. Indu says I will win, I really don’t care what you say. Kadambari says we will meet directly in court.

Ritesh comes to meet Judge Swati Damle. Judge asks why did you come to meet me and says you made my senior called me so I couldn’t refuse. Ritesh says he came to talk about zoon. He says she can’t walk and needs proper treatment. Judge recalls saving her and taking her to the PS. She asks if she is Zoon? Ritesh asks if you know her? Judge says I had met her. She says she don’t discuss the case with anyone and asks him not to favor Indu or Kadambari. She says I had met her on the road, when she was crossing the road, I dropped her to the PS. Ritesh says you are thinking wrong and realizes that Zoon must have met her when she had eloped from the CAA centre. She asks him to go. Ritesh leaves. Indu comes there and sees ritesh. She says superb, I will note down your cheap tactics. She says you uses your power and resources to take things in your side and asks how much bribe he has given to Judge. Ritesh says you are thinking me wrong. Indu says you can’t defeat my love, and all your wealth will be nothing infront of my love. Ritesh thinks how to make her understand.

Precap: Kadambari lies in court. Indu says she had left the girl in the bus and left. Judge asks if she has any proofs? Indu says yes.

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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari claims Zoon’s custody


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kadambari’s lawyer filing the petition of Zoon’s adoption. Rajendra gets Asha’s message that Kadambari reached court and asking for Zoon’s custody. He gets shocked. Sunita asks what happened? Rajendra tells him. Kadambari’s lawyer tells that Kadambari has been searching for her daughter since 6 years, and she came to know about her daughter then two people are fighting for her custody. She says Kadambari is longing to meet her daughter. Indu’s lawyer objects, but Judge grants permission to Kadambari to meet Zoon inpresence of Indu. Sameer tells Kaamna that neither Indu nor Ritesh will get the custody of Zoon now. Judge dismiss the court till tomorrow. Indu’s lawyer asks did you know about kadambari? Indu says no, since that night, she didn’t see her. Asha tells Indu that Bob ji had seen her in the restaurant, few days back. Indu asks why didn’t he tell me? Asha says he didn’t want to trouble you. Lawyer says she will think what to do, as the case can be in her favor. Sameer smiles and comes infront of Kadambari. Kadambari looks at him and goes. Ritesh looks at them. Kaamna asks what is all this? Dolly says twist came like in your films. Rahul says lawyer wants to meet you. Kaamna asks Ritesh not to meet Kadambari. Rahul says Kadambari’s lawyer is an expert of adoption cases. Kaamna scolds Dolly.

Indu’s lawyer comes out and meets Kadambari’s lawyer. She says I have learnt from you and will fight with you. Kadambari’s lawyer asks her to control her emotions. Indu’s lawyer Meghna says she will win the case with her emotions. Kadambari asks Indu, how is she? She says I was searching Zoon since 6 years and thanks her. Indu says Zoon is my daughter. Kadambari says I will be her mother, even if we are separated. She says you can’t change our relation, and can’t snatch a mother’s rights from me. She thanks her for taking care of Zoon and turns to go. Ritesh asks Kadambari, what the hell? Kadambari says this is truth. Ritesh says it is better for Zoon to stay with me. Kadambari asks him not to sound dumb and says nobody can give a better life to a girl than her own mother. She says it will be better if Indu and you back out from this case else you both will lose badly. She says I have an appointment with interior designer, I am getting room ready for my daughter. She goes. Ritesh asks Indu if kadambari was Zoon’s mother. Indu says yes. She blames him for whatever happening and says if you haven’t complained to CAA then this wouldn’t have happened. She says Zoon will not go to Kadambari or you, she will come to me. Ritesh shouts Indu.

Ritesh’s lawyer asks him if he knows about Zoon and Kadambari’s relation. Ritesh says no. Lawyer says our chances to get Zoon is very low. Ritesh says Zoon shall not go to Kadambari, and tells that one side is Kadambari and other side is irresponsible mother like Indu. Rahul asks why you call her irresponsible always and counts whatever Indu has done for Zoon, and says she has done all the duties of a mother and that’s why Zoon regards Indu as her mother, if their relation was forced, then they wouldn’t have yearned for each other. He says you couldn’t see Indu’s goodness and asks him to think wisely, says Zoon can’t be happy with anyone, other than Indu, will not be happy with you. The lawyer advices him to take back the case as there is no point of fighting the case, which he will lose. Rahul says if we have to compete with Kadambari then we shall meet Indu. Ritesh hears Sameer telling Kadambari that she will get Zoon’s custody. He says I will come to meet you and then will discuss the case. Ritesh gets angry and says that’s why you was signing Kadambari, and says you want to ruin Zoon’s life. Sameer says Kadambari is Zoon’s mother, and praises her that she is capable and sorted. He asks you are ruining your career for Zoon and Indu, and asks what is your relation with them. He says people will say that you are separating a mother from her daughter. He says you are not letting the girl go to Indu or Kadambari. He says you can’t be right always, others can be right as well. He goes. Ritesh looks at the holy cloth in his hand and recalls Rahul’s words. Ritesh says now I understood what I shall do? He says Maa gave me this chunari, so that I can think wisely. He says if Zoon loves Indu, then who am I to stop her. He promises to devimaa that he will help Indu get Zoon’s custody. He thinks to meet Indu.

Indu talks to her employer and tells that she needs more time. Vivek comes there and tells Indu about Kadambari. He says Kadambari had written the article about Ritesh and Zoon. Indu says Meghna told that we have less chances of winning now. Vivek asks if Ritesh and Kadambari are together, may be he is afraid to lose and that’s why brought her back. He says they will win. Indu is sure that she will win.

Precap: Kadambari says I just need my property, after that I don’t care if that girl lives or dies. Sameer is shocked. Ritesh comes to Indu’s house to help her, but she refuses to take his help. Ritesh goes to the Court and Indu misunderstands his intentions.

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Friday, 30 September 2022

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi decides to divorce Akshu


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi and Neil trying to find Anand. Abhi sees Anand and rushes to him. He asks him to come home. Anand says I used to say that one should become a doctor only because of passion, I lost everything now, my practice, my patients, my hospital, my daughter, all because of me. He cries. Abhi hugs him. Manish hugs Akshu. She says I stayed quiet, I had no answer. He says you have to solve this yes and no dilemma, you will decide, your heart is saying something to you, just listen to it. Abhi brings Anand home. He says whatever happened… Mahima asks Abhi not to repeat it, thanks for bringing Anand home.

Neil gets a call and asks what, this can’t happen, is mum no more. Abhi hears this and shouts no, nothing can happen to you. Neil hugs him and says nothing happened to mum, the call came from hospital, it was work related, mum is stable, relax. Abhi looks at him. He says I don’t understand, everything is shattering, mum is in coma, Anand is unwell, Mahima is upset, Parth spoke to me like that for the first time, its because of me. Akshu lies in Dadi’s lap and says Abhi is upset. Dadi says just remember, your parents also got separated, then they understood their life’s biggest mistake, sometimes time is wrong and blame comes on relations, listen to your heart, understand your heart and decide the right thing. Abhi says this is happening because I m not understanding, she thought for her family, I will think of my family. Dadi advises Akshu. Akshu says I want to focus on Abhi. Abhi says I need to think of my family, love joins relations, this love is making me away from my relations, it’s a misunderstanding, I can’t be selfish. Akshu thinks I have to make the relation fine. Hum bewafa….plays…. They recall everything that happened and imagine each other. They cry. Akhilesh sees Akshu crying and says sorry, I did wrong. Akshu says its too late. He says sorry. She hugs him. She says I m thinking that I m a fav of problems, I decided what to do, everything will be fine. Abhi comes there and sees Akshu with the family.

He leaves. A stone hits the glass and breaks it. They turn to see. Abhi calls someone. Dadi says we should join the thing before breaking. Abhi says we should break it. Akshu says you know In Japan, they put gold in broken things to make it shine, we should do the same thing, I will not lose and help Kairav. She sees her name magnet on the fridge. She writes Abhira. Abhi also writes the same on a dusty car front. Vansh gets some papers delivered. Dadi and everyone is shocked. Abhi wipes off the name. Everyone sees the divorce papers. Akshu comes. Vansh hides the papers. Akshu asks Vansh to make his special kachori. He says sure, why not. She thinks to talk to Neil. Abhi meets Manjiri. He cries and asks her to select one finger. He says I can’t see you like this, I will come tomorrow. The man asks what are you doing here. Abhi says I came to meet my mum. The man says you aren’t allowed here. Abhi says no one can stop me from meeting my mum. He warns the man. He thinks I will wait for you Maa. Neil gets a message and says Abhi has sent separation papers to Akshu. He gets Akshu’s call and says I will talk to you later. Abhi comes home. Neil asks him how can he send separation letters to Akshu. Abhi asks how do you know. Neil says lawyer told me, what are you doing. Abhi says stop it. Neil says this can’t happen. Abhi says I don’t want to explain. Akshu messages Neil.

Abhi and Akshu see each other. She signs the divorce papers. She says a new start happens after everything ends, I will get back everything that I lost, my identity, dreams and my voice.

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