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Ghar Ek Mandir 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Kundan pays loan installment


Ghar Ek Mandir 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun and Kundan on their way to shop see people starring at them. Varun asks Kundan why is everyone starring us, Kundan says did they find about last night, they reach shop and read on the door its written, Kucha Mahajani Thieves. Varun says this definitely Kailash and Harish. People start gossiping about Agarwal’s. Varun gets a cloth and water and starts wipping. Kundan says this will go but what about the truth. Maharaji walks to Kundan and says don’t worry all wilp be fine, I know soon the darkness in your life will go away and someone your own will bring light in your house, Kundan asks who, Maharaji says its just what my heart is saying and don’t worry.

Varun opens shop, Hetal walks in with tmher friends and says your jewellery was so pretty, all keep praising it and my friend’s want you to make jewellery for them, Kundan says done. Maharaji says Kundan you continue I will go home.
Varun shows Hetal and her friends designs. Hetal says I know your designs will be great just make sure delivery is in time. Kundan says sure. Kundan thinks of Maharaji’s words and says my brightness is my Varun and hugs him says I am happy, you have this great talent, this is all because of it, I will make a list, Varun thinks this is because of Genda and not me. Genda gets call from Varun and he says you are magician and Hetal loved your design so much, she got us so many orders and advance, Genda says means we can repay debt, Varun says yes and all because of you, but problem is Papa thinks I made the design and only we know the truth, how will I do this without you, Genda says don’t worry I am with you, but how will we deal, Varun says no one home should know it or else you know, Genda says I do, just I want us to be out of this problem, and one more thing, I love you too.

Maharaji in his room, Genda walks to him with Kachori, Maharaji says I love Kachori’s very yum, Genda says Mummy made these, Maharaji says how does it matter, Genda says how is that, she will be so happy when she will get credit, Maharaji says yes this is necessary for motivation but did you get credit, Genda says I did, I am happy with whatever I have and leaves. Maharaji says no Genda this is not you deserve, design was yours and everyone should know about that.

Gopal fills form of Market head and says if you all support me I will soon be elected, others say we support you and your brother, Gopal says what to do Kundan’s daughter in law insults everyone and he has not paid debts too, Maharaji walks to everyone and says you are wrong, Gopal asks what, Maharaji says remember you said you will write my shops name in gold, Gopal says oh that, this is different, Maharaji says why different you didn’t fulfill your promise, so keep my board ready or else I will have to keep you reminding and I think Kundan is best as Kosha Adhyaksha, people say Agarwal has lot of debt, Gopal would be good option, Maharaji says Kundan is here and he will return money surely, Harish says when will he next life, Maharaji says today is still on, all make fun of Maharaji. Kundan comes from behind and says yes I will pay today.

Genda in kitchen, Nisha sees she is disturbed and in rush, Genda says I have some work, Nisha asks what work, Genda says personal work, Nisha says why hide from me, I won’t tell anyone, Genda says it’s little personal dont worry and thinks good she didn’t ask more, I should finish all work before Varun comes. Nisha thinking what work she has and thinks Nisha will make sure everyone knows the work.
Agarwal gives Harish and Kailash cheque and says will return soon remaining amount, people have ups and downs and downs show you who your real people are, I could run away like Pradhan but me and my son have worked hard. Everyone praise Agarwal for being an example and ask him to fill Kosha Adhyaksh form.

Pre cap: None

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Is Proven Guilty In Sania’s Murder Case


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha requests inspector Chautala to let her speak to her husband. Chautala denies. Rudra enters with GPS. Chautala says this is not a public garden to visit anytime he wants to, they need to follow rules. He introduces GPS as a retired judge and Preesha’s father. GPS presents permission to meet Preesha and asks Preesha if she remembers when Rudra left her room that night. Preesha says she doesn’t and even Rudra doesn’t as someone mixed something in his drinks. GPS assures to meet her often and asks not to lose hope as they are with him. He walks out leaving Rudra. Preesha asks how is he as she was afraid hearing his trembling voice last night. He says he will not accept defeat and will bail her out at any cost, asks to take care of herself as he is alive just for her. They hug each other emotionally, and he walks away.

Back home, Rudra tried to remember what happened that night but fails, says he just remembers fighting with Arman as he talked about wife swapping. GPS asks to remember how he went to Sania’s room, if she called him or he went directly. Rudra checks his call records and finds Sania’s call. GPS says they need to check Sania’s call records to find out if she spoke to someone else also. Rudra calls Bunty and asks him to find out Sania’s call record details. GPS asks how did Arman come there. Rudra says Arman told he came with Sania there for honeymoon, but he is trying to separate him and Preesha since long and describes all the incidents happened. GPS is shocked. Arman then informs about Ahuja. GPS asks how is Ahuja and insists to meet him to get some clue from him.

They meet Ahuja who denies his involvement. GPS tells him that Preesha is his daughter and he can do anything to protect her, he shows Ahuj’s daughter’s live video footage where his men are following her and threatens to tell truth if he wants her daughter safe. Ahuja agrees and reveals that Arman mixed red powder in Rudra’s juice and threating to kill him if he doesn’t do that. He also reveals that Arman bought CNN recording company to destroy Rudra’s concert. GPS says they need to confront Arman now. Rudra asks how did he find Ahuja’s daughter. GPS says he saw her video online via Ahuja’s social media account and seeing 2 men behind her misled Ahuja to find out truth. They both conclude that Arman killed Sania and framed Preesha. They then head to Arman’s house and confront him. Rudra shouts at Arman for sponsoring his concert. Arman denies. GPS says Ahuja informed them everything. Rudra shouts Arman killed Sania and tried to frame him. Arman accepts trying to destroy Rudra and get him out of Preesha’s life. Rudra continues alleging showing Sania’s call records and Arman denying. Rudra then gets lawyer’s call that Preesha’s case has been moved to fast track court tomorrow itself.

Next day, court hearing starts. Inspector gives evidence that when she went into Sania’s room, she saw her dead body with throat slit on floor and Preesha standing nearby holding a blood stained knife, murder time according postmortem report also matches CCTV footage timing. Waiter also gives evidence against Preesha. GPS asks Preesha’s lawyer to speak, but he sits mum. Prosecution lawyer demands Preesha’s conviction according to strong evidences. Judge pronounces Preesha as guilty and a 20 year jail term for her. Rudra resists when police take Preesha away. GPS cries saying earlier also Preesha took someone’s blame on herself and went to jail. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Next day, Sharda gives karva chauth fast/vrat’s sargi/food to Rudra and asks him to go and give it to Preesha. He meets Preesha. They express their emotional bonding for each other. Rudra promises to keep fast and pray for her, then feeds her sargi.

Precap: During investigation, Rudra finds an unknown suspicious number in Sania’s call records and asks Bunty to find out its details as he caller may be the murderer or knows if Arman killed Sania. Bunty checks number and looks shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update : Saxena tell truth about 10 years itch


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji with boxing gloves giving look to Tiwari. Tiwari scared and says to Angoori why did you call her. Angoori says I warned you but you didn’t listen. Ammaji asks Angoori to go outside and lock door. Angoori says okay explain him correctly. Ammaji punch Tiwari. Tiwari in pain shouts help me Angoori.

Vibhu listing song. Anu says can you please lower the volume. Vibhu says if I lower the volume then it will feel like housefly are flying inside. Anu says but there is difference between radio and loudspeaker. Vibhu says once you understand this then you will understand its not noise its music. Anu says you know what I was being polite now switch of radio. Vibhu says no. Anu says okay if battery is dead I’ll not give you money for new battery. Vibhu switch of radio and says its unfair and ask her to switch off lights I need to sleep. Anu says I’m reading, you can close your eyes for darkness. Vibhu says if you didn’t switch off lights then I’ll play my radio on loud volume. Anu challenge him to touch radio. Vibhu touches radio and act funny.
Masterji asks Gupta how’s your pain now. Gupta says I’m in bit of releaf today, I have nothing to do with fight but still I got hurt. Anu throws radio outside and it hit Gupta. Vibhu says what you did. Anu says I told you but you didn’t understood, from now on never try to harm my piece of mind. Vibhu throws lamp outside and it hit Gupta. Gupta shouts in pain and ask Masterji to take him to good doctor.
Anu shouts what you did. Vibhu says now in life you cannot disturb my sleep.

Tiwari on phone talking about his situation and how Amma is troubling her. Anu open her door. Tiwari see Anu and get’s stunned imagine dancing and singing with Anu. Pelu wakes him up when he was about to kiss his slippers. Pelu ask his slipper back. Tiwari get inside his house.

TMT sitting near tea stall. Teeka says to Tillu its not time to get selfish with just one reply of yours can change our life. Malkhan says you are right Teeka. Tillu says but what about my life. Teeka says when you go on first night after marriage you can demand for money and then run away. Teeka shouts on them and says I have some self respect. Saxena come and says I have some work for you. Malkhan says you are lucky whoever get married to you will never be widow. Saxena says this means you were talking about me. Teeka says we says you are very knowledgeable person. Malkhan says husband should be like you, whoever get married to you will be life changing opportunity for her. Saxena says thankyou and I need some help from you, do you know a lady went infront of you first she was laughing and then crying. Teeka says yes. Saxena says two more were there one was healthy and ither was having different face structure, I’m searching them and trying to make there life, I’m thinking of organising an event and give them money 60lakh each, and then ho in jungle to meditate if you find them tell me and leaves. TMT gets happy and start dancing.

Tiwari in his house. Vibhu walks to him and says I need to ask you a favor. Tiwari asks what. Vibhu says I’m angry and want to cool down so need to go out and want you to please take care of my house and Anu. Anu listen to everything standing outside door. Tiwari says I’m already in trouble. Vibhu says I need to go its important. Tiwari asks where are you going. Vibhu says why you need to know. Tiwari says if some places is available then I would also like to ho with you. Anu walks in says where are you going Vibhu. Vibhu says I’m going out and its important for me to go but I don’t understand how to talk to you by eating suger cube or having bitter gaurd seeds. Angoori walks in same Vibhuti I also don’t understand how to talk to him. Anu says that’s why your husband is planning to go out with him. Angoori ask why. Tiwari says because I don’t want something should happen in our relation. Vibhu says some here its best for our relation please let me go. Saxena come and asks where are you going. Vibhu says I’m going because of your 10year itch. Saxena says wherever you go but 10year itch will not reach you. Tiwari says what do you mean. Saxena says please forgive me I was wrong because one of me ediot staff pinch two different paper together which made all the confusion and it was not for India it was for Bangladesh and I believe you didn’t took my words seriously and no need to have full trust on someone mad. Tiwari says yes never trust any mad person. Vibhu says you did a great mistake and Vibhuti slaps Saxena.
Angoori and Anu gets together with there husband and says love you to eachother.

TMT disguised as women sitting in Saxena’s house asking eachother how they are looking. Saxena come they greets them and Teeka says to Saxena, TMT was saying that you were looking for us. Saxena says yes they were right. Tillu says you want to help us. Malkhan says you are good person want to help poor people. Saxena says you understood me right and you thought I cannot see people, one if my eye is of owl and I can see people clearly in darkness and your life is full if darkness and you are TMT and says you cannot sell me disguised as ladt now you hvae two choice first is I call police, second choice if you want me to shutup then you have to apply oil on this belt and beat me whole night. TMT says yes for second choice and Saxena closes door.

Tiwari come out of his house looking at sky try to find out moon. Angoori calls Tiwari and ask what are you looking at. Tiwari says I was looking for moon because during karwachauth looking at moon make husband and wife bond more stronger. Angoori says no need of that me and your bond is already strong, if we have love then nobody can do us apart and says look moon is out. Angoori do karwachauth ritual


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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: VJ and Tejal to get engaged


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tejal calls her friend and tells them she’s getting engaged. She shuts the door on Gopika. Gpoika comes to Saksham. He says I don’t wanna see your face. You didn’t get the kundli on time and then insulted VJ. Go from here.

Minal calls Ramila and says we would love if you come to the functions. Ramila says I will. I feel bad about what happened. Aashi felt so bad. Tell her Aashi. Aashi says badi sasu ma shouldn’t have questioned your upbringing. You gave Chiragh such good manners. Minal says it’s okay. SHe’s my elder sister. Aashi says maybe she was angry because you sat in the havan. But she shouldn’t have questioned your upbringing. She was questioning your decision too. I felt so bad. Ramila says Aashi and Gopika are sisters as well but they don’t overpower each other.

Saksham calls Radhika and says you have saved my family twice today. Gopika recalls he said you ashamed us twice. Saksha says it’s Tejal’s engagment tomorrow. Please do come. You are a part of our family now. But how did you know about it? She says big houses word gets out. Saksham says please do come tomorrow. Gopika says if you see Rahdika you won’t want to see her again. She says what? Gopika says it’s not okay for me to come there. sorry. She hangs up.

Scene 2
Nikhila welcomes VJ’s parents. She says we should gt them married as soon as possible. VJ’s mom says we want the same. They give Tejal gifts. Gopika says I have to save Tejal. Minla introducts Aashi. She says call your elder DIL tol. We have a saree for her too. Nikhila says she is a little busy I will give her the gift. His mom says okay we will meet her late.

Scene 3
Ramila says to Mohan help me clean the sheets. Mohan says why are you calling them at home? It’s a mess. Hitain says I have to go for an interview. Ramila says go and change your clothes. A girl’s family are coming to see you.

The girl’s family comes. Ramila says nice car. Ramila and Mohan give them tea. The girl’s dad gets a call and says my boss needs the car. Let me drop it. Ramila says what do you mean? He says it’s my boss’s car. I am a driver. Ramila says all this jewelry? The woman says they are from Gol market. Ramila says how dare you come here. My daughters are married in Modi family. Why would my son marry a driver’s daughter? The girl says your son doesn’t even have a car or a job. We at least have work. They leave. Hitain comes and says I am ready. She says go get ready for the interview now.

Scene 4
Tejal says to Minal I don’t want Gopika in my engagement. I don’t want anything negative. Minal says to Nikhila Tejal is right. Nikhila says we have to call her there. What will we say to the guests? Tejal leavs in anger. Nikhila says Minal tell her this decision is for her good. Aashi says to Minal I feel bad for you. She decided everything. Just make sure Gopika doesn’t create a scene at the event.

Aashi calls Ramila and says they gave such expensive gifts to the VJ. Gopika is creating a lot of drama. VJ and Tejal will get married. He is a little weird. ramila says is he? Aashi says yes. He threatened tejal. Ramila says we have to find out his truth

Scene 5
Saksham looks at the design. Gopika sees him. Nikhila says to Gopika come in. I need to talk to you. She says Gopika will be coming to the event. Saksham says why here? Nikhila says we can’t explain to people that she’s not part of the family. Saksham says they will know anyway. Nikhila says Tejal would be married by then. We have to show them one family. And GOpika I don’t want you to make any mistake and say sorry to Tejal about saying and things about VJ. Gopika says VJ isn’t a good guy. Tejal won’t be happy with him. Nikhila says it’s Minal and Tejal’s decision. you just come there as guest.

VJ asks Tejal to delete her account. She says I am an influencer and you liked that. He says we weren’t getting married. Now we are. He grabs her nd throttles her. He says delete it. You will only follow my orders now. No one can see you. Tejal says please leave me. I will do it. Gopika sees them. She says I can’t let him marry Tejal.

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika says to Tejal he hurt you. Tell everyone. VJ’s mom says what drama is this? Nikhila says enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Vidrohi 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Jagabandhu keeps a Samaroh



Vidrohi 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying we should encourage the Paikas. Gadadhar says she is right, we should invite Paika in some Samaroh. Jagabandhu says you are right, we should make Paika believe that we should not lose courage, prepare for the Samaroh. Kalyani gets a letter. She checks Fletcher’s letter. She sees the necklace. Maharaj comes and looks on. Fletcher proposes her for marriage. The entire family sits to write the invites. Gadadhar also sits to write. Tulakma says when did he get this courage. Jagabandhu says its our ancestor’s sign. Radha says yes. She cries and goes. Kalyani looks for Mohan. She hugs him. She says we should think about us, why did Jagabandhu beat Fletcher when he himself needed our help. Mohan says he didn’t do anything wrong to slap a bad man. Jagabandhu goes and sees Radha crying. He consoles her. She misses her son. She says I feel lonely, I just pray that he is happy wherever he is. Fletcher gets a body massage done. Charan comes and says I got a big news, Baxi Jagabandhu is gathering his Paika soldiers, they all are coming, something big is going to happen. Fletcher thinks. The man says they know they will lose some day, who can stay in front of DM, he has Indian blood in him. Charan says just do the massage. The man says who can serve him well. Charan asks him to let them talk. The man angers Fletcher. He says I got to know that Fletcher liked a princess, after all he has indian blood in him. Fletcher gets angry on him. The man runs. Fletcher says I will see how Paikas gather there if I announce a curfew. Charan says fine, but what is curfew.

Jagabandhu prays. Amba asks were you like this in childhood. Gadadhar says I never realized my mistakes. Amba says I m glad seeing you become responsible, everyone can see it. She says you and Tulakma have much difference, she doesn’t believe me. She says don’t compare us, its not good. Radha asks Amba to give prasad to everyone. Amba goes and gives prasad to everyone. Jagabandhu says this Samaroh should get completed once. He gets Fletcher’s letter. He reads it. Jagabandhu says Fletcher raised a curfew command, not more than three Paikas can gather, else they will be shot, we will keep the Samaroh, but how. Maharaj talks to his Senapati. Senapati says we are increasing our army and weapons, we are preparing for the war. Maharaj says this can’t be just Badamba’s fight, we will sacrifice everything but for a bigger mission, I will go and meet Jagabandhu with a tie up proposal. Mohan hears this. Maharaj says Kalyani shouldn’t know this. Mohan runs away. Maharaj asks the guards to do an imp work. Baahu says we had to encourage all the Paikas. Maa says if we keep a Dharmic function, then no one can stop us. Radha says yes, they can’t stop us from celebrating festive. Jagabandhu says yes, we can keep Shastra puja. Maa says we will do this puja in a big Samaroh. Jagabandhu smiles.

Maharaj asks Kalyani to come for Mohan’s sake, for his protection. He sends Kalyani and Mohan. Jagabandhu and Radha hold a diya. He says I pray you to get the same strength. Mohan says dad is going to meet Jagabandhu today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrita does Pritam’s aid


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmo asking Dadi about Soni. Amrita and Dadi say Soni has forgotten this. Pritam comes whistling. Amrita smiles. He says madam has mood swings, she is smiling now. He looks for his underwear. Kamli asks whose underwear is this. Guneet comes and asks for Kabir. He says he is missing since an hour. Nimmo says Amrita asks me not to get angry on him. Pritam says Kabir is clever, where is my underwear. Angad says this isn’t my underwear. Amrita asks who wears such colourful underwear. Pritam looks on. Nimmo says its not of Guneet. Dada ji comes. Amrita says so its of Dada ji. Dada ji says its not mine, this underwear has a hole also. He laughs. Pritam says they had torn it. Soni asks is this Kabir’s underwear. Angad says no, he doesn’t wear such. Kamli says I got this from the terrace. Amrita asks Guneet not to be shy, take it. Guneet says no, it will be of dad. Dada ji jokes. They all laugh. Pritam asks who is so colourful in our house. Guneet says we will check the size of this underwear. Dada ji throws it to Angad. Amrita jokes and laughs. Pritam asks what are you doing, this underwear isn’t bad, what’s the problem, its too much, you are having a discussion on an underwear, how much time do you have. Dada ji asks is this yours. Angad says yes, take it. Dadi says it has a hole, why do you wear it, do you feel hot. They all laugh. Pritam says Amrita is laughing so much now. They laugh again. Soni asks Pritam to take his underwear. Dada ji jokes and asks him to take the modern hole underwear. Pritam asks Kamli to see the clothes well and take it. Guneet says don’t get angry, we were having a laugh. Nimmo asks Pritam to tie a rope to dry his clothes. Pritam says fine, I will do it. He goes upstairs. They all laugh.

Meera thinks of Naveen. Kabir comes to meet her. She asks why did you come by terrace way. He says your dad would have got a heart attack if I came from the main door. She asks why did you come. He says I don’t want to sit at the saree shop, ask your dad to set me somewhere. She says Angad is talented, you are a fraud. He says I was behaving good with you. Krishnakant comes. She hides Kabir. Krishnakant asks who are you talking to, who is here.

He says I heard you. She says I was talking on phone, it was on speaker, I was talking to doctor about Naveen, his behavior changed. He says he is misbehaving, what happened to him. She asks why are you going there. He says we will sit in the balcony and talk. She says we will go downstairs, I will make coffee. He says I will make it. She asks him to go. He says I was worried, who are you talking to. He goes. Kabir says you lied to me, Naveen has hurt you, where is he, I will see him. She says don’t become a hero, he is my brother. He says he got spoilt since your dad got money. She says enough, you leave now. He says talk to Shetty, please help. She says okay fine. He thanks her. She asks him to go now. He leaves.

Pritam hammers a nail to fix the rope. Pritam says they lectured me for a rope, fine, I will fix a rope. Nimmo asks will he break the terrace now. Amrita asks Dada ji to stop him. Dada ji says Nimmo asked him to fix a rope. Pritam says Dada ji has widened the small hole, I can’t wear it now. He says I will fix my rope now. He hammers on his finger and screams. Soni goes to see. She asks are you fine. She says his hand is bleeding. They all worry. Pritam says I m fine, don’t shout. Dada ji says come down, Amrita will do the aid. Pritam says I m fine. Soni asks him to come. He says I will see what to do. Amrita scolds him. She says don’t become a superman, we know you wear a colourful underwear. He asks how did you say that. She says the matter started on an underwear, come downstairs, else I will come there. He says I will come.

Shetty says no Meera, I can’t keep Kabir on job again. Meera says his dad is so sad. He says yes, I m disappointed, Kabir is a fraud, I can’t tolerate him in this office, if you worry for him, then get out. She says sorry. She goes. Kabir eats chaat at a stall. She calls him and says Sir didn’t agree, he is more angry after meeting Guneet, he said you are a fraud. He asks what will I do now. She says work in saree shop, what else. Pritam says I m fine. Soni says you are a tough man. Dada ji jokes. Amrita does the aid to Pritam’s hand. Dadi says she is our family’s doctor. Amrita says don’t do work in anger, it brings own loss. Pritam says I understand, thanks. Nimmo says I just told about the rope, you started fixing it. Dada ji says its fine, you put your clothes on our stand on one side, and put a sticker on your underwear. They laugh. Dada ji asks from where did you buy that underwear, I will also buy one. Amrita says holed underwear. Pritam says you are having much fun. Amrita says get your bandage changed tomorrow. He asks why. Soni says you can come, I will change it. Dadi says you faint when you see a wound. Soni says you can tell me. Pritam says no need. Nimmo says take tetanus injection. Amrita says he won’t take it, he just acts like a hero.

Amrita goes for checkup. Vishaka clicks her pic. Nurse says patient’s relative is outside. Nimmo says I m here, who has come outside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Milind gets arrested


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pintia saying I will talk to them. Chiku asks Nupur to dance. Chiku and Nupur dance on Radha kaise na jale…. Milind and family look on. Kamini says Nupur will earn money by dancing in functions, if anyone knows that she is Joshi family bahu, then we will lose our respect, this is happening because of Chiku, Nupur has sold her shame, Rashi never met Nupur, its good, so sorry Milind, we should have not come here. Nupur says we shouldn’t affect the dance. The guests say she is Nupur Joshi, why is she dancing in the party. Milind drinks. Kamini goes to Rashi and says these songs are sad and boring, it should be fire. Rashi says you enjoy, I will change the songs. She goes to the DJ and says play the best songs and set fire. DJ changes the song. Nupur and Chiku stop dancing. Nupur thinks how can we dance on this song. She calls out the DJ. She asks him to change the song. Chiku says I didn’t talk about this song. A man asks why did the dance stop, the party just started, don’t spoil the mood. Milind drinks. The man asks what happened, didn’t you like the song, what’s your name, Munni or Surayya, you have to complete the show. He shouts dance. He throws the bottle at Nupur.

Milind gets angry and breaks the glass in his hand. His hand bleeds. He shouts stop, I will show you. He goes and beats the man. Aai asks Milind to stop it. Milind scolds the man. He says she is my wife, Nupur Joshi, how dare you hit her with a bottle, I will not leave you. Everyone looks on. The man says you keep your wife at home, why did you get her here to dance. Milind beats him more. Everyone tries to stop Milind. Rashi asks what’s this drama, Kamini, you wanted Mandira to marry Milind, this Nupur is Milind’s would be ex, she is dancing here for money, you said there will be no drama, its a big drama. Rashi scolds Milind. She asks him to get out of her house. Milind shouts. The guards take him out. Milind is in the jail. The cell mates comment on him. Milind says we are not equal, I m the most destroyed. They laugh on him. Nupur asks Inspector how did you arrest Milind like this, he didn’t do anything. Inspector says Milind has beaten a guest. Nupur says listen to me why he did this, that guest was misbehaving with me, he had hurt me by throwing a bottle at me, Milind just saved me, he protected me from that cheap man, is it wrong to protect his wife’s respect, you tell me, who is the criminal, that man should be behind bars. Inspector says stop it, we got a complaint, if you worry for your husband, ask the lawyer to arrange the bail. Nupur says please leave Milind. Inspector says I can’t do anything. Nupur says I have no money, how shall I free Milind. Aai comes there with the lawyer. She sees Nupur and goes. The men ask Milind what happened, did anyone tease your item. They scold Milind. Milind gets angry. Inspector says Milind is fighting again. Milind says she isn’t any item, but my wife, control your dirty tongue else…. Milind leaves from the cell. Inspector says your lawyer submitted the bail papers, control your anger or your anger will control you, you can go. Aai scolds Nupur. Nupur cries and leaves with Chiku. Milind comes. He looks for Nupur. Aai hugs her and cries.

She asks are you fine. He nods. She says we will go home. She goes to call Subodh. She says Milind got freed, we are coming home. Nupur and Chiku hear this and smile. Inspector says you and your wife love each other a lot, your wife was fighting me for your sake, you were fighting the goons for her sake. He asks did Nupur come. She says yes, if you love each other, then why do you care what the world tells about you, its my advice, its your wish. He smiles and leaves. Aai thanks the lawyer. Milind comes to Aai and says I m sorry Aai. She hugs him. Nupur thinks I want to hug you, but I can’t do this. Milind turns to see. Nupur and Chiku hide. He cries. They also cry. Aai pacifies Milind. She says Nupur can’t make our life a drama. She thinks to decide for Milind’s life. Chiku takes care of Nupur’s wound. Nupur cries and says I couldn’t do anything well in my life, I failed. Chiku says you take care of everyone, I haven’t seen anyone like you.

Kamini says Nupur will ruin all of us. Nupur says no, I understand Aai’s pain, I just want to keep a puja for the Joshi family, then I will leave this house.

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