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saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge part 10


“Gaura behen, did you do something with Meera?” Bhavani asked. “How did she disappear like that?”

“Of course, Bhavani.” Gaura replied. “I did. But you shall not know what. Be happy now that you  will be able to marry Dharam.”

“But how? How will we marry?”

“I will tell you. Don’t worry. Now I will talk with Dharam as he is feeling very lonely without Meera.”


And then, Gaura went to Dharam. He seemed to be very sad.

“Dharam, how are you?” She asked him.

“Maa, why do you even ask when you don’t care?”

“I know. It’s because of Meera. She has decided to leave you and go away just like that. She does such thing for a second time.”

“Maa, don’t talk about Meera like that!”

“And why? Why don’t you recall what happened the previous times? We will wait a few days and if she doesn’t come back, we will find you another wife.”

“But what if she is kidnapped?”

“Dharam, kidnapped people don’t take away their belongings when they leave, do they?”

“You may be right maa but…”

“Don’t worry. This time I will find you another wife, who will be better than Meera and this time, she will not be a criminal. I promise you, believe me.”

And then, Gaura went back to her room where Bhavani was still hidden.

“Gaura behen, what happened?” She asked. “Did you talk with him?”

“Yes. I did, don’t worry.”

“And now what?”

“We will wait a while. Meera will not come back, don’t worry. And then, I will make Dharam marry you. You only have to believe me. Now I want to go to the Modis.”

And some time later, Gaura arrived in front of the Modi mansion. Kokila opened the door for her and it was obvious that she was worried for her granddaughter Meera.

“Jai Ambe Kokila.” Gaura said. “How are you? I know, you can’t be fine knowing that your granddaughter has disappeared but don’t worry, we will find her.”

“Gaura, I am very worried. Why such things happen to our family all the time?”

“Oh, my friend. I understand your sadness. I came here to offer you my support.”

“Thank you.”

And then, Gopi appeared.

“What are you doing here again?” Gopi asked, pointing at Gaura.

“Gopi, what is wrong with you again?” Kokila asked.

“Maaji, I am sure she has something to do with Meera’s disappearance!”

“What are you saying, Gopi?” Gaura asked. “Why I should’ve done something to her? She leaves my son whenever she wants and comes back when she wants to!”

“Be careful how do you talk about my daughter! I am sure that you are responsible for absolutely every single thing that is now happening in the family!”

And then, Gopi went towards the door.

“Gopi, where are you going?” Kokila asked.

“I am going to the temple. I will seek Krishna bhagvan’s help in order to prove you how evil this woman actually is.”

“Gopi, stop it already! Wait, you are not going anywhere, me and you will have a conversation!”

“Yes, maaji, we will have. But when I come back. I want to get some strength in order to fight our enemies!”

Kokila went towards the stairs where Gopi was. She wanted to hold her back but instead of holding her, she pushed her and Gopi fell down the stairs with such a force that her injuries were really bad.

“Gopiiiiii!” Kokila screamed.

Gopi’s injuries were so bad that she lost consciousness immediately.

“My dear Gopi, please wake up!”

“Kokila, what did you do?” Gaura said. “Why did you push her off the stairs?”

“Gaura, I did not want to! I wanted to hold her back, she wanted to leave, I wanted to stop her but I… I don’t know what happened. Really, I never meant to hurt her, never!”

“Kokila, what did you do?” Hetal asked. “Now Gopi is badly injured because of you! We must take her to the hospital, immediately!”

“But, Hetal, I just… just wanted to stop her, I wanted to have a conversation  with her!”

And then, the Modis took Gopi to the hospital. Her condition was critical and there was a serious danger for her live.

But the actual truth was something else completely. Kokila did not push Gopi off the stairs, Gaura did it. When Gaura saw Kokila going towards Gopi, she quickly came behind her and pushed Gopi without no one to notice her, making it look like the actual culprit is Kokila.

“This Gopi suspects me.” Gaura thought. “I had to do something about it. Now she will die and she will stop suspecting me. Because if she continues trying to instigate Kokila against me, she may finally succeed and I don’t want that! Now she will never say another word again. And if Gopi dies, everyone will think that Kokila has murdered her own daughter in law. She will probably be send to jail and then, the Modi’s destroyal will be finalized!”

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KKB FF – The path destiny shows (Intro)


Hi this is laksha this is my first FF based on kkb I am very glad kindly support me and I am inspired by sana and avniel fan thankyou.

Nowadays kkb track is very boring I hate it always bad things win easily good loses so im going to stop these nonsense I am going to write it in my way I want to share with you also so if you like read it.

Abhishek Prem Mehra

A rock star turned buisnessman

Husband of pragya

Father of Kiara Prachi Rhea

Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra

Wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Mother of Prachi Rhea Kiara

Sweet loves her family

Bold and a professor


Daughter of abhi and pragya

Sister of Rhea and Prachi

A student

Sweet and bold girl



Daughter of abhi and pragya

Totally like her father

Naughty wants to become boxer


Daughter of abhi and pragya

Sweet and kind heart give misses her mother loves hor sister

Iwill introduce some new characters as the story goes on please guide me support me help me if you are reading kindly comment then only ie will decide to continue or not give your opinion

Thankyou for taking time and reading

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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi comes bcak after 3 years


Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Biji prays and says it’s been three years. In these three years you gave a lot of pain. I kept waiting for my Mahi. Please do a miracle that my Mahi comes back to this house. She hears music. There’s a party going on in Jogi’s room. He drinks with Avnit, Arjun and Chanda. He’s become a big star. Jogi says Avnit.. She comes in a saree. Jogi says you get things before I say them. Jogi says why is my glass empty? She says let me fill. Arjun says please sign this contract. it’s important. He says important for them, not me. Avnit gives him more drinks. Jogi says there are many companies but only one me. It will be 1 crore. Not a penny less. Arjun says accept my suggestion. Accept this offer. Jogi says who are you to suggest me? Arjun says I am the one who got you our break and made you a superstar. Jogi slaps him and says this party is because of my latest song being superhit. Everyone plays on your success. There are many dogs around me to tell me they made me a superstar. I became a star because of my voice and style. And yes, he pulls Avnit and says becasue of her. She was with me at every step. She got me my break. You’re a servant and be that. When your company shut down, you were on road. I gave you money. Go now. Arjun says okay I will say not to him.

Jogi says show me how you beg first. Arjun says there’s a limit. I am our employee. Not your slave. Jogi says I know dogs like you and I keep you on my toes. He shoves Arjun. He falls in Rupa’s feet. Biji says is that how you behave with a guest? Avnit says Arjun tried to talk back to Jogi. He deserved it. Rupa says I think Jogi drank a bit lot today. Biji says bit? Rupa says it’s a festival. Kids were partying.

Scene 2
The kids play firecrackers outside. It’s Pappu with Shalu and his son. They live in tabela now. Pappu laughs and says such good crakers. They’re so loud. He says Pinku you also play. He says there are such new crackers in the market and you get these. Pappu says these are the besy ones. He says Model ji you play the flare. She runs after him and says don’t call me model ji. Do I look model in this 1k dress? He says next year I will get you whatever you want.

Biji says on Diwali we used to have pooja. And now all this? Those tabela wala are better than us. Jogi says they don’t have worth to buy more than 2 crackers. Jogi goes to his room. He says what does Arjun think of himself? He has started talking back to me? Mahi says you did right. You should show his place to him. I am always there for you, for all your need. She comes close to kiss him. Jogi gets up in anger and says their crackers have ruind my peace. I will throw a bomb on their tabela. Avnit says I told you not to let them live here. You should relax.

Biji says Rupa Jogi has changed. He says people change with time. He’s rich now. He had to adopt this style. Biji says money has blinded you. This darkness will end Jogi. Rupa says my Jogi is happy and so am I. She leaves.

Scene 3
Jogi gets up in middle of the night. Winds blow. Avnit comes to him. She says Jogi are you okay? He says thank God you came. Avnit says why didn’t you sleep? He says I can’t sleep. Avnit says didn’t you take your sleeping pill? He says I did. But my head is hurting like I will die. Avnit says don’t worry. I have a solution. Avnit says I have waited a lot in these three years but you never let me come near you. But no more wait. We will become life partners now. After business partners. Avnit says don’t worry. My touch will reduce all your pain. She caresses him.

Someone enters the house. Lights go off. Jogi says what happened to the light? Avnit says it’s okay. It will be back. He says you know I feel suffocated in the dark. please check. Avnit says let me check. Jogi says get my injection too. My head it hurting. Someone lights candles outside the house. Biji sees them. She says who light these candles? She sees footsteps and smiles. Mahi read bhajan with Shalu and pooja. Jogi says whose voice is that? Jogi comes out to check. Jogi comes outside the tabela. Mahi feels his presence. Jogi stands outside the gate.

Episode ends.

Precap-Avnit comes to the tabela. She sees Mahi. She’s shocked. Avnit calls Arjun and says Mahi is back. If Jogi sees her everything would be ruined. For Jogi Mahi is dead so make it official. End Mahi’s misery too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Samaira plans to kill Phirki


Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phirki says that Mumbai house? Money? Get me wine so I can enjoy it in the pool. Didn’t you hear? Samaira looks at her in anger. Samaira comes in the pool. Phirki splashes water on her. Samaira shoves her. Phirki drowns. Samaira drowns her and says you will threaten me? I will kill you like Shubhra’s dad. Phirki says leave me. samair drowns her and says I will delete the video and break your phone. Phirki struggles. Samaira keeps drowning her. Phirki dies. Samaira dries herself.

The TV plays report about Narain’s death. the reporter says Narain Gokle was killed my Samaira. Shubhra’s dad. Whose husband had an affair with Samaira. Vedika sees it. She asys Roli is right. You’re Ravan aunty. You’re evil. You killed uncle. The police come in to arrest Samaira. Inspector says you killed Phirki and Narain. Vedika runs away from her. Samaira says listen please.. She runs away from her. Phirki’s body is recovered from the pool. Vedika cries. Samaira looks at her. The policetake Samaira away. Samaira wakes up. it was a dream. SAmaira says no I don’t want to go to jail.

Samaira comes out. Phirki is in the pool. Samaira looks at her. Phirki says can you fill my glass of wine? Samaira recalls her dream. She fills the glass. Samaira says where is that video? Phirki says I will tell you once you give me that Mumbai house and more money. Cheers.

Scene 2
Rishi says Roli i feel like Aaju baa is seeing us. Roli says I miss him a lot. Rishi says Aaji says he went to Ganu bappa. Roli says we will ask him to send our Aaju ba back. Rishi says Dadi says the ones who go to ganu ji never come back. Chandrani hugs them. She says missing your grandpa? Sit here. Chandrani says what do you do when you miss aai? Rishi says I make her a card. Roli says I make her a sorry card too when I make a mistake. Chandrani says how does mama feel when she gets the card? Roli says really good. Chandrani says you never met your dada ji. I miss him a lot. I write him a long letter and post it. You can write a letter to your aaju baa. Roli says where will you post it? Chandrani says you right it I will post it. He will read it and be happy. Vitthal says you both have teased him a lot. He recalls when Rishi and Roli came there for the first time. Vitthal says he loved his naughty grandkids. The kids go to write a letter. Vitthal says where will you post the letter? Chandrani says kids have a pure heart. They trust us.

Roli and Rishi write their letters and decorate it. They keep it in the temple. Rishi says Ganu bappa give our letters to aaju baa. Roli says send them by express delivery. We will give you Modak. Roli says I will make you a thank you card. Rishi says express delivery please. We will wait for his answer. Madhura and Chandrani pick the letters once they leave.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Purab refuses to accept Thapki as his wife


Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab blaming Thapki for crossing all the limits this time. He says you have done a cheap thing. Thapki is in shock. Purab says I want…Ashok asks him to stop and says don’t think our silence as our weakness. He says Thapki’s father is not here, but her Mama is still alive for her. He says without knowing the truth, how can you blame our daughter? He says we didn’t teach her to snatch other’s right and taught her to fight for her rights. Purab says it seems you are also involved. Veena Devi asks if he has forgotten his values, and says everyone is in shock after whatever happened. She asks Sapna to say. Sapna says I asked to call Hansika, and her name was written on the room door. Purab says it is not Mom, Tai ji, Hansika or Thapki’s mistake, then whose mistake is this? Priyanka says I will tell and tells that it is an outsider’s mistake, who kept the wrong names board on the doors, and that’s how this has happened. Thapki says I…Purab asks her to be silent and says I don’t accept this accident and asks Pandit to rectify it. Pandit ji says you have filled sindoor in her maang and made her wear mangalsutra, then how you are refusing to accept this marriage. Purab says this marriage can’t become hanged rope for me, and refuses to accept the marriage and Thapki. He hits on the pillar and the chandelier falls down. The ghatbandhan cloth falls down on the havan fire and catches fire. Thapki tries to set off the fire. The pillars catch fire. Veena Devi calls Thapki. Another chandelier is about to fall on Thapki. Purab saves her. Just then the pots kept on the mandap hits on her head. Purab holds her as she faints. Armaan and others try to set off the fire. Purab lifts Thapki and takes her from there. He kicks the kalash unknowingly and steps on the colored water and climbs the stairs. Dadi and Veena devi see this. Dadi says all rasams are completed, it seems Mata Rani wanted Thapki and Purab to be together. Purab brings Thapki to his room and keeps her on the bed. He gets upset looking at the decoration.

Hansika calls Veena Devi out of the house and says she wanted to thank her personally. She asks if everything is fine at home. Veena Devi says you had tried, but I have handled everything. She says it was cheap to trapped Thapki. Hansika says so what I would have done? I will not ruin my name. Veena Devi asks her to go and says you shall not call or email Purab or me. Hansika says I helped you so much. Veena Devi says I got you admitted in the school, where you couldn’t get admission even after 7 births. Hansika says you have helped yourself, and shows that she is getting the call. She says Purab and Thapki’s marriage will not stand, and he will continue to call me, and says it is my challenge. Veena Devi challenges her that Thapki and Purab’s marriage will work and asks her to see. Hansika says lets see, I have to go and catch the flight. She goes. Vinod comes there and sees Hansika going.

Ashok tells his sister about the name plate changing. Doctor checks Thapki and says there is no internal injury. Purab looks at her. Vinod asks why Hansika came here? Veena Devi says she is not our bahu. He asks if she is happy. She says yes, I wanted Thapki to marry Purab and it happened? Vinod asks if you are blaming God for your doings. Veena Devi praises Thapki. Vinod says if Purab is not happy, then nobody will be happy. Ashok asks Purab to give a chance to Thapki and says she will not upset you. Her mother comes there and folds her hand. Ashok says my sister has fulfilled both parents’ duties and asks him not to give her pain. He takes out his turban before him. Veena Devi comes there and says I have more experienced than you, and says Thapki is right girl and will make your life better. Purab says why don’t you understand that I got married. He says you might have known about Thapki’s truth. He says wrong and says I will tell you her truth. Veena devi says my eyes have tested her, ears have heard and heart has felt her. She says I don’t have doubt on my choice. He recalls her hatred for stammering people and asks if she is so sure about thapki. Veena Devi says just like I am sure about my surs. She tells Ashok and Thapki’s mom that everything will be fine with time, even Purab too.

Sudha and Preeti stop Priyanka and say bye. Priyanka says bye. Sudha asks her to give 5 lakhs Rs. Priyanka says Thapki’s saas is changed, so you will not get anything. Sudha says you are threatening me and says I will get your name spoiled in your family. Priyanka asks them to keep her truth posted on social networking site and says she doesn’t care. Sudha and Preeti get upset.

Ashok asks Thapki, how is she feeling now? Thapki says Mama ji, Maa….my marriage happened with Purab. Ashok says yes. Thapki asks why did Mata Rani do this with me? She says she don’t like him, how she will accept her life. Her mother asks her to forget the past and think about future. She signs that Dadi and Veena Devi talked to Purab and now he has no problem. She asks her to keep the respect of her mayka and get sindoor filled by his hand. Ashok tells her as her mother signs her. Her mother gives Mata Rani’s idol to her. Ashok tells Thapki that Mata Rani will show her right way. He says we will leave now. Thapki hugs her mother and cries. Her mother signs her to smile. Ashok asks her to come and she leaves.

Armaan thinks of Thapki and gets sad thinking of her marriage with Purab. Sapna knocks on the door and asks him to talk to her. Purab is still angry. Dadi comes to Purab and says a storm came today in this house and rolled up your life. She asks him to go to his room and asks him to agree to Dadi’s sayings. Purab goes to his room and takes off his sherwani. Thapki comes there and shouts seeing him shirtless. She asks him to wear his clothes. He wears the sherwani and asks her to go from there. She asks him to stay away. He says you have entered my house and family and asking me to stay away. Thapki picks the knife and says I know what is in your mind, which is in every guy’s heart and says all this set up and flowers. Purab says you are fool to think of this. Thapki says I have seen in films, that guys become haiwaan on first night of marriage. He says you don’t know how is haiwaan. He takes his vest from cupboard and asks did I ever tell you, what kind of girl you are. He says you are smart and clever and can do anything. He says you have fooled my mother and says you are betrayal and makes innocent people’s mad. Thapki says you are negative person, and says I haven’t done anything. Purab says I know your truth, you have become bahu of this house, but can’t become my wife and soul mate.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sharmila invites Chandana and her family for Durga Puja


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the girl asking Anurag to write something on the card, like she has written. He says I don’t know what to write. The girl writes something on the chit and sticks to the balloon. Anurag says don’t send this. Kajol finds heart on the note and looks at the girls. She wonders what she is doing here alone.

Arjun and Shreya hug each other. She pierces her nail in his back. He says it is paining. Shreya says you are playing games with me and hurt me. She says it was your idea to get married to Naina, they were against you. Naina comes to Kajol and says Arjun must have sent balloons for her. Kajol says it is for me. Naina says who will send you and says she will thank Arjun. She goes holding the balloons. Kajol looks for the girl.

Arjun tells Shreya that he was the mastermind and asks her to go from here, else Ayaan will get a chance to point finger on her. Naina calls him. Shreya takes his phone. Ayaan is coming there. Naina thinks why Arjun is not picking the call. Ayaan comes there and finds Arjun picking his phone from the floor. Arjun says Bhaiyya, you are here. He says you would have called me. Ayaan asks what happened? Arjun says phone slipped and got broken. Ayaan asks if Shreya came here? Arjun says why bhabhi will come here. Ayaan tries to check for Shreya. Shreya is hiding. Arjun pretends as if he got hurt. Ayaan looks for her. Shreya silently goes out. Ayaan goes out and thinks where is Shreya? He sees Shreya climbing the stairs.

Anurag asks Sharmila what did she made? He tastes paneer. Sharmila says I was thinking to invite Kajol’s family and asks what is his suggestion? She says Kajol was happy talking about puja and asks shall we call them? Anurag bites chilli in Kajol’s thoughts and then asks for water and juice. He asks what did you say? He says Kajol’s family is unpredictable, specially her mother. Sharmila says even her mother lost her husband. Anurag says you can see Kajol’s pain, but the family members don’t see her efforts and ignores her pain. Priyanka comes there and says a family members understand their children well. Sharmila asks her to have food. Priyanka says she came to test Anurag and asks him to take buffet dinner. Sharmila says dinner is ready, you can have buffet some other day. Anurag asks Sharmila to pack tiffin for Priyanka. Priyanka says she wants to have food with her friend. Anurag says you knows well, that I don’t have food after 7 pm. He says he will get ready and will leave for hospital. Priyanka thinks she has been waiting for him since college days, but he is getting inclined towards Kajol. She thinks very soon you will start thinking about me.

Next day, Anurag comes to Kajol’s house and sees her toweling her hairs. He looks at her. Kajol looks at him and thinks if something goes wrong. He waves his hand at her. Sharmila comes there, holding the invitation card and asks Anurag to come with her. Pishimaa asks them to sit an calls Kajol. Kajol greets Sharmila. Sharmila says we have come to invite you for Durga Puja. Pishimaa asks them to sit and calls Chandana. Arjun comes there with Naina. He asks Sharmila what is she doing here? Sharmila says I shall ask you. Your marriage is called off. Naina says with just Kajol. She says she is Arjun’s fiancĂ© too and taunts Anurag asking what is going on, when he has no relation with Kajol. Pishimaa asks her to think before saying anything. Arjun thinks Naina is taking revenge for his insult. Sharmila asks for her name and says there is something called humanity. She says Anurag and Kajol have helped each other, and all relations are not money made and selfish. She says everyone will not understand this, and says with whoever Kajol will have heart relation, that guy and his family will be very lucky. Pishimaa says you said right and praises Kajol. She asks Kajol to bring tea and breakfast. Kajol goes. Chandana comes there and sees Anurag and Sharmila there. She sits. Sharmila tells that they have kept Durga puja at NGO and invites Chandana and her family. Chandana thanks her and says we can’t come, as Kajol’s father died few days before, and Naina and Arjun’s marriage is fixed a day after puja. Sharmila says if Kajol can come then kids will be happy and even Kajol. Chandana says Kajol was close to her baba and I feel that even she don’t want to attend the puja, she misses her baba very much. She says lets see, if Durga Maa calls then she will come. Arjun says it is wonder, that you didn’t invite your family and relatives. Sharmila says Abhishek Dada has already invited your baba. She asks Anurag, lets go. Kajol comes back. Pishimaa asks Sharmila to have tea. Sharmila refuses and goes. She tells Anurag that Kajol’s mother is stranger. Anurag says I had told you before and says this is called double standards. They can get Arjun marry Naina, but can’t come for puja. Kajol comes out and gives his phone. He asks if she will come for puja and asks her not to forget that she was her mother’s favorite student, and even kids like her. He says I know about the problems at your house and asks her to do as she feels right. Sharmila says if you come, then the kids and we all will feel good. Anurag sits in the car with Sharmila. Kajol waves her hand signing bye. Anurag leaves with Sharmila. Kajol thinks whenever I was in any confusion, you used to help me in taking the right decision, and wishes if he would be with her.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu to get 50 lakhs prize?


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Manohar praising Happu about his bravery with aliens and asks if he really fought with aliens or is just bragging. Happu scolds him. Commissioner walks in holding newspaper and says he saw Happu’s news, but since he hasn’t solved any case since a year, he will be demoted. Happu agrees and says he doesn’t know how his alien friend will punish commissioner for demoting his friend and says maybe once commissioner goes out, alien may finish him. Commissioner gets afraid and asks him to solve at least one case in 6 months. Happu says he will think about it. Commissioner leaves frustrated.

At home, Rajesh’s friend Joginder visits her and seeing her smiling asks if she fought with her MIL. Rajesh says she is happy because of Happu’s bravery. Joginder says she heard about that story but can’t believe it. Rajesh says she shouldn’t and brags how Happu controlled aliens and orders them to line up and parade in front of him. Joginder says its getting too much. Rajesh continues bragging. Joginder says a famous person will get many problems, people will roam around him, but nobody will ask Rajesh. Rajesh asks if she has negative blood group. Joginder says no. Rajesh asks then why she thinks only negative, she will also be famous if her husband is famous and forces friend to click her pics. Friend leaves frustrated. Rajesh smirks asking her to close the door properly or else people will barge in to click her pics.

Ammaji buys potato from vendor who quotes 30 rs per kg. She threatens him to give 3 kg for 25 rs or else Happu will send him to alien land. Vendor gets afraid and asks her to take it for free. Amma says she doesn’t take anything for free and quotes half prices. He gives chilli, coriander leaves, and curry leaves for free. At school, teacher complains principal against Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi that they didn’t complete homework and are not studying well. They all 3 boasts that their father thought of introducing principal to aliens. Teacher says their school name will be tarnished if they don’t study well. Principal asks how is incomplete homework related to alien visit. They say if they had been busy doing homework, alien would have been angry for ingoring them and then would have broken principal’s head. Principal gets emotional and orders teacher to apologize kids. Teacher apologizes. Principal sends children to class.

Kamlesh disguised as alien meets Kat and misbehaves with her. She gets angry and walks away asking her not to talk to her like that. Kamlesh gets happy. At home, a man from alien research institute and offers 50 lakhs prize for Happu as he met aliens. Rajesh freezes hearing about 50 lakhs prize. He says her husband will get 50 lakhs cash and a certificate. She asks only 50 lakhs. He says her husband will get more if she can prove that Happu met aliens and spet time with them. She says he will get proof and he should be ready with prize. He agrees. She excitedly prays god and thinks what all she can do with 50 lakhs.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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