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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasudev thinking he can’t take risk of putting other’s child in risk for his child’s safety. Yog Maya gives him darshan and says don’t worry, I am yog Maya, have taken birth from Yashoda’s womb, but will take place of Devki’s 8th child. Vasudev feels grateful to witness the divine miracle. He keeps his son in the cradle and walks out with the baby yogmaya.

Krishn looks at yashoda and others from the cradle. Devraj asks who will do first darshan of the God. Everyone insists to go. Devraj says we all will go. Vasudev comes back to the prison and the jail gets locked by itself and he gets chained. Devki sees him and asks why did you come back with our son. She takes the baby in her lap and says this is not our son. Vasudev says she is Yashoda’s daughter and is born today. Yashoda says you got ready to sacrifice the girl to save my life. She feels bad for Yashoda. Vasudev says nothing of that sort will happen. Kans wakes up hearing the baby cry. Soldier tells him that Devki’s 8th child is born. Daimaa and soldiers gain consciousness. Daimaa goes inside the prison and sees the baby. She says this is a girl. Devki asks her to ask Kans to spare the girl. Kans comes there and takes the baby in his hands forcibly. Devki pleads infront of him and says this is not boy, but girl. Kans says girl. He comes out and asks Narayan if he was afraid and born as a girl. Devki and Vasudev come there. Kans says you didn’t see your sons dying before you. She asks Narayan to take Maha Bali of Kans, and throws the baby on floor, but the baby flies away in the sky and the divine lights falls on him. The baby becomes Yog Maya and gives them darshan. Mahadev says this is the precious moment, and I can sacrifice anything for this. Yog Maya tells Kans that his cruelty will end with his death. She says I am not Devki’s born child, I am Yog Maya and a shakti. She says Devki’s 8th son is born and you can’t touch him. She says when your death time will come, he will come to you by himself. She asks him to start the countdown of his death. Kans is shocked. Devki laughs and asks what happened, I am seeing fear in your eyes, and says sinister Kans. Kans says where your son will go and where will he stay away from my sight. I will search him, even if I have to kill all the boys of Mathura. Devki smiles.

Balram comes to Krishn and touches his feet. He says from today you are my younger brother and that’s why I will call you tum. Krishn smiles. Balram swings the cradle. He sees Rohini about to wake up and goes. Kaushalya wakes up and asks where is my lalla? Nanda says we have a daughter and not son. Yashoda looks at Krishn and smiles, seeing the baby to be same, as she had seen and described him. She says baby wrapped in pitambara and says I knew that you will come. She says you are very beautiful and calls him Lalla. She says my Lalla. She tells Nanda that this is a boy. Nanda asks what? Yashoda says I was sure that son will be born. Nanda gets doubtful. Rohini says I thought she is a girl and congratulates her. Nanda congratulates Yashoda for her victory. Yashoda asks why is he not crying, why I didn’t hear him crying. She asks Nanda and Rohini to check him. Nanda says our lalla is healthy and very soon you will hear his voice. He says I will be right back and goes. Yashoda cries and asks lalla to make her hear his cry once. Her tear drop falls on him and he starts crying. Yashoda calls Nanda and takes the baby in her lap. Mahadev folds his hands hearing him and says my Aaradhya’s invitation has come. He says I am coming soon.

Mahadev appears before the Devs, and tells that he will do the first darshan, as time has come to meet him. Devraj says you had said that you will not go. Mahadev says I got his invitation now, I will go surely now. Surya Dev’s sunlight falls on Kanha and he greets him.

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Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Anurag cheers up Kajol


Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila picking Kajol’s call. Kajol says I can’t come today. Sharmila asks if everything is fine. Kajol says I am stuck at home and couldn’t go out today. Sharmila says we were dependent on you for the arrangements. Kajol says I have booked the idol and asks her to pick up. Sharmila says ok, and asks her to try to come after sometime. Anurag gets upset and says if she don’t want to come, then let it be. Why are you pleading infront of her and saying please. He asks her to take Priyanka’s help. Anurag says we shall not ask for help from people, who can’t help. Sharmila says Kajol is alone at home. Anurag goes without hearing her. Kajol ends the call hearing him. She thinks why everyone thinks me wrong.

Dr. Anurag leaves from home and thinks to go and meet Kajol. A balloon seller asks him to buy balloon for his girlfriend. Anurag says do you think that I have a girlfriend and gets angry. The balloon says you are so arrogant, who will love you. Anurag gets down angrily. He sits back in the car and comes to Kajol’s house. Kajol is singing the song. Anurag listens to her song. Kajol keeps the clothes for drying while singing. Anurag admires her from outside of the house. She sits and continues to sing. She lies on the floor and sings, and gets teary eyes. Anurag thinks I shall not go inside. He is about to leave, when he collides with something and it falls down. Kajol gets up from floor and looks at Anurag. Shreya thinks you have betrayed me.

Ayaan tells that they came to surprise them, but instead got shock. He says we had a long flight, we shall freshen up. Ayaan asks Shreya to come, and asks her not to get involved much. Kajol says Dr. Anurag, you are here. Anurag is about to say. Kajol says I am heartless, it is easy to give certificate to someone. She says if I was heartless, then wouldn’t have called your Pishimaa. She says everyone went to Arjun’s house with the alliance, and says I tried to stop them, but they think me wrong. And even you, even you misunderstands me and says when my family members don’t understand, then why to complain from you. She says I am not bad, I wanted to help your Pishimaa, but Maa asked me to stay at home. She says what I shall do? She asks him to go and says I don’t want to talk anything. Anurag thinks he has increased Kajol’s pains, although she is in much pain. He recalls his words. Kajol cries recalling his words. She sits on the floor and cries. Anurag couldn’t see her tears, and thinks to bring smile on her face. He thinks he will apologize to her. He leaves.

Naina, Chandana and others come back. Naina says Arjun is having a big house, just the marriage is fixed, and we go so many gifts. She asks her siblings to check the gifts. Apu says you are much excited, open all the gifts and see. Naina scolds him and says you will know my value, when I go from here. Naina makes a video call to Arjun. He says my would be wifey, did you reach home? Naina signs him to look at Kajol behind her. She says the bangles given by your mother, is too heavy. Arjun says I wish, I was in your hands, and would have met you before. He asks if the door bell is rang? Naina asks did you send something for me. She asks Kajol to hold the phone. Naina opens the door and finds bouquet. He tells the same lines which he used to say to Kajol. Kajol understands. Naina thanks Arjun. Kajol tells Pishimaa that Arjun is not the right guy for Naina. Naina asks her to stop putting his bad sight on them. Shreya knocks on the door. Arjun finds Shreya outside. He tells her that he is in an important call. Shreya shows their recording. Naina asks can we go for shopping? Arjun says ok. Shreya thinks she will not leave him. Naina asks him not to talk to his bhabhi like he used to before. He says ok. Arjun comes out of his room and takes Shreya inside his room. Ayaan talks to Shreya’s dad and calls her. He thinks she had warned her.

Kajol thinks Arjun is a betrayal guy and can’t keep her happy. I can’t do anything, even after knowing this. Kajol finds balloons coming to her balcony, and finds chit with it, written by the NGO girl. Anurag asks her to see if Didi is seen. The girl says no and then says yes. Anurag gets up and looks at Kajol. He admires her as she smiles. He thinks I can’t reach you directly, but can become the reason for your smile indirectly. Kajol smiles looking at the balloons.

Precap will be added later.

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav and Simar takes reverse rounds and breaks marriage vows


Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar asking Aarav to free her from their relation. Aarav is shocked and says Simar. Badi Maa says all the 7 vows which you both have taken during marriage, shall break them today in this mandap. Badi Maa tells that this is the end of your feelings, and connection with her so that there is no reason to look back. She asks Pandit ji if Jaimala and Varmala is ready. He says yes. Roma is walking on the road holding her trolley. Rajendra asks Shobha what happened? Shobha asks them to not to defend illiterate Roma, and says she is mannerless, voiceless etc. She says dutiful bahu is Divya who brought so many gifts and jewellery, and asks if anyone can compete with Divya. Rajendra says I can’t believe that whatever happened is truth or not, and says you are not ashamed and feeling proud. Shobha asks if Roma has done right. Lalit says Roma haven’t done the right thing today. Shobha says if you want then you can go to your sasural and stay. Lalit comes out and looks for Roma, but she is not there.

Indu asks Gagan if he has invited the kanyas for the kanyapujan. He says yes. Indu worries for Avinash and says I am worried for him. He doesn’t talk to anyone much, and stays lost. Gagan says I have noticed too, this has happened due to me, I will talk to Papa. He goes and calls Avinash. Avinash gets up in shock. Gagan asks are you fine? Roma comes there and hears them. Avinash says yes, I am fine. Gagan says I will fix your specs in the morning. He says tell me, I will write. Avinash says I will write. Gagan asks what is he writing? Avinash says resignation. He says Dean sir called me and told that I got a bad image due to court and that’s why trustees don’t want me to work in the college. They ask me to write the resignation else I will be thrown out of the college. Gagan says I will handle everything. Indu also says the same and says I will bring ginger tea for you. Avinash says I don’t want anything now. Roma is still standing and hearing them. Indu sees her in the mirror, but Roma goes away from there. Gagan gets Reema’s call and she tells him that Vivaan is in hospital and is in critical condition. He asks what happened? Reema asks him to arrange B negative blood and don’t tell anyone. Gagan says ok. Indu comes out of the house, looking for Roma and thinks if I misunderstood. She goes inside the house again. Roma is hiding behind the car and cries.

Simar and Aarav are seated for the reverse rounds. Badi Maa says the chandan woods which you got from your Narayan family for Aditi, today it is being used for you and says this is destiny. She asks Pandit ji to do the vidhi. Pandit ji tries to light the fire to the wood, but it doesn’t catch the fire. Badi Maa is shocked, everyone looks on. Aditi tells Badi Maa that even God don’t want this, and says it is a sign of God that wood is not lighting. Badi Maa asks her to go and stand on her place silently. Simar pours ghee on the havan wood and surprises everyone with her sacrificing move. She then lights the match stick and burns the wood. The havan wood catches fire. Simar says it is the destiny of ice to melt into water, and it is the destiny of wood to turn into ashes. Badi Maa is surprised and says now the reverse rounds will start. She says Pandit ji will tell all the vows one by one and Aarav and this girl will break it one by one. Aarav and Simar hold each other’s hands. They stand up. Pandit ji says now the bride and groom shall start the reverse rounds. Aarav and Simar start taking the reverse rounds, while Pandit ji tells about the marriage vows. Aarav and Simar start to break the promises and vows one by one, with each round. Sandhya cries. Simar is about to break the promise, but Aditi stops her. Simar breaks the promise. Pandit ji also feels bad and asks them to start the 4th reverse round. Aarav and Simar break the 4th and 5th vows with the heavy heart. Pandit ji asks them to start the 6 rounds. Simar breaks the vows. Chitra and Giriraj smiles. Pandit ji says 7th and last round. They take the reverse round for the last time. Simar is about to faint and falls. Aarav holds her. Badi Maa gets tensed and asks Maharaj ji to bring water. Aarav holds Simar. Maharaj brings water for him. Aarav makes her drink water. Simar breaks the last vow and cries. Aarav with a heavy heart, tries to break the last vow. He drinks water from the glass, drank by Simar. Badi Maa gets upset. He says I, Aarav Oswal breaks this vow. Sandhya and Aditi cries. Gajendra feels bad.

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Vidrohi 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update



Vidrohi 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu and Kalyani fighting the soldiers. He asks the doctor to come with him, he has to save someone’s life. Kalyani folds hands. Doctor goes with them. The guard goes to Fletcher and says camp got attacked. Fletcher leaves in anger. Jagabandhu asks the doctor to treat Maharaj. Gadadhar asks how shall we trust him, he can do anything wrong. Doctor says my duty is to save the patient, without seeing if he is a friend or an enemy. Everyone stands outside. Doctor says Radha had treated Maharaj until I came, she made my work easy. Kalyani hugs Radha and cries.

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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Aai calls Nupur’s parents home


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandira saying thanks Kamini for stopping me, my confusion is clear now, Nupur is still in Milind’s life. She leaves. Aai asks what’s this Milind. He says Nupur was going to stay here for 30 days, still 5 days are left, she is unwell, she will stay here. Kamini argues. Aai scolds Milind and tells her decision. She says Nupur can’t come here. He says I want to help Nupur for the sake of humanity. They argue. Nupur says no, I will leave. Milind says you will stay here, you said you just have your respect, use your rigidity in future, its my decision that you will stay here. He asks Aai to respect her words, she asked him to decide for family and business. Shashi signs yes to him. Milind thinks at least dad agreed with me. Nupur asks where is Chiku. Chiku comes. Milind says you can come inside. Milind and Chiku take Nupur to the room. He says I will not leave you alone in this state. Nupur says I know you are great, but I will handle myself. He says fine, I have left you here now. Chiku and Milind joke about Nupur’s anger.

Nupur asks Milind to go and see his eyes, he is also angry, she doesn’t want his favor. He says fine, focus on what I m doing. Chiku says he is right, if you go with me, and get fainting, then I can’t handle you, I can’t take care of you, Milind handles you like a hero. Kaka gets Nupur and Chiku’s bags and medicines. Milind asks Nupur to have medicines. Chiku says I will take care of her now. He says I m calling the doctor in the morning. He goes. Chiku acts like him and laughs. Nupur smiles. Aai comes and says you are here for 5 days. She scolds her a lot and says you fell in my eyes. Chiku asks her to stop scolding Nupur. Aai says I will expose you both in front of Milind, coming 5 days will be bad for you, its my promise.

Its morning, Nupur and Chiku share the dry bread. Milind gets breakfast for Nupur and says you are my responsibility, have breakfast. She says I don’t want to become your responsibility, I can take care of myself, you stopped me here, but I will go. He asks where will you go, we will consult a doctor, you can go if doctor permits you. She says we are not we now, we are separated now. He says fine, I m asking you to have breakfast first and then fight with me. Chiku says 2-2, I m counting who will win. She jokes.

Nupur says thanks Milind, but I m ousted from here, when Chiku was hungry one night, then I was insulted and refused, I can’t have food, your Aai can scold me a lot, I m tired, I have no strength to argue with Aai, please take all this away. Nupur’s mum and dad come to meet her. Nupur gets dizzy. Milind holds her and asks are you fine. She asks Chiku to take her. Chiku says she is stubborn. He says I know, take care of her. He gets a call. Nupur greets her parents. She says I m bit hurt, I m fine. She hugs her mum. She asks how did you come. Her dad says your Saas called us here, is everything fine, you have high fever. Aai and Kamini come. Aai taunts Nupur.

She says this house isn’t Nupur’s Sasural now. Naresh asks what are you saying. Aai says Nupur has decided to break her relation with Milind. Naresh and Abha get worried. Aai says Nupur is going to divorce to Milind for this chawl girl. Asha asks who is this girl. Kamini says Chiku is always with Nupur, she is the reason for Milind and Nupur’s relation getting spoiled. Naresh asks how did this happen. Nupur says its not Chiku’s mistake. Aai says she means we all are wrong, its my mistake to get Milind married to Nupur, after losing Payal, Milind handled Nupur and shared her sorrow, Nupur searched for Payal to hide her mistake, this girl is a thief, Nupur got her here, she loves her so much that she is divorcing Milind. Chiku cries.

Nupur and Chiku have a talk about Payal. Chiku cries and talks to Shashi. He sees the locket in her neck.

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Pandya Store 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara confronts Gautam and Anita


Pandya Store 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi asking Dhara to participate. Dhara refuses. Rishita asks what’s the problem. Dhara says Gautam is lying to me, he was with some girl at night. Raavi says maybe he was talking about work. Dhara says I know him since childhood, we are married since 10 years, I know he is lying. Raavi asks what shall I do, shall I die, I have to see Disha with Shiva every day, Disha killed Shiva that day. Gautam and everyone hear this. Gautam asks Shiva to come with him, and get a beating. Shiva says no. Rishita asks did Shiva kiss her back. Raavi says no, he didn’t, I wish to break their mouths. Rishita smiles. Dhara asks them to have breakfast. Rishita says how does it matter, Shiva and you are getting divorced. Raavi says Shiva is still my husband. She scolds him. He smiles. She says I will take part with you in the competition, I should know how much you know me, I think I understand you. They all smile.

Gautam says Shiva, look at her, she trusts you a lot, she is dreaming to win the best couple competition, you are thinking of Disha, very bad. He says we all are ready. Dhara says you all can participate, but I won’t participate with Gautam, until he tells me about the girl he was with, I want to hear the truth. Anita comes and says Gautam was with me last night, you want to know why. He worries. He asks Anita what are you doing, keep quiet. He asks Dhara do you believe her, not me. He says you have made me mad since yesterday. Dhara cries and asks really. Gautam says Anita, come with me. Anita asks why, let me tell the truth, doctor called Gautam, so he left Ramleela and went to meet her. Gautam asks her to stop it. Dhara asks why did doctor call Gautam. He shouts Anita and signs her not to say.

Anita says enough, let me tell the truth, Dhara, doctor called him to change your medicines, and advised him to keep you happy. Dhara asks are you lying now to save her. He asks Dhara to stop it, doesn’t she trust them. He says you had seen Anita with me, enough now, I m going to the shop, call me if you want to participate in the competition. Dhara asks why didn’t you tell this to me before, Anita is lying. Shiva says doctor asked us not to give stress to Dhara, if you lie to Dhara, then I will not leave you. Anita smiles.

Dhara asks what happened to you, why are you lying to me. Gautam goes. Shiva asks him to answer Dhara. Raavi asks what’s this new game, I won’t let you succeed. She consoles Dhara. She asks Dhara to go and get ready. She says Anita, you can never come between them. Anita says I told the truth to Dhara. Raavi asks her to stop meeting Gautam. Anita says fine, but if Gautam asks me to meet then I can’t refuse him. She goes. Janardhan tells Kamini about Pandyas insult. He says I won’t let Gautam’s dad’s dream get fulfilled, I will get that store. Kamini says Rishita will be home. He says I don’t want her back. Gautam gets rude towards a customer. Shiva and Dev see him and ask the matter. They ask Gautam to take care of Dhara. Gautam says you both will not understand it. Shiva says if you are doing wrong then.. Gautam says I m not doing anything wrong. Dev asks her to tell the truth to Dhara. Gautam says I went to the doctor and then met Anita on return. Shiva says at least tell the truth to me. Gautam throws slippers at them. He says you all are eating my head and putting affair into it, I will really have an affair. They ask him not to dare. He runs to beat them. They keep his slippers down. Dev says sorry, we can never dare so. He gets Rishita’s call. He says we have to go home and prepare for best couple competition, come. They leave.

Anita comes to meet Kamini. She says I came to give good news, I entered Gautam and Dhara’s lives as their friend. Kamini says go close to Gautam. Kirti comes. Anita leaves. She says she is Pandya family’s relative, what is she doing here. Kamini says I got to know her for Rishita’s sake, she can help us, don’t tell this to Rishita. Kirti agrees. Rishita asks Raavi to help her decide the dress. Raavi says you look pretty in any dress, you can wear these earrings. Rishita thanks her. She asks her not to behave like Dhara. Raavi says Anita is the reason for this, she wanted to marry Gautam. Rishita says you know Gautam since childhood, he can’t see anything else than Dhara. Raavi says I know he loves Dhara, but Anita… Rishita says Anita is sweet, try to understand, Anita isn’t married, she is young, stop it now, like Dev and you… Raavi stops her. Rishita says sorry, I mean to say you loved Dev but he regards you a friend, no need of doubt now, else I will doubt Dev and you. Raavi thinks no one is understanding me, it may get late till I explain them.

Suman asks Disha to get ready and come. Suman says Suman has planned to make Disha and Shiva take part. Rishita asks her to say what to do. Everyone comes in the competition. Suman calls Disha.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Mehandi Ceremony


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddharth/Anant notices maid watching him and runs towards her. Sagar tries to run and his wick falls off, he hides. Kanak stops Sid. Sid calls her bhabhi. Kanak asks why is he calling her bhabhi. He says his friend is marrying in this house and hence she is even his bhabhi; he further says that her maid was playing hide and seek here. Kanak says she can get him tea or coffee if he wants. He says he doesn’t need anything and walks away. Kanak pulls Sagar out and warns him to stay away from everyone’s attention, she came on time or else he would have been caught. Desai family sights moon to break karva chauth fast. Baa asks about Gehna. Kanak thinks Gehna goes missing always. Baa and others watch their husband’s faces and perform ritual. Gehna noticing Sid and Srivastav thinks she will cross leg Sid and diverting everyone’s attention towards him will break fast looking at Anant’s photo. She cross legs Sid, makes him fall, and looks at Anant’s photo. Sid stands up and confronts her for making him fall. Their argument starts. He angrily throws water on her face. She shouts how dare he is to throw water on her, does same, and walks away. Siya tells Sid that Gehna’s Kanhaji listened to her prayers and broke her fast via her Anantji. She praises Gehna’s idea.

Gehna returns to her room and cries that her heart says that her Anantji is around her, she didn’t feel weird when an unknown person broke her fast; she thought Kanhaji will break her fast via Anantji and her fast broke when Sid splashed water on her face, it means Kanhaji is indicating that Sid is her Anantji. Kanak tries to yell at Sid for splashing water on Gehna’s face and breaking her fast. Sid warns her to stop yelling at him and asks everyone if they didn’t see how Gehna argued with him, even his fast is spoilt by Gehna as he was fasting for his fiance. Siya acts impressed and asks is it baby. He says yes. Hiral asks to stop their baby baby drama and get out of their house. Sid with Siya tries to leave. Gehna stops him and says tomorrow is her mehandi ritual with Srivastav and hence Sid and Siya need to stay back from Srivastav’s side. She asks Sid to forget everything and stay back. He agrees. Once everyone leaves, he tells Srivastav that Gehna is hiding something and hence agreed to marry Srivastav. Srivastav says maybe its related to professor, he asked his sources to spy on Professor and find out his next moves.

In the evening, Gehna’s mehandi function starts. Tia checks mehandi design for Gehna. Kanak selects one and asks her to apply mehandi even to her after that. Hema murmurs Kanak is eager to send Gehna away. Kanak asks if she said something. Hema asks when will Gehna come. Kanak says Gehna is always late and walks in like a guest. Baa with Hiral brings Gehna and makes her sit for mehandi ritual. Srivastav says Gehna looks stunning. Anant warns him that Gehna is his bhabhi. Srivastas asks him not to lose control and get exposed today. Anant asks to control him if he does. Inebriated maid Sagar asks if he can apply mehandi to Gehna. Family agrees. He draws S on Gehna’s hand. Gehna asks what did he draw and senses a weird smell. Sagar says S for Srivastav. Kanak scolds her to bring tea and snacks for everyone and taking him to kitchen scolds him for getting inebriated. Sagar says Gehna is looking very beautiful. Kanak scolds him to be in his limits. Hema walks in next to get snacks.

Baa gets emotional thinking of Gehna’s bidayi/farewell. Bapuji comforts her. Anant says let us rock the event with dance. Siya and Tia dance on Aja mahi ve.. song. He joins them. Baa sings next emotionally for Gehna. Whole family joins later. Gehna looks at Anant and gets lost. Sagar in lieu of dancing seductively touches her. Gehna realizes he is Sagar.

Precap: Kanak confronts Sagar that Gehna is missing and asks where did he take her. She removes Sagar’s veil and is shocked to see Gehna instead.

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