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Ajooni 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Aman begs to let Shikha stay with them


Ajooni 6th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bebe tells Ravindra that I did a mistake by believing in all this so I am forgiving Rajveer and Ajooni for today only. All look on. Bebe asks what will we do about Shikha? she is innocent. Shikha cries and says I am telling you I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t plan the raid or anything else. Bebe says to think about our heir. Ravindra says lets talk about this at home, the family leaves from there.

Tantrika and her follower are running away from the police. She says this Rajveer and Ajooni closed my shop, I will take my revenge.

All family members come back home. Ravindra praises Rajveer and Ajooni for their bravery. He says you have made me proud. Rajveer says it was our duty. Ravindra tells Bebe that our Rajveer saved us all from believing nonsense. He gifts a diya box to Rajveer and says this is our family’s, I used this when I prayed for you and Harvinder so I want you both to use this and pray to the lord for our heir. They smile and take it. Ravindra tells the family that this drama shouldn’t happen in the house again. Rajveer tells Harsh that you also believed in all that? you gave this idea to Bebe, if you do this again then I won’t spare you. Rajveer says I just don’t understand who tempered with the breakfast that Ajooni made? Ravindra says someone mixed sand in it? he looks at Shikha and says you must have done it. Shikha says I didn’t do it, I even tried to capture Tantrika. Bebe says she was not even here at that time. Ravindra says she can go back her home, she can’t stay here. Harvinder comes there and says wait.. he says Shikha will live here only. Ravindra says you were silent all this time but now speaking up? Harvinder has an envelope. Ravindra asks what is it? he says its personal but Ravindra takes it. He finds his family photo with him but there is no Ajooni in the photo but Shikha is in the photo. Harvinder says Shikha is my wife so she will stay here. Ravindra takes the photo and cuts out Shikha’s face from it. All look on. Ravindra says if you care about Shikha so much then you can leave the house with her. Harvinder says if Rajveer takes a stand for his wife then its okay but I can’t take a stand for my wife? Rajveer says don’t compare Ajooni with Shikha. Harvinder tells Ravindra that I won’t allow anyone talk bad about my wife. Ravindra asks him to shut up. Harvinder says if Shikha leaves the house then I will kill myself. He puts a knife on his neck so all get worried. Harvinder says I always get insulted and no one listens to me. Ravindra says he is just doing drama, I will show him. He takes a sword and says kill yourself with this. Harvinder gets scared. Bebe says stop it. Ravindra asks Harvinder to stab himself if he can but you can’t because you are not brave like Rajveer. Harvinder says you want to see my bravery? he takes the sword but Aman and Harman stop him. Aman cries and tells Ravindra that if he likes Shikha then let her stay here, she sits in his feet and says I am begging you. Ravindra blesses her and says you are so innocent, this Shikha is your enemy and this husband of yours doesn’t even love you but you are begging for their happiness. Aman cries and says I am asking for this as your daughter, please let Shikha stay here. Ravindra tells Harvinder that you are here because of this girl but I won’t change my mind, Shikha can stay here but she will stay in Chanku’s room only, He takes Harman from there. Shikha thinks I will clear their safe soon and I won’t spare Ajooni-Rajveer. She hugs Harvinder and smirks.

PRECAP – Ravindra tells Bebe that we got a good proposal for Dolly, I don’t want any drama today. Ajooni tells Bebe that she will get Dolly ready as the groom’s family is coming to see her. Shikha hears that and thinks I will mess this up.

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Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Maya Opens Up About her Tragic Past


Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maaya says they would have seen a club dancer in a TV serial and said that such women destroy the society, we get destroyed instead. She says people say we can do some other job, but its easier said and life very difficult; women preserve their jewelry for bad times, we had to sell our jewel of shame; there are also good people like Anuj and bad people like Arun who die to watch dancer in club and hate them; her father had named her Uttara, a star, and gave her good sanskars as he was a poojari and she had visited many temples. Anupama comforts her. Maaya says fate introduced her to a boy whom she truly loved, but he betrayed her; she ignored her parent’s advice and eloped with that boy to Mumbai where she married him and lived in his aunt’s house which was actually a brothel; human trafficking is real; even Sushma faced same problem; they must have heard such problem, but we lived it; she repeatedly tried to elope and was caught and beaten to the core. She breaks down. Sushma comforts her.

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dua tells the family that I will tell them everything about Gazal.. Dua is about to expose her but Gazal tells Hina that just don’t be angry with Dua anymore. Hina says but I am. Gazal says Dua did everything for her brother only. Hina says Altaf deserved all that. Dua says its not about Altaf.. Gazal hugs her and says I know you had to choose between your brother and your friend. I have forgiven Altaf because he saved the family’s honor. She holds Ruhaan’s hands and says I can’t thank you enough for fighting for my honor. Dua says I will tell the truth. Hina asks her to end it, lets’s close this matter. Haider says she is right, let’s just end this matter. He takes Dua from there. Dadi says this Gazal is very smart.

Ruhaan thanks Dua and says I don’t think I did anything wrong by beating up that Altaf. Dua says you should be thankful you are safe, why did you go and beat him up? Ruhaan says because I.. Dua says you can tell me anything. Ruhaan says because he tried to molest Gazal and I can’t bear that because.. I love her a lot. Dua is shocked and says you are joking right? Ruhaan says no, I love Gazal as much as Haider loves you. Dua says no.. you can’t love her, she is not right. Ruhaan says what do you mean? Dua says she doesn’t love you. Ruhaan says who told you that she doesn’t love me? Dua says Gazal told me that she doesn’t love you. She thinks I am sorry for lying. Ruhaan says that can’t be true. Dua says she told me that and you should forget about her. I know what’s good for you and Gazal is not. Ruhaan recalls his moments with Gazal and says I will go and clarify with her. Dua says no, please promise to not talk to her as she might leave the house which won’t be good for Hina. Ruhaan says this is destroying me. Dua says if you talk to her then this family will destroy, promise me that you won’t talk to Gazal about this. Ruhaan promises her. Dua thanks him so he leaves. Dua says this Gazal has trapped Ruhaan too, I should talk to Haider.

Scene 2
Dua comes to Haider and says I have to talk to you about Gazal, she told me herself that she provoked Altaf. Haider says you started again? don’t go on Altaf’s words, he is taking advantage of your innocence, why would Gazal put her character in danger? Dua says because she doesn’t want to get married and leave this house. Haider says what? Dua says you can ask Dadi too. Haider says I know Dadi doesn’t like Gazal, I don’t want to talk about this anymore, he leaves. Dua says he is not even

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua saves Ruhaan from getting arrested


Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ruhaan tells the inspector yes I beat Altaf. All are shocked, Ruhaan says he did wrong that’s why I did it. The inspector is arresting him so Hina and Gulnaz plead with Haider to do something. Haider asks the inspector if there is any way? I just want some time. He goes to call the commissioner and tells him everything. The commissioner says there was already a complaint filed so he has to be arrested. Dua stops the inspector and asks him to give her a chance too, I can’t let Ruhaan go to jail, I will do something. She sees Gazal consoling Hina and thinks once I save Ruhaan then I will take care of her. Dua goes from there. Gazal thinks she will try to convince Altaf but he won’t listen, if Ruhaan gets arrested then Haider and Hina will go against her.

Dua comes to Altaf and pleads with him to take the complaint back. Altaf says I was insulted and then Ruhaan beat me, I won’t take the case back. Dua says please take the case back for Hina. Altaf says she has done a lot for us but I can’t forget how I was insulted and Ruhaan attacked me, don’t take their side. Dua cries and ask him to come with her.

The inspector tells Haider that we can’t wait anymore, we have to arrest Ruhaan. All are pleading with him to stop. Dua comes there and says Ruhaan is not going anywhere. She brings Altaf there, Haider smiles. Dua tells the inspector that Altaf took his complaint back. The flashback shows how Dua told Altaf that she promises to prove him innocent but for now please take the complaint back for her sake. The flashback ends. The inspector tells Ruhaan to not repeat the mistake, he leaves. Dua thanks Altaf for not letting Ruhaan g to jail, we are all thankful. Altaf says I did everything for you only, I will leave now. Dua asks Ruhaan to apologize to Altaf. Rahat asks him to say sorry. Haider says I should apologize too, he says sorry to Altaf and says I will be thankful for doing this for my brother, I am sorry, he asks Ruhaan too. Ruhaan says sorry to Altaf. Dua goes with Altaf. Gulnaz scolds Ruhaan. Hina tells him that he shouldn’t have done it. Rahat slaps Ruhaan and says you should have thought before doing all that. Our honor would have been tarnished if you went to jail. Haider puts his hand on his shoulder and asks him to calm down. Hina smiles.

Dua tells Altaf that thank you for supporting me, I will expose that Gazal soon. He nods and leaves. Dua thinks I have to expose Gazal now. She goes in the house, Rahat tells her that you are our protector, I can’t thank you enough. Dua says I can do anything for my family, don’t thank me. Haider says what you did was not easy, you did what I couldn’t do so thank you, he smiles at her while Gazal glares at her. Dadi blesses her but Hina says she didn’t do any favor on us, the police arrived here because of her only and then she sent them back. Dadi says you should be thankful to her. Hina says I am not wrong, she brought Altaf here and then he tried molesting Gazal and then Ruhaan beat him up so the police came here.. Dua is responsible for all this. Gazal smirks and thinks this is in my favor. Gulnaz says Hina is right, I am with her. Dadi says since when did this start? she asks Gulnaz to shut up. Dadi asks Dua what were you talking about Gazal before this happened? Gazal gets scared. Dua says I will expose everything.

The episode ends.

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Happu what is he searching? Happu gets helmet and says it is my safety measure, as I will be away from accident. He says many cases of accident come in the PS, which happened as the kids don’t wear helmet. Rajjo says you are right. Later in the night, Happu praises the food made by Rajjo. Amma also praises the food. Hritik says today you are praising Mummy. Amma asks him to have food silently. Chamchi and Hritik argue. Happu reminds them that they are real siblings. Ranbir says I will tell a joke. Rajjo asks him to tell. Ranbir says a man is going in the boat with his mother and wife and then the storm came. Amma says why did he go with both of them. Ranbir says the boat fell down and the three of them were hanging holding the boat. He asks Happu, whom that man will save. Happu finds himself in a fix. Rajjo says may be he will save his mother to return the debt of his mother’s milk. Amma says he might save his wife as she gave birth to his children. Happu scolds Ranbir for telling such a joke and says may be that guy got drowned in the sea, thinking he shall not save anyone. Rajjo and Amma look on.

Later Happu is massaging Amma’s feet. Amma says she used to massage his feet in his childhood. Dada ji says I used to do it. Amma lies to Happu that Dada ji told a joke, and says if the fire breaks out in the house, then what you will do. Happu says he will call fire brigade.

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Doosri Maa 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda comes to know that Ashok eloped


Doosri Maa 6th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashoda telling Inspector that he didn’t run, but went somewhere. She asks constable to tell where is Sinha Saheb. Constable says he is transferred and new Sir joined. The new Inspector asks her, how was her relation with her husband. Yashoda asks what do you mean? Inspector says we will get the details first and then will search. Yashoda tells that they have a happy family and has two daughters, if everything was not fine, then if I would have come and file report here. Inspector says you would have scolded your husband also like this. Amma tells that Krishna will not go to rasoi, and tells that she felt sympathetic and let Krishna stay here. Krishna tells that he will also go and search Sir ji. He says he will bring him back. Nupur says I will come with you. Krishna asks her not to call him Bhaiyya and says whoever gets related to me, gets troubled because of me. He goes. Aastha tells Nupur that they all have to bear so much because of him. Mahua also tries to provoke Nupur. Krishna is searching Ashok and enquires with the nearby shops. The auto driver tells that he knows about him. He says yesterday morning, he stopped my rickshaw and asked me to drop him at the bus stand. Krishna asks him to tell which bus, he had boarded. Auto driver says don’t know. Krishna thinks to go to PS and tell Yashoda.

The Inspector asks if he had any affair with someone. He says this is normal, illegitimate relations are the reason now a days, and asks if you came to know about the affair and that’s why he left. Krishna comes there and says Sir ji and Madam ji never have a fight, they love each other and trust each other too. He asks Inspector not to ask such questions from her. He tells yashoda that he came to know from auto driver that he had gone to bus stand. Yashoda says bus stand. She gets Arvind’s call and asks Inspector to enquire. Inspector assures her. Krishna asks what did Arvind uncle say? Yashoda asks him to go home. Krishna asks what is my mistake? Yashoda recalls Krishna is Mala’s son and tells that she will go and search her husband. Krishna thinks I want to help her, why she is rude to me, why everyone is blaming me and not telling me, what is my mistake.

Bansal comes there and shows Krishna’s birth certificate. Kamini says now I will tell everyone that Ashok is his father and then his respect will be fully gone. They laugh. Kamini says I will show, what I can do for proving me wrong. She says she will take revenge for the humiliation. She calls Mahua and asks her to come to her house fast.

Manoj and Arvind are at the bus stand. Arvind makes her meet his friend’s brother who has stall there. Yashoda asks what do you know? The guy tells that he saw Ashok buying ticket and he called her, but he didn’t see me. He says then I went to my stall. He says I didn’t see in which bus, he had boarded. He asks why you are saying this? Manoj says it is confirmed that Ashok went somewhere and asks her to tell truth to everyone. Arvind asks what truth? Yashoda says that Ashok ji left from home, and says she will not tell anyone, he is hero for everyone, and then he will be proved as runaway guy, and tells that everyone will be broken, so we will not tell anyone. She says Ashok ji will return and will tell everything to everyone. She cries and goes.

Mahua asks Kamini why did you call me here? kamini asks her to come and makes her see Ashok and Arvind’s photo frames. Mahua asks what is it? Kamini asks her to tell her, what is her value in her sasural? Mahua asks what you will do by knowing. Bansal says your betterment. Mahua says I have understood your wife well, and says jiji had stolen Yashoda’s 1 lakh, but didn’t give anything to me. She says she had planned the theft so well that I couldn’t know. She says she is a betrayal. Kamini says you have a Servant’s status in your sasural, since you get married, didn’t I see how the family behaves with you, you are educated, earns money, has govt job, but your family treats you more worse than a Servant. She instigates and provokes her, and says Yashoda and Ashok are valued at home, and your own husband don’t think about you. Bansal asks her to increase her status and tells that they think her as their family. She says nobody got that 1 lakh Rs. Kamini says you know that I didn’t get even 1 Rs and asks her to forget everything. She says your husband and your respect is in your hands, if you want it then I can advice you. She says I am thrown out of the house, that’s why I called you here to make you understand. Mahua recalls Amma and Babu ji treating Arvind badly. She asks Kamini, how this will happen. Kamini and Bansal look at each other. Kamini throws black powder on Ashok’s photo frame shocking Mahua.

Precap: Mahua comes home and says everything is found about Ashok Bhaiyya. Arvind asks what? Mahua shows Krishna’s birth certificate and says it is clearly written that Krishna’s father is Ashok Bhaiyya. Kamini throws black powder on Arvind’s photo frame also. Arvind sees the birth certificate. Yashoda reads it. Mahua asks her to see. Yashoda says this birth certificate is fake. Mahua says I am trying to tell about that man and you are trying to save that characterless man. Yashoda gets angry and slaps her hard.

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Bigg Boss 16 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 16 5th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 123
8 AM
The alarm blares and the anthem plays. Everyone comes and dances. Stan says Archana is acting all nice now. Shiv says and Shalin’s drama is also out.

2:30 PM
Shalin plays with Maheen. He says let’s meet after lunch. He sits with Maheen. BB sends groceries. Archana and Nimrit thank BB. Archana says to Nimrit I swear on my mom I didn’t do it intentionally. Nimrit says you should talk to him one on one. Archana says I will do his duty. Nimrit says I don’t do this he isn’t liking. Archana locks the bathroom and says it was my mistake. Shiv says I am fine. Nimrit says you realized your mistake that’s fine. Shiv says I am repenting. Archana asks how will he clean with one eye. Shalin says the show is ending. Archana says you are still doing good man acting. Shalin laughs. Nimrit says Archana don’t do it. Archana says I will. Shalin says you can do the dishes for me. Archana says you stop acting good man till the last day. Shiv says I am fine it’s okay. Archana says I was repenting. Shiv says it’s okay. Archana says you should rest. Shiv says I will tell you if it hurts. It’s fine.

8 PM
Shiv says now she knows she will end up looking bad. So she’s doing this. Archana says we’re part of colors now. Shalin says we are not sure about you. Priyanka laughs. Shiv says he has a different character from everyone. Many personalities. The perfect man for women. Archana says to Shalin we are scared of being linked to you. Priyanka says if anyone links with him they go out. Archana says we’re saving ourselves. Priyanka says see your history. Archana says he fooled me in the end too. I would stay away from him. Nimrit says even when we are six people no one would talk. Archana says we’re top 6 still mandali won’t talk to anyone. Priyanka says they might not be comfortable. Shiv says I don’t feel like it. Stan can’t handle their fakeness.

Shekhar Suman comes. The media asks Shekhar if would Shiv miss Archana. Shekhar says ye he will miss her while eating rotis without fights. Shekhar says in the buzzer task you all washed each other so bad if you washed Salman’s car you would get that in the tip. You washed all the makeup. He says Archana’s award is a pan. He says Archana did Stan’s haldi, he will get married to boba outside now. SHalin will get a dhol (drum). He was banged from both sides. He says the next award is a foot that Priyanka puts into other’s matters. Shiv and MC have one award from box 4. It’s shaking hands for their friendship. Shekhar says MC has made 4 abs here. But it won’t get you, girls, look at Shalin. Shekhar says Maheen hates you both for b*t*hing in her blue house all the time. Nimrit got a pair of glasses from Mr. India. She’s only seen when she’s the captain. Nimrit says no sir. Shekhar comes inside the house and meets everyone. He meets Priyanka. He hugs everyone. He says all have won so many hearts. The season is so successful. Archana gives him tea. He says you all look nice. He says I saw Shalin he went through a lot. I felt it when he was there in the confession room. You’re all winners. MC is opening up too. Stan says I learned here a lot. BB says the real good man of the season is also here. I am not talking about Shalin but a real good man, Shekhar Suman. I thank you for being part of the season. Shekhar says I had such a good time. It was so nice, I bonded with all of them. They all hug him.

12 AM
Archana says I was angry. Shalin provoked me too. He acts all nice in the end.

Day 127
1:45 PM
Archana says it’s a scar on my face. Archana says to apply the cream. Nimrit also had it. Priyanka says mine is different. Archana says you can keep crying about it. Priyanka says I don’t cry about things like you. Priyanka says are you a doctor? Don’t be after me. Archana says I care for you. Priyanka says you better not.

BB says you’re all part of the finale. The votes will tell who is number 1. Before that, we want to see who’s number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This will be the last grocery task of the season as well. You will all decide who will be on each number. 1 will be the most deserving. The one on number 1 will have the most grocery. 7-step has common grocery. The task starts. Archana says number 6 is Nimrit. She has only been in mandali’s shadow and is here because of the. Shalin says for me too it’s Nimrit. She’s only seen when she is the captain. Shekhar sir also said the same. Nimrit says those are jokes. Shalin says you’ve played the least here. Nimrit says if fighting and fake bonds are your involvement that’s no my nature. This show is about showing your real side and I am like this in real life. Archana says so stay here like a statue? Nimrit says if I were a statue I won’t’ have been here. You can say these lines. Priyanka says we will name it and not get it discarded. Nimrit says if two people say they will disagree. Priyanka says for me it’s Stan. He didn’t want to stay here. Finally, he made up his mind but he’s still not as involved. Shiv says this game is about personality. Everyone showed their real sides. But there is one person who still has no personality. People are still confused about him. It’s Shalin. Shalin says I don’t fight. I mind my own business. I was confused but that’s human. Shiv says you couldn’t show your reality. Nimrit says for me it’s Shalin. Buzzer blares. Shalin says okay I will go on 6. I don’t want to lose food for these arguments Nimrit won’t go.

The round starts for number 5. Archana says it’s for Nimrit. She has no opinion. She didn’t even listen to her dad. Nimrit says stop involving my add. Archana says you’ve always hidden behind people. Nimrit says I made friends. We have different personalities. I can’t like this. Shalin says for me it’s Nimrit. She was reminded again and again. Archana says you were called Sumbul. Nimrit says you were compared with Swami om. Don’t get personal. You went out as well.

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