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Mere Sai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalavati announces free dance show in Shirdi


Mere Sai 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya upset, her father says how long will you be this way. Kalavati visits them. Vidya’s father scolds her for coming. Kalavati apologies and says it was my fault don’t punish Uddhav. Vidya’s father says how much did Uddhav pay you to say this. Kalavati says Uddhav choose to tell truth, which says he has understood his mistake, please give him one chance. Vidya’s father in law says I had dreams for my daughter and had earned it for my daughter, you tell me how to forgive for such sin.

Kalavati walks to Vidya and says I am reason behind this problem and I will solve this problem, I will take care of Vidya’s wedding. Vidya says okay but how will you manage money. Kalavati says I know what to do, you all just get ready for marriage.

Next day Kamla announces Kalavati’s show for free. Baizmaa hears that asks Patil, did Sai’s teachings not help Kalavati, she again wants to dance.
Workers from mill get very happy. Villagers don’t like it.

Villagers walk to Sai. Patil says Sai, we helped and were good with Kalavati but now look she is openly organising shows, this will be bad for kids also. Tatya says Shirdi will change. Sai holds Tatya’s neck, everyone shocked. Sai asks Tatya to turn around, Tatya says my neck was stuck thankyou Sai. Sai smiles. Sai says Rambha I wasn’t killing him but helping him and so without knowing truth you can’t judge someone and doon you all will know reason behind Kalavati’s show.

Balvant walks to Kulkarni and asks him to sign on this mill, it says you are transferring mill shares to me and you woll be paid. Kulkarni asks why will I sign. Balvant says why should I allow you share because you don’t show any effort, you said you are head here and nothing goes against you hut yesterday you lost to a dancer. Kulkarni says it was Sai’s black magic. Balvant says you and your excuses, Kulkarni says don’t cross your lines. Balvant says Kalavati is dancing for free and what you did. Kulkarni says why did she but now she willd dance for me or never, I will go to any heights but win.

Chetan, Ragini and other kids not allowed to go play because of Kalavati’s free show.
Mill workers anden start arriving for the show. Supervisor comes with head covered. Mill workers recognise him and make fun of him. Kalavati thinks how will I make my point with such less people. Few men look at Kalavati with bad intentions. Kamla walks to her and says don’t be scared pray to Sai. Kalavati prays to Sai. Sai leaves Dwarka Mai.
People see Sai and follow him. As Sai walks doors of people houses open automatically and they start following Sai.

Kalavati sees a ray of light and Sai walk in with villagers. Supervisor hides. Villagers surprised on arriving at Kalavati’s show. Kalavati in tears. Patil asks Sai, why did you get us here, we don’t want to see her dance. Sai says don’t judge her before you see her dance and if anyone finds her performance unethical you all can leave and asks Kalavati to start her performance.

Kalavati gets a donation box Mill worker says you said it’s free show then why this. Kalavati says I have decided to leave Shirdi but before that I want some money for something good and its not compulsory, if you like my dance do donate, Sai please bless me. Sai blesses Kalavati.

Kalavati about to start her performance, a glass bottle breaks near her foot. Kulkarni walks in with his men.

Pre cap: Kulkarni says of she starts her performance, I will break so many dances she won’t be able to stand. Sai says to Kalavati don’t be scared you are doing this for something good, Kulkarni asks his men to start throwing glass bottle.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Tiwari and Vubuti’s lies


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari asks Vibhu why is he crying. David says just remembering good old days. Tiwari asks what will you not tie but. David says I was saying Vibhu hated tying his pyjama knot. Vibhu offers Tiwari a seat. Vibhu says now Anu will tie Rakhi we will be relative. Tiwari says she won’t Angoori will tie you. Vibhu says she won’t. Both start arguing.

Anu buying vegetable, a man passing by passes loose comments on her. Anu asks him to back off. Anu about to slap him, he holds her hand. Tiwari walks to him and says how dare you and hits him. Anu says thankyou brother. Tiwari wakes up and realises it was a dream. Angoori says I was waiting for you upstairs. Tiwari says to her I saw a nightmare that bhabhiji is tying me rakhi, Angoori says what is bad in it. Tiwari says its written in my Kundali, if I allow someone else to tie rakhi, her husband will face all the negativity and may die too, Angoori says oh God don’t then.

Vibhu visits Angoori, Angoori greets him and asks how is he, Vibhu says something pulls me always towards you, Angoori says that is because we have a relationship and I dreamt about it too, close your eyes and removes rakhi and says for my brother.
Anu wakes Vibhu up, Vibhu says good it was just a dream. Anu asks whats the matter. Vibhu says remember my sister Tina, I treat her as my sister and she tied me rakhi once and her husband and mother in law died and she has a hard life now. Anu says I will talk to Angoori and Tiwari about this, we have to talk to them.

Tiwari’s and Mishra’s together. Vibhu tells them he can’t tie Rakhi because of what happened to Tina. Tiwari says I faced same issue with my schoolmate Shamvati, she tied me Rakhi, failed 5 times, married a elder ill man, soon he died too and now she lives a very hard time.
Shamvati walks in, Tiwari asks who are you. She says I am Shamvati. Angoori says you don’t look like his classmate. Shamvati says because he failed 8 times in 5th. Shamvati says is happily married to a 5 year younger man and lives a good life, since she tied rakhi to Tiwari, her days changed and she is 70 Crores owner. Vibhu says Tiwari is such a liar, my sister is real and I am not a liar. Tina walks in and says hi to everyone and says I can never forget sending you rakhi. We are meeting after 10 years. Tina says same here. Anu asks Vibhu to get ready for rakhi. Angoori says to Tiwari, he needs to get ready too.

Everyone gathered in model colony for Rakshabandhan. Anu and Angoori drag Vibhu and Tiwari to function. Suresh asks why are they upset, you just have to get rakhi tied from your bhabhi. Gupta asks David, why is this need to be so much upset. David says you will understand when a bhabhi ties you rakhi.
Angoori says to Anu that she is very excited and how is Vibhu as brother. Anu says a very bad one doesn’t know how to keep up with relations is sisters hate him. Anu asks how is Tiwari as brother. Angoori says he has one sister and she stays in Uganda and he once borrowed money from them and never answered their calls then.

Suresh asks Tiwari and Vibhu to get rakhi tied. Teeka and Tilu pull Tiwari and Vibhu out of chair. Both make excuses to not tie rakhi. Commissioner stops them. Suresh says you are here at right time. Comissioner says your bad days have come, Supreme court announced results in name of Model colony and you can no longer be able to claim this colony. Suresh runs away. Angoori says lets complete rakshabandhan. Anu says yes. Tiwari and Vibhu run away.

Pre cap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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Bhagya Lakshmi 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Malishka tries to distract Ayush and Lakshmi


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Malishka why did she come in a hurry? Ayush asks what happened, do you want to check anything. Malishka asks what? Ayush says you came fast, may be to search something. Malishka says she came to call Lakshmi for puja. Lakshmi says come. Ayush stops her and asks Malishka to help them find the proofs. Malishka says if you are joking then I have no time, says she is going downstairs. She thinks he was at Lakshmi’s side, then at my side and then again at Lakshmi’s side. Ayush stops her and asks her to come. He says I am very serious, we are searching a fraud whom we are searching. Malishka asks whom? Ayush says ponga pandit. Malishka asks who is he? Ayush says you didn’t know and says I saw him coming here. He asks her to search him. Malishka says how will I know him, and says if he is not sure then would have escaped. Ayush says no chance as Police is standing downstairs, infact he is in this room and that’s why I am asking you. Malishka thinks if he is doubting me. Lakshmi asks Ayush what is he doing? Ayush says he is testing Malishka, and says if she catches him then she is not involved. Malishka thinks what game he is playing with me with Lakshmi and thinks Balwinder fooled Police and escaped. She sees Balwinder behind the sofa. Ayush notices her reaction. Malishka asks are you sure that he is here? Ayush says yes and ask her to go. Malishka says you have wasted my so much time and asks them to come. She tells Lakshmi that she shall have some sense and says if anyone asks, then I have to take you name. Lakshmi asks her to go and take her name. Ayush tells Lakshmi that the fraud is here. He asks Lakshmi to come, and says even we shall go. Lakshmi says yes, lets go. They pretend to open the door and close it. Balwinder realizes that he is acting smart with him. Ayush and Lakshmi are about to check behind the sofa.

Rishi looks at the kalash. Karishma stops him. Ahana says let him check. Rishi asks them not to worry. He finds an open wire and tells that this is someone’s well planned masterplan. He holds the wire and finds it connected to the switch box. He says when Lakshmi touched the kalash, someone switched it on. Ahana says who will do this? Rishi says that Pandit. Kiran asks Rishi to leave the wire and says if anything happens to you. Rishi says Lakshmi and our family’s enemy will be caught. Malishka thinks to send Rishi to Lakshmi, so that he diverts her attention. She says she is feeling bad for Lakshmi after whatever happened with her. She asks Rishi to be with Lakshmi and bring her downstairs. Rishi says ok, thanks. He says first I will tell this to Durga Devi and then will go. He tells Durga Devi that he is sure that the fraud Pandit had come here to kill Lakshmi. He shows the live wire which was connected to the plug. Durga Devi says so you want investigation to be on. She asks who has called the fraud here. Karishma says when he came, Kiran said that she knows him and she is trustworthy and family to us. Virender says yes, Karishma told me. Kiran says I didn’t know that he is fraud. Rishi says if he is called by Kiran aunty then why did he run away. Durga Devi says Ayush told that he went to guest room. Rishi says Lakshmi is also there. Malishka says we had checked but nobody was there. She says he ran away. Durga Devi asks are you sure? Malishka says we have checked and nobody was there. She thinks he escaped. Durga Devi says he was Balwinder and knows everything about whatever happening here, and that’s why he acted to be Pandit and came here. Rishi says he must have kept eyes on us.

Durga Devi says someone is giving him all the info and looks at Malishka. Rishi comes to the guest room. Balwinder hides just as Ayush and Lakshmi’s attention is diverted. Rishi tells that Durga Devi said that the pandit was Balwinder. Ayush thinks seeing Malishka’s reaction, he felt that he is here. Balwinder is hiding. Rishi says Malishka told that he is not here. Ayush says his gut feeling is saying that he is here. Rishi says first I will handle him then Inspector Durga. They search him. Lakshmi collides with Rishi. Rishi asks if she don’t find any excuse to get closer to him. She hits her head with his head and says I don’t need to make excuse to come closer to you, I can come just like that. Ayush says I really wish that you don’t get separated. He tells Rishi that now love also happens, and tells him that he saved Lakshmi as he loves her. Lakshmi gets emotional. Ayush says we shall search him and his partner. Balwinder closes his eyes and gets worried. Rishi is about to see Balwinder, when Malishka comes there and calls Rishi. She asks why you are stuck with them and asks them to think about Dadi, until when you will make her wait, puja is important to her. Rishi says lets go from here. Balwinder checks outside and finds Durga Devi standing. He thinks what to do, thinks to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony and thinks to write their names. He sees saree kept in the packet and wears it. He comes out wearing the saree. The constable tells Lady constable that Balwinder is here, and asks her to catch him. The lady constable asks him to stop.

Precap will be added later.

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Apnapan 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi prays for her kids


Apnapan 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick asking Nandita to take rest. She thinks to keep him engaged. He asks for her phone to make calls. She drops her phone and says sorry. He says you maybe really weak, take rest. She says I do everything for you and kids. She thinks no one would know about Pallavi. Badal talks to the nurse. He says I m Nick and Pallavi’s eyes. She says you are very handsome. He asks how do you know them. She says Sonali, Pallavi and I were best friends. She goes on telling about herself. He asks where is Sonali. She says we had a blast in Harsh’s birthday party, I have the pics of that party. Badal asks her can you show me the pics, thanks a lot, send the pics to me, I will get cold coffee for you. He says I will find about mum and dad’s separation.

Neighbor gets tea for Pallavi. She says I will talk to Harsh and convince him. Pallavi says you don’t worry because of me, we will manage. The lady says but there is no house. Pallavi asks her to leave. The lady says as you wish. Pallavi sits worried. Barkha feels dizzy. Sid comes and shuts the door. She asks why is she head feeling heavy. He says you are tired, you just took a shower, right, take rest. He leaves. Nani asks Pallavi to stop thinking and look at herself. She says Manna is with Barkha, Badal is with his friends, Gagan doesn’t need anyone. She takes Pallavi in her lap and asks her to sleep.

Pallavi opens the bandage. She says this won’t let me lose my senses, until the kids come. She washes her face. Ranveer comes there and looks for Pallavi. Pallavi goes barefoot and reaches the temple. She cries and prays to Devimaa. She says no one agrees, but you know it, I did this for my kids.

She says I have been racing for my kids, to convince them, now the race is over, my kids left me, I m so stubborn but my love and stubbornness didn’t help today, I have come today to ask for strength and determination, I came to pray for myself, my life is just for my kids, Nick wasn’t keeping the relation well as a good dad and good husband, I have let Harsh and Manna go with him, Harsh needed treatment and Manna needed Harsh, I had let them go, because I wasn’t selfish, my kids got everything, but not love.

She says send my kids back to me, Gagan left me, Barkha is upset, Harsh hates me, but you know me well, then why do I need to give this test. She asks Devimaa to give her strength. She prays.

Harsh auctions the house. Pallavi cries. Harsh asks everyone to come and buy the house belongings. The kids hug Pallavi and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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Mere Sai 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Kulkarni sets Kalavati’s house on fire


Mere Sai 11th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalavati massages Kamla’s hair and says I am so happy today because I have become fearless. Kalavati asks Kamla why is she not playing with friends and upset. Kulkarni and his men start knocking the door and Kulkarni says open the door Kalavati, I am here to take you no one can save you from me, you will have to dance on my order, open the door or I will break it. Kulkarni asks Santa to break the door. Santa breaks door. Kulkarni asks Santa to dragg her out.
Kalavati and Kamla pray to Sai. Kulkarni says don’t call that beggar, he is not going to help.
Sai at Dwarka Mai, blows ash. At Kalavati’s house it gets stormy and Kulkarni and his men have to step back. Kulkarni thinks this is done by Sai and I won’t spare her and asks his men to burn the house, Kulkarni’s men put Kalavati’s house on fire. Kalavati prays to Sai. Kulkarni and his men atart laughing at her.

Sai at Dwarka Mai pours water on his hand and it starts raining. Kalavati’s house is saved. Kulkarni and his men back off. Kulkarni says Kalavati I will win this game and not you and Sai and leaves. Kamla asks Kalavati who are these men. Kalavati says my hurting past who doesn’t want to leave my back. Kamla says what if they come back again. Kalavati says don’t be scared I know what I have to do.
Sai at Dwarka Mai smile.

Kalavati tells Sai that she can’t stay here after what happened yesterday. Sai says I will talk to you later I have to go for something important, you wait here for me.
Prahlad and friends worried about Kamla. Manu rushes to them. Prahlad asks Manu where is Kamla, may be he wants to take us somewhere. Everyone follows Manu.

Sai goes meet Shama. Shama in tears walk to Sai, Bhama and Uddhav walk out too. Kalavati sees Uddhav. Shama asks Sai we didn’t raise Uddhav this way he has ruined our reputation. Sai asks why is this pot here. Bhama says well has lot of muddy water so I kept here so that mud settles. Sai asks Bhama to get a cloth and empty pot. Sai filters water with help of cloth and says let me throw this water. Bhama says this water is good now, why throw. Sai says just like Uddhav, he has come back on right track, he has understood his mistake, forgive him now. Uddhav hugs Bhama in tears. Shama says I have forgiven him Sai but reputation, but wedding what about that, how will he get married now. Kalavati understands what has happened and says Uddhav will get married. Sai smiles at Kalavati.

Manu brings Prahlad and his friends to Kamla’s house. They see her paint Sai with kids. Everyone smiles and praise Kamla. Prahlad asks Kamla why didn’t she meet them. Kamla says I thought you all don’t want to see me after knowing the truth. Ragini hugs Kamla and says you are our friend. Prahlad says and as in this picture we all always will be friends. Kamla says but we are leaving today and so I made this painting so that you all always remember me. Prahlad says you won’t go anywhere, Sai says you belong here now. Kamla says because Aai thinks we will have lot of problems and also many will have problems because of us. Prahlad says we will pray to Sai for you.

Kalavati walks to Sai and says I understood Sai why I should stay here, because without intentions but I am reason behind this marriage breaking and Uddhav did it for me and now I will fix this, and Sai’s devottee Kalavati promises that. Sai looks at Bhama and nods. Shama and Bhama agree with Kalavati.

Pre cap: Kamla makes announcement that come watch my mother’s show free today.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi to get DNA test done


Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking everyone to give their mobiles and says landlines will be cut until Sid comes here. Shahana gives her phone first. Dida asks others to give their phones. Everyone gives their mobiles. Ranbir locks the mobiles in the drawer and gives keys to Dida, asking her not to give keys to anyone. Aaliya signs Shaina to be quiet. Shaina says I am her friend and she needs my support. Aaliya asks Shaina not to make noise.. Rhea asks her to be quiet and says your noise is paining my ears. Aaliya says you can’t talk to be like this infront of you, I am elder. Rhea says I can do anything, as I am worried, irritated and frustrated. Aaliya says you are idiot too, as you took Sid’s name. Rhea says she was bluffing and everyone was behind it. She says Ranbir believed me last time. Aaliya says there is a lot of difference in him. She says I am elder, talks are big and also plans. Shaina says Badi bua, buji is right. Rhea and Aaliya ask her to shut up.

Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi says that Rhea told so much and you will not ask any questions. Ranbir keeps his finger on her mouth and says he doesn’t care about what other says, and his heart has testified. He says if I haven’t doubted you then we would have been together and happy. He says I am the reason of your tears and going through the same pain as you. He says my pain is that how can I trouble the person I love. He wipes her tears and says it can flow only when it is happy tears. He says he is the reason for her tears and gets teary eyes. She wipes his tears and asks what is the reason for your tears? Pallavi comes there and says sorry for disturbing them. Ranbir asks why are you crying? Vikram says she is crying seeing you crying. She used to make you sit in her lap in your childhood. He says wipe your wife’s tears and I will wipe my Pallavi’s tears. He praises Pallavi. Dida tells that she has prayed in the temple to ward off bad sight from my family. Rhea comes there. Dida asks her to take prasad. Rhea thinks it is not Prachi’s pregnancy, but avatar of God, for whom everyone is getting mad. She thinks at one time they don’t want to see her face and now. Dida asks Rhea to have prasad. Rhea ignores Dida and goes.

Shaina asks Aaliya if she has problem as she is sharing room with her. Aaliya asks her to help her place the bedsheet. Rhea pulls the bedsheet and asks what are you doing? Aaliya says you can’t talk to me like this. Rhea asks how can you sleep? Aaliya says sleep is needed for peaceful mind. Rhea asks until when you make your mind rest. Aaliya says you don’t have mind and that’s why you plan without a thought. Rhea says you are insulting me infront of my friend. Aaliya says your friend is insulting you. Rhea says everyone loves Prachi and not me. Aaliya says we know this from before. Rhea says Mom, your friend Pallavi used to love me, and was on my side. Aaliya says she doesn’t like you now and hates you, it might be your mistake. Rhea says it is not my fault, it all started after Prachi’s party, Mom took 180 degrees U turn and my life took 360 degrees turn. She says I thought they will believe Priya and that’s why called her. Aaliya says how they will believe, you have taken Sid’s name. Rhea says she will give her life. Aaliya says Prachi will take her life, and not you. Rhea asks her to do something and says she is feeling alone. She hugs her. Rhea says I will come in sometime. Shaina says don’t know what happened to her, and asks if she has gone crazy. Aaliya says you don’t have right to say anything, I am her Buji and can say.

Pallavi tells Prachi that she is not alone, but all of them are with her. Dida says last time you was alone, but now we are with you. Vikram asks Prachi not to have 1 percent doubt. Shahana tells Prachi that she always wished that her sasural family shall be with her. She says your vanvas is over. Rhea is going from there. Dida asks her to take prasad. Rhea says I know that I shouldn’t have said all that this way. Shahana asks her to save her energy when Sid comes back. Vikram’s phone rings. He takes keys from Dida and talks to Sid on video call. Sid says he will reach in the evening as the flight is cancelled. Vikram asks him to switch off his phone till then. Sid asks if everything is fine. Vikram says yes. Sid switches off his phone. Rhea looks on. Shahana returns everyone’s phone to them. Rhea takes her phone and is about to go. Prachi tells Rhea that she proved her wrong always, first you thought bad about me, tried to make me bad and now you are blaming the baby who is not yet born. Rhea says what about you have done with me? Prachi says you don’t know and that’s why shut your mind. She says I left home, as my family’s trust was broken and Ranbir didn’t trust me. He says now all the family’s love and support is with me, and says I don’t feel bad for all the accusations. She says she got courage from her family and wants her family. She says I don’t want to keep someone here, who plays dirty games, as you will question about my baby’s father and my character. Rhea says these questions will be there. Shahana says proof is coming, you shall come when Sid comes. Rhea says until Sid comes, you shall not call your baby as Ranbir’s baby. She says it is not proved, whose baby it is. Prachi asks her to shut up. Rhea says truth will not hide. Prachi says my truth will not wait for anyone, I will get the DNA test done in the morning and will slap the reports on you. Ranbir says you don’t need to do the test, we all trust you. Prachi says let me do what I want to, if you don’t want me to get stress. She says we will go to get DNA test done in the morning. Rhea says it is absolutely fine. Prachi goes. Rhea asks Ranbir if he is not feeling love for her. Ranbir says I never loved you, love happens only once, but you didn’t understand. He tells Prachi that they will go to get DNA test in the morning. Rhea panics.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Harphoul Mohini 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini saves Balwant’s life


Harphoul Mohini 10th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini comes outside Balwant’s house. She stops and looks at all the people. Shardha asks what happened. Mohini says they didn’t let me enter Sushila’s home because they didn’t know my caste. Chachi they won’t let me go in, because they still don’t know my caste. Right? Balwant faints. Mohini says it’s important to tell these people that poor people’s lives are as important as rich people’s. Mohini recalls all that Balwant has done before entering his house. Balwant struggles on the floor. Mai looks around the house and recalls how Harveer and herself were kicked out of this palace. Mai steps in. She says that’s my father-in-law.

Mohini comes inside. Everyone is shocked to see Balwant struggling on the floor. Harphoul recalls how he has harmed his family. Mai recalls him taunting Santok and saying he got Mohini attacked. Balwant says she will kill me. Mohini says we don’t have time. They pick him up and put him on the bed. Mohini gives Balwant an injection. He says she will give me poison. He doesn’t let Mohini give him an injection. Mohini says let me put this injection. She asks Harphoul and Santok to help. Mohini gives him the injection. Mai sits down. Shardha asks are you okay? Mohini says amma you should go home. Mai says I won’t leave you both alone. Mohini says we are together. Don’t worry, you all go home. Mai says don’t worry Shardha. Mohini will fix everything. Shardha says you’re lucky to have her. Mai leaves.

Meenu taunts people that Mohini proved she is walking on the right path. Ragni still provokes people. Mohini asks who is everyone. He says they’re not our relatives. Stay away from all of them. He says that guy, I sent him hospital twice. Balwant opens his eyes. He tries to get up. Mohini says you can’t move much. I will ask some questions, and say yes or no. She asks if he’s thirsty or if he is seeing twice. He says no. Mohini says do you have a problem with breathing? He says no. Mohini says you will be fine soon. Keep control of your diet. Shardha says thanks to Mohini. Mohini says you’re like my mom. Banwari brings things and says this is from Balwant.

Scene 2
Meenu and her family try to help Maai. A man comes to pretend to sell her. He says will you buy wheat from me? She says villagers have boycotted us.. He says I don’t care. I want to sell my wheat. Another person comes to sell vegetables. Mai gets happy. She buys them.

Balwant says this is more than your worth. Harphoul says our worth is a lot more than our money. We don’t take any wealth against people’s lives. Mai buys vegetables. Shalini says I will cook, you rest. You will say I don’t care. Santok says yes Mai you shoul rest. Mai calls Harphoul. She asks how is he. Harphoul says he’s fine. Mai tells him a bad time has eneded. People came to sell them things. He says wow that’s great. Mohini tells Shardha Balwant is fine now but controls his diet. All this oily and sweet food poisons for him. Who cooks so many desserts here? Divyani says don’t tell us how to cook our food. We have food by our worth. Mohini says your worth’s food almost killed him. Mohini says don’t let him eat sweets Shardha. Shardha says you’re God’s blessing. She hugs Mohini. Balwant says I will take revenge of this favor.

Episode ends

Precap-Mohini rides bike with Harphoul. She sleeps on his shoulder.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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