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Udaariyaan Fatejo Ke Pyaar Ki. #fatejo FF (Episode 1)


So hi guys, here we go with the update hope you’ll will like it.

After crying for almost half n hour tejo cleaned her tears and looked at hers and Fateh’s photo. Writing a letter for fateh She packed her bags and was about to go from there taking a quick glance of their room where they have spent their fun moments while new tears escaped from her eyes cleaning them she went out from the room.

Going to her papa ji’s room she took his blessing not to disturb his sleep.

Tejo: Papa I’m sorry that I’m leaving you’ll behind but what can I do? I can’t live here. I can’t!!

Saying so she went from there crying silently.

At 12 at night:

Fateh came back to Virk Mansion after meeting his so called lover Jasmine. He directly went to his room as everyone was sleeping.

He reached there and was shocked on seeing the whole room empty. He started finding Tejo in washroom and their room’s balcony on not getting any clue about her he panicked.

Fateh again looked here and there and his eyes went to a letter by Tejo which was kept on the table.
Fateh opened it and the ground slipped under his feet.

Tejo: Fateh, I’m leaving you. I can’t take it more. I was wanting you to move on from Jasmine but you kept going behind her but now I’m tired of all this. I’m leaving you for our betterment. It will be better for both of us to live without each other. And yaa now you are free to live your further life with love of your life Jasmine. And yes you will get the divorce papers by tomorrow. Please don’t try to find me.


Fateh fell on his knees and cried his heart out because of him today Tejo is not beside him just because of him she left the whole Virk family.

He cried resting his head on nearby wall remembering his beautiful moments with Tejo and how they used to love each other’s presence….

Fateh: Why Tejo why?? Why you left me?? WHYYYYY!!

Scene shifts:

Here tejo was walking on empty road aimlessly. Her face was filled with her dry tears. She walked for some more time when she collapsed on the road and felt unconscious.


Tejo was laying on the road unconsciously and a couple came there holding each other’s hand. They looked at Tejo’s unconscious body and tried to wake her up. When she didn’t waked they both took her to the car and made her lay on back seat.

They took her to a beautifully decorated and Lavish Mansion. And shifted her to a room and called doctor there.
After sometime doctor came there and checked Tejo.

Doctor: Nothing to worry about she just fainted because of continously crying and taking tension. She will wake up after half n hour and yaa gave her these medicine once she is awake.

She said while giving them the medicines and went from there.

After half n hour:

Tejo opened her eyes lazily and was shocked seeing her surroundings. She started panicking when a girl in her mid twenties came to her and tried to calm her down.

Tejo: Where I’m?? And who are you?? How come I here??

Girl: NO, need to worry about. You are at Gill Mansion. I’m Meher Kaur Gill. And you was laying on road unconsciously so I and my husband took you here.

And the girl revealed to be Meher Kaur Gill.

Just then a man in his early thirties came there and sat in front of them while Tejo looked at them confused and they smiled at her.

Tejo: Who are you??

She asked pointing towards the man.

Meher: Ohh, he’s my husband Sardar….

Man: Sarabjit Singh Gill and what’s your name.

Tejo: I’m Tejo Vi… only Tejo.

And the Man revealed to be Sarabjit.

Meher: Accha Tejo who is Fateh?? I mean you were murmuring his name in your sleep.

Listening to Fateh’s name tears made their way from Tejo’s eyes and she started crying making Mehrab shocked.

Mehrab: What happened Tejo?? Why are you crying.

Tejo while crying tell them the whole matter and how she left Fateh and his family.

Meher: You need not to worry Tejo and from now on you will live with us.

Tejo: But…

Sarab: NO ifs no buts. And you are like a sister to me. I don’t have a sister so I  want you to live here as my sister and that’s final OK…

Tejo slightly nodded at them and smiled.

Just then two boy and one girl entered inside the room and looked at Tejo shocked.

Boys, Girl: Aap(you)
Tejo: How come you’ll here.

Meher: Param, Karan, Seher you all know her.

Param: Yes Meher mumma she was our  favorite teacher in our school but she left school after she got married.

He said sadly…

Meher: What If I tell you that she is going to live with us from now onwards.

Param, Karan, Seher: Saccchi mummaa.

They all almost shouted in excitement while Tejo & Mehrab chuckled at their excitement and nodded in yes.
While whole baccha party smiled widely and jumped at the bed hugging Tejo.
And whole Gill family & Tejo shared a long and warm hug….

PRECAP:  Leap of three years, England’s best business man or woman award.

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