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My dream and mera dream (Episode 4)

guys actually I uploaded episode 3 two times don’t confuse.  And Sorry for that

Guys let’s go into episode. Before that I have to thank all my readers and  teachers (guru).without them I am nothing. As you all know there is  thing  maata aur pita aur guru ( mother father and teacher)

Let’s go

All four of them reached the  room

Tej: I am very tried ya

Rithvik: I enjoyed the whole day.

Vin Rana : Tej what the girl tell about the complain?

Tej: Oh shit I forget to tell the main thing

Arivand: what happened is it she  not  ready to withdraw the complain.

Tej: no she already complained. And   she tell me that she can’t do any thing hereafter.

Vin Rana and Arivand shocked

VinRana: What!

Arivand: what to do now? And Vin Rana told me that you have gone to talk to her   what did she tells you then.

Scene freezes..

In Sam’s  hostel

Sam reaches the room

Sam sees her friends talking  to each other at staring at her(in a funny way)

Sam: what happened guys why are looking at me like this

Her friends Kuchi nahi ya Sam ( with naughty smile )

Sam: kuchi toh hai Its okay I am very tried now.

Her friends : it will be there.

Sam: what do you mean

Her friends: is tej talked with you

Sam: haan how do you know?

Her friends  happily whole collage knows

What he is telling you

Sam: kuch nahi he has come as I have complained about him . she is telling the  whole thing to her friends . ( which is muted)

Her friends: what you complained to principal about  him.

Sam: haan leave it ya I am going outside you want anything guys .

Her friends :nothing . ( Sam leaves) this girl na ( in a sad tone )

Scene shifts to tej’s room

Tej: chill bros I have come with an idea listen Ten tells( which is muted)

Arivand: haan it is good idea

Rithvik: what good idea it is extraordinary idea. Tej your awsome man

Vin Rana: I can’t do ya

Tej: why bhai

Vin Rana: you know  Tej our family right.

Tej: nothing  will happen ya. Relax

Rithvik: OK guys is it discussion over means we have to get our stomach fill first  can you get something ( in a funny way)

Tej: I will get something for all. Are else Rithvik will eat all of them

Rihvik: bhai ( throws the nearby pillow)

Tej: OK what do you want

All 3 of them says anything.

Sam and Tej reaches the same restaurant

Sam asks shopkeeper to parcel the 2 dosa and 4 pizza

Tej: bhaiya 2 chapptis and 6 samsosa

Tej and Sam are standing next to each other

Shopkeeper asks tej for parcel na . Tej:  Yes

Sam and Tej asks ice cream at same time

Sam and tej have a eyelock ( tu hi tu jamai raja title songs plays).

Shopkeeper asks the flavor

Tej and Sam at the  same time Starberry

Tej and Sam laughs

Sam: you here ( with surprise tone)

Tej: yes for having food and you What are  doing here at this hour

Sam: Same. And what do you mean at this hour. Hey hello now girls  has become independent.( in a little rude way)

Tej: of course .but its too  dark.   I can acompany you till your hostel

Sam: thanks for your concern but no need  I will go by myself.

Tej: OK have u disscused about the dance team with your friends are they ready?

Sam: oh not at yet. Have you arranged the boys.

Tej: yes I have arranged tomorrow I will introduce them to you. You too introduce your friends to me

Sam in mind voice; already there are in half pagal (mad) with you if  I introduce to you them they will be fully mad with you.

Tej: did you say something?

Sam: no nothing. Sam thinks why I feel  jealous for him.

Tej: OK can we go or stand still

Sam: Oh God its too late. I will you see tomorrow bye

Tej : ok aleast finish the ice cream and go

Sam: OK ( Sam eats Ice cream hurriedly)

Tej: slowly slowly sam

Sam leaves after eating the ice cream

Tej thinks I feel happy when Sam is near.  is it love or what. Tej leaves for his room

Guys next episode will be more twist and turn .

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