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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan and Riddhima’s date

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima asking Dadi about the date. Someone fills dangerous gas in the balloon. Dadi says I can’t forget that date even if I want, I feel hurt thinking of it. Riddhima says I don’t want to hurt you, what happened that day. Dadi says Vansh was shot that day, he came back from the death, I don’t want to say anything else, you have food and sleep. Someone is seeing with a big dagger. Riddhima says what was Vihaan doing there when Vansh was shot, the information isn’t matching, Vansh was shot on his back, but his back had no bullet mark, then why did Dadi say so, I don’t understand. She sees a red balloon outside the door. She says what’s that. She goes to check. She gets a note fixed on it.

She reads, I have kept my promise, its your turn, I will tell you the secret of 8 december, fulfill your promise, I have kept a dress for you in the cupboard, wear it and come. She says what’s Vihaan’s intention, he is promising to tell the secret, I have to go. She looks for the dress. She gets a dress from the cupboard. She picks a knife from the fruits basket. She gets dressed up. She hides the knife at her back. She comes out and says Vihaan. He blindfolds her. She holds the knife. Vihaan stops her. He loosens her hair. He says when I did this, who did you think of. She says Vansh. He feeds her the sweets and asks who did you think of now. She recalls Vansh. He sprays the perfume and asks and this fragrance, who does it remind you of. She says it was Vansh’s fav perfume, what are you trying to do, I don’t understand. He says I do what’s out of everyone’s understanding. She asks him to remove the blindfold. He throws away the knife. He makes Riddhima wear some jewellery.

Ishq mein marjawan….plays…. She says please open the blindfold. He opens it. She asks what’s this joke. He shows the romantic set up. She asks what’s all this. He says its my secret, I took selfie with Vansh on 8th december. She says you didn’t tell me such an imp thing before. He asks her to have patience. He shows her two roses. She says I didn’t come here to hear this nonsense. He says you can hear what you want when you answer me, else you won’t get any answer. She says its roses. He swaps and asks which rose did I had in my right hand before. She says what can I say, its just the same. He says I used to do this work for Vansh, person is amazed when he finds his lookalike, game gets more interesting when the similarities are so much that none can differentiate, Vansh used to use this, I was not Vansh’s shadow, but his secret, I was his body double.

She gets shocked. He says Riddhima, Vansh worked in such a world, where there were new enemies, who used to find chances to kill him, but he knew the truth, police had dreamt to catch Vansh red-handed, Vansh did everything for his family, but he had no shield for himself, he knew his life’s importance, whenever he felt the danger, he used to send me as Vansh, that was my work, our faces matched so much that no one could know about Vansh’s duplicate, my work was to save Vansh’s life, it doesn’t mean I did a favor, Vansh paid me much money, there were dangerous situations where Vansh used me, it was an added advantage that I am a hacker, many times, death came for Vansh, but didn’t reach him ever. Riddhima recalls Dadi’s words. She thinks Vihaan was shot, not Vansh, it means Vihaan’s back would have the bullet mark, I can’t ask him, how to find out, I have to manage the situation.

He plays the music. Shayad….plays… He gets close to her. She runs away. He stops her. They dance. He goes close to kiss her. She keeps her hand in between and stops him. She thinks how shall I see the bullet mark, how will it get proved that he is saying the truth.

Vihaan says this cake is to celebrate a new chapter between you and Vansh, party just started. Riddhima makes the drink fall over his shirt. She asks him to change the shirt. He changes the shirt. She looks at his back to see the bullet mark.

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