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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj comes home


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet talking to Kuljeet about Yuvraj. Guneet says Amrita isn’t less than a princess. Kuljeet asks him to handle things. Guneet asks him not to worry. Kuljeet apologizes. Guneet says I want to settle Amrita and find a good life partner for her. Nimmo comes and hears this. Guneet says give me some time. He ends the call. Nimmo says you are thinking to get Amrita remarried. He says no. She says I understood it now. He shuts the door. She shouts on him. He says Kuljeet wants Amrita to get married, I had promised him. She says Amrita means to all of us, who gave you a right to decide this, isn’t Kuljeet ashamed that he is talking of her remarriage.

He says he has thought of her betterment, he isn’t wrong. She asks does Amrita know this, does she want to marry. He says no, you won’t tell her. She says you all decided about her fate. Amrita comes and asks what happened, why are you fighting. Guneet requests Nimmo. He opens the door. He says Nimmo is scolding me, my bp was high. She asks him to take care of himself. She asks why are you tensed now, Kabir and Angad are working. He says yes, go and rest, I will sleep for some time. Amrita asks Nimmo to come. She goes. Nimmo says you listen to me carefully, Amrita and Ansh will always be a part of the family, she can go if she wants to remarry, but she has to leave Ansh. Guneet gets shocked. She asks him to rest until the guest comes. Amrita talks to Ansh and pacifies him. Soni asks her to wear a nice dress and get ready. Amrita asks why. Soni says your name is connected with Karan, get ready for his sake. Amrita agrees. Amrita says I will become Karan’s Heer again. Pritam asks the man to tell them everything about the drugs. The man asks who are you, why did you get me here. Monty slaps the man. Nitin also slaps him. Pritam asks what work do you do, who are you, tell me about the drugs supplier. The man denies. Pritam says you both talk to him. They beat up the man.

Amrita gets ready. Kabir comes and acts to fall seeing her. She laughs. Soni says I have selected the dress. He says its Amrita’s day, where is she going today, is it for the guest. Amrita asks what nonsense, why will I get ready for him. He says sorry. She says I got ready for my Ranjha. He asks her to always become Karan’s Heer. She says let Pritam come, I will scold him today. Kabir goes to check the gate. The guy comes and says I m Yuvraj, I have come here to meet Amrita. Kabir asks him to come.

Soni says he is dashing. Amrita says don’t say that. Yuvraj asks do you know why I have come here. Kabir says yes. Yuvraj says I was told that nobody knows it. Kabir says we have made preparations since the afternoon, come, we would have told everyone about a NRI coming. Yuvraj says that day, thanks. Guneet comes. Yuvraj greets him. Guneet says you didn’t forget your values, staying abroad. Yuvraj meets everyone. Guneet asks them to call Amrita. Everyone talks to Yuvraj. Kabir praises Yuvraj. Amrita comes. Yuvraj sees her and smiles.

Dadi asks are you a bachelor. Yuvraj says I will remarry if I get a good life partner. Pritam comes home. Amrita argues with him. Yuvraj says it seems you both know each other really well.

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