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Riansh OS : Is It You, Vansh?


This os was written before the fake death of Vansh, So I hope you like it.


Guys, Find a psychiatrist for me, I guess I am crazy now. And the reason is Riansh and the writer. I don’t know why I got this crazy idea.

R’s pov

I freed successfully Ragini, Thank god, Kabir took her, She will be safe with him.

I returned home to witness an angry Vansh pacing around. He saw me and pulled me with my arm angrily out of the house.

V: What have you done? you stupid girl, where is Ragini?

R: As if you’ll ask and I will tell you?

V: You are playing with fire, You have no idea how huge your mistake was!

R: I don’t know about mine, But I am sure yours is awful.

V: Now I dig up this grave, it shouldn’t stay empty right?

I shivered, Does he mean he will kill me instead of Ragini?

V: Your fear shows that you understood me.

He started coming toward me and I walked back till I fell in the grave, he leaned till his mouth touch my ear.

V: You didn’t think of this possibility that maybe it’s not for Ragini but you? Stop interfering in my matters, or else this will be your permanent place.

R: I won’t get scared of you, do as you wish. Nothing will stop me.

He got a call.

V: Hello, You found her place? Great ok I am coming.

He walked away leaving me behind.

What? he found her this fast, How?

My phone rang and it was Kabir.

R: Kabir, where is Ragini?

K: he took her

R: Who




(private conversation)

I hang up the phone appalled and dismayed at what he said. It can’t be the truth.

The evening

He came back, And I looked at him with doubt, what is it about? Wait, he always says he will do anything for his family? What does he mean by that?

V: I think your Kabir passed you the news, Ragini is in my custody now. Your over smartness could have taken her life.

R: What? You are the one who is dangerous for her life.

V: Yeah, I am. I want to ask you one thing on this occasion. Have you ever asked me what really happened before declaring me as “a killer”? Our relationship is broken now, I was about to spell out the truth in front of you. Yet You misunderstood me and handed Ragini to her enemy, He was about to kill her because of your stupidity.

R: What do you mean Kabir is her enemy?

V(laughs): Glad, we passed the part of (putting his hand on his mouth acting like shock) “Vansh, how did you know?”

R: Just answer the damn question.

V: Fine, Kabir wanted to blame me for her death, He even blackmailed me with a video. However

R: It wasn’t you, Right? The night when she got shot, Someone else was here instead of you.

V(in horror): no you are wrong, I was here.

R: Don’t lie Vansh, It wasn’t you who took Ragini from Kabir. He sent me the footage.

I played it in front of him.

R: The clothes are different, Moreover the man in the video isn’t wearing the watch which I gave it to my husband. Who is he?

Fb starts

R: Kabir, where is Ragini?

K: he took her

R: Who

K: Vansh


K: He took her just now.

R: You have CCTV cameras?

K: Yes

R: Send me the footage now.

K: Why?

R: do as I say if you want me to reach Ragini.

K(in defeat): Ok

He sent and I was shocked, he can’t reach him in minutes, It normally takes at least an hour to arrive there. Who is this man? oh my god, Vansh received a call from him!

Fb ends

R: Look at your clothes, it’s the same as the morning. So How did you reach there in minutes? Moreover, don’t you think if you were the one who caught her, you wouldn’t have received that call?

V: Riddhima, stay out of the matter.

He moved a little away but he was stopped by my voice.

R: Is he your brother?

He was rooted in his spot looking down with eyes wide opened. Then he came closer and closed my mouth and pulled me to our room.

V: You don’t stop blabbering the bullshit.

Voice: Not fair bro, Tell her the truth. Otherwise, she will always come in the middle.

Looking at the owner of the voice, My eyes were out of stalks, He is Vansh, No, Vansh’s lookalike.

R: you? Did you commit the murder 3 years back?

V: Shut up Riddhima, He hasn’t done anything. A Silly game ended up so badly. He is my twin brother Ansh, You must be wondering how come no one mentions him here right?

R: Ha

A: Because they didn’t know about me being alive, I was kidnapped during our childhood, And supposedly dead, Yet an old poor couple rescued me. I was so young and I did not remember anything about my family. So I accepted my new one.

V: Then when I grow up, rumours were spread that I am a mafia man when I have no idea about that world.

R: oh my god, He was

A: Me, I was from a poor family, so I was involved in the Mafia business. then I was surprised when I saw my photo with another name, Vansh Raisingania.

V: And my reaction was the same as him, it can’t be just a simple similarity or some coincidence, it’s not some stupid drama. I searched and found him.DNA test and we found out we are brothers. I wanted to introduce him to the family. Yet he wanted to meet them before they can meet him.

R(confused): Woah Woah easy, my mind will blow soon, I can’t get your point.

A: I wanted to stay for sometimes around them, to know them before introducing myself as Ansh, I stayed there as Vansh.

R(super shocked): then, where was Vansh?

V: Abroad for a month.

R: Then what happened?

V: He fell in love.

R(realizing): With Ragini?

V: Yes, He fell in love with her not knowing that she is actually a fraud. Being the Mafia man that he was, He got to know her truth And vowed to take revenge on her for cheating on him, He called me and hearing his furious tone, I got scared of him doing something wrong. He pointed his gun at her and shot her leg, it wasn’t deadly, Just then she started struggling and white foam came out of her mouth. very strong poison was given to her. Sadly the CCTV cameras show nothing but Ansh giving her the plate.

R: first, let my mind adjust with all these events, Ansh wanted to punish Ragini but not kill her, And someone else took advantage of the situation to make it looks like he killed her.

V: not as Ansh, But as Vansh Raisingania.

R: Damn! So you rescued Ragini and protected her, That’s why you were forbidding me from digging up the truth? to not reach him? Why do you want to keep him hidden anyway?

V: Because the enemy will be after him too. I can do anything for my family. I have to expose our enemy before giving my brother his rights.

R: Now I understand. Wait a min, for years you couldn’t know who did this? What the use of these cameras?

V: Sometimes They hacked the cameras and Disabled it, other times they covered it.

R: This is ridiculous, They can’t get away with this every time. It’s not a practical solution. And you (talking with Ansh) Mr. Mafia man, you are such a disappointment.

A(laughing): Brother, I must say your wife is so courageous.

V(smiling): That’s why I married her.

R: shut up both of you, looking at you make me feel like I am part of some serial. By the way, since I came, have you ever come in front of me as Vansh.

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A(grinned): Maybe

V: Just tell her.

A: I have anger control issues.

R(mouth opened): You were the one who threatens me when I mention Ragini?

A: Sorry

R: Sorry my foot, What else?

A: Emm Maybe the juice idea was mine.

R: Oh my god, so evil! Wait why do you think Kabir is the culprit?

V: We were sure that someone will come to spy on me whoever will be, He must be related to the past. I met you the first time, and I understood that you are the one,& had no idea about the whole matter.

A: In other words, you were someone’s pawn.

I glared at him angrily.

R: You know that you are so annoying.

A(laughing): I know.

V: When I was away to crack the deal, Ansh was keeping an eye on everyone. Including you, He saw you with Kabir, How do you think I recognized Kabir?

A: Not just this fact, But we are doubting Anupriya’s intentions, She acted weirdly when he wasn’t around.

R: You gathered nothing against her?

A: It wasn’t easy, I was hiding from them, I can’t go around freely or else I will be caught.

R(speaking under her breath): Two idiots.

A: you have already impressed us with your intelligence in jumping into troubles and conclusions.

R: Arrrrr As if one wasn’t enough for me, to get another annoying copy.

V: you wounded my heart, sweetheart.

R: Now, What’s the plan to get them arrested?

A: We have to gather proofs against their crimes.

R: then use me, I was already great in the pawn role.

V: Never, forget this stupid idea.

R: then what? you’ll wait for Ragini as you’ve been doing this for 3 years? Seriously?

V: I am ok with it.

R: I am not, Ansh must be introduced as A raisingania member, He needs his family to acknowledge his presence, his identity. Don’t worry, I will be fine. You are doubting Anupriya right?

A: I have a plan.

V: No Ansh, we won’t use her, I can’t send my wife to the danger.

A: I will protect her, we’re both here for her.

R: Vansh, please.

V: Ok, say it.


K’s pov

I got a call from Riddhima.

R(scared): Kabir, I know who killed Mrs. Dsouza, I found a witness who is ready to meet me, she said he is living in Vr mansion.

K(shocked): What?

R: The doc who was treating me saw the face of the killer, I will bring the family pics to show her.

K: G..o..od

R: I will send you the address. See you there.

K: By

I called mom.

K: Mom you are in big trouble, you have to go out now, Riddhima found someone who saw you Killing the old woman Mrs.Dsouza.


K: A doc, Go before Riddhima.

A: Ok send me the address. I will make sure she doesn’t go out of the house.

A’s pov

I knocked at their door, and Riddhima came outside.

R: Mummyji, You wanted something?

A(crying fakely): Riddhima, why are you doing this? I told you my past is not my choice still you are blackmailing me with it.

V: What the hell Riddhima?? Did you blackmail mom? I warned you before.

R: Vansh, Listen to me

V: I don’t wanna listen, Enough is enough, You don’t understand with lenience, You know what you are not allowed outside your room.

R: What? I am not 12 years old girl, What are you doing?

V: SHut up.

He locked her inside,and I walked away happily.

K: Hello mom, Where are you?

A: I was making sure that Riddhima will stay at home. Wait for me.

Reaching there we found a girl there, she opened the door.

I am confused, was she Riddhima’s doctor? She seems different.

Looking at my face she ran away, And I was sure she saw me before, Damn.

A: Look at her, Kabir, she thinks she will elope away from us.

K: Your mistake, Ms, was that you used your eyes when you shouldn’t have done it.

A: Killing Mrs. Dsouza was to shut her mouth, so obviously, I will kill you too to shut your talkative mouth.

I shot her in the heart and she fell.

K: Where the hell did he take Ragini? I want to kill her so that I can prove him a murderer.

A: Yeah, our efforts will be wasted if we don’t find her. We tried to kill her, Mrs. Dsouza, and DSR, All these lives will be for nothing. We sent Ragini to him on purpose, being the mafia man, I wanted him to kill her, but he stopped just by injuring her leg. Hence, I poisoned the food he was going to give her.

K: Now, let’s go fast.

We came out to find the police in front of the door, all pointing their guns toward our direction.

Mishra came and put the handcuffs in my hands.

K: Have you gone mad Mishra?



M: you both are under arrest for committing many murders.
The girl who was shot came and handcuffed Anupriya.
An: how?
Gir: I am officer Bhavia, and I took my precautions.
My eyes went out of sockets to see vansh and his look-alike together.
An: I guess I started imagining things.
V: naaa you can see perfectly, Anupriya.this is
Ans: no need to introduce me to this evil mother, inspector please make sure we won’t see her face again.
Bidding her bye.
R’s pov
Well, this plan was mine to help these fools. I can’t believe they took 3 years to collect proofs.loosers.
Looking at Ansh’s moves, I couldn’t suppress my laughter.
R: you are crazy too.
A(winking): I know it too.
We hi-fi each other and Vansh glared at us.
R: what?
V: nothing, let’s go home.
We reached home with me and vansh joking, although he has anger issues, he is so funny.
V: we are at home.
Walking inside the house, we were expecting the reaction.they were looking at us weirdly.
Sitting for 2 hours we managed to make them understand what happened.
Everyone welcomed Ansh and accepted him.and we decided to call it a day.
V’s pov
I feel my body’s temperature is high with anger, I mean I am happy that my brother is finally here. however, I don’t like the way he behaved with Riddhima.and she is so comfortable with him more than her husband. what if she fell for him? No no, I am overreacting.
R: vansh?
V: ha?
R: any problems?
V: not at all.
R: ooh ok then. I will sleep I am so tired, goodnight.
We slept feeling exhausted from the events that occurred previously.
The morning
R’s pov
I woke up early only to find Vansh not there, I noticed something on the was a red rose near my favourite dish and a note.

Good morningsweetheart
Sorryhave to go immediately
I will come back soon

I smiled happily, the morning can’t start better than this way. I had my breakfast and walked out of the room, only to see Vansh standing giving me his back.
I ran in his direction and back hugged him.
R: thank you very much, I like roses.
A: oh really, nice to know that you don’t find my brother annoying like me.
I jerked back.
V’s pov
I came back early as I missed her but the sight of her hugging him made me lose my sanity.
I pulled her harshly.
V: what the hell are you doing?
She jumped scared.
R: what did I do?
V: come with me.
I took her to our room and closed it.
V: you were hugging Ansh.
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R: I
V( interrupting): I don’t wanna hear anything, stay away from him.
R’s pov
I felt the rage rise inside me and I snapped at him.
R: I won’t eat him, and don’t behave so possessive about your brother.
V’s pov
This girl, is she for real? She thinks I act possessive about my brother, God why have I to love this foolish girl?
V: no I

R: I don’t want to hear you too, and I will do what I want, got it?
She strolled out and sat near Ansh.
R’s pov
A: so you still do not recognize who is your husband.
I pinched him.
R: shut up, don’t embarrass me more.
A: as if you look embarrassed.
V’s pov
I was curious about what they were talking about and came closer. I was stunned to hear what she said.
R: I love you too.
No, she said she loves him too? Does he love my wife? Then, he doesn’t know Vansh till now. I can bear anything but not losing my wife. she will be always just mine.
I stepped closer angrily and held his collar.
A(shocked): bro what happened to you suddenly?
V: how dare you say that you love her? She is my damn wife.
A: toh? You married her forcefully, right?
She nodded at him and I pushed the table making it shatter everywhere.
V: either forcefully or willingly she is my wife. (to Riddhima) stop it or else I will have to give you payback for it.
I held her hand and he took my hand out of hers.
A: don’t touch her, you heard her saying she loves me.
V: Ansh, I don’t want to forget that you are my brother, don’t lay a finger on her again.
R: I am fed up with your acts, fighting like mad people, set me free from this relationship.
V: you’ll be free in 2 conditions: either I die or you do. there’s no third option.
A: you can’t be serious about this matter.she wants to stay with me, why are you acting like this?
They glanced at me attentively then laughed hi-fi each other.
V: what the f*** are you laughing at?
A: your possessiveness Bhai, it’s amazing, but me and her, devar-babhi are awesome too, we can make a start in some Hollywood movie.
I was still not understanding what the hell is wrong with them?
R: are devar Ji, you confused my hubby, actually the ” I love you” wasn’t for him, I was trying to practice and Ansh was helping me but when you misunderstood the situation, he winked at me to play along. we fooled you, by the way, I LOVE YOU TOO IMMENSELY AND DEEPLY, YOU ARE MY EXISTENCE, MY HEART, SAB KUCH…
We hugged each other
A: Awww so romantic, don’t forget that I did you a favour Bhai.
V: favour? Wait I will show you how to repay for such a favour
Running behind him, he caught him and pulled his ear.
V: you are so wicked, I was burning with fury, what if I hit you?
A: anything acceptable for your happiness.
The brothers hugged each other.
R: oh, by the way, Vansh doesn’t remove the watch so that I can recognize you.
V: what kind of wife who can’t even know who is her husband.
R: a wife who liveS with her husband and his twin.
We laughed together at my lame joke.


A month later

V’s pov

I want to talk with Ansh immediately,I came to his room and found him sleeping, Although we are twins there are some differences between us, He is cooler than me, however, his anger is the worse. He wakes up late while I am an early riser. I touched his arm to wake him up and he got up with a jerk.


And he took out a gun from under his pillow.

V(closing my ears): I’ve never seen a mafia man shouting like this, And I told you to stop putting the gun there.

A(sigh): Ouuff you, I thought someone is trying to kill me, Bhai, I told you, Make me do anything as I am awake. But don’t wake me up.

V: stop whining like kids. She is coming today and I brought something for you.

A(smiling): So sweet of you, Thank you. How’s babhi?

V: She is fine, You are here and you’re taking care of her food and medicines. Both ought to be fit.

A: I am excited to see your kid, do you think he will take after me, you, or Riddhima?

V: I will go and ask him for you, God knows, How will I know, silly? Just one thing, he shouldn’t take after your and Riddhima’s laziness.

A: Ok I am going to share this news.

V: No no, I don’t want to be kicked out of the room. get up now.

A: Ha I will get ready and come.

V: you know you owe me for that?

A: No Bhai please, You’ll get me into trouble.

V: I don’t care, you’ll do as I say.

V’s pov

I came back to my room, My wife was getting ready, she is beautiful as usual.

She came and hugged me.

R: I felt cold without you.

V: Awww my cute kid.

R: I am not a kid, I am carrying one.

V: Both of you are my kids, See,  how cute like a baby you look.

I bit These chubby cheeks, She put on some weight. And it suits her more.

R: Vansh, you didn’t tell me who’s coming?

V: Surprise.

R’s pov

I was curious, What’s this surprise in the morning itself, He went outside and I had my breakfast in the room as the family had it earlier.

I stepped out of the room and heard Vansh speaking with a girl.

V: Yeah baby, I missed you too, We will tell her together today that we want to get married.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks, He is Vansh. He has affair with someone else.

I strolled to Ansh’s room crying.

A: What happened?

R: Ask your Bhai, He loves another girl, He will leave me and my child now.

A(shocked): WHat? You must have mistaken the situation.

R: No, I am sure, He told her he will marry her.

A: I will talk with him, don’t worry.

I sat there sobbing, Does he hate me now because I am pregnant? My external look changed just a bit.

Ansh came back with a defeated look.

A: He refused to listen, so adamant, I am sorry. By the way, I don’t know if I have to tell you this, but A girl is in Vr Mansion now.

listening to what he said, My anger knew no limits, And I stormed out of the room.

Now, we will see who is going to marry?

I saw them hugging each other while the family looked happy for them.

I pulled her away and pushed her toward the floor while she was glimpsing at me with shock, Not just her, everyone there was having strange expressions on their faces.

I held my husband’s collar angrily.

R: How dare you cheat on me?

He looked toward Ansh’s direction with pleading eyes.

V: Please enough now. She will kill me because of this game.

Ansh started laughing crazily.

A: Actually, I am Vansh, sweetheart.

R: what?

The real Ansh: Ha babhi, He wanted to take revenge on us for fooling him that day when he comes to know about my girlfriend. (looking at the girl) are you fine?

Gi: Ha I am fit.

R: I am so sorry, Bhavia, I thought he is my husband.

B: It’s totally fine, I can understand.

R: But Vansh was wearing these clothes.

A: To play this game, he bought for me the same clothes, and asked me to wear it as I owe him. The phone call near your room, He asked me to do it.

V: its Payback.

R: You don’t know why I’ve been through, don’t speak with me again.

In a few sec, she hurried in full anger mode inside our room.

V: Sorry, Bhavia, You had to witness my wife’s craziness.

B: She loves you very much, her face showing how much she feels possessive about you.

A: He is not any less, darling. He was about to smash my face before for her.

B(shocked): What?

A: We teased him.

B: Oh Jodi made in heaven.Wow!

V: excuse me guys, I have to pacify my woman.

Our room

She was folding the clothes, And the moment I stepped inside she passed me a glare.

V: Sweetheart?

R: I am not your sweetheart.

V: Baby, You teased me too.

R: To make you confess, Not a stupid idiot silly game like you.

V: I wanted to see how much my love feels possessive about me.How much she loves me. You were so fierce and I love to see the same obsession I have for you, in your eyes.

R: I thought you stopped loving me.

V: You cried baby, and I felt so sorry to see your tears. I made you cry, Forgive me.

R: You played so fair, love, I was just a bit insecure.

V: Never have these thoughts again, Vansh is always yours.

She placed her head on my shoulder relaxed putting her hand in mine.

R(placing the other hand on her stomach): Ours.


I don’t know why the previous article wasn’t submitted,I wished you Yashi but It wasn’t published unfortunately, I will do it again.

Happy birthday, Dearest Yashi, May God showers you Blessings and make your wishes come true, Keep shining and smiling, Keep fighting the obstacles that are between you and your dreams, I am praying that you have a very happy birthday with all your beloved ones. If you ever need a friend you can consider me yours, dear. Stay Happy.

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