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Ghar Ek Mandir 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update Genda apologises to Siddhant


Ghar Ek Mandir 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arora calls Siddhant and says I spoke to Kundan like you said, Siddhant says good now father in law has understood and so will his daughter in law and Genda you messed with my weakness and now you will beg me for forgiveness.

Kundan calls SS creations and asks to fix his appointment with Siddhant Sinha, Genda Varun and Manish Nisha walk to him, Kundan says on call me Kundan Agarwal and Genda Agarwal will accompany, Varun asks why are you going to meet him and that too with Genda. Kundan walks to Genda and says because she is reason behind the problem, she insulted Siddhant and he wants to buy our shop, I could handle the situation but she ruined everything and now I have to beg him, Genda says I did what principles says, Kundan says he has money and power and power always wins, come out of your dream world and so tomorrow you will come with me and apologise to him. Genda says to Kundan, but Papaji, Kundan says I just want to see you apologise to him nothing else and leave.
Manish says I already had told you Genda, now bare consequences and leaves. Varun says Genda you didn’t do anything wrong and so you won’t go to his office or apologise, Anuradha walks to Genda and says I agree with Varun and you say no to Kundan.

Next day, Dad having breakfast with Siddhant, Siddhant makes him soup and says your breakfast is getting ready, Dad says we have so many servant’s why you do cooking, Siddhant says cooking for you makes me happy, and now quickly finish. Siddhant’s secretary walks in and tells his schedule, Siddhant hears about Kundan and Genda’s meeting and smile.
Kundan calls Genda and says lets go and not a word other than sorry. Varun whispers to Genda, I will deny if you can’t.
Dad asks Siddhant is Genda the girl who troubled you yesterday, Siddhant says yes and sees a report and scolds his secretary for having make up on point but useless report, and asks to rework.

Genda says to Kundan she will come, Anuradha says Genda you, Kundan says Anuradha don’t interrupt, Genda says Papaji is right I have to apologise it is necessary, I will get my bag.
Varun asks Genda is she really want to apologise, Genda says I am ready to apologise.

Kundan and Genda visit Siddhant, Siddhant says why did you get her here, women don’t look good in offices but kitchen, Kundan says very correct, Siddhant acts too sweet with Kundan and says come sit, and asks what will you have tea coffee, something cold for Genda, Kundan says I am fine, Siddhant says let me order. Kundan says you sound from good family and good upbringing, Siddhant says but some people find me arrogant, Kundan says Genda wants to apologise for missbehaving with you, Siddhant says really, Genda wants to say sorry, Kundan says yes she will and asks Genda to apologise.

Genda says I am sorry, Siddhant thinks like other women you are week too. Kundan says now we are on good terms, Siddhant says all good, and now I have promised my Dad of 10 shops so make me happy give your shop and with double money you be happy too, Kundan says I will think and tell you, Siddhant’s staff walks in with tea, Siddhant scolds them for not accompaning with snacks.
Kundan and Genda leave.
Siddhant says she wanted to mess with Siddhant Sinha nonsense women.
Genda gets a message and says Papaji I forgot my phone inside I will get it.

Genda walks in Siddhant’s cabin, Siddhant says you must be here to apologise again, go ahead kneel infront of me, Genda says I am not here to apologise but I want a favor, Siddhant says yes tell me, Genda says I want to show you your place, you are right I am here to say sorry again and you aren’t wrong but a cheap man and need two slaps from your mother and you said you promised your Dad that you will give him our shop and then so have I that my shop won’t be sold and yes if you are real men, talk directly with me and not anyone else in my family and I do have return gift for you, and it must have reached your house and leaves.

Siddhant gets call from Dad, that he has received courier from someone unknown, Siddhant thinks Dad shouldn’t get hurt and says you keep away from it since its anonymous I will come home and check. Dad says okay.

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