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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori and Tiwari get back together


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

David havind drinks and carrot calls someone says hey darling I’ll be home in fes days get ready to enjoy, I’m the bed in London’s museum who’s legs are still standing. Tiwari walks in after getting shock. David ask who are you. Tiwari says it’s me. David ask how are you so insulting. Tiwari says I’m so mad now tell how will you fell if your wife leaves you. David says uf my wife leave my then I’ll party hard. Tiwari says but I love my wife but you nephew Vibhuti is jot letting me bring her back don’t know what to do. David says go in drain and wash your face, you know one time Anu was trapped by his father so Vibhuti hired some goons and beat his brother. Tiwari says I like this plan.

Angoori in Vibhu’s house says I didn’t know Tiwari will be so cold hearted he is not missing me. Saxena walks in disguised as Angoori. Angoori in shock after seeing Saxena. Saxena says I’m not your kid today I’m a women. Angoori says when did you become women. Saxena says a women is hiding inside me and it come out when some male need this women and I think your husband need a women. Angoori says Tiwari need only me. Saxena says yes he need but you are not with him so I’m helping him or else he will go somewhere else. Angoori says he will not do like that. Saxena says every women think that her husband cannot do anything but Men have more capabilities to perform things out of imagination, now he needs you and uf he realised that something is missing then he might go out of track. Angoori says he will not loose his track I know. Saxena says I know he will not loose track but he is going to loose, don’t worry I’m here to help him be his servant. Angoori says don’t go further that. Saxena says I’ll hurt his feelings and when he will feel sad then he will come to you and says I’m going. Angoori says Deedee it’s tea time for Tiwari so please give him. Saxena says don’t worry I’ll give him milk. Angoori says he don’t like milk. Saxena says I’ll try milk, he might like it and leave.

Malkhan and Tillu having drinks. Tillu says to Malkhan it’s not good to have drinks in afternoon. Malkhan says you are right but foreigners also drink in afternoon. Tillu says don’t talk about foreigner they are different from us when it’s day here they are having night same way for morning and we have right hand drive they got left hand drive, they have different kind of switch pattern for turning on. Tiwari walks in and says you started in morning. Malkhan says is goverment putting GST on this too. Tiwari says if people will make it normal then government could think of it. Tillu says don’t says or even alcohol will burst into rage. Tiwari ask what you can do for alcohol. Malkhan says for alcohol we can do anything. Tiwari says so you need to beat someone. Malkhan says what are you saying. Tiwari says you need to beat Vibhuti, I’ll give you alcohol for that. Malkhan says what are you saying we cannot beat a simple man for alcohol. Tillu says do you think us so cheap that we will beat a person for alcohol. Tiwari says you will get one bottle and 5000rs cash each. Tillu says we will take 5lakh and argue over money. Tiwari says I’ll ask someone else to do and leaves.

Anu and Vibhuti coming back from shopping. Anu says when we will go next time to shop we will buy suit for you. Vibhu says where you will take this donkey. Anu says don’t say like that I asked you to pick bags and you a giving me sarcasm, if this is problem then don’t come next time. Vibhu says you always say like this but still bring me. Anu says if I’ll not go with my husband then who will help me and she gets sad. Vibhu says it’s alright everything is fine. Anu says okay then I’ll go to tailor give my measurements and leaves.
Vibhu says she is totally different always behind me, don’t know now when she will be back. Goon walk to Vibhu says don’t know when she will be back but you will not back home all good. Vibhu ask who are you threaten me. Goon start beating him. Anu rushes in and beat him. Vibhu uncover his face. Anu says he is your friend Prem. Prem says I’m not his friend I only live for money and can kill him for money. Vibhu you are so disgusting. Anu scolds Vibhu these are your friends who can kill you for some money and you fight for these friend, I’ll always said to you stay away from criminal kind of people god knows how they will influence you and ask Prem who ask you to do this. Prem says it’s Tiwari he said he will give me money to beat him and I accepted this because I need money.

Helan, David and Tiwari sitting having tea. Tiwari says to David this time I have done arrangement for drilling a hole in wall. David says what are you talking. Tiwari says Vibhu use to trouble me a lot now I’m gonna do same. Anu and Vibhu walks in. Anu says to Tiwari you did wrong, you asked Prem to beat Vibhuti that’s how you pay us being your neighbour. Vibhu says you are a sinner on being a neighbour a black spot. Tiwari says to Vibhuti and you incited my wife against me. Anu says what are you saying why we will do that. Tiwari says I’m talking about Vibhu. Anu says Vibhuti didn’t do anything it’s just and misunderstanding and for that you ask Prem to beat him. Tiwari says It was David’s Idea. Everyone in shock. David says are you out of mind why will I say you that. Tiwari says did you forget you told me one time Vibhuti ask goons to beat Anita’s brother when she was grounded by him. Anu says to Vibhuti did you ask goons to beat me tell me true. Vibhu says right now matter is different let’s talk on that. Helan says listen to me she came to fight with Tiwari but went on other track. Anu says no I’m on right track and if I get to know that it was your three plan then I’ll go to police station and be in jail. David says to Anu what me and Helan did think can I do this. Tiwari says no need to go to police I’ll take all the blame. David says why are you doing this. Tiwari says because I cannot live without Angoori or else I’ll die. Anu says you no need to die Angoori is also missing you a lot like you. Tiwari says then why is she not meeting me. Anu says me and Angoori were taking your exam and I’m sorry to say but you almost passed, go she is waiting for you. Tiwari says really. Anu says ofcourse do you doubt that. Helan says go fast. Vibhu says listen please be in control and behave respectfully. Tiwari leaves crying.
David says to Helan I’m going to Bangkok should I drop you somewhere. Vibhu ask why are you going Bangkok. David says I’ll play Kho-Kho. Anu says you can play with Mummyji why you need to go Bangkok. Helan says am I a small kid. Vibhu says you are my mommy now come to home. Anu says please come. Helan says no I’ll not come. David says we are not coming I’m got to Bangkok and she is going to Dubai. Vibhu and Anu about to leave. David says wait and ask Helan let’s go with them or they will feel sad. Saxena walks in says you all are set now who will set me. David flirts with him.

Angoori sitting sad. Tiwari walks in and call her name says I’m sorry. Angoori get’s up. Tiwari walks to her and hug. Tiwari says please forgive me everything happen because of me. Angoori says okay if you think then its your fault and I’ll not do anything to make you feel sad. Tiwari says okay now get ready to leave. Angoori says I’ll do packing and gets call from Ammaji. She picks up and greet her. Ammaji says that time I was not in signal zone so was unable to hear you now tell what happen. Angoori says I had an fight with Tiwari I tried you telling many time but no need to worry me and Tiwari did patchup now and says I’m keeping up phone now. Ammaji hungs up.


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