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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Tiwari makes a wish


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in hall. Vibhu sitting nearby her. Angoori hear Tiwari calling her and says I cannot live without you Tiwari why are you sitting there come hug me. Vibhu says why is she calling me Tiwari, I have been waiting for this since long but how can I pick her up. Angoori says what are you thinking come here and hug me and take me to heaven. Angoori open her eyes sees Vibhuti and says it’s you where is Tiwari and start crying says I cannot live without him, if he come in front of me I’ll say love you. Vibhu says I know about a wishing well if you throw a coin and make a wish and it come true. Angoori says will I get Tiwari. Vibhu says if he will be available in stock then surely you will get. Angoori says let’s go before Tiwari goes out of stock and they leave.

Man praying to wishing well says my wife thinks I’m seeing someone please give her wisdom to understand, he gets call from lady says darling I’ll be back cake to meet a well. Tiwari walks in and says how was the experience. Man says It was good I have many lady in my factory I have experience and leaves. Tiwari says don’t know what he said, he sees well says its deep after all I need to make wish.
Vibhu and Angoori walking towards well, Vibhu says waut someone is already there. Angoori says he is Tiwari. Vibhu says he came to wish for you to well. Angoori says let me go. Vibhu stops her say let him oray after that we will meet and I’m sure he will ask you. Angoori says I’m proud of him. Vibhu says wait a minute lets hear what he wish for. Tiwari says to well I heard you helped a lot of people, today help me too, I need a foreigner girl who is blonde and blue eyes just give me my choice of lady and throws the coin. Angoori says what is this why is he demanding for foreigner. Vibhu says I’m sorry I don’t know what’s happening my prediction gone wrong. Angoori says I’ll go and ask him. Vibhu says no it will make fuss. Angoori so I should wait till he bring foreign with her and walks to her.

Angoori walks to him. Tiwari sees her get excited try to hug. Angoori says don’t touch me. Tiwari says what happen. Angoori says you demanded for foreigner I know that’s why you fought with me so that you can bring that foreigner to our house. Tiwari says it’s not like that. Vibhu says it’s like that. Tiwari says shut up to Vibhuti and who are you don’t come in between husband and wife. Angoori says he is my wellwisher, I never thought you would do like this I’ll call Ammaji and tell everything, she calls Ammaji and ask how things are going. Ammaji says I’m about to reach temple, its so cold here and ice all around. Angoori gets excited and ask is it same we find in fridge. Ammaji says yes its same. Vibhu says to Angoori come to point. Angoori says to Ammaji your know Tiwari. Ammaji says hello I cannot hear you I have signal problem will talk to you later. Angoori cries and leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari I have a plan for you go and die. Tiwari says he again took my wife.

That same night Tiwari, Helan and David having drinks. Helan says winter is here. David says weather forecast said it will rain today. Helan says I’m saying about cold and you are talking about rain. Tiwari start crying says I’m missing Angoori a lot she use to knit sweater for me in cold. Saxena says to Tiwari dont worry I’m here for you I’ll knit sweater for you. David flirts with Saxena. Saxena give snacks to them. Helan says it’s taste. Saxena says thankyou I’ll get more snacks for you.
Tiwari gets call from Dadu says why is he calling if he get to know about Angoori then he will scold me, I’ll not pickup. David says if you will jot pick then he will come here and see that your wife is living at neighbour’s house. Helan says to Tiwari why don’t you patch up with your wife. Tiwari says how can I do. David says she is trying to patch up. Tiwari says I tried to patch up many time but there is one person becoming hurdle. David says who is he. Helan says try one time talk to her try to impress her, she is simple and innocent, and a bit stupid but she is good and love you alot. Tiwari says I also love her a lot, but I told you there is one person acting as hurdle. Helan says go impress her.

Angoori dresses in western outfit and reading English newspaper. Vibhu walks in sees Angoori and says who is this beautiful lady she look like foreigner but give Angoori’s Vibe let’s go and talk to her. Vibhu walks to her and greet her. Angoori greet her back. Vibhu in shock says I can’t believe that and ask why are you in foreign attire you are all desi. Angoori says I heard Tiwari demanding for foreigner that’s why I became one. Vibhu says no foreigner can match you, if we talk about Tiwari he cannot demand you things, he don’t have reputation, teel me one thing if Tiwari says become item girl for me and dance for me. Angoori sayd so what he is my wife. Vibhu says I know you will answer same, if you ask him same he won’t do I can write on stamp paper and say he won’t do same for you he will deny that. Angoori ask tell me why will I ask him to dance because it’s not his job. Vibhu says you are also doing work like you are sitting as foreigner infront of me but you have no relation in being an foreigner just because your husband demand. Angoori says so what he is my husband he can ask me. Vibhu says then are you his servant. She says don’t says anything and get offended. Vibhu says accept it he has been vocal about calling you stupid all the time. Angoori says he cannot say like this. Vibhu says don’t worry I’m with you I’ll stand with you. Angoori says I’ll not talk to him, you it took me 4 hours to get ready. Vibhu says you look great.

Tiwari go out of his house touches Vibhuti’s main door and gets shock. Vibhu come out and says why are you trying yo enter my house this late like thief. Tiwari says I’m not thief and says give me back my wife and start shouting Angooris name. Vibhu says stop shouting you are disturbing everyone in colony. Tiwari says I want my wife back. Vibhu says go to mountain you will get lady there and you can help eachother. Man walks in greet them and says I heard you were talking about wife. Vibhu says yes he need wife. Man says I have great wife she don’t doubt at all. Tiwari says but why are you telling your wife’s biodata I’m asking about my wife here. Man says he kept your wife at his house, says to Vibhuti if you have place so keep my wife too. Vibhu says why you want to give your wife to me. Man says because I like someone else. Vibhu says to Tiwari did your heard and ask him to shake hands. Tiwari give his hand but Vibhu make him touch his gate and he gets shock.

Gupta and Masterji sitting near tea stall. Prem walks in and says to them I have urgent work from you says I need some money my wife is holding all the cash and not giving me. Gupta says why not we will help you tell how much cash you want and says take 100rs and come to clinic I’ll give 400rs more. Prem says you keep it I need 25,000rs. Masterji ask why do you want that much money. Prem says I lost in gambling with someone when I was in drunk now I have to return him. Gupta says but why do you need money you have plenty of it. Prem says I told you my wife is holding all the cash and now I’m broke. Masterji ask who are the people you took loan. Prem says they are very dangerous people they will go to my wife and tell her. Tiwari walks in and says to them do you know any goon who can beat someone in exchange of money. Prem says I know. Tiwari says give me address. Prem says I’ll do it for you because I need money. Tiwari saya I think you cannot do it. Prem says don’t worry I’ll do it but I’ll charge 25000 for this work. Tiwari takes prem with him in corner says if I says you have to beat your best friend Vibhuti, still you will do it. Prem says yes.


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