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Riansh Os : Many stories 4


Author’s pov

He held a diary on which it was written “7” and started reading it, she must have written ut after what they went through,his idiocy forced her to do so.

FB starts

Vansh’s eyes exclaimed his hatred while looking at the woman who betrayed him despite the love he has given her. she was in the same state he wanted her to be, miserable, helpless and broken whilst he announced to the world that Ahaana is his wife.

Ahaaana gave her a mocking smile while she stood near him, she cried and begged him to recognize her and stop what was going on there however he turned deaf ears to her words.

R: vansh, please! Whatever happens, you can chose anyway to punish but this! (Sobbed) I am your wife! Not her!

V: look, miss,It’s not good to barge into people’s house and try to claim rights! My wife is in front of you, Mrs.Ahana Raisinghania!

R: you are lying! Everyone here is lying! But why even I am feeling shocked? Every single person here is greedy and selfish except Dadi and Angrey. But you both disappointed me too, dadi, you were an example of perfection to me still you supported them in this cheap move! And Angrey! Loyalty? Where were your loyalty when they were about to die? I was there for them trying to rescue them however this is what I am getting in return? Dhoka!!!!

I: bhai,I know this kind very well, they are beggars and try to take advantage of any opportunity they got, look at her, Bhai myst have felt pity in her but she followed him here! Come.

(She pulled Riddhima with her hand forcefully but Riddhima jerked her hand lifting up ger index warning her)

R: whatever the matter is, it’s our matter, don’t put your nose in between, I won’t bear it!! (To vansh) and you!! You said she is your wife? Fine! (Facing the reporters)

In front of all of you, I dare Vansh Raisinghania, within the next 7 days,I am going to prove that I am the real bahu of this house but then even if he wished, he won’t get me!

If you are so sure that she is your wife then (looking at Ishaani) being so generous enough to feel pity on me,you’ll let me have a shelter here till then..

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Emm I am not posting in ig and didn't know that she'll mention my book as a successful work

Emm I am not posting in ig and didn’t know that she’ll mention my book as a successful work. it’s because of you, my book was loved 🥺🥺🥺, lubb you ❤❤❤❤!

The reporters gossiped about them while she eyed him with a challenging look, He looked toward the reporters who were curious to know his answer and Ahaana came whispering in his ear: don’t say yes, You promised me !

Vansh ignored her looking at Riddhima who used the trick he used to hurt her to challenge him.

V: I accept your condition, Within the next 7 days, If you fail to prove it, You are going to get out of my house and never come back again. Your time starts by now.

R(winning smile looked at the reporters): So we’ll see you after 7 days, Now kindly leave, I have so much work to do (smirked facing Vansh) To make my husband confess.

(Stretched lazily) I am so tired, I have to get back my energy by having rest, but first things first, for fair competition,one sec.
She moved in front of them all, heading to their room and came back with a suitcase.

Aha(screamed angrily): leave it!

Riddhima pushed it toward her with a force that her clothes were spread everywhere.

R(innocently): opss sorry! You told me to leave it. What was I saying? Yes! I remember! I was saying that in front of you all who is the real Mrs.Raisinghania is still not known, Neither I nor Ahaana will stay in that room as Who is the real Wife is still mysterious and About the photos! These photos can be made easily, Isn’t it? within less than a day, You can find instead of her my photo or any other girl’s photo, Therefore, I am going to give you more substantial proof than the pics. This much I am confident of my identity which no one, (facing Vansh and Ahaana with fire in her eyes) Literally no one can steal!

All the reporters were impressed with the girl’s confidence and doubted the announcement that Vansh made.

R(folded her hands in front of the media): I hope you’ll wait for the truth to come out.

Saying so she left to her room Where Ahaana came behind her: What do you think you’re doing? Vansh won’t accept you again!

after a while

Her voice echoed in the hall where the reporters were still there nd she ran toward them crying: I said I want only a place to stay till I prove it !! aHHH my head is bleeding !! why did you do that?

Ahaana’s mouth was opened and she wanted to talk but the look on Vansh’s face scared her, He looked on the verge of shooting her: Vansh, I

He walked near her: Fu*** off before I kill you!

Ahaana looked at Riddhima who winked at her recalling what happened before.

FB starts

Saying so she left to her room Where Ahaana came behind her: What do you think you’re doing? Vansh won’t accept you again!

R: Who told you I am here for him? I am here for myself, FOr my identity, and my existence. If he had told me that he wanted me out of his life, I would Have gone away if it is what could make him happy !! but giving me a stab in my back wasn’t the right choice to take. (Approaching her with fierce eyes and holding her chin ) and you!!! I am going to punish you for what you did, DArling !! You dared to attack me. therefore (she walked till the wall and bumped her head with it) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Fb ends

Rep1: Mr.Raisinghania, You said you will give her a chance to prove her statement but after few minutes she was attacked by the woman who is alleging that she is Mrs.Raisinghania too.

Rep2: Is it because of the fear of the truth that the girl threatened to expose?

Rep3: Is the girl’s life in danger in this house?

R(holding her head): Please calm down all of you, Don’t blame my husband for this incident. It’s his fake wife who attacked me and I am (smirking at him) positive that he has nothing to do with it. Therefore from now on My safety will be arranged by Mr.Raisinghania himself. (she strolled to him and in a low voice) The same way you attacked me, Now, You have to protect me. If anything happens to me then The media whom you considered your power will not let you live at peace. Your Drama is finished, Now My turn.

She said before fainting there he held her panicked and picked her up heading toward their room while she opened her eyes and winked again at him.

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R: Ops Mr.Raisinghania, You are carrying a stranger girl to your room, What will the reporters think of you? I can’t even imagine !! but Challo Acha hai, You are losing on the first day itself, It hasn’t been even an hour since I challenged you.

He put her down and angrily talked: How dare you play games with me?

R: when the matter concerns Giving, I am so generous, But I have learnt that stealing is a very bad habit, and No one can steal something that is mine. Only mine. And whoever does it, I don’t spare him. Believe me, If you are lava, then I am the water, Neither I can put you out, nor you can make me evaporate. but when A Lava meets the water, Things became dangerous for the others. This is us !! And My success is decided.

V: Time will tell Who will get hurt.

He walked away and he heard her voice behind: Just make sure you don’t regret it later.

V(stopped in the middle of the way): Why Am I leaving my room?

R(laughed): Because you can’t convince yourself with your own lie. Poor you! Trying so hard but in vain.

She walked out and her tears appeared again: No I can’t fall weak, I have to fight for my rights.

V(to himself): How dares she mock me? To challenge me? Shouldn’t she just go out of my life? I can’t bear her in front of my eyes! I am remembering her cheat whenever I look at her face.

Ahaana stood in front of Riddhima whose eyes were moist and smirked when she noticed it.

Ah: Tch tch, You are trying hard to maintain strong but the truth is you are so weak to bear Vansh’s betrayal. I feel bad for you, The man for whom you were ready to do anything, Left your hand in the middle of the way and Held mine.

Riddhima kept looking forward and Ahaana was about to go passing near her bit she fell and screamed.

Ah: Ahhhhhh My hand

R(stumping on her hand): Sorry, You just reminded me, that he held your hand so it should be of no use now. (Pressing hard while Ahaana screamed ) Don’t ever come in my way again or else Next time, I’ll leave you with a broken hand, sweety. Aab hogi Badle ki sari hade paar !!

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Ohh sorry, I didn’t even notice when I stumped on your hand, My bad ! (She pressed on her hand to carry on her way smirking while Ahaana was shouting till the Raisinghanias Came there)

I: Ahaana, what happened?

AH: My hand !!

I: Your hand is wounded !! How did that happen?

Ah: Riddhima !!

I: Angrey, Give me the first aid box! (She looked at Ahaana and whispered ) Don’t worry, we are going to take revenge on her, she came here and she has to pay.

Riddhima’s room

R: Enough of crying! enough of bearing the injustice! I am strong enough to dare anyone without any fear or hesitation. I don’t have enough time, I have to do my first step.

She changed her clothes and was going out only to meet Kabir in the way, who was having a smug smile on his face.

R: What do you want?

K: I genuinely feel sorry for you, Riddhima, You betrayed me for this man !! and now you are living humiliated in the house.

R(laughed): nice Joke !! Who is living as a charity case here (looking at him from the head to button) I am sure you know! this is my house, And I won’t leave it forcefully !! I’ll leave when I want to, Because No one has the power to compel me and make me bend to his orders, Got it? Now leave my way and care about yourself!

She left him behind confused: What did she mean by “care about myself”? and from when this sudden power came? and where is she going?

Vr mansion

Ahaana was worried about Riddhima’s disappearance, The confidence on her face managed to scare her. She went to Vansh who was working.

Ah: Oh Really? You are going to sit like this letting her do as she pleases? You promised and you have to fulfill it. It’s not your choice.

He snapped his face toward her scaring her with his sharp eyes: I am giving you a warning! This is the last time you speak in that tone, If I want to break my promise no one will stop me.

Ah(scared): I I kn..ow but she isn’t here! she went out of the house after daring us, I am scared of what she’ll do!

Just then a message reached her: Holly shit !!

V: what?

Ah: Look at this!

V(widened his eyes): Damn !! (shouted) Angrey !! Bring the car, we are going now!

Riddhima returned to the house holding her phone with a smile on her face: Woah Riddhima, You have won over him on the first day itself.

She crossed the gate inside the house only to be pushed all of sudden into the pool and Found herself drenched.

R(gritting her teeth): Ishaaniiiiii !!

I : Opss, Galti se, Sorry !!

R(murmured): You are going to be! (remembering something) My phone !! !Oh god !!!!

Ishaani called Vansh: Bhai, Your work is done! Her phone won’t work anymore!

FB starts

Scene 1

Riddhima reached the hospital and started looking for someone.

After a while, she entered the cabin of the doc who was surprised to see her there.

Doc: You?

R: do you remember me?

Doc: Of course! I was the one who treated you when you got shot, You are Mr. Vansh’s wife. I can still remember his worried face about your health.

R: Yes, I am, and need your help, doc. I’ll ask you some questions, Please answer me.

Doc(confused): Sure.

R(Started recording): When you met me? and where?

Doc: Few months ago, You were shot and Mr.Raisinghania called me to treat your wound.

R: You mean I and Mr.Raisinghania know each other?

Doc: Excuse me? Know each other? Mrs.Raisinghania, You are his wife, I don’t understand why these weird questions, Are you fine?

R: Who told you that I am his wife?

Doc: Mr.Raisinghania himself.

R: Perfect, Thank you doc, I know you are finding it so weird, But you have really helped.

Doc(perplexed): You are welcome.

Scene 2:

Just then a message reached her: Holly shit !!

V: what?

Ah: Look at this!

It was a photo of Riddhima and the doc with a text:

“You Have to stop her or else she’ll kick you out of the house”

V(widened his eyes): Damn !! (shouted) Angrey !! Bring the car, we are going now!

Ah: WHo is that doc?

V: She treated Riddhima before and she can prove that she is my wife.

Fb ends

Vansh again come inside the house and smirked looking at Riddhima’s drenched figure with her phone in her hand.

V: You lost the challenge today.

R: Don’t be so happy, My phone can be repaired, But (throwing it in the water again) I am going to show you that I have so many ways to win over you, And this day didn’t end with my loss, I won and found someone who could state to the whole media the truth, However, I have a special surprise for you, After the timeline finish you’ll know about it. Till then, You can celebrate.

Vansh went to dadi’s room feeling so hurt with whatever was going on: Dadi, I can’t bear it anymore! She betrayed me and still has the courage to challenge me and stay in the house. How can she do that, dadi? I loved her so much!

D: Even It was like my granddaughter, Never Have I ever thought that she could be behind your arrest and Sia’s condition.

He rested his head in her lap and she spoke: Beta, Bear it for 7 days, We can’t do anything now, She’ll be proved right in front of the Media If we ask her to go out.

Ahaana was passing near Vansh’s room and found Riddhima holding his mother’s Payal that he has given her, She walked inside and snatched it from her.

Ah: It’s mine!

R: It’s not yours, it’s my right!

Ah: Oh really?

A voice behind them spoke: What is going on here?

They turned to the door’s direction where Vansh was standing there.

Ah: She is trying to take this Payal!

He took it from her hand forcefully and gave it to Ahaana who happily smiled, Riddhima was hurt but didn’t show it.

Ahaana wore the Payal and Riddhima transferred her gaze to Vansh.

R(strong but sad tone) : I feel bad for your mom as you gave the last memory of her to this dirt.

She went and Vansh extended his hand: Give me back the Payal, Who asked you to wear it? It’s my mother’s !!

Ah: Why are you being so hyper for this small matter?

V(choked her): What concerns my mother can never be small, stay away from all her things. (He left her neck and she coughed)

Ah(angrily): You are forgetting that I am helping you here !! without me, you couldn’t fool Riddhima and Kabir! Just because of me, you won today, because Kabir sent me the message, or else she would have claimed all her rights in front of the whole world.

Kabir’s room

Riddhima marched in a circle around him while he was listening: Tch tch Kabir, Ahaana whom you think she is against Vansh is actually against you and playing double-game, You can carry on being played by her, Or You can follow the quote that says “Dushman ka Dushman Dost Hota hai“Now what you’re going to do? The decision is yours.

She left the room recalling how she glued the spying device in the Payal, that they fail to notice due to its small size.

R(smirked): I knew Ahaana that you’ll do something like that and invites your death. Phew, I don’t even have to lay my hand on you, THe work will be done by Kabir himself.

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Kabir was fuming in anger: Vansh and Ahaana both fooled me, you did a very wrong move by teaming up with him and betraying me, I have warned you.

He held his gun and was about to go but a hand stopped him by his arm: What do you think you’re doing?

K: Killing that bi*** !!

R(laughed): I didn’t know that you are a weak player Kabir, I mean they played you but you are going to give her an easy death? Tch tch, I didn’t expect that. I think I am going to take back my proposal to be on your side. Kya hai na, I don’t need a weak player on my team, Badla Lene ke liye Main akeli hi kafi hoon. Lagta Hai, I’ll do everything alone without your help, Kabir

She gave him a mocking smile and moved back to her room then started counting: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (looked toward the door only to find Kabir arrived there) You already decided?

K: I am with you!

R: great decision, This is what I call “great mind”. I must admit we can be enemies but still, I am at a loss for words due to your manipulation skills. (Clapping) This is for you Kabir, Admiration from your frenemy.

He laughed and extended his hand: We both were betrayed, And Now on one team, I’ll help you to prove that you are his wife, but when the time comes, You’ll have to give me something.

R: Thing?

K: not now.

R(extended her hand): Deal!

K: so you have a plan? I mean you have given a great speech in front of all, you must have thought of something !!

R: I did, but it flopped, I have to go to the next plan.

K: I am all ears!

R: I need you to ……

k(shocked): You’ll do that? You????

R: I guess you are underestimating what I am feeling now! When you value something more than your life, and you do anything to protect it, then you lose it because of someone, You won’t imagine how much you’ll hate that person. Now My hatred is limitless.

K(smirked): Woah, This change is so amazing.

He went out and Riddhima took a pen and started writing.

On the first day, I failed and Vansh won, I have never thought that I will be on Kabir’s team again, The only difference now is the fact that he is not manipulating me, I am going to manipulate him this time. I will take my revenge thoroughly.

The other day

The reporters were in front of VR mansion making The Raisinghanias Frown, And Riddhima went to them: You all are here? It’s not even one day! We decided that I’ll present proofs after one week.

Rep1: Mme, We want to know Mrs.Ishaani, was she really pregnant before marriage?

R(shocked): WHat??

Rep2: We received a copy of the reports on which she was declared pregnant before her marriage, Tell us Mme, Is it valid?

R: Look, It’s not good to interfere in the other’s matters.

Vansh came there angrily and shouted: How dare you talk about my sister?

Rep1: Mr.Raisinghania, These are the reports, Do you want to say it’s fake?

V: No comment !! I want you all to go out of here, It’s our family matter.

R: Yes, No matter what was her past, She is married now.

Rep2: Are you confirming the news?

Riddhima looked at him in disbelief and Vansh glared at her before dismissing them.

V: I said, Please Leave.

They went inside the house and Ahaana said while checking the phone: Vansh, It’s spread everywhere !!

Ishaani snatched it from her hand looking at the reports along with her pics with Sunny And screamed at Riddhima: All because of you happened.

R(raising her eyebrow): Yeah, as I fixed your marriage, you’re right! I am the reason.

V: Ishaani, It’s not the time to blame anyone.

K: Oh god, Is this guy behind it?

I: who?

K(giving her a look ): I think you didn’t see the whole news.

She stood there reading it again then found a new photo of him while the reporters following him some answers, She said shocked: It’s impossible !! I saw his corpse.

Kabir raised his thumb toward Riddhima who hid her smirk at Vansh’s tensed face (to herself): Now I didn’t hit just two birds with one stone, But three. Now, Ishaani, I was trying hard to make you have a good future with your baby and chose Angrey for you as I thought he was a good man, But You teamed up with Ahaana to harm me, This is my gift to you, darling. Enjoy it, The relation between the trio now will be weaker.

Fb starts

R: I did, but it flopped, I have to go to the next plan.

K: I am all ears!

R: I need you to bring Ishaani’s reports from the hospital and sending them to the Media, Her Truth should be at the display by tomorrow morning. And Of course, you know that you can’t go personally. As usual, Use your tricks to make Angrey reaches a dead-end Even if he investigates.

k(shocked): You’ll do that? You????

R: I guess you are underestimating what I am feeling now! When you value something more than your life, and you do anything to protect it, then you lose it because of someone, You won’t imagine how much you’ll hate that person. Now My hatred is limitless.

Fb ends

R: People !! They don’t think that your goodness has limits !! they try to get on your bad side thinking you’ll always have the grace inside you.(Looking at Raisinghanias) Congrats, You really created a version of Riddhima that made of Hatred, Even I don’t know what will I do to punish all of you. (looking at the watch) Now, Time to Use the other way.

Ishaani looked at his brother in shock: You did it !! Didn’t you? You knew he was alive still you made a scene of his death and (turning to Angrey) You were the one who checked his pulse and declared that he was no more.(shouted) How dare you ??? (Holding his collar) You wanted to take advantage of the situation, Aren’t you? A classless man like you found it the golden chance to be one of our family.

V(screamed): Ishaaani, Shut your mouth !!

R(to herself): Yes, Fight more with each other! Ishaani, Destroy your own relation, Jo jaisa karta hai , wo waisa hi bharta hai ! challo, Yeh lesson Main tumhe sikha dungi. Between husband and wife, You shouldn’t interfere.

I: Woah Bhai, First, You lied to me and made a scene with him and now you are asking me to shut up? I won’t shut up! If I have known He is alive, I wouldn’t Have got married to Angrey.

V: How could you say that? What didn’t Angrey do for you and for your baby? He accepted him as his Still you are insulting him again for the man he sold you! I didn’t know that my sister prefers cheap kinds of people Or else I would have let you with people of your level.

She went angrily to her room with Ahaana following her, While Riddhima went to Angrey and apologized: I am sorry, I didn’t know I will create problems in your life by suggesting your name.

Ang(Felt bad): No Bab(Riddhima raised her eyebrow and he stopped ) I am fine, Thank you for your concern.

Riddhima gave him a polite smile and went back to her room closing the door and laughed: Oh God! Things became more interesting. Ishaani, You were always reminding people of their Aukat, Today, Your own brother showed you yours, this lesson will make you realize that I can slap you without using my hands.

Ishaani’s room

She was angrily stomping her feet on the ground while burning with fury: They played with me !!! and Who the hell told the Media about this matter?

Ah: Who you think he did? Obviously Riddhima !! Any doubt?

I: Then SHe’ll pay for it !! I know how to hurt her very well! come with me.

Riddhima smelled something burning near her room and walked confused only to find Ishaani giving her a smirk.

R(whispered): My memories !!

She ran to snatch it from Ishaani who threw it toward Ahaana, SHe went to Ahaana only to pass it to Aryan. They continue playing while she tried to take back what is hers.

R(shouted): Give me Back my stuff Now Varna

V: Varna kya? What will you do?

She looked stunned at him: I didn’t expect you to reach this level! You are supporting them !!

He didn’t answer her while Ishaani spoke: We don’t keep stranger stuff in our house, But I can give it back to you, All you have to do is to beg for it.

Riddhima’s facial expressions suddenly were changed and she laughed: First, Look at your clothes. (Showing her the bottle in her hand)

They looked down and found drops of kerosene on their clothes .

R: See, I can now burn you, all of you, Emm I am sure you are confused How did I know? Because I saw you before going out of my room and knew what you are going to do, therefore (holding the lighter) You wanna see whom this fire will burn?

I: You won’t do that!

R(going closer to her): Oh Really? Wanna try me, Raisinghanias? ?

She transferred her eyes looking at them one by one: Who wants to dare me?

V: Don’t you even think of it.

R(snapped her head toward him mockingly): I didn’t hear your voice when they wanted to burn my memories, Glad your voice is back now!

She Held the lighter and walked toward Ishaani and took her clothes, Then put them in the fire, along with their pics !!

R: Jab Yaadon ki koi keemat nahi rehti, Toh behtar hota H Ki aap use jaala do. I don’t even feel bad for it.

She said looking at her memories turning into ashes, Whilst Kabir Observed it from a far distance and praised her in his mind.

K(to himself): Woah, Pehle Baar, I am seeing this fire in her eyes, and it’s giving me weird feelings.

V: Because you don’t value relations, How can you value memories?

R: And you do? You insulted our relationship, our marriage, and My love toward you, still, you’re claiming that you do? Vansh, I want you to keep one thing straight in your head, When I go from here, All the meanings of relationships will be changed forever.

Riddhima’s room

R: Kabir, The second step is to *****

K: yes, this is the best way t prove it, I am going to ask Mishra to do it.

R: Don’t be A fool, If you use him, He will be the path to reach you, So it’s better if you use another way. It’s important today, It’s my second day here and I have to prove it.

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K: You’re right, I’ll use another man.

R: One more thing, I am going to send you a message, read it thoroughly and do it.

K(confused): I will.

She ended the call and smiled: We’ll see if things will go as I planned or not.

After HAlf an hour she received a call: Yes, He will come soon and say everything in front of all of us, We can record him and use it as proof.

R: Good, I’ll be waiting.

Chanchal and Ishaani were noticing Riddhima’s behavior, She was desperately waiting for someone’s arrival.

ch: Do you think she is waiting for someone?

I: How would I know? I am also thinking of the reason behind this desperateness!

Ar: Guys, Don’t you smell something?

Ch: Like what?

Ar: Something is burning !!

Aha: You are daydream(She didn’t complete her words and the fore alarm echoed in the mansion)

Ar: Oh God !!!

Dadi came terrified: What is happening here?

Ar/ I/ Ch/ Ah(looked upstairs): My room !

They run respectively to their rooms only to find their cupboard put to fire.

V(who just arrived shouted): who did it?

I: And who can do that except This Riddhima, Bhai ????? She did it to take revenge on us.

R(rolling her eyes): I don’t know why you keep chanting my name, I was all time here, And the servants are the witnesses, I didn’t move from here. It’s better if you find someone else to blame.

She gave them her back and smiled: This is just a trailer for what you’ve done.

She looked at the person near the door: Welcome here.

D: Pandit ji?Aap yahaan?

(I am writing while everyone is sleeping, No one is here to translate the Pandit’s lines so bear with it, I am going to use English)

P: Riddhima ji Mujhe Yahaan bulayaa !!

Ishaani was thunderstruck (to herself): Oh God !! How can we forget about him?

R: ha, I called you here to ask you, do you remember him?

Pointing toward Vansh, the pandit looked at him for sometimes then said: I was the pandit who did his marriage.

R(with hope): so do you remember me?

P: no this is the first time I am seeing you!

R(stunned): pandit Ji, please looked at my face, I was the bride,don’t you remember that?

He signaled no and she traversed with her gaze to Vansh’s face, and it took her one sec to get what was happening there.

R: this time too, you played a game to hide the truth, but the truth is bounded to be exposed one day.

V :2 days were wasted, aab kiya karoge?

R: 5 days Kafi hai! (To the pandit) you managed to lie here, but in front of God how will you justify it?

She left and went upstairs and stopped in the middle of the way.

R: I know that you are following me(turning to Ahaana)

Ah: I wanted to make sure you’ll not cry somewhere.

R: so thoughtful of you, emm but as you see tears are dried now, Still you became a headache to me(approaching her and pushing off the stairs) Goodbye Ahaana !

Ah(wide eyes): AHHHHHHHH

Before she feels herself being pushed, The Raisinghanias Including Vansh came there only To find Riddhima holding her hand, Then she pulled her with a smirk on her face.

R: Be aware, What path you’ll take from now on, I won’t be always there to rescue you, Ahaana.

She left them smirking while Ahaaana was breathing heavily ith fear: She is crazy !!! She has gone totally mad !!

I: Bhai, Kick her out of the house, Can’t you see what she is doing?

V: Stop it !!! You know very well that I am the only one who is getting hurt by seeing her here. Still Ishaani, I am giving you a warning, Why only you? Chachi, Ahaana, and Aryan , Stop messing around, She has 5 days left here, I don’t want any kind of interaction with her unless You knew what her next step, Got it?

I: But

V: Understood?

I: As always, You are blinded!

Riddhima was looking from far at them to Kabir: They won’t interact with me, Because I’ll come to all of them.

K: I thought you’re done?

R: DOne? (laughed) You must be kidding me! I am not done, and this time, My aim will be not only one person, Wait and watch.

K: I am so excited to know your next step, I am enjoying it a lot.

R: They are keeping an eye on me, but not on you, which is weird but not for these creeps. I want some information.

K: ABout?

R: Mishra!

K: I don’t get it.

R: You will !!


Ah: She needs a lesson to remind her who I am, Vansh is useless but Kabir I think he is the best choice I have for now. I’ll seek his help!

Ishaani and Chanchal came there too along with Aryan.

Ar: we won’t stay quiet right? all of us know who burnt our stuff.

I: If only I managed to burn her back then, She wouldn’t have stayed here and done all these problems.

Ch: Your Bhai is the reason, as he always saving her.

Ah: Not anymore !!

I: Oh Really? Didn’t he warn you not to hurt her?

R: Ufffff I am so touched by his Mehrebani !!

They turned and found her there: Actually, you were all trying hard to kill me starting with who? Chachi, You tried to burn me, Do you remember?

I(raised her eyebrow): Chachi? Wow, you too !!

Ch: too?

R: she wanted to burn me too along with Anupriya.

I: Great minds think alike, We used the same way.

Ch: Still, Your brother managed to rescue her.

R: Again, I am touched! don’t keep talking about his generous nature, I feel overwhelmed. Emm so you need my help to plan? I mean your plans are always so foolish and childish. Aryan, you were with your mother when you both wanted to burn me, Right?

Ar: So what? You are going to tell Vansh Bhai now? Do you think he’ll believe you?

R: Emm Not your Bhai, But (She took off the necklace and took it closer to them) Police! You are going on a very long trip, The three of you. All the best.

As she said exactly, The police came after few minutes and arrested them for attempted murder.

I: Bhaaaiii !! Stop them !!

V: Inspector, You can’t take them on the basis of this woman’s statement.

Ins: We have solid proof of their crime, A record of their confessions, Mr.Raisinghania, If you insist then I am going to show you.

(He played the video that was sent by Kabir of them, and Vansh was taken aback)

V: You trio tried to kill her?

I: Because I knew that she is cheating you, Bhai, I wanted her out of your life.

V(gritting his teeth): By murdering her? Whatever she was, How could the three of you try to kill her?

Ch: Vansh, Please save us, I am your Chachi, and they are your brother-sister.

R: He can’t Unless I took back the case!

I: Angrey, Do something !!

But he stood silent for some moment, then faced her: Call Sunny to help you out, He is of your level.

R’s pov

This is the most unexpected reaction from Angrey, God! I held myself from laughing !! Vansh will explode soon.

V: see, Because of your ungrateful nature; Your husband left you !!

R: When the partner is so ungrateful, Then the separation is necessary! (side smile) I am sure you know about whom I am talking! I think you should go and try to save them! Goodnight !! (to herself) 3 are down, Still, my other enemies are left.

The lawyer told Vansh that the case is complicated as they confessed their crimes themselves, The only solution left is Riddhima, She is the only one who can free them.

VR Mansion

Dadi talked with Angrey: I know that Ishaani’s behavior was wrong, But She is just immature.

R: wow dadi, You amazed me! She is immature because she tried to kill someone? and I am a criminal because I did a small mistake and it is misunderstanding Vansh? You know what? I can’t believe I considered you once my dadi, not his.

D: You are the reason why Sia is apart from us, That’s why you don’t deserve forgiveness.

R: Once Sia wakes up, She’ll tell you herself who attacked her, But I won’t be here even to hear your apology. Remember these words very well.

D(to herself): were we mistaken?

Ang(spoke): Dadi, Forgive me but after the time, I spent with Ishaani, I expected some respect. However, she proved that we didn’t progress in our relationship even for a step, Till now, She considers me her servant. And Servants shouldn’t interfere in The owner’s problems.

V: Even if he agrees, There’s no way to rescue them.

R(wide smile): Except me! (Frowned) But Why will I do it?

D: Riddhima, Please, forgive them!

R: On the basis of what you are requesting me? I am not your Bahu, Remember?

V: Shut the f** up, Don’t talk with Dadi in that tone, I’ve been bearing you Because i know you’ll go soon, But Now you are crossing your line, I am warning you.

R(took steps closer to him): You crossed your limits, Now I am showing you what happens when I cross mine which is far away from yours.

D: Vansh, Stop fighting, Anger won’t solve anything here. We have to discuss calmly.

R: Yeah, Listen to your dadi, She is right.

D: Riddhima, I am ready to apologize to you.

R: Mai Iska kya karoon?

V(shouted): RIDDHIMA

R(with a smile): Yes!

D: Vansh let me talk with her!

R: Again, I agree with your Dadi, She is a wise woman.

V: I was blind to not see this playful Nature of yours before.

R(with a look): people forces you to change and then they blame you. (to dadi) You were saying something, but sorry, I am sleepy now, let’s wait till tomorrow even your grandson will be calmer. Goodnight !!

Riddhima had a talk with someone before she went to sleep and Ahaana called Kabir to meet in another place while He received a message before he goes.

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The other day

Police arrived in VR Mansion while Vansh & Dadi were confused: Inspector, You are here again?

Ins: I am here to investigate Ahaana’s murder.

V: Ahaana is dead?

Ins: She was murdered yesterday with a bullet.

V: But why are you investigating with us?

Ins: You are the suspect’s family, and we have some questions.

V: Who is the suspect?

Ins: Inspector Kabir, We found his fingerprints on the gun.

V & D(shocked): WHATTTTTTT???????

R: Where is Kabir?

Ins: In the hospital, He was shot too, and now, He is in Coma.

Fb starts

Riddhima went to Ahaana’s room: This time, I am visiting you here. But I have breaking news for you, I have a way to prove that I am Vansh’s wife, By tomorrow morning you’ll be out of this house, I Advise you to start packing your stuff.

Ah: You are lying! And even If you find proof, Vansh will take care of it. So (She walked holding the door telling her to go)

R: Emm ok As you wish, I am going, But What If the proof is Kabir? Will Vansh bribe him? Or Threaten him? By the way (Whispered in her ear) He knows about your game and dying to kill you.

Ah: It means You and Kabir are

R: Not important, Now your existence is in danger, start your countdown!

She left her shivering behind and sent Kabir a message.

” You have a motive behind helping me but Ahaana is standing between Me and your motive”

Kabir went there unknowingly that Ahaana has decided to kill him, He wanted to threaten her to go but she stunned him with a bullet while he took out his gun and killed her.

Fb ends

R(to herself): So they killed each other? Far than what I thought! Poor Kabir, He didn’t think that he is on my enemies list.

Dadi sat on the nearest chair shocked: What is happening? Kabir and Ahaana Shot each other?Why?

Ins: This is what we are trying to know. The motive behind it.

R(to herself): you’ll never know !! Even I didn’t know that a small manipulation will make them kill each other but I don’t feel bad for you Kabir Because this tale of Betrayal started, and should have ended with you. The Last Bomb is ready, And I will do it myself.

The inspector asked random questions then went where Vansh was confused why Ahaana met Kabir without telling him.

R: I have something to say !

V: I don’t wanna hear it!!! My head is already spinning with what happened within these 4 days!

R: It’s not your choice, You Have to hear it. (She played videos on the screen and he looked at it disinterested but then His eyes were wide opened looking at her pleading Kabir and Anupriya for Ishaani’s life, Their attacks on her, All that she did) (She clenched her fist then talked) If I wanted; I would have only shown you these videos. this is not everything !! The biggest allegation you put on me, Let me show you the truth about it too.

(She played a video of Sia running from Anupriya ) If you used 1% of your mind, You would Have known that Anupriya was the last one seen with her. But you wanted just to hurt me, and Break me! It didn’t matter to you how you’ll do it. All you had to do is a small investigation! I agree there were no records in the system but thanks to the security man’s mistake, I found out that instead of removing the footage after 15 days, He forgot it for more than months, That’s why We restored everything.

V: Riddhima I

R: Sorry? For what Exactly? Using, Fooling or Humiliating me and stealing my identity? (Holding his collar) You did ask me what is my Existence, what I value more than my life only to use it as a weapon to stab me in my back !! (Pointing toward her heart) Here is full of bitterness that love is no more. It was correct, Jab Pyaar Mai dhoka milta hai toh Dard Saha nahi jata, ANd Now I will live with this dard till I die. One more thing, I could prove that I am The real wife from the first hour itself, But was Playing to knock down my enemies who gave me pain.

V: Punish me, Riddhima !! I deserve it ! (Fell on his knees) don’t leave me, I was so broken and hurt to know that you didn’t love me. Kabir and Anupriya to

R: Kabir was your enemy back then, I am for the first time see someone who could trust his enemy more than his wife whom he claimed he loves. And Anupriya, You discovered that she killed your mother still you carried on punishing me !! You didn’t punish your real enemies and Gave me such a big punishment. How May I forgive you? Kabhi Nahi !!

V: I did punish the closest person to my heart because you meant everything to me still I thought you were doing Love Drama in front of me.

R: I can’t !! (tears flows while she angrily talked) I can’t forget that I hugged the man who was attacking me thinking that he is protecting me !! Still, I begged you to give me one chance and listen to me. and It was my biggest mistake !!

V(cried too): riddhima,I know I have hurt you but WHen I was hurting you, I was feeling extreme pain too, I neither could bear the betrayal nor your pain.

R: it won’f change anything now,it’s too late. the proofs of my identity will reach the press soon. I reached my motive before time, And now, The last one to be punished is you.

V: Anything !!

R(with tears) : I don’t wanna see your face again in my life! If you see me mistakenly in your way, Then do ignore me.

By the way, guys, after making Dadi evil, what left in that serial are Dottu and Sia, 😵😵😵 they won’t make him planning from her belly right? 😭 I know I have gone mad!! I am just mental now 😂 don’t mind me just read the story 😶😶😶.

Vansh stood and tried to hold her hand but she jerked it: Don’t lay your hand on me !! I hate you! And your sister, Chachi, and Aryan won’t be spared from the punishment, They deserve it and I will never take the case back. And your punishment is to live with your guilt Because I am not going to get back to you never ever again. A copy of our marriage certificate was given to the Media, Now The world knows Who I am However Today, I am just Riddhima. Your name is not connected to mine anymore. Goodbye, Vansh! If you loved me even for a second, then forget my name.

He broke down as he saw her leaving the Mansion forever out of his life.

After 3 months

Riddhima was walking in a company and hissed with pain as her leg was twisted, A voice talks behind her: Always careless! are you fine Riddhima?

R: Mr. Sharma, I prefer if you maintain our relation professionally, I am your employee, not your wife or your friend so that you keep talking with me like that.

The other staff looked at her shocked: And yes, Sir If you feel like firing me for it, I won’t mind it.

Ayaan looked at the employees and then said: All of you May Go now! (To her) Miss. Riddhima follow me!

I love him Hahaha ALthough I used him many times

I love him Hahaha ALthough I used him many times.

Ayaan Sharma, The owner of the company in which Riddhima works, He has feelings for her.

She strolled behind him to the office and then he sat on the chair and looked at her: Why are you angry?

R(inhaling a deep breath): Because you are giving the employees the wrong idea of us, They are speaking about the way you are treating me differently from the others, And it’s not acceptable for me.

Ay(smiled): No, THis is not the actual reason! It’s because of my confession!

R(looked at him shockingly and he completed): I do remember it!

R: Good, Because I want to end this topic once and forever, You know me just for one month, I don’t even know why are you claiming your love, But I’ll never accept it. And I apologize but if you repeat it again, I will resign.

Ay: What’s wrong with falling in love with you? Can’t I fall in love with you?

R(straight): You can’t! I am here to work, And as I said before, I’d like to keep our relationship professional. Now, Excuse-me, sir, I will go and complete my work.

She turned to go but his words stopped her: I know about your husband, and what happened.

She looked at him in shock for few seconds then strolled out of his room angrily.

Riddhima in a corner remembered the past: Vansh!

Fb starts

VR mansion

After 3 days Of Riddhima’s departure

V’s pov

I regret letting her go! I am not able to find her now, She just Disappeared. She punished them but me, She left me, and it was the worst punishment. Everything was due to my stupidity. She is right, I believed my enemy instead of my wife. How will I bear this life without you, Riddhima? How Will I forget you? I can forget myself but not you.

A number called me and I didn’t answer, but it was ringing non-stop and Angrey understanding my state, He took the call only to hand me the phone in the next second.

V: what is it? I don’t wanna talk.

Ang: Someone is saying there’s something important to tell about Babhi.

V: Whatt???? (Taking the phone) Hello

the other person: Vansh Raisinghania!

V: Yes, WHo is this?

The other person: If you want your wife alive, bring me your diamonds, If you think of informing the police, Then by the moment, They’ll reach, They’ll found her corpse.

V: I am not free for jokes !!

The oth per: A joke? (Vansh heard her scream as the kidnapper pulled her hair)

V(shouted): Riddhimaaaaa !!!!!!

The oth per: You are not laughing at the joke !!! Wanna another one?

V: Don’t you dare. Not a scratch on her, You don’t know me and what I can do.

The oth per(laughed): How May I know about you when I know about your diamonds? Vansh Raisinghania, I think I should send you a memory of your wife, Maybe a finger or an ear.

V(screamed): I said no scratch on her. Do YOu want diamonds? Fine !! I am ready to give it to you, Just my wife should be safe, Got it?

The oth per: Tonight At 8 Pm, I will tell you the address on the next call, and your loyal dog shouldn’t be with you, I am warning you. (AHHH My heart, I called Angrey a “dog” “tears”)

V: Hello? Hello ???????

But he cut the call and exclaimed: Riddhima is kidnapped! They want the diamonds.

ANg: what are you going to do, Boss? I tried to track the call nevertheless I failed. Will you give them the diamonds?

V: I will give my life if it’s necessary, Not only the diamonds.

Ang: what if they hurt her despite you giving them what they want?

V: Then I am going to burn them alive If I find a scratch on my wife. and If they know me, They won’t commit this mistake.

He moved to bring it but dadi stopped him: This is our family’s stuff.

V: and she is my wife, and most importantly, she is precious to me more than these. My Riddhima’s safety first then The diamonds. And if it is necessary then no diamonds, Just her.

He left the mansion waiting for the person to call him again.

The kidnapper called him again: Go to the bus station XYZ.

V: Hello?

Again the call was cut, He reached there, again he received a call: Under the waiting chair, You’ll find a phone, Leave your phone there and take the other one.

V(to himself): Damn !!

He did as he was ordered.

The kidd: Now we can talk freely, aren’t we? I think you don’t want to see your wife, that’s why you are playing with me, Do you want me to kill her for you?

V: No no don’t touch her, The diamonds are with me.

The kidd: I will guide you to reach here. Don’t play other games otherwise you’ll regret it.

Vansh reached the place and took off his jacket before getting out of the car going to the unknown place only to find Riddhima tied up and injured.

V: Riddhima

R(opened her eyes slowly as she was half-conscious): Vansh !!

V: what did you do to her??????

The kidnapper was hiding his face: Just a small injection was enough.

V(clenched his fists): How dares you?

The kidd: Naa naaaaa don’t show me your courage, Maybe (Putting the gun on her head) I’ll make her brain blown out before you take the next step. Throw the diamonds

V: First Riddhima!

The kidd: Fine!

he started untying the robes, But Riddhima wasn’t able to move, The kidnapper pushed her forward and urged Vansh to throw the diamonds.

Vansh threw the bag in his direction and the man opened it, While Vansh held Riddhima: Thank God You are fine! I was so scared, Let’s go !!

The kidd: Emm I don’t think so !!

V: I gave you what you want.

The kidd: Not satisfied with it, I want your life too.

V: I am here, Let Riddhima go!

The kidd: No, SHe is connected to you, and I feel like killing her too. But First I have to see how much pain you’ll bear for her. (To the goons) Catch them.

They were tied up both while the kidnapper left them locked in the room.

V(lookkng at her state): because of me,you suffered, I always unknowingly give you pain.
I searched everywhere but couldn’t find you. I know that my crime was so big and I don’t deserve to be forgiven yet I really love you,I couldn’t bear the thought of you with Kabir and lowt it completely. I wanted to give you pain still, your pain was hurting me.however I coulsn’t stop myself, I wanted badly to relief the pain I felt. Ruddhim, give me one chance! I promise you to never ever leave you again.

R: I can’t trust the love you are claiming now. You betrayed my love twice after giving up my life for I will value myself and will never repeat the mistake of trusting you ever again. Our story is going to end anyway either with my death here or our separation. It’s the end Vansh!!

The kiddnaper came back running inside and cursed Vansh: you did something,didn’t you?

Vansh smirked remembering how he left the watch in the car with what Angrey tracked their location.

A war started between Vansh’s men and the kidnapper’s, whilst Angrey came to Vansh.

V: take Riddhima out of here!

Ang: but Boss

V: Riddhima first!!

Angrey pulled Riddhima with him securing her whilst she was looking behind only to shout when a bullet hit Vansh’s chest.


He fell on his knees and was admitted jn the hospital.

After 7 days

Riddhima ran in the corridor to reach Vansh’s room while The doc looked at her crying face pitifully: we are sorry! We lost the patient! He is dead!

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R: no he isn’t

D: I am sorry again!

R: he isn’t dead! It’s a lie! Why Bappa? This js not what I wanted! Why did he die?? How will I live now?

She went to see him for the last time.

R( cried seeing his dead body): Vansh, I hated you and loved you. Seeing you was always reminding me of your betrayal, that’s why I couldn’t forgive you. I am sorry!! I am really sorry! I love you!

She hugged his figure for the last time then she left the city after Vansh’s death.

Fb ends

R(cried): How could he say that?

Voice behind her: I am so sorry, It was so rude to say! I didn’t want to remind you of your wounds. I just meant to say that I am accepting you with everything. I’ll heal you just give me one chance.

R: Some wounds can never be healed, It’s always giving you pain.

Ay: You have to let someone try, (taking her hand in his and putting it on his heart) To feel someone’s else love. and get over your past.

R(pulled her hand): Sir, Please be within your limits! and let me alone.

She moved away back to work but the others started gossiping about her in an audible sound.

A girl : Natasha, I ddin’t know that things are this way in this company.

Na: Yeah, Bhavya, Even I had no idea that we should seduce our boss to get special treatment.

B: I told you, I know what kind of girl she is.


N & B(shivering): Sorry Sir!!!

Ay: Apologize to her nowwww or else get out !!!!!!!

N & B: I am sorry !!

R: It’s ok!


Bhavya and Natasha were unpacking the boxes of their lunch. They took bites and started coughing non-stop.

B: it’s so chilly (Coughing with a red face and teary eyes)

N: How can they make it that chilly? (She put her hand on her mouth) Fire in my mouth !!

Riddhima came toward them smiling: take water!

They gulped and Riddhima leaned near them: Opss, It hurts more! I’ve learned to burn the unnecessary things, I hope this is the last time I have to burn them.

N: You b***

B: I won’t leave you !!

Ay: what is going on here?

N: Sir, she played with our food and put chilly powder on it.

Ay: Are you kids here? Why will she do it?

B: Sir, to take revenge on us.

Ay: Why will I believe the ones who are always bullying her?

B: There are cameras here, Sir, Check it.

R(to herself): I don’t care even if he gets to know about me, I won’t let someone bully me, i promised myself.

Ay: Ok I’ll check the Cctv footage.

B(whispered): Now, Your game is finished.

R(same sound): As long as I taught you a lesson, I don’t care about the rest.

Ay( to the technician): WHat happened to the cameras?

Tec: Sir, It didn’t record anything! It seems like someone has disabled it for a period of time.

Ay: What is your work in this company? Aren’t you responsible for avoiding such situations? time means money, If it is turned off even for a sec, It means a loss to us.

Ay: All of you back to work, Miss Bhavia and Miss Natasha, I want you both to stop your childish behaviors in the company, This is the last warning!

Riddhima didn’t get how did the System be disabled till she saw the smirk on Ayaan’s face.

After work

Riddhima put on her earphones and walked in a deep thought obvious to the horn of the car whose owner wanted to alert her to go away from the way.

Dro(shouting): The brakes failed, Get away from the way !!

But she didn’t hear any of what he said, He lost control over the car while she stopped in the middle of the way finally noticing the lights were in her direction, She widened her eyes, and in a very fast move another car stopped near her only for the first car to hit the second one.

R(wide eyes): Ayaan sir??????

He opened the car’s door with a bleeding head to her and smiled: Y..o..u a..r..e Fi..n..e

then fell there unconscious.

Ayaan was admitted to the hospital with a serious injury in his head and a broken arm while Riddhima was still in shock of the way he threw himself in front of the car to save her.

R: why??? All this love for me!! I didn’t speak with him in a good way before unless we were at work, I dosliked him so much still he put his life in danger to rescue me, how can be this selfless!! (Through the glass) Ayaan, please wake up! Since Vansh’s death, I had no one but myself! Whenever I see you,I fear repeating the same mistake. Don’t die too because of me!! I can’t take it.

A man came there worried: Where is my son? What happened to him?

Riddhima sobbed silently while He noticed the doc coming and hurried to him: How is his state?

D: We did much analysis and thankfully there is no intern bleeding. He’ll be fine.

The man sighs in relief: Thank you so much, Doc!

He entered and found his son awake: Ayaan Beta, You frightened me.

Ay: Dad! I am fine!

Shakti Sharma: Ayaan’s dad, They have only each other, He loves his son.

Sh: How can you say fine with your broken hand?

Ay: You were nagging at me to take rest for some time. See, God fulfilled your wish and Now I am going to do as you wish.

Sh: Ayaan, It’s not time to joke!

Ay: Chill, Dad, I am really ok. (He looked toward the door trying to see either someone was there)

Sh: What are you doing? Stay laid there.

Ayaan laid Back disappointed, And then they heard knocks, There she was standing nervous. Ayaan smiled widely.

Ay: come!

R: Are you fine, sir?

Ay(examining her): Are you fine? You weren’t hurt?

Sh: What? she was there too?

Ay: Dad, actually I saw her there before I lose consciousness! That’s it. (to himself) Please don’t say anything now, Riddhima !!

Sh(to her warmly): are you fine?

R(looked at Ayaan who was pleading her with his eyes): I am, sir.

Sh: You can call me uncle instead of Sir, (Looking at Ayaan with a raised eyebrow) The way I see the matter I think we’ll see each other more often.

R: Excuse me, SIr I mean Uncle?

Ay: Hahaha dad was going now!

Sh(laughed then whispered): You are literally kicking me out for a girl!

Ay: Not any girl, It’s your future bahu. Now, Dad, Please go, Finally, she is talking with me !

Sh: Oh I am going to talk with your doctor.

Ay: Take your time, dad.

Riddhima was dumbfounded between them while Shakti laughed whilst going out.

She stood there looking around then spoke: I am sorry.

Ay: what?

He heard her but wanted her to look at him.

R(whispered): Sorry

Ay: Whattt????

R(angrily shouted): SORRRYYYYY

He cracked up and then whined when he mistakenly tried to move his hand.

R(worriedly): ARe you fine?

Ay: was it an apology?

R: I am extremely sorry for what occurred to you because of me.

Ay: Ahh I think I am injured here too.

R: where?

Ay: My shoulder! The doctor didn’t see it I guess! It’s paining!

R: Let me call the nurse.

Ay: No !! Can you see either I have a wound or not!

R: How May I (She stopped when he hissed again) Ok Ok I’ll see.

She went closer to examine his shoulder: There’s nothing!

She tried to move but he put her hand in his: I can’t see you die! My heart stopped beating when I saw you there on the roads. What if something wrong happened? What if I wasn’t there?

R: Why did you save me?

Ay: aren’t you already aware of the reason? Because I love you, Even death is acceptable if you are going to live. I want to marry you, Riddhima!

R: Thank you for saving me but No !! I can’t marry you, I am sorry.

One week  later

Ayaan was extremely joyful as his dad manGed to convince Riddhima to marry him, he care less about the details, all he cares about Is the fact that she is his wife.

On the side, Riddhima sat in her wedding attire on the bed waiting for her groom to come, Ayaan happily came inside the room, He was extremely happy as he married his lady love finally. She was hiding her head with a veil.

Ay: So traditional you are, Love.

R: we have to follow traditions thoroughly.

Ay: As you wish, My queen. I am sure your beauty tonight will take my breaths away.

R: True, Today, I am indeed a killer.

Ay(laughed while lifting up the veil): Matlab?

His expressions changed when he saw the knife she was holding in his direction/

R: You killed him! My Vansh, You were the one who murdered him.

Fb starts

Ay: aren’t you already aware of the reason? Because I love you, Even death is acceptable if you are going to live. I want to marry you, Riddhima! Please don’t say no.

R: Thank you for saving me but No !! I can’t marry you, I am sorry.

Riddhima left the place then remembered that she forgot her purse there, she came back while she saw Shakti going inside.

Sh: You didn’t tell me who is that girl?

Ay: Vansh’s wife. I mean Vansh’s widow.

Sh: Whaatttt??? You didn’t find another girl to love but her? She is the same girl whom you kidnapped before right?

AY: Dad, We took the diamonds, You wanted to break their ego, I did it and Vansh is dead. She has nothing to do with it, Besides I love her so much.

Sh: But What if she gets to know?

Ay: She won’t because she didn’t see my face that night.

Riddhima was almost electrocuted to hear what Ayaan did to her and to Vansh. She remembered the last time she saw his corpse and cupped her mouth suppressing a gasp with shock.

R: Ayaan killed Vansh! (with tears) He killed my husband! He was the kidnapper!

She felt limitless hatred toward Ayaan and swore to take revenge on him: Ayaan, I won’t spare you for killing him. I swear to finish you!

Fb ends

Ayaan’s hand was broken yet he managed to hold her hand: Why did you wait till now? You could have killed me before! Ohhh Because tonight we are alone here.

R: Haa Tonight either I’ll kill you or will be killed, Among us only one person will live.

She kicked his leg making him fall and Attacked again yet he avoided it: Why are you doing it? For Vansh? Wasn’t he the ba**** whom you hated?

R: Shut your mouth

She angrily shouted aggressively trying to stab him again, He moved fast and she injured her hand: Ahhh

He moved to her and held her hand: Riddhima !!! What did you do?

She lifts her hand and slightly injured his shoulder as he tried to avoid it but failed.

Ay(looking at her hand): Stop hurting yourself !!

R: Stop acting in front of me, I know your truth very well. Believe me, tonight one corpse will be here either mine or yours.

Ay(Hold the hand with what she was holding the knife): Why?

R(gritted her teeth with angry tears): For Vansh!

Ay: What if he was alive?

R: You are liarrrr !! I saw his dead body, You won’t fool me to be spared Kabhi nahi !!

Ay(smiled): You said you hate me, sweetheart!

The shock made her leave the knife looking widely at him: It’s not possible !!

FB starts

Angrey pulled Riddhima out of the place while she shouted till she fell unconscious due to the shock. He looked behind and found his Boss coming pulling a man by his leg. The bulletproof managed to save him from the bullet.

Ang: Who is he, Boss?

V: Ayaan, The one who kidnapped Riddhima.

Ang: His men are caught by our men, Babhi fainted due to the shock, She’ll be happy when she knows that you are fine.

V(remembered her words): No! Now vansh’s face and his identity are the reason for her pain Therefore, I will remove this identity once and forever. (Looked at Ayaan’s figure) And he’ll be the way.

When Riddhima woke up she found herself in the hospital, She tried to see VAnsh but they were forbidding her till they announced his death.

Fb Ends

Ay(touch her nose with his): It’s me! Vansh! Your Vansh!

R: You are still lying to me !!

Ay: you remember the last words you said, You told me that you can’t trust my love anymore Because I betrayed you twice. You said you won’t ever repeat the mistake of trusting me and it is the end. Do you remember the first time we met you said that you are finding my voice so familiar? Because of my face, you couldn’t convince yourself that you were right. I erased the name that I refused to give you ! the face on which you saw only betrayal, I removed it too just for you.

R(in disbelief): I don’t believe you !! It’s impossible !!

Ay: The body was Ayaan’s !! He tortured you, How can I let it go? What proofs do you want to convince yourself that I am Vansh? You remember the gift I gave you and told you to never lose it? The ring! Our insecurities toward our love, Our mistakes. It spoiled our relationship!

He took his phone and called a number and put it on speaker: Hello

She widened her eyes: Angrey?

ANg: Babhi?

Ay: Yes, How is dadi?

Ang: She left the country with Sia as you planned, Boss.

Ay: Good, Chachi ad Aryan?

Ang: I didn’t let them know about dadi and Sia’s whereabouts, They are still trying to reach them especially that you named everything in dadi’s name.

Ay: Don’t let them ever succeed. How is Karan?

Ang: He is adorable, It became my favorite habit to look at him sleeping cutely.

Ay: Ok I guess, That’s enough.

ANg: Boss, I shaani

Ay: don’t mention her name, and don’t you ever tell her about me. I’ll end the call now.

Ang:See you soon.

R: Vanshh?

Ay: Haa Vansh !!

R: why did you do it again? Faking your death !! To give me pain, right? (Sobbed) How could you ??

Ay: No, I wanted to take your pain away !!

R: Do you know what I felt? I felt as if my love was fake toward you !! I was blaming and hating myself! (holding his collar) You are a heartless man !! You’ve always been so heartless.

Continued on next page…

She hit his chest non-stop with her small hands, and he let her take out all the frustration she felt then she went on her knees crying.

He hugged her with one hand: I love you so much, & I didn’t want to lose you.

She pushed him and slapped him and shouted: Do you know how Painful it was to see your corpse?????I claimed that I hate you, I shouted but It didn’t mean that I really hated you !! It was my anger speaking back then. How dare you play with my emotions and life? HOW DARE YOU?????

She kept hitting him till at the end hugged him: Vansh, don’t leave me again !!

V: Never ever again, I love you more than myself.

The atmosphere around them turned hot as they shared an intense eye lock, He leaned to her ear and whispered: I missed you like hell!

She closed her eyes feeling his breaths on her earlobe creating sensations the whispered: I miss you too.

He inhaled her natural fragrance that made his control snap and took it between his teeth, Riddhima moaned: Vansh!

He started showering wet kisses from her neck to her shoulder, melting her completely, His hand reached to her back taking off her heavy saree exposing her body to his eyes. He again leaned and kissed her hungrily making her longing for more of his torture, she reached to the buttons, and in a frustrated gesture, She ripped the buttons and roamed her hands on his chest feeling him after a long time.

He kissed her eyes, cheeks, and forehead, then hugged her: Are you ready?

She pulled him for a kiss giving him a clear answer of what she wants. They spent the night in each other’s arms.

Riddhima’s head was on his chest while she moved her finger: Vansh, Why didn’t you tell me before?

V: I thought you hated me and didn’t want to see my face, I decided to leave everything and comes back as Ayaan.

R: you put your life in danger for me!

V(pecking her lips): I told you before, You are my Jaan, Without you, I won’t live anyway. I’ll always give up my life to save you.

R(hugged him): I am sorry, I knew you misunderstood but the rage was blinding me, I couldn’t forgive you!

V: You were right, I deserved it, sweetheart, Don’t cry now! Tonight was our remarriage!

R(pouted): But I loved your old name, Vansh Raisinghania, and I was Mrs.Raisinghania!

V: It’s better even for your safety. Ayaan doesn’t have enemies like me, No one will harm you anymore.

R: Emm I’ll try to get used to Mrs.Sharma. What about Ayaan’s father?

V: He hated my father for a reason therefore he wanted revenge. Nevertheless, he is a good man, after living with him all this period, I can guarantee it.

R(hesitated): And Kabir?

V(smirked): I don’t even remember where he is buried.

R: You killed him?

V: I finished someone’s unfinished business, Isn’t it sweetheart?

R: How do you know?

V: your diary! I found it! I know that you played with Kabir!

R(with hatred): He deserved it!

V: Yes, He did, Now Mrs.Sharma, you have to sleep and get some rest.

R: Mrs.Raisinghania.

V: My bad, Mrs.Raisinghania, (Kissed on her forehead) I love you.

R: I love you too.

V: By the way, Now that our life is safe, I want to start a family with you. another connection between us, so that you never leave me !!

R(laughed): what none-sense !!

V: I am serious, I want us to be inseparable, I endured the pain of our separation and can’t take it again.

R: Vansh, I am here with you, and not going to leave you. and about the family !! Who knows? Maybe we already did the first step !

She said winking making his eyes out of sockets at her bold reply.

R(laughed then kissed his cheek): My adorable hubby, Goodnight, I am sleepy.

She said burying herself in his chest while drifting to sleep, Letting him observing her face the whole night.


While writing this one, My readers were angry with Vansh for his behavior with Riddhima, THey didn’t want Riansh to be together in the end, or at least they won’t a huge price to be paid by him. Therefore I decided to erase his own identity as a punishment, Sorry if you don’t like it, and I know there’s isn’t such a perfect operation that will make two people look exactly the same, still, it’s just an imagination, dears. Thank you.

Second Os: Jealous VR rocks

This is my second os in real, so Please ignore the mistakes, I had on purpose let it as I have written it so that I always remember how I was writing before.

The story started after sunny’s arrival..

I hope you all like it guys 😘.

V’s pov
I called sunny home so as to know who’s behind riddhima..i want to solve this puzzle as soon as i can.
Today is ishaani’s engagement with Sunny.

I and dadi were talking ..Ishaani came with Riddhima helping her handling her dress..

Dadi:she looks so lovely right?

unknowingly ,i looked at my wife nooding my head at dadi which made her laugh.

Dadi:i was talking about Ishaani !

V(covering up):me too .to which she giggled more !

I was talking in the phone when i noticed sunny whispering something in her ear..WTF??..this is not what i asked him to do ! blo*dy womanizer !

Our eyes met for few seconds and she averted it ..

Sunny’s pov

Vansh invited me to know with whom this gorgeous wife of his is conspiring ..I came giving her a small sheet where i wrote “the signal you had sent last night,i am here to help you after that

As per the plan,i have to make her believe that i am on her side..

R: who sent you?

S: the one whom you asked help from ..

R:what do you know?

S:murder in this house ! ragini’s murder !

R’s pov

Sunny told me that ragini’s murder happened in Vr mansion..I was talking with him when i felt a gaze on angry one !

I searched for the person just to find MR VR sending me glares ! OH crap ! how lovely and handsome he could be even in anger ..After all he is my love of life ! for whom i am doing everything ! ..SHOCKED GUYS?? have to wait to know the truth

V’s pov

Look at her !! when i ever try to help her, she ran 2 kms away …and now she is so comfortable around that As***le !..I have to calm down otherwise my plan will fail !

Sunny stop it for your own benefit ,don’t provoke me more..(he was saying all this to himself)

R’s pov

I was having a hard time not to laugh at his funny expressions..Well Vansh baby you brought this upon yourself..You think i am that foolish??..Well i am taking the honour of claring your misunderstanding dear husband !

I moved closer to Sunny pretending like saying something ..& i felt a pull toward a hard chest ..

R:Vansh !

V(forcing a smile): won’t you dance with your hubby wifey?..And YOU sunny Go to your fiance ..NOW !

We went to the dance floor and started dancing toguether ..his arms are heaven for me !..I love being there ,it’s my place..Only mine !

V(trying to sound cool):What were you doing there?? that too in front of your husband?

R(calmly):I guessed you don’t have problem with it ..

V:What the hell ? who said that?

R:your moves dear..(looking directly in the eyes) since you sent him to your wife !

V(with eyes wide):YOU..knew??..why didn’t you say anything?

R:my dearest pathi ,your move was awesome..I felt bad about ruining your efforts !

V:do you have the bravery of mocking me MRS RAISINGANIA?

R:I have the same one you had when you tried to fool me but you ended up failing miserably..

V:WOW,this attitude of yours is

R(interrupting):interresting hai na?..very interresting..but less than yours ..

V’s pov

I spoiled the plan feeling jealous ..i dropped it admitting i prefer her plotting against me more than seeing another man near her ..then my wife turned me speechless confessing that she knew about everything..

R:what happened ? did i just shut MR VR’S mouth?? ..Oh my god should be the main title of tomorrow’s news the way,i will go to sunny ..he is a good man ..i like his companionship

My blood boiled : you are not going anywhere near him ever again..

R: Oh seriously? I thought that you are so understanding husband to the extent of sending your wife other (I shut her mouth by my hands as i couldn’t hear or imagine what she is implying)

V:shhhhh ,i can’t ..don’t go to him again..unless you want him shot ..come let’s go to our room ..

R’s pov

We went to our room..I know today is the day of confession..I am tired of everything ..I want to end his fear,doubt and insecurity once and forever !

R:vansh first i want you to hear me out..Inspector Kabir sent me here to find evidences against you..He was my boyfriend back then .before the party i planned ,when we met for the first time..Although i managed to shut your mouth back then too (he smiled a bit) i was atonished ..You were looking like an arrogant ass**le ..yet I felt something different for you..something far from what i had for Kabir ..breaking the vase,i tried to go out ..and then The game started the moment i saw kabir hidding there,I saw you with that lady cop talking then you pushed her ..and she fell on the floor ,you left ..I was following kabir to surprise him ..(she chuckled) he surprised me by hugging and kissing her then pushing her from that height..she died in front of my eyes..I was shocked,angry ..I didn’t know what to do ..But i wanted to know why ??..why he was playing me ??..after that i proposed him as result i found out why he was using me..FOR YOU..TO GET YOU .(vansh’s eyes popped out)..

V:Riddhima why did you do that? when you knew he is using you?love??

R:Hell no !! love came to end the second i saw his real face..i came first to warn were doubting me ..And i found it funny to play around a little ..I fell in love with you Vansh,You stand up for me protecting me from your own family ..No body had done this for me ..I fell deeply..

V:I don’t get that ,we will talk about the love later ..let me understand one thing ..The transmitter? the signal?? what was that??

R(bitting her lips):A..actually,it was a punishement for doubting me..taking me for an idiot woman..

V(looked at her in horror):Are you mad??what if i killed you?? would you still finding it funny??

R:I know you wouldn’t ,I have faith on you ..still you understimate me ..from where you had the idea that i will send a signal without looking around if there is someone there..

V(embarassed): I deserve that ..You are right !

R(giggling):And the transmitter ,why would i need it dear??..I took it so that Kabir believes i am on his side that he informs me before any step against you My love..

V(stunned):You are not as you look like !!..from where You got that plan?

R:from the same area where you got yours ..

He stayed silent for a moment & laughed his heart out: I don’t believe it fool the three of us “Me ,kabir and angre”..(whispering) I didn’t know i have a lioness..

R: When the matter is related to my husband

R: When the matter is related to my husband ..I am very dangerous woman ,SWEETHEART!

V:you tortured me very much..there were a war between mind and heart..My mind said you are cheater..but the heart beated only for changed me sweetheart..& now after knowing the truth,I love you more than ever..I had never back down from a plan and for you just for you i aborted my all game darling..That much love i have for you..

He leaned toward her brushing his lips with hers passionately promising her a new start toward their relationship .


Continued on next page…

The third Os: Intensity

Hi guys .. i hope you still like my stories..thank you & love you .

The story began from the day riddhima was drunk.

R’s pov
Vansh hadn’t anything since the morning ..i will prepare something for him ..wait ! Why do i care? Hungry or not ?..emm it’s because he took care of me last days perfectly ..this is the least i can do for him ..convincing myself successfully i started the dish ..his favourite one.
I walked toward our room and i started coughing suddenly ..oh i need water it is ..and i gulped half the bottle..This water have a weird taste but it’s ok.
I went to our room only to see my husband sitting on the bed..
R:vansh this is your twin ?
V:what?? Where?
R(pointing near him): this man !
He looked around then at me doubtfully
V:Are you drank??
R:never ..i don’t like it .but i feel like flying
V’s pov
She dragged me with her to the poolside
She is drank..usually she hesitates what to say and what not but this free riddhima attracted me more pure so beautiful ..i was lost when i felt watter was splashed on me ..& so drank
I chased her and on the process we fell in pool ..her wet figure made me loose my sanity..i came close but my mind kept nagging at me reminding me her untoxication state that i can not take advantage of . I walked away from her & i heard her sobs ..
V:what happened?? Do you feel any pain??
R:you don’t like me ..
V(removing her tears): on the contrary i like you dear
R:no you don’t hate being closed to me
God i don’t wanna have this conversation ..
V:i said i like’s just you’ll fall sick if you keep wearing these wet shall we?
In our room
She walked in and started unzipping her dress ..
What the hell? Does she forget that i am a healthy man ? Not some kind of gay who will not be affected by her presence .
V:riddhima what are you doing?? Go inside washroom
She went and after 10 min she came wearing my white t-shirt self-control is being tested now ..
V:why are you wearing that?
R:i like your fragance
She came near me and i closed my eyes trying to take deep breath !i have to control myself ..
She burried her nose in my neck
R:i like this
V:riddhima you are drank
R:still i like it ..i don’t wanna wake up if this is what they called being drank
Her words reached my heart and my body stopped listening to me..loosing the control over my own body i pressed my lips on hers ..biting and sucking it while she closed her eyes and held my neck make the kiss deeper..she moaned and i started kissing her shoulder & neck one woman ever could have done this to me..the lava i had inside of me is melting between her arms..i have  to stop it  ..this erotic weather made it  almost impossible for me to be seperated from her yet i controlled myself and pulled away.
R:vansh meethi baat ..i brought just one ..i don’t know who kept the other !
Of course she saw double me,double table and now double dish..i went to kitchen to bring lemon juice for her !it’s so needed !
Kabir was pacing in the room angrily
K’s pov
this riddhima was kissing vansh .damn it ! My plan will be ruined ! I have to play another game ..after all i am a king .
I saw vansh going out of the room and i went to her shocking her that i am Dsr..
K:you are my riddhima did you forget it ? (I tried to touch her face but she jerked my hands)
R:don’t touch me ..i am married woman whoever was he ..still he is my husband !
K:wow ishq hogaya tumhe ? With your husband ..forget so soon that he is murderer ?
R:i have strong feeling that you are mistaken ..My vansh i trust him with my life ..he can’t be wrong..
K:what about my trust played me
R:i am sorry kabir ..go he will come now .
R’s pov
Thankfully he went before vansh’s return ..
V:are you fine now?
I blushed remembering the hot kiss we shared ..seems like there is some kind of desire between us.
V:Mrs raisingania are you blushing now? That means you are back to your senses right?
V:glad to know.
Saying this he cupped my face and nibble on my upper lip slowly  making me loose my mind ..I moaned in his mouth not knowing what i exactly wanted ..
The climat turned more hot and i melted letting him torturing me sweetly ..
V’s pov
I was madly kissing her when i suddenly stopped she looked at me confused ..she too wants to be mine..I will make her mine but not today ..
V:i want to make you mine impatiently but i don’t want our beginning to be like has to be so special will make you loose all your senses ..i promise !
She blushed and i smiled .
V:someone is desperate to be mine ..
R(smacked my arm):shut up..i am not
I approached her touching her waist and she shivered god i like this effect on her ..
Bringing my mouth near her ear
V:what were you saying sweetheart?
R(closed eyes):no…noth..nothing
V:damn you ..i have to go ..i will sleep in guest room..
R:what ?? Why??
V:it’s better if i go ..i don’t wanna take you right now even though i am dying to do so ..i am controlling myself sweetheart ..our first night will not happen out of desire but out of pure love ..
I pecked her lips and go out
R’s pov
I can’t stop loving him ..with every second the love take over every cell in my body is shivering with these emotions ..
I find it hard to sleep without vansh but still i slept after long hours .
The morning
I wanted to talk to vansh ..he must be with dadi or Angre sometimes i get jealous of him ..he is glued to him 7/7..i ran downstairs only to find all the family members glaring at me but why??..vansh was looking down that a hurt look on his face?
Feeling confused i look around only to find mine and kabir’s photo on the screen ..No ..not this please ! I was planning to tell him he won’t believe me ..i lost him forever
K:my love i am sorry i put you here in danger came for me you don’t have to act as vansh’s wife ..i don’t want anything against him..let’s go
R:leave my hand right now &don’t you ever dare to touch me with your filthy hands ..
Vansh trust me i
V:no need have till tomorrow to go with your lover ..
He left and i froze there ..
K:mom our plan is perfect ..he asked her to get out
Anu:ha beta we win
K:she tried to deceive me mistaking me to be vansh ..she doesn’t know kabir how much dangerous
K:how come you here??
V:actually i was following you to know who helps you
K:but you said..
V:aaaah about that i forgot to mention i knew you were lying ..remember yesterday riddhima was drank and i went to kitchen ..i came back sooner Nd i heard you i was hurted but then riddhima’s words made me feel proud of her loyalty toward me ..this hands of yours i will break it now for trying to touch her ..
We started fighting and mom tried to stop us ..but i wasn’t going to leave this bastard for what he mom’s leg slipped and was about to fell off the cliff
i ran to her and held her hand trying to save her when i felt someone hitting my head hard with a stick ..i didn’t leave her hand with my head bleeding i saved her and the vision turmee darkened.
A’s  pov
I shouted vansh’s name ..he came to save me when my real son ignored me ..i started crying
K:let him die mom
I called the ambulance & sat with him crying and praying for his safety !
Thankfully he was rescued ..i called the family there and riddhima was crying non-stop..she loves him so much..i went to her and hugged her assuring her that he’ll be fine soon.
After few hours ..he wake up and i felt tensed ..i am happy for his well-being but this is the perfect time to confess in front of everyone..
A:i want to tell you all a truth about me
V(interrepted):that you love me more than these two right mom?(indicating me not to talk) bitter past must remain there and move on.
I went to him and hugged him:sorry for everything my child ..
Few days after the incident
Vansh came back home
R’s pov
I entered the room and got shock seing my suitcase is ready..tears started flowing down ..he packed my things to kick me out
V:it’s time to go
R:i never knew you are this eager to get rid of me
V:it’s time for us to go
R:this is what i said ..wait! ..what?? Us?
V:yes honeymoon trip baby ..(huskily) remember our first night dialogue will be out of love’s the perfect time
I blushed heavily ..
We went to Maldives for our honeymoon
At the night moans amd groans were heard from their room as they consummate their marriage

The end

The same goes for the third  one, You know now how I was Writing “EMBARRASSED Face”

My dearest friend YASHI, Many happy returns of the day, May you Stay happy, Healthy and wealthy (Lol), Be always strong and independant enough to get over your problems and turn your dreams into a beautiful reality. I will pray that God blesses you with achievement and strength. Love you, And same goes to all of you, dears. 

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