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Roommates with the CEO (episode -1)


Hey friends tqsm for your lovely comments……. Someone asked me in comments section, is it a lengthy FF? No Yaar, it’s not a lengthy FF hardly it take 20 episodes not than more.

The episode starts with…..

A girl who had seated in back side of car, she was enjoying the ride by seeing the tall buildings……. (She is our riddhima) she was saying with the cab driver, the buildings are so tall and very beautiful here. The cab driver simply grunts in air. She said, I am sorry, i am just excited! I am from morfield. It’s really very small town upstate where everyone knows everyone. I made it my life’s mission is to get out of their. So , I worked hard and I got a chance to work as a intern in raisinghania’s gaming company. The cab driver get shocked and said, what raisinghania’s Company! It’s really a very big company. Riddhima said, I know that and do you know what? I rented a beautiful cute apartment just two blocks away from the company. The cab driver says it’s so nice and good luck. Riddhima said thank you and asked him, did I speak a lot? He said, actually yes….. But you are good and your conversation is not that boring…… They both giggled. He stopped the cab at the address. She asked her, did the address we had arrived was it right? He said yes! She get down from the cab and look around then she realise she get cheated by his landlord. At that time her conversation get flashed into her mind.

Flash back :-

Riddhima mom :- do you really going to new York? (In high pitch)

Riddhima :- yes I was! (Calmly)

Mom:- but why? To play games!!!!! (Anger tone)

Riddhima :- mom! I had applied a job in new York as a intern and I selected. To become a great game designer was my aim,you can’t snatch it from me. (Yelling)

Mom:- did you complete your art degree for this sake!!!!!!

Riddhima :- mom I am 22! I know what to do, I am going to new York and never going to come back. It’s final, I can’t change my decision.

Flash back ends……..

Riddhima phone bleeps

She answer the call:-

Riddhima have you arrived safely. Are you at your new place. Riddhima said, yes mom! I am their! (Shaky voice) riddhima is their any problem. (Riddhima inner feeling :- oh gosh! How does she always catch my lies) she ends up the call.

It’s starts raining………..

Great! Just great! What a timing!!!! She look over her surrounding and  run over the bar with her baggage.

Inside the bar:-

Their is no one except 5 guys.

Bar tender came to her and start looking at her from head to toe. He ask her, does she want something. She ordered tequila shots…….

Meanwhile, in one of the booths at same bar but in private space.

hmm,this scotch is not bad angre! And one more thing just remind me their is a meeting with Mr.shan. angre nod his head. I just don’t understand one thing, I am your boss or you are my boss. Angre said of course you are! Then you should want to remind me right? Angre said yes! But what happened know? Vansh take another sip and said, like seriously angre! Do you don’t remember what did I say……. Angre said, of course I remember but I am done! You already fired 4 housekeepers in this month. Vansh shouts I will! Because they try to seduce me. Angre laughs and said, of course they will, who can resist after seeing a handsome eligible bachelor that to CEO of raisinghania’s gaming company. Vansh angrily shouts…… Stop it angre! Angre said, ok fine! I have an idea let’s make an interview. Then we can find a house keeper according to your mind set. Vansh said, what did you say…… Angre said, I mean we can find correct person. Vansh took angre’s mobile and type some questions and gave it  back  to him. After seeing those questions, angre get shocked and asked him what type of questions are these. If you give this questions then no one can answer correctly. It’s not possible to hire a new one. Vansh said that, this time hide his identity from the house keeper. He came out from the room.

He saw a man was misbehaving with a lady, after saying him to stay away from her. But that person was insisting her and trying to touch her.

Vansh angrily shouts!!!!!!! Just stay away from her otherwise I will kick you out from here. Unknown person said, don’t come in between and moreover who are you? Are you her boy friend? Vansh get very angry and he punched him.

Riddhima was silently watching that fight and trying to see her Savier’s face but due to alcohol, her head was spinning and unable to see his face.

Some guys getting up from their chairs. Vansh ask riddhima to ran. But she was lost in her thoughts. Vansh take riddhima’s hand and pull her with him.

At street………

Vansh pinned riddhima onto the wall by holding her wrist. They both were so close. Vansh breath hits her neck and his cologne sending chills in her body. She said, thank you for saving me from those stupids. He placed his index finger on her lips and whispers they are still here, they can catch us so please be quite!!!!!

They came to that side…..

Vansh slightly moved his head, his forehead hits her……. They both look into each other eyes.

Unknown persons was shouting, I am not gonna leave them, they both hurt my ego. By saying this they left from their.

But they both are still having the eye lock. A cat jumped from the drums, this make them realise how close they were.

Vansh leave her and they both compose themselves and vansh said, you wait here. I forgot my mobile at bar, I will get it back……

Riddhima was thinking, who was he, due to this alcohol, I was unable to see this face at bar, now due to darkness…..

She heard some footsteps and ran from their…….

When vansh arrived, he doesn’t find ridhu. So, he went back

In car…..

Angre are you gone mad? Why didn’t you come to help their? Boss, but why should we? Can’t you see her? She is a defensless girl! Boss, I informed to police. Vansh said, forget it!!!! Angre got a message, after reading that he get shocked. Vansh asked him what happened? He said that somehow had scored full marks in his questionnaire. Vansh smirk and told to angre to hire that person immediately.

They both arrived to penthouse

Vansh left to his room and a door bell rings. Angre opened it and a girl saw was standing Infront of him. He ask her to come in. Riddhima get surprised by seeing the penthouse. Angre asked her name. She said, Riddhima. He get alcohol smell from her. He asked her, did she drink. She told him yes and said that she had a big story, I will explain you some other time, we both will be going to live here. He said, no! This is my boss house. She asked him who is his boss. He said, he want to keep his identity as a secret but don’t worry he was a nice person. She said, I had a morning job, so I can’t work in morning. He said, no worries, in fact my boss appreciate hard workers. He ask her would she like to take a tour of house. She said yes! He shows her, her bedroom, living room, working room, kitchen and finally master bedroom. He asked her would she like to meet her boss? She said, if he didn’t have any problem then yes! He knocked at vansh door. He said that the door is opened. They both entered into the room. The room was so dark, angre ask him to meet his new house keeper. He said, nice meeting you (without seeing her face) he pinned his face towards the bed and his back his facing the fan. Angre said at least you see her at once. But this time their is no reply. He felt asleep.

They both came out from the room

Angre said that it was a hectic day for them, so please don’t mind him. She said no problem. Angre left from their and riddhima went to her room.

The end…….

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