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Yes, I am married to his brother (Part 4)


Hii guys . How are you ?
So last part we have seen that Aaryan calls Rani Maa and rani advises him to sleep with Vikram . Veer comes and says that he will be back.

Now ….

Vikram – Its not a big deal Bhabisa . Aaryan can sleep with me .
Rani – Ok lets see

Veer comes to his home a maid comes and says .

Sir your lunch is ready . Where should I bring it ?
Veer – In my Room .

Veer plays a video of his and Rani ‘s marriage while having his lunch .

Veer – These months have been so difficult for me . Living without you is like dying . I will come but I want you to accept me.

Here ….

Rani and Ranisa were doing their lunch while Aaryan was playing .
Vikram comes .

Rani – Devar ji . You can have your lunch too.

Vikram- I am already late . Please let me go .

Rani – Ok

Aaryan crawls and goes to Vikram.

Vikram – Aww. Cutie I can’t take you . But when I will come back then we’ll go to buy you new toys .

Aaryan smiles .

Vikram goes .

At night…

Vikram – Aaryan ,Bhabisa come . Lets go
Rani – ok

They go together .

Aaryan takes a ball from the store Vikram buys it .

Vikram – Bhabhi sa I am coming From washroom. You please wait.

Rani sees a Man from behind and recalls hugging veer from his back .

The man gets a phone call . He talks. His voice is similar to Veer . Rani recalls her bangles that Veer gave her.

Rani sees his side face . The man is Veer . Rani walks behind him .
Vikram comes . He goes to the washroom.

At the home …

Rani – Come Aaryan . Come to me .
Vikram comes there and says – Aaryan will sleep with me .
Rani – No I won’t leave my baby .
Vikram – No ..

Vikram goes to his Room with Aaryan .

Vikram on his bed along with Aaryan .

Aaryan – Maa
Vikram – Today you will sleep here .
Aaryan nods and makes a confused face.
Vikram smiles .

Vikram turns off the light
Aaryan cries .
Vikram turns it on and puts blanket on Aartan . Aaryan throws it with his legs.

Precap -Aaryan sees Veer ‘s picture and calks him papa. Rani gets emotional . Veer sees that .

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