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Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Rangoli burns the diary


Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur thinking of Payal and crying. Kamini burns the cloth. She ignites the fire there. Hira gets up. She sees the kids watching the mobile. She looks for her hair pin. Chiku checks the diary for her pics. Hira catches the kids. Chiku says take care of my real mummy. She prays for her real mum. She gets shocked seeing Hira coming. She asks where did my hair pin go, tell me, who did you give that. Chiku tries to run from the window. Nupur gets surrounded in the fire. She gets shocked. Kamini shouts and asks everyone to save Nupur. Milind and everyone get shocked. They try to blow off the fire. Nupur looks on. Milind hugs her.

Kamini asks what did you do, Nupur, if anything happened to you. Chiku comes to the kids with the diary. She says our plan is the best, I will make you meet your real families. Vini says everyone’s names are there in the diary. Chiku says yes, my mummy’s name will be there, but I didn’t see it well, I just took it and came here, I will check now. They argue for the diary and run away with it. Chiku stops them. Signal comes and says Hira caught Tanki, we have to do something. Chiku says I have to save Tanki first. Rangoli comes and takes the diary. Kamini says this is not a small accident. Milind calls the doctor home. Kamini says call a doctor for me also, I m so worried, anything could have happened today. Subodh says think about Nupur. Kamini says she has no idea what she is doing, I m so worried for her. She asks Milind to tell them what to do, Nupur isn’t able to accept the truth, she should send her to rehab center. Milind asks her to not say this again. Chiku says we all will know about our real parents, we will go and save Tanki from Hira. Rangoli says I didn’t know about this diary. She checks the details of the kids. She says it has everything written about you also. Chiku cries happily. She says Nupur was right, my real mum didn’t throw me, someone has stolen me, tell me what is written in it, who are my real parents. Rangoli says I will tell you. She sees the lamp there. She burns the diary.

Chiku shouts. Rangoli stops her and threatens her. Chiku asks why can’t I know about my parents, why are you doing this. Rangoli says you will go away leaving me, I won’t let you go. The diary burns. Chiku says tell me who is my real mummy. Rangoli says you won’t know about them now. Chiku cries. Hira comes there with Tanki. She scolds all of them. She sees the diary burning. She scolds Rangoli. Rangoli catches Chiku at knife point and threatens Hira. Hira says kill all of them, why do I care, don’t threaten me.

Rangoli says you can’t do anything, I didn’t tell you about the girl, I will tell you, this is the same girl for whom you had called me. Hira gets shocked. Rangoli says don’t say anything, I will stab her.

Chiku and all the kids go out free. Chiku says I m coming to you, Nupur maa. She falls down. She asks Vini to give the locket to Nupur and tell her that her Payal is alive. Vini says my mum gave me this locket. Milind and Nupur smile and say Payal….

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