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Vansh Obession part 2…Riansh OS by Aayu..



One note from your greedy author:- Comments are again decreasing!! Why so? (I am angry from you all)
So this Os was highly appreciated and many I repeat many of you requested to make the second part of this so..
@Subu_23, @Anushka_55, and many more this is for you..
So this time vansh and Riddhima obsession plus Vansh and Riddhima’s possessiveness..
See how smart I am one bow two Target…😎
So this was requested by…Okay, I didn’t get the name of the reader..if you are reading this and you requested Riddhima obsession and possessiveness on vansh ..pls do comments, how it is..
Let’s Start..
Next morning!!
Vansh was sleeping, sitting beside Riddhima resting his head at the wall of the bed..
When Riddhima’s phone rang..
Vansh soon picked it up…as he doesn’t want his Sweetheart sleep to be disturbed..
Other side:- Hello Jaan hope you are doing well…
Hello Riddhima..
Phone Cuts(network issue guys!!)
Vansh:- who the hell he was..calling my sweetheart as Jaan?
I will not leave him..
He was about to call on that no. again..
When Riddhima wakes up..
Riddhima:- Vansh (in a weak voice)
Vansh:- Riddhima why are you getting up..u need rest..
He touches her forehead to check the temperature..
It’s not alright..you have to take care..
You will not step out of the room…not even bed..
Riddhima:- Done!!
Vansh:- yes..but dare u..
Riddhima:- dare u complete the sentence…How will I move..you handcuffed me…you will not step out from the room..not even bed(mimicking)..
Vansh:- Done!!??
Pulling her cheeks
Vansh:- you are so cute…
Riddhima:- open me or else…
Vansh:- blackmailing..and that too Vansh Rai Singhania ko!!
Riddhima:- yes any problem..do you have any license for not being blackmailed…now open..!!
Vansh:- No way!!
Riddhima temperature is still there…
Riddhima:- Vansh!!
When again Riddhima’s phone rings…
Riddhima:- Vansh where is my phone..
Vansh:- let me check (hiding the phone behind him…)
Riddhima:- vansh fast important call ho sakta h..
Vansh:- wait na let me find..
He acts like he is finding..(me doing this same with my brother)
Riddhima:- Milla??
Vansh (me):- yes..I found it, it was under cushion..
Riddhima:- oh!! Now give it..or phone will be missed..(me like itni der toh mera phone nahi bajta)
Vansh:- yes!!…
He unwantedly gave her the phone..but not her, his…
Riddhima:- Vansh what is it?
Vansh:- phone!!(smart answer!!)
Riddhima:- That I could also see..but it yours..where is mine..it was ringing na!!
And then Vansh phone start buzzing….(what timing)
Vansh:- see it is also ringing!!
Riddhima:- Vansh!! Where is mine..
When Riddhima saw caller id..she was hell shocked..(want to know caller id…wait for 2-4 lines..)
She immediately answers the call..
A girl:- hello vansh?
riddhima:-Hmmm I am vansh only speak…
(vansh was like are you serious..)
girl:-Hello!! I am not in a mode of joking..so pls whoever you are give your phone to Vansh..if you have not stolen!!
Riddhim:-Excuse me!! do you even know whom you are talking with..
girl:-yes you can be a staff member..
riddhima:-Okay so this staff member is not allowing you to talk with her personal belongings…
girl:-hello what the h..
Riddhima cuts the call..
Anger was visible on her face..
riddhima:-How dare she??
vansh hit his head with his palm..
understanding what would happen..
Vansh:-Sweetheart.. let’s go it’s time for your medicines..
Riddhima:-diverting the topic?
first, tell me who was she..and why have you saved her name with hearts??
Vansh:-relax she was, is my college best friend who lives in London..
that’s it, she doesn’t know I am married..
she is an undercover agent..and she was un..
vansh!! now open this..
I am going I am just a staff..
vansh:-Riddhima!! what is this are u gone mad..I said na she doesn’t know..
and don’t forget you are still having fever..
Ridhhima:-why you care for me..go and take care of your heart..(attitude!!)
vansh:-So someone is jealous..(he is forgetting what he did just a few minutes ago..)
riddhim:-yes any problem?
vansh:-No even you are looking cuter…
Riddhima:-now, see what I do…
she calls the last no.
Riddhima:-hello I am not a staff member..I am repeating I am Mrs.Vansh Rai Singhania..whoever you are..
girl:-stop joking..
riddhima:-Should I sent you proof..wait who the hell you are whom I will prove..
vansh realizing the matter is getting worse..so he snatched the phone from Riddhima’s hand..
Vansh:-hello !! Aarushi I will call you later..
he cut the call…
vansh:-Riddhima what was this..you don’t believe me..
Riddhima:-I believe you but I don’t believe that girl whomever she is..
Vansh:-we will talk later about this matter..first, we have to cure your fever..
Vanhs:-come on Riddhima I will take you to her..then you can confirm to her..okay?
riddhima:-why we will go? call her..she is not a celebrity..
vansh:-okay ma’am as you say!!
Riddhima:-Now what are you doing standing open my handcuff..
vansh:-No I will not…
Riddhima:-Vansh let me take a bath at least..
vansh:-No u are having fever…
Riddhima:-Vansh I am a doctor I know what to do…
Vansh:-Okay!(something is surely fishy!!)
he opened the handcuff and she went to freshen up…
vansh Taking the opportunity he seeks Ridhima’s phone..
and started his research about that phone call…
finally, after some minutes he was able to search his FB…
He was continuously smirking and was doing something…
hope you like it..
I wrote this while attending my Hindi class….so if I by mistakenly added any Hindi stuff so I m sorry!!
Do comments….will be posting soon..and yeah remember as many comments and I will post as fast
next post:-Riddhima in trauma….

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