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Imlie 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Refuses To Return Home With Aditya


Imlie 11th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goon provokes NB (Imlie’s given nickname nakchadbagga) to fight with his best fighter khoka and take his property keys. NB ignores his challenge and warns him to vacate the place in 2 hours. Goon humiliates him. He gets angry and challenges to end the match in 2 minutes. Imlie enters ring and tries to stop fight but is pushed away. NB walks into ring ignoring her again. NB fights with khoka. Aditya reaches there and over phone gives update to police. Khoka overpowers NB, but NB defeats him with his brain and smart moves and walks out of ring. Adi stops him and asks who is he. NB says he is the owner of this place. Adi calls police and gets him arrested for organizing illegal fighting racket. Imlie stops police and says this man saved a defeated man’s life and fight club’s owner. Adi says she always gives her verdict without listening to the other person and runs away from situation. Police informs Adi that Imlie is right that someone else was running this racket and this man is a big businessman. Adi apologizes NB and says he was at the wrong place at wrong time. NB says time and place are wrongly alleged, now time and change will change. Adi says he is confused but will try to understand a business whose both hands and brain are sharp. NB says he just entered this city. Adi says there is nothing left in his life except time and his name is.. NB walks away saying name should be so famous that there wouldn’t be a need to inform.

Imlie walks on street. NB stops his car and throws water on Imlie’s face. Imlie angrily confronts him and asks what does he think of himself, she can elbow his back faster than he drives car, she helped him from police and he troubled her instead. He drives away saying he doesn’t take help.

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