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Being with my so called kidnapper again # chapter 12


Hello peeepies finally aagyi me..

I know i know i am late but was strucked in an event of clg…

Having my internals exms from 23 so don’t know whether i will post regular or not..

Talking about the story.. many of u won’t like the track.. but this is what i planned..

Have to complete my story i can’t stop posting..only can hope u will support..

Let’s start

Sometimes staying is more painful than leaving  someone..

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

“Vihan🥺” i shouted as soon as he collapsed on the floor..

His hands rosed up in hope i will hold them but i took one step away in fear he won’t let me go if i hold them..

“ legs..they are not moving” he shriked in pain and i felt someone stabbed my heart again..

“Riddhima..i am unable to move..what happened to my legs” he shouted beating his legs vigorously..

“Vihan🥺” i tried to say something but couldn’t

He stopped  being defeated after some time

“ me jaan..i can’t move” he said looking at me..

His expression changed realising i didn’t come forward to help him even after few minutes

“You🥺..did u do something” he asked in a fiable voice..

I closed my eyes remembering how i added paralysing pills in his food”..

“Why” the only word he could utter at that time.

“I am sorry vihan😭..but i have to go” i said breaking into sobs

“Riddhima 🥺..why are u leaving me like this” he asked and tears started flowing from his eyes..

“Van..vansh ke pass jana h😭” i said  knowing it will hurt him more..

” Don’t leave me like this😭” he requested this time unlike his nature..

” I have to find vansh😭” i sobbed more from few meters away from him..

“He will not come😡..he can’t damn it” he shouted loudly this time..

“Vihan🥺” i whispered wiping my tears..

“Barbie 🥺 don’t u trust me ..u don’t trust ur vihu” he said taking a deep sigh trying to control his anger very next moment realising he scared me by his pitch

“I don’t know 😭” i sobbed hard this time

“You will regret..plz don’t me plz😭” he begged crying like a kid .

How i became that much cruel that his tears couldn’t be able to stop me..

” I am sorry vihan..😭” i said and turned to go..

I wish god will give me the most painful death in every birth for hurting vihan like this .

“Riddhima..jaan no..plz😭..u can’t leave ur vihu like this..

Is my love that much weak” he said crying badly..

” Vihan 😭😭..sorry.. I won’t ask u to forgive me but plz don’t hate me for also know i love u” i said crying

Very first time i confessed i love him in front of him..

“Ruk jao riddhima🥺😭” he said trying to grab my dupptta like a kid holds his mother’s pallu

” Plz take care of will pain a little later” i said with guilt..

” It will pain more😭” he said pointing towards his heart and i find myself more miserable..

” Sorry😭😭” i murmured and turned to leave only to be tucked by him again..

I turned towards him again and found him cluthching my dupptta tightly

“Vihan chhod do plz..jane do😭” i cried trying to free myself

” I won’t..u will regret.. vansh can’t come”he said holding my duppatta more tightly

” Let me go😭” i said amd jerked him hard resulting he collapsed by his torso on the floor again..

“Vihan🥺🥺” i shouted Looking at him..

How vulnerable he is looking but don’t know what was gotten into me that i was helt bent on leaving the house..

” You never loved me riddhima..u never😭” he declared with tears in his eyes..

“No😭..i did..i still do” i said sobbing but he nodded his head like a kid in noo..

“Dada..dada..” pari shouted barging into the room..

My eyes widened seeing her..what will i answer her now..

Who hurted her dear dada like this..

No doubt she loves him more than me..

“Dada why are u lying on the floor like this🥺” she asked sitting beside him..

” Baby.. listen” i tried to interfere between the father daughter duo ..

” Why are u standing like a statue here.. can’t u see how much hurt my dada is..look he is crying” she said grumpily..

Don’t make me feel more guilty baby… your momo can’t bear more guilt in her poor heart

“Where is it paining dada🥺” pari asked examining vihan’s body who was adoring her with tears..

“It is  Paining here baby🥺” he said keeping pari’s hand on his chest near his heart..

” Don’t worry..i am here won’t pain much now” she said kissing over his shirt on his chest..

Poor soul..i feel pity for her but the reason of her pain is also me..

“Pari…baby we have to go” i declared with a determined face wiping my tears..

“No😡”she shouted cluthching vihan’s shirt tightly

” First you are not helping my dada..and now asking me to leave him..

I am not leaving my dada in pain” she shouted again and my tears threatened me to fall back from my eyes

“Pari..we are leaving😡” i shouted trying to sound strict ..

I came forward to hold pari’s hand only to be jerked by her..

” Can’t u see..i can’t leave my dada😡” poor soul shouted on her mother very first time.

” Shut are going with me😡😭” i shouted holding her hand tightly

” Riddhima no.. don’t take her with you..🥺 baby is not going with you” Vihan said in a cracked voice

” She is my daughter not yours” i declared firmly..

But only i knew how i spoke that words to him..

No matter how bad he behaved with me in this years but he never hurted my pari..

He loved her like vansh or may be more than him..

” No..momo leave me..😭dada plz hold me” pari cried wriggling as i tried to part her away from vihan.

“Riddhima stop😭” vihan cried but i kept pulling her away ignoring we trio are crying badly

“Dada😭” pari shouted as soon as i picked her up in my arms and ran towards the door

“Riddhima 😭😭😭” vihan cried with his hand towards us in air..

“Sorry vihan😭” i cried and ran away from there not looking back because i knew if i dared to look back.. I won’t be able to leave him..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it..

Ps:no bashing for my riddhu..

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