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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malishka looking at the love band in her hand. Rishi asks do you like it. Malishka says love is forever and hugs him. Rishi says our love will get stronger and we will be together always. Shalu asks Ayush, why his mom is like this? She says she disliked seeing me here and that day she made Lakshmi di apologize to everyone. He asks if she is Lakshmi’s real sister. He says there is a difference between you and Lakshmi. He says men will want to marry girl like Lakshmi and will take sanyas seeing you. Shalu asks what wrong did I say? Ayush says she was my mom, I heard being a spoilt son. She says if I have met you in village, then would have shown. Ayush and Shalu argue. He asks who teacher her such things. She says it is a secret. He says mirror. She says I will go to Di’s room. Ayush asks if she wanted to spend time with him. She thinks from which angle, he is jiju’s cousin. She comes to Lakshmi and hugs her. Lakshmi asks how did you come? Shalu says Ayush brought me here to help you. She says I met jiju just now and was taking some courier. Lakshmi says shall I tell you something and tells that Rishi ordered that courier for us, love bands. Shalu says village girl got romantic city lad. Malishka says this is really very sweet. Rishi asks her to make him wear it. Malishka makes him wear it and says I love you so much. She says you are mine now, I love you. He says I love you forever and hugs her. Lakshmi says Ahana told that love bands wear this band and this is their forever love’s sign. Virender asks Rishi if he got the gift. Rishi says your and mom’s gift. He says yes. Virender says I was talking about Lakshmi’s gift. Rishi says I brought it and hopes she likes it. Virender says when you have bought it, it would have been special. Ayush asks Lakshmi if catering order is done. Lakshmi says yes, and tells that decoration is done. She requests Virender and Rishi to come at 7 pm, to check the decoration. Virender says done and asks Rishi to come. Rishi says ok Dad. Lakshmi thinks I know what gift you got for me. Ayush asks where is my assistant? Shalu comes there and tells that she has done the work. Ayush asks her to do some other work. He says she showed me slipper. Shalu says I thought he is a goon etc. Lakshmi says we will talk about your panga tomorrow, and let me handle today’s decoration. She goes. Sonia hears them.

Malishka comes to Karishma and shows love band, and says this is the sign of our forever love. Sonia comes there and says you both behave strangely. She says Lakshmi is doing the arrangements perfectly, asks why they want to make her bhabhi, and says do something and put her down. She says do something and put her down. Malishka says even I am not irritated with her so much. Sonia says she don’t talk to her also. Karishma says she will call DJ and will ask him not to come. She says she will call caterer and asks him to be ruin the sweets. She says she will spoil the decorations, and Lakshmi can’t make up. Malishka says if DJ and caterer told truth to Virender. Karishma says they will not tell anything, we will get double money given to him and caterer, I have many favors on him. She asks him to take all the employees for lunch and then they will compare her to Lakshmi, and her destruction will start. Malishka says I will celebrate.

Devika and Ahana come to Lakshmi and ask her to select the dress for them. Lakshmi selects dresses for Devika. Ahana asks do you want this type of dress. Lakshmi says no and chooses Ahana’s dress as well. Lakshmi thinks the decorations are looking beautiful.

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