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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rudra Attends Arman’s Party


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Preesha gives party guest list to Arman and asks him to check. He checks and asks when is Devika coming. She reminds him about hotel manager RK saving Anvi’s life and says Devika fell in RK’s love and he is a good man. He says he doesn’t know what’s cooking between her and Devika, but he trusts her; she should ask Devika to reach home on time and even invite manager. Preesha calls Devika. Devika excuses herself from Rudra and his mothers and picks her call. Preesha asks how is it going here and if she proposed RK. Devika says she is fine, she thinks she shouldn’t hurry in proposing RK and find a right opportunity. Preesha says that opportunity has come, her brother has invited even RK for his party. Devika says RK will not agree. Preesha says she should tell him that she wants to meet him. Devika agrees. Rudra walks to her. She informs him that bhaiya took over a hospital chain, has thrown a party, and invited him for party. He says how can he go without knowing his bhaiya and bhabhi and asks to show their pics. Devika happily agrees and is about to show their pics when Sulochana asks her about Sharda’s medicines. She keeps phone and goes to give her medicine. Rudra hurriedly picks phone to check if Devika’s bhabi is Preesha, but phone gets locked. Devika returns and asks if he will attend party with her. He agrees and says this is the only way to find out if Preesha is Devika’s bhabhi.

Preesha makes party arrangements. Arman walks to her with tie. She says she forgot and will fix his tie. He says she is not only his right hand but also his better half, anyways thanks for her help. She feels awkward and asks if she can fix tie now, he should thank her after that. He thanks her and she leaves, he thinks he will propose her tonight.

Rudra and Devika reach Goa. She takes him to hotel. He asks if she stays in a hotel. She says her bhai invested in this hotel and made it their home. Preesha and Rudra pass by without noticing each other. She reminds driver to pick Devika from airport. He says he already did. She thinks Devika came and didn’t meet her at all. Devika shows Rudra his room. He says its nice and asks when will she introduce him to her bhabhi. Preesha calls her. Devika says even bhabi is eager to meet him and picks call. Preesha asks why didn’t she meet her after returning. Devika says she is showing RK his room. Preesha asks her to bring him also to lobby. Devika takes RK towards lobby. Anvi insists Preesha to get her ready and takes her away. Preesha thinks she will meet RK during party. Devika takes RK to lobby and doesn’t find Preesha there. Preesha messages her that Anvi took her to her ready, so she will meet RK during party.

Preesha gets ready for party. Arman walks to her. She says he is looking handsome. He stares at her. She asks if she is not looking good. He says she looks very pretty and gifts her necklace set saying it will enhance her beauty. She asks why he gifts her such precious gifts. He says she should value his feelings and not gift, fixes it in her neck and says its looking good on her. She says let us go. He says she forgot something. She applies sindhoor on her hairline and says she looks Mrs. Preesha Thakur now. He says at least to show off. She says for Anvi. They walk down to party hall. Chachaji clicks party pics. Vasu walks in and meets Anvi. Anvi insists to meet her pet and takes Vasu along. Chachaji signals Arman to propose Preesha, and he hesitates. Preesha asks if there is any problems. Arman nervously says no, and she leaves. Chachaji asks him not to hesitatge and takes him to bar section. Rudra gets ready and gets eager to meet Devika’s bhabhi, he calls Devika but seeing her not picking his call, thinks of reaching party venue alone.

Anvi asks Vasu to bring milk and biscuits for her pet, and Vasu leaves. Rudra passes by. Anvi notices him and chats with him. Vasu returns and is shocked to see Rudra there, she hides. Devika walks to them and asks Rudra what is he doing here. He says he was getting bored, so came here. Vasu thinks how does Devia know Rudra. Devika chats with Rudra and Anvi and takes him to meet Preesha. Vasu gets tensed hearing their conversation and realizes Rudra is RK. In party venue, Chachaji insists Arman to have a few pegs and propose Preesha. Devika meets Arman and introduces RK to him. Arman hugs and thanks RK for saving Anvi’s life and says he is his special guest today. Vasu noticing Rudra meeting Arman and thinks of informing Preesha that Rudra is here.

Precap: Devika introduces RK to Preesha. They both stand shocked seeing each other.

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