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RadhaKrishn 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Dhanalakshmi’s Story


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Krishna says Ashtalakshmi’s names are so powerful that Alakshami goes far away when they are chanted. Jestha/Alakshmi walks into sabha. Krishna says let us start with Dhanalakhmi’s story. Radha chants bolo Dhanalakshmi ki jai. Krishna starts story about a brave Saket king Trishanku who is Sri Ram’s ancestor and who helped rishi Vashist win over rishi Vishwamitra in their war, Vishwamitra felt humiliated and went into meditation. After the war ended, raja went to meet Vashist and requests heaven. Vashist says he has to leave his body here to reach heaven. Vashist says he wants to enjoy heaven with his body and this is only is demand. Vashist says as he wishes, but he cannot go against the nature. Krishna says if a person gets greed, he becomes blind; king went to Vashist’s son and asks him to give him boon as his father denied him. Vashist’s son says he cannot against his father and curses him that he will lose his kingdom, wealth, and youth. King loses everything and while wandering he meets Shukracharya and requests him to clear him from Vashist and his son’s curse. Vishwamitra gets a chance to take revenge and boons him to reach heaven to show how powerful he is. Vashist reaches heaven.

Gods noticing the disaster request Mahadev for help. Vishwamitra asks Mahadev that he cannot back off from his boon, so what should he do. Mahadev says king will reach heaven door but cannot enter, he will realize his mistake when he is hanged reverse in the middle. Krishna says when a person gets greedy, even a boon becomes curse. Radha asks what is happiness of heaven. Krishna says its not about wealth but about immense peace, a human sacrifices all his wealth when he dies and should realize that family is his biggest wealth; whoever understands this and seeks Dhanalakhshmi’s blessings, poverty will not trouble him and his family. Radha says now she realized that Jamvati shouldn’t have been greedy. Krishna says good they all understood this story. Alakshmi thinks he told this story, but with her influence, nobody will understand it.

Sam goes to meet Alakshmi and sees her room dark. Alakshmi asks how dare he is to enter her room, she will call him whenever she needs his help. Sam says Krishna is helping everyone and looks like he will not let her evil eyes fall on anyone. She says she wants Krishna to go against her as Radha will be affected by her at any cost, she wants Jamvati to trust her instead of Radha. Sam leaves. Radha doesn’t get sleep and hopes Jamvati’s greed ends with Krishna’s stories. Jamvat thinks Radha is affected by her at last. Krishna walks to her and says she is mistaken, people who are greed are affected by her and not the ones who are worried for others. She says whatever the reason is, fact is Radha is affected by her. Devi Gauri gets concerned seeing Alakshmi’s increasing powers. Mahadev says Radha should realize her powers and defeat Alakshmi. Gauri says she cannot transfer her energies into Radha until she wants. Krishna tells Alakshmi that Radha is affected, but citizens will understand his story, though they may take time. Alakshmi says they are not and she herself heard them saying so. Radha thinks what she should do to make citizens understand story, then thinks Krishna showed her what to do. Krishna tells Alakshmi that she will see if Dwarka citizens understood the meaning of Dhanalakshmi or not.

Alakshmi looks at Revati’s wealth trunk and thinks soon there will be her rule on Dwarka. Revati tensed remembering Jamvati’s jewelry disappearing touches her jewelry and find it not disappearing thinks she needs to protect it from Jamvati as she is greedy and hide it at a safe place. Lakshmana also gets happy when her jewelry doesn’t disappear and thinks she is not cursed, she should hide it before Jamvati touches and makes them disappear. Alakshmi thinks a spark of unhappiness and greed has started and soon it will spread everywhere. Jamvati walks to Lakshmana and asks what is she hiding. Lakshmana nervously says what will she hide from her mother, why did she come here. Jamvati says she wants to touch her jewelry to find out if she is still cursed. Lakhsmana says its her parent’s gift and she cannot see it disappearing. Jamvati then walks to Revati and requests her same. Revati also denies. Alakshmi thinks there would be hatred and differences in Krishna’s palace. Krishna walks to her and asks if she rememebered him. She says her plan is working and he should be ready to watch his dear one’s in trouble.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that she promised Jestha that she will help her find a person whom she came searching here. Jestha thinks Radha cannot escape this time and will be cursed.

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