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Love, Romance, and revenge. #Riansh (Episode 8)

The episode starts with Siya shocking everyone with her choice.

Siya: I will give him a second chance, but he must be punished for what he has did not only to me but also to that innocent girl. I want to see if that was just a mistake and he really loves me or he is a cheater and doesn’t deserve to be in Singhania’s family.

Vansh: What you want is what will be done. Just tell me what you are thinking of.

Siya: Aryan, you were always telling me that you love me so much right?

Aryan: Yes Siya baby, nothing is more precious to me than you sweetie.

Siya: So if you really love me and want me to forgive you, you must transfer all your property to my name, this what will prove to me that you love me and you really didn’t mean to cheat me.

Aryan was shocked with her decision and he does’t know what he should do. How he could name all of his property to her name?! For him money and property is the most important thing, so how he could merely lose them? Actually, he has married Siya to double his property by taking her brother’s property and now she wants him to have nothing! At the same time, he can’t say no as that will prove his identity.

Siya: It is so simple. Why you take all of this time?! If you really love me, you will not care about anything other than me. Your silent gives me the answer. I’m nothing to you!

Aryan: I love you Siya. Nothing is important to me other than you, it’s my pleasure to name my property to the most important person to me. If this what will proves to you that I really love you and I will never repeat what I’ve done so I accepted it.

Siya: Not only this, you will come tomorrow to the hospital in front of everyone and you will apologize once again to Riddhima. I don’t know how she forgives you very easily! She is really an innocent girl!

Aryan: Okay, I will do everything you want.

Siya: Okay, go and call the lawyer to finish the transformation papers.

Aryan: Okay.

Vansh: Wait, Look Aryan you have to thank God that Siya have forgiven you. Siya’s punishment is less than what I was preparing for you. So don’t you dare to repeat such a mistake like that otherwise there will not be worse than me. So take care next time, because not only Siya but no one in the world could rescue you from what I will do with you. Am I clear?

Aryan: Yes Vansh, I will never repeat such a mistake again. I’m really sorry to you all.

Then they all went to their rooms after Angre and Ishani have gone to their home, but Vansh was just thinking about Riddhima and what have happened between them and how he was feeling a special feeling when she was in his arms. This is the first time to him to be worried about someone who is not from his family members.

Vansh to himself: What is that strongest connection between us that makes me attracted to a new comer doctor?! Who you are to me Dr. Riddhima Anupam?!

Not only Vansh who was confused and can’t sleep but also this was the same as Riddhima’s state. This is the first time to her to hug a strange guy! Not only the hug but also the comfortable feeling that she has felt in his arms, she didn’t felt comfortable and secured the way she felt in his arms! She also still surprised from his reaction and how he supported her.

Sejal: Are you still awake till now?! Please take rest, you have passed through a horrible situation so just relax and don’t think a lot. What have done is already done so don’t think a lot. Actually, you have to be happy. Regardless of the bad situation that you faced, but look at the good thing. Vansh has supported and trusted you, he stand by your side in front of his sister’s husband. Actually, he has also stopped Ishani from insulting you and he had embarrassed her in front of everyone just to not make you sad. He didn’t did this before. So what you will need more than Vansh’s trust and support!

Riddhima: You are right and that what makes me confused. How he could trust a stranger more than a family member! He would have supported him without concentrating on knowing the exact truth. So how he would prove his sister’s husband as a cheap guy?!

Sejal: You don’t have to be surprised Riddhima. This is Vansh Rai Singhania. He will always support the truth and he doesn’t look at the person’s identity to decide if this person is right or wrong. He will not support anyone if he isn’t 100% sure that he/she is saying the truth. You still don’t know him well, but when you get to know him you will know that his tough attitude and the arrogant way he talks with is not his truth. Please relax now and don’t overthink, you must to go the work tomorrow so please go to sleep. By the way do you think that you have to thank him tomorrow for what he has done to you?

Riddhima: I really want to thank him, but I really feel embarrassed for what it has happened. I caused a lot of mess in VR mansion so how I could have the courage to talk to him or to Dr. Siya again.

Sejal: Riddhima are you mad?! What are you saying?! You didn’t do anything, so why you will feel embarrassed or ashamed? Aryan the one who must be embarrassed for what he has done. You have to have a big confidence in yourself. You are innocent so don’t care about anything.

Riddhima: Yes, you are right. I will always be proud of myself and I will not feel ashamed of something I didn’t made. Thank you Sejal for always makes me gain my confidence back.

Sejal: That’s my brave girl. Can we go to sleep now please?

Ridhhima: Okay, good night Sejal.

Sejal: Good night Riddhima.

At the other hand, Aryan was super angry and he was breaking everything around him.

Aryan to himself: How dare you Riddhima?! You have done a lot of things that you will pay the price of them all. You have slapped me and proves my guilt in front of everyone. You don’t know what I will do to you? I will take my revenge from you not only you only but also I will take my revenge from that stupid Siya who wants to take my whole property. From when she had that confidence to defeat me? They will pay for what they have done, it is not easy to insult my ego. And of course you will also be included in my revenge cycle Dr. Vansh Rai Singhania, just wait and watch! I will destroy your lives and you will not figure out how all have happened to you all.

At morning, everyone has reached to the hospital. Riddhima was waiting for Vansh to start their work and she was waiting for a chance to thank him for what he has done to her, but she was surprised to see Aryan in front her once again.

Riddhima: You again! What you want?! I will call Vansh if you didn’t leave now.

Vansh: Just wait Dr. Riddhima, Aryan will not repeat what he has done yesterday. He is coming to tell you something and he will leave.

Siya: Come on Aryan just say what you have gone to say.

Aryan: I’m sorry Riddhima….

Vansh: Not Riddhima, Riddhima ma’am. You have to call her with a complete respect.

Aryan: I’m sorry Riddhima ma’am, I wasn’t in my senses and I really didn’t mean it. I promise that I will not repeat just a thing again and I hope that you forgive me and forget what has happened yesterday.

Siya: You are not forced to forgive him. You could merely refuse his apologize and he will be punished, he is already got his punishment for what he has done to me, but you didn’t punish him. So the choice is yours and you don’t have to think that he is my husband and you must forgive him, no he has made a horrible thing and he has to be punished.

Riddhima: I forgive him because of the respect that you showered me with and what I care that he will not repeat this again and I hope that it is really a mistake and it wasn’t with a purpose.

Vansh: I promise you that he will not repeat it again and when Vansh promises someone he doesn’t break the promise whatever happens. Aryan please go now.

After Aryan and Siya have gone, Riddhima and Vansh were staring at each others and having a lot of things to say, but they don’t know how to begin. The silence was cut when they heard the nurses’ voices that there is a new case has come. They hurry up to see what is going on and they saw a small child who was fallen from a high position and he fell on a lot of broken pieces of glass.

Riddhima: Oh my God! The case is very horrible. We will need an immediately surgery.

Vansh: We have to do this very quickly as his breaths are not stable.

Riddhima: Okay, let’s start.

They have started the surgery they will concentrating on multiple things, so each one of them was responsible for specific thing: Vansh was getting the glass pieces from the child’s body while Riddhima is curing the child’s wounds and observing his breaths rate. Unfortunately, the child’s breath become very low. But by Riddhima and Vansh’s talents they managed to control the situation. They had an eye looked when they both touched each other hands while checking on the child. After the child has been transformed into a room, they were both surprised to found each of them in the child’s room.

Vansh: What are you doing here? We already finished the surgery. You could have rest until I call you.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Dr. Vansh, but I can’t follow this order. Because I can’t relax without checking on the patient after I’ve finished the surgery. So if you want to relax you can go, but I will not leave before the child gain consciousness.

He was amazed of the similar habits that they share. He was also amazed with her attitude. She really owns something special. Actually, this is the first time to him to not be bothered when someone don’t follow his order. He was attracted to her unique attitude.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! This the first time to see such a brave girl who could not follow Vansh’s order and still could talk to Vansh Rai Singhania with that brave attitude! Anyway, I will not punish you because I actually have the same habit to not leave the patient until he/she gains consciousness. It will be an interesting thing working with you Dr. Riddhima Anupam.

The end of the episode. I hope you like it, let’s see how Riansh will manage being with each other until the patient gain consciousness and what could happen with them. Please tell me your feedback in the comment section below.

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