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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Krisha messes the first ritual


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krisha sees a shadow outside her room. She looks out but no one is there. She takes out idol and places it. Jaya says to Ramchand I asked you to get roses. He says I will get them daily. She says I meant roses. Learned to understand things. I have to do all the preparations. Jaya says Rati did you call the mehdni girl? Devraj says I need to talk to you. She says so do I but later. He says I want to talk about Krisha. She says with her words she looks pretty. I feel like you’ve chosen for a reason. Devraj says I want to explain everything to you. Jaya says I have to prepare for the munh dikhai. I know if you’ve married him you must have seen something very special.

Naina says Aarav you’re next in line for the wedding. Get ready He says I don’t want to live in a bound forever. I like my freedom. Raghav says so you will live all your life alone? She says I like my freedom. Naina says you crazy. Bua and Minakshi say why did she put it on social media? Everyone is talking. Jaya says what are you both talking about? Minakshi says nothing. Utra says I am not scared of everyone. Utra says I can’t believe you’re getting everything done like nothing happened because it’s Devraj. If someone else did it you would have punished them. She says I know what you’re pointing at. Can you tell how were you punished? She says sometimes you punish by not giving. Jaya says what was not given to you? Utra says respect. Jaya says are you saying I never gave you respect? Minakshi says I was asking her the same. She says let me go to Rajhvardan. Rajvardan says you three together? Preparing to welcome the new DIL or any problem? How do I look? Minakshi says you always look perfect. She says I chose this suit for you. He says then I shouldn’t have worn it.

Jaya says to Rati you went to the jeweler and chose these rings? I ordered them. she says thank you Jaya ma. Just make sure no one sees Krisha’s face not even you. Rati gives things to Krisha. She says I wondered how would I adjust in the beginning. But everyone is so nice here. Krisha says but I heard there are rules here. Rati says there are rules in every house. Jaya helped me, she will help you too. And Devraj loves you too.

Scene 2
The function. Aarav fixes the lights. Naina says what will people thin? He says it’s my brother’s function. I will make sure everything is perfect. Devraj attends the guests. Rati says you must be looking pretty. I can’t see your face. Krisha says has the event started? Rati says it will start once you go. Things are different here.

Naina and Rajhvardan dance. They take Devraj on the floor as well. Krisha stands up and turns to Rati. Her ghunghat falls. Rati is shocked. She gets scared. Krisha says let me fix. It fell. Rati leaves in fear. Rati runs downstairs. Devrak looks at her. Rati comes on stairs. Krisha is worried. She says no one came to call me. Why is everyone so silent. Has she told everyone she saw my face? Was it such a big deal. Jaya ma said no one should see my face. I should call Devraj. She looks for her phone. She says Jaya ma said come downstairs once ready. She puts veil and goes downstairs.

Krisha comes downstairs. It’s all empty. No one is there. Krisha is shocked and scared. Krisha looks around. Utra breaks the vase in anger. Jaya says control your anger. She says why should I? What happened wasn’t right and I have right in this house. If you all have forgotten I am the daughter of this house. Jaya says no one denies that. She says then don’t deny that you’ve differentiated between son and daughter of this house. When I married guy of my choice, I was welcomed with poisoned gaze. Why do you descriminate so much? Jaya says when you wear black glasses, you think everything is black. Minakshi says she wears black clothes as well. There are no colors in her life. Jaya says she’s right You think everything is wrong. Naina says but it’s not a small thing. You are acting like it’s all normal. Aarav says it’s normal. Dev loves her. Raghav says shut up. What will you take? He says 1 crore but you can’t give cause you will need Dev’s sign. Jaya says enough. We can’t fight. We have to decide and finalize something that everyone agrees to.

Devraj says Krisha is my wife. She will live in this house and that’s my final decision. He looks at Krisha outside. Krisha cries. SHe goes to her room. Krisha goes upstairs. Devraj stops her. Krisha says I saw what happened. He says you heard everything? Krisha says no but I saw everyone was angry. I ruined the first ritual. I always mess things up but I will try. Devraj says relax. He wipes her tears. Devraj takes her downstairs. He does her veil.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jaya sees Krisha’s face. Utra takes her veil off. Roma says now think how everything changed after they saw your face. This girl isn’t as innocent as she thinks. This was all my plan to bring you here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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