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Udaariyaan 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin defends her actions


Udaariyaan 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gippy saying its a lie. Tejo says there is nothing to listen now. He says trust me, I don’t know this girl. Bebe slaps him and scolds. Fateh signs no to Jasmin. She smiles. Abhiraj says get out of here. Satti and Tejo hug Jasmin. Abhiraj scolds Gippy. Mami says listen to him once. Harman says we heard him already. Rupy shouts and says tell your family that we can’t have a relation with them, get lost. He shuts the door. Gippy recalls Jasmin slapping herself. He cries and leaves. Jasmin cries. Bebe consoles her. Tejo says we got to know the truth in time. Rupy says don’t know which shani is over her kundali. Satti says shani is in our house. She scolds Mami. She asks her to go and tell about Gippy to everyone. Mami says he isn’t a bad guy, this girl did all this. Satti says stop it, I won’t hear anything against my daughter.

Its night, Fateh recalls everything. He washes his face. He says why, I knew everything but I just stood there to see. Tejo is on call with Satti. She Jasmin was so happy, her Canada dream would have got fulfilled but… She sees Fateh. She says I will talk later, you be with Jasmin. She ends the call. She says Fateh, thank God you are my life partner, you will never cheat me. He says I will go for a walk. She says I will come along. He says no, take rest. He goes. She says is he thinking about Jasmin, he would be worried, they both moved on. Fateh thinks of Jasmin and Gippy. Tejo gets noodles. She says you didn’t have dinner today, come, I asked my friend why are just noodles sold outside the college, she said that person eats noodles in sorrow and happiness, we faced both the things today. He asks how joy. She says its good that we got to know this before marriage, a girl can never tolerate cheat, so its good, we will have the noodles for this. They have the noodles. She kisses his hands. She says these hands protected me today, I m sure nothing will go wrong until you are with me. She rests on his shoulder. She says Jasmin should forget everything.

Its morning, Jasmin comes downstairs smiling. She sees the family discussing. She makes a sad face. Dilraj says halwai and decorations vendors are coming. The men come and say we got a big loss again, we refused to two parties because of you. Abhiraj asks them to come out of the house and talk. Harman says you can’t insult us. The man says your daughter is getting you insulted. Harman asks them to come out and talk. Jasmin cries. Satti hugs her. Jasmin gets a call. Bebe says Satti, let her cry and lighten her heart. Mami thinks Jasmin is the problem. Jasmin goes to her room and calls Fateh. He says I want to meet you. She says I m very happy, we got rid of a big problem, we will meet and celebrate. Tejo says Fateh, I will also come. He says I will drop you to college. She says I took an off, I will come with you to the academy. Jasmin says I m going to meet Sweety, she should know that I told Gippy’s truth to everyone. Bebe says go and apologize to her. Jasmin leaves.

Tejo comes and sits in the car. Fateh says I forgot I m not going to the academy, I m going to the old mill to meet few people, you shouldn’t come, its not a nice area. She says okay and gets down the car. He leaves. Dilraj calls her and asks her to come home, everyone is sad, who will teach him now. She says I will come and teach you. Jasmin is on the way. She says Sweety, I got Gippy out, Mami is in shock. Sweety praises her. Gippy and Mami are on the way. He says you are telling her bad deeds now. Mami says forgive me, I thought she will go to Canada and change. He says I can never forgive her. Jasmin comes to Fateh and hugs him. He asks why did you do this. She says I did this for our love. He asks how can you be so mean, you didn’t think of Gippy. Mami says we will bring out her truth. Jasmin says I had to stop the marriage. Fateh asks why this way. Gippy asks why do you want to help me. Mami says because of Tejo. Tejo comes there. She sees Mami and says Mami came to meet Gippy. Jasmin says I had no other way, why are you worried for Gippy, he will get someone easily. He says you did very wrong. Mami says Jasmin will ruin Tejo’s house, she is doing this for Fateh, Tejo is blind in her sister’s love. Gippy says we have to bring Jasmin’s truth out. Mami says yes, we can do this together. He asks do you have any plan. She says yes. Tejo looks on.

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